Reuters Tweets Misleading Shooting Story

The actual Reuters story about the Dadeville, Alabama shooting that left 4 dead and 32 wounded (see Sailer’s Law) isn’t bad; it shows mugs of the three shooters, and doesn’t bring up race at all…

However, the Reuters tweet about the story is misleading:

It’s encouraging that, of the many replies, almost ALL of them criticize Reuters’ choice of photo. Follow this link to read page after page of truth-telling.

Meanwhile, at Reuters headquarters, they were joking around at lunch break, and somebody casually blurted out:

” Hey, did you see all those racists attacking our tweet?”

The editor who’s in charge of Reuters’ Twitter account finished chewing his ham and cheese sandwich, and then replied:

“Yeah, there’s still a lot of work to be done dismantling white-supremacy. Hendricks, how’s that photoshop job coming along, the one where we make the black rioters look white? Verns, are you done manipulating those FBI statistics, the one where we make it look like white men are all dangerous rapists? Good… good. We’ve got to dismantle white-supremacy!”

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