My Comment on the Anti-Semitism Space on Quora

Here’s the original post:

I don’t know who made this meme but this is not funny. Don’t know whether it’s flat out antisemitism or just offensive humor. But this is absolutely NOT okay. Not okay at all.

Almost by definition, memes are simplistic – but we, as Jews, need to acknowledge that there is some truth to this meme.

We look to the Torah (and the entire Tenakh) for guidance, and one of the noteworthy traits of our scripture, which sets it apart from other “holy books” is the fact that we don’t shy away from self-criticism. Our own God uses unflattering words against us – and our own sages (Hazal) said that Jews without Torah are dangerous to the world. How right they were!

The meme shows a religious Jew, but it should show somebody like Alejandro Mayorkas or Mark Potok.

They hate us because we have a nasty tendency to subvert our host societies, promoting all manner of sexual perversions and Communism. That’s why they hate us:

The most productive path we can take, as Jews, is to acknowledge this, and work to fight this evil. Real Jews don’t support Communism, we don’t groom children to be transsexuals or homosexuals, and we don’t advocate for the dilution of native peoples through mass migration.

Let’s be real Jews.

Update: They’re accusing me of being a fake Jew and a troll. Apparently, they hold the same opinion about the rabbi above.

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  1. GardenAH says:

    What about the Babylonian Talmud bucko? Anything to say about that?

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