California Tries Something New

It appears that black students in California have been underperforming academically. This is something new and unexpected.

Situations like this call for creative, innovative and ground-breaking solutions – like throwing money at it, and demanding more accountability from schools. It’s never been tried before, and it’s inconceivable that 300 million dollars won’t solve the problem.

From Reuters (via MSN):

California weighs how to improve outcomes for Black students

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The California Legislature is weighing a proposal by Gov. Gavin Newsom to set aside $300 million for low-income schools, but some education advocates say it won’t do enough to improve educational outcomes for Black students.

Assemblymember Akilah Weber, a Democrat from San Diego, introduced a bill last year aimed at ensuring more education money reaches Black students. But she pulled the bill after conversations with Newsom, citing concerns that it could violate the state or U.S. Constitution because it focused on one specific racial group, even though it didn’t specifically use the word “Black.”

Weber and other members of the Legislative Black Caucus worked with the Democratic governor to come up with the new approach that instead targets money to schools with a high concentration of students who qualify for free lunch under a federal program.

Weber called the proposal and guidelines to hold districts accountable for using money to improve student outcomes “game changers for closing persistent opportunity and outcome gaps in California.”

“This proposal is exactly what our state needs to work toward repairing the longstanding harms of inequity in education and ensuring our schools are more fair and accessible for all students,” she said in a statement…

Students from majority-Black districts would also benefit from the accountability portion of Newsom’s budget proposal, which requires districts to implement strategies to improve academic outcomes, Gardon said.

Putting pressure on schools to improve black academic performance will definitely NOT result in grade-inflation. That would be preposterous. The article continues:

Tinsae Birhanu, a student and health ambassador for the Black Students of California United, said the state needs to do more to improve outcomes for Black students, including making sure the makeup of teachers is more diverse and combating high expulsion rates.

Only an evil RACIST would suggest that “combating high expulsion rates” would result in teachers refraining from disciplining black students – which would lead to even GREATER behavior gaps. Such a suggestion is ridiculous!

It’s so heartwarming to see that there is a “Black Students of California United” that has a voice in state government and Reuters. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing so many pro-White student organizations having lunch with the governor, fraternizing with Reuters reporters and shamelessly wearing their white robes and hoods at school board meetings – and don’t get me started on the thousands of far-right White California school teachers! It’s about time we actually read about the interests of BLACK students on Reuters and MSN. All they ever talk about is how we can help WHITE students, and how we must serve the interests of WHITE citizens. Give me a break!!

Isn’t there a camp where we can send all those racist White school teachers? Somewhere they can be concentrated, so they can be controlled for the protection of society… we can call them “concentration camps” and they can be re-educated. Like I said, it’s time for new ideas, and to try things that have never been tried before.

If you ask me, $300 million isn’t nearly enough. Each student should get $5 million, free tuition to a university of his choice, a free house, an iPhone, a White woman…

… and a lifetime supply of McDonalds – and those fries better be hot!

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