Another Black-on-White Unprovoked Shooting

From The New York Post:

Police are searching for a man they say opened fire on his neighbors — a six-year-old girl and her father — after the child chased a basketball that had rolled into the man’s yard.

Neighbor accused of shooting 6-year-old girl after basketball rolled onto his lawn allegedly shouted ‘I’m going to kill you’ during shooting© Provided by Law & Crime

Robert Louis Singletary, 24, is believed to have shot Kinsley White, 6, and her father William White on Tuesday evening. According to local ABC affiliate WSOC, several young children were playing basketball in a neighborhood south of Gastonia, some 22 miles west of Charlotte, when a ball rolled down the street and into Singletary. An angry Singletary reportedly ran down the street, firing a gun at a neighbor.

Witnesses reportedly said that Singletary then began shooting at William White as he was running with Kinsley.

WSOC reported that Kinsley sustained bullet fragments to her cheek, requiring stitches. Her father’s injuries, however, are more severe, and police confirmed to Law&Crime on Thursday that he is still hospitalized and in serious condition.

Kinsley’s mother, Ashley Hilderbrand, told WSOC that she was outside at the time, and she heard Singletary threaten her family.

“He looked at my husband and my daughter and told them, ‘I’m going to kill you,’” Hilderbrand said.

Hildebrand was reportedly grazed by a bullet and has returned home.

Local police say Singletary is still at large.

The Hildebrand family has still not received a call from President Biden, there have been no protests demanding justice, no celebrities have made public announcements of their support for the Hildebrands, there is no massive GoFundMe effort to cover their medical bills, and there is no media outrage over this case.

I’ll quote a Quora ally here. Robert Miller, from a comment:

Now the shooter is black, and the victims were white, so here’s how it plays out…

“A six-year-old girl and her parents were allegedly shot by a neighbor after a basketball that the child was playing with rolled into the attacker’s yard, according to authorities and local media reporting.”

Fair and balanced assessment if that was the way they described all shootings. But later in the same article…

“Kinsley and her parents’ shootings came six days after Ralph Yarl, a Black teenager, was shot by a white man after ringing the man’s doorbell in Kansas City, Missouri.”

Now all of a sudden because the races are reversed, the victim is Black(capitalized) and the shooter is white(lower case).

The article goes on to mention the incident where the woman was killed in a rural area for pulling into the wrong driveway. Both were white, but no mention of race. I mean they’re both white, so where’s the outrage right?

As much as reading any article from a hard left source nauseates me, I read this one for the sheer predictability, and it didn’t disappoint.

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