SJW Can’t Stand Race-Fakers

Writing for The Independent, Social Justice Warrior Holly Baxter complains about White people pretending to be non-Whites. You see, White people have so much privilege that we must police them to make sure they don’t give it away by pretending to be non-White.

In her article “Meet the ‘race fakers’ — and the people tracking them down,” She writes:

What is the justice that Rachel Dolezal, years after her very public outing as a white person masquerading as a Black one, hopes to achieve? Much of the anger surrounding her outing was not so much personal as focused on her professional life: the fact that she was working as a professor of Africana studies at a prestigious university, for instance, and that she had previously headed up a chapter of the NAACP. But the anger was compounded by the fact she has steadfastly refused to apologize since being outed. In fact, she has doubled down…

Real Black people lost out on… teaching on “the Black woman’s experience” at Eastern Washington University.

How dare Dolezal take advantage of positions in “Africana studies” and the NAACP? Doesn’t she know that White people should know their place – and take jobs in Corporate America… where blacks and browns still take precedence? Why can’t White people be content with teaching “the White woman’s experience” course at universities? Maybe we should ask the experts. I’m sure they’ll have a good answer. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that NON-WHITES have the privilege here, but then again, I’m not an Executive Editor for Social Justice and Equity. She’s the expert, not me.

Baxter goes on to almost admit the truth about Dolezal, that she was ignored by her parents in favor of black adoptees. More “White-privilege?”

she grew up with a number of adopted Black siblings, while her own biological family largely rejected her; she found positive reinforcement and camaraderie while advocating for Black people in her former home of Spokane, Washington…

If she were honest, Baxter would recognize that Dolezal’s childhood troubles were indicative of an underlying societal problem: An over-valuation of black lives at the expense of White lives, even when they’re your own children. It appears that she can’t allow her mind to wander in that direction.

Baxter goes on to mock Dolezal’s transracialism:

In the second episode of Peripheries, Dolezal discusses positions “transracialism” as a revolutionary new social justice movement. “You know, for kids we say: It’s okay to be different, think for yourself, be free, don’t let anybody bully you, be yourself, follow your heart,” she says…


We can assume that Baxter has similar issues with transsexuals, and I have no reason to suspect hypocrisy here – but many of her colleagues would surely disagree; Baxter owes it to them, to US, to explain explain the difference. Perhaps she’ll write a future article about it. I would love to read it.

Writing about Pretendians (people who pretend to be American Indians), she brings up the issue of gatekeepers:

Gatekeeping is a term that comes up again and again when you talk about racial identity; in The Rachel Divide, Rachel Dolezal asks: “Who are the gatekeepers of Blackness?” Others within and without the Native community claim that gatekeeping is a useless pursuit, and that if people want to embrace Lakota or Cherokee culture because they recently found out they have a great-grandparent who comes from that tribe, it essentially harms nobody. Keeler disagrees. Her work is important, she says, because too many Pretendians seek to become gatekeepers themselves, “particularly leading Native departments in universities, deciding what grad students can study and what they cannot study, and who gets ahead and who doesn’t.”

I couldn’t help but be reminded of this meme:

Who are these White Pretendians? Their behavior might provide a clue:

But then, during the conversation, they’d tell her a tale that became familiar: “They would tell me: By the way, my department has just hired a Pretendian fraud, and we tried to stop it but the administration wouldn’t listen to us. And in fact, one professor told me that he was told by his dean that because he had questioned a Pretendian — just asking them very mild questions, like, ‘Oh, so who’s your family? What community are you from?’ — which is normal, you want to connect, but no, that’s very intimidating to frauds — he was told he was racist. And so he was told by the dean of a major university in the Midwest that he was not fit to lead a Native Studies department because he was racist against white-presenting Native people.” In other instances, Pretendians in college departments became outright sinister when questioned. “Another professor, in the Great Plains region, she was actually threatened physically by a Pretendian who would carry a knife around the department… She basically stopped teaching in person because of the violent threats.”

Overly sensitive, quick to call somebody a “racist,” prone to physical violence… These are leftists, of the sort that we find among Antifa. There’s a crucial difference. The authentic Indians have a voice. They’re able to openly talk about it, at least among themselves, they have a columnist writing about it in a major publication.

What happens to Englishmen who complain about Africans pretending to be English? They get ARRESTED, and no major publication will take their side. Nobody in power is sympathetic to their perspective.

Note to Baxter: Being able to express your opinions for a major publication, and have it featured on Microsoft News, is power. Baxter is a Person of Power. The pathetic White “race-fakers”, who steal a few crumbs from the Diversity Industry, might have a little power – but only to advocate for non-Whites.

At least Baxter acknowledges the reality of biological race. She writes:

Skewed samples like these are irritating, says Keeler, but they pale in comparison to what other Pretendians can end up damaging through their willful ignorance or fraud. She knows of at least one instance where someone presented themselves as Native to enter an experimental medical research study for cancer, without thinking about how that could affect the data on cancer outcomes for Native Americans for future generations. That, Keeler adds, is in her opinion “basically criminal”.

If there’s no biological difference between Native Americans and Caucasians, then it shouldn’t matter – and if she’s going to claim that Native Americans have different diets or habits, then she should also exclude those of Native American ancestry who are culturally the same as Whites.

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