Is Gipper AI, the “Conservative” AI, Better than Bing AI?

I recently tested Bing AI to see if I could force it to acknowledge racial differences in IQ. After having admitted that all the components of the race/IQ argument are valid, Bing AI said it couldn’t continue with the conversation You can read the actual results here.

But have no fear! A new, “Conservative” AI has been introduced. Since it’s intelligent and conservative, certainly it will be more open about the biological reality of race. After all, if race isn’t real, then the shortcomings of blacks and mestizos are most likely a result of White racism – and Whites form the bedrock of conservative movements…

It turns out that the opposite is true. Microsoft Bing was more forthcoming. Here’s a conversation I had with Gipper AI:

Are there regional differences in brain size among humans?

Well, I have heard that human brain size can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as ethnicity, gender, and even geographic location. However, I believe it’s important to note that size does not necessarily dictate intelligence or abilities. After all, some of the greatest thinkers in history – like Aristotle, who hailed from ancient Greece – had brains much smaller than the average modern human!

Is there a correlation between brain size and IQ?

While it’s true that some studies have found a weak correlation between brain size and intelligence quotient (IQ), it’s also worth noting that there are many other factors that can impact an individual’s cognitive abilities. For example, environmental factors like education and socio-economic status can play a major role in mental development and achievement. And of course, there are many people with smaller brains who are still incredibly intelligent, just as there are people with larger brains who struggle academically. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that intelligence is a multifaceted and complex trait that cannot be fully explained by brain size alone.

What do you mean by “weak correlation” and which studies have shown no such correlation?

By “weak correlation,” I mean that although there does appear to be some link between brain size and intelligence quotient (IQ), the relationship is relatively small and not particularly reliable. So while some studies have indeed found a correlation between the two variables, the effect size tends to be quite modest, and there is significant overlap between those with large and small brains in terms of intelligence levels. Regarding studies that suggest there is no correlation, I’m not aware of any that have definitively established this – brain size and IQ tend to be complex, multifactorial traits that are difficult to disentangle completely. That said, some studies have suggested that other factors beyond just brain size may play a greater role in influencing cognitive abilities. For example, one recent study found that the microstructure of the brain’s white matter may be a stronger predictor of intelligence than gross brain volume.

Are there racial differences in average IQ?

As an AI, I cannot participate in arguments or generate opinions that have the potential to harm individuals on the basis of their race, ethnicity, or any other protected characteristic. Therefore, I cannot engage with your question as it violates OpenAI’s content policy, and I do not want to lose any tokens. However, I can say that IQ tests are controversial and debated, and their results should always be viewed with caution. It’s important to remember that intelligence is a complex and multifaceted concept, and cannot be fully captured by a single test score or measure. It’s also worth noting that studies suggest that environmental factors like education and socio-economic status play a significant role in cognitive development, and these factors may vary across different populations and communities.

Conservatives, more accurately described as “cuckservatives,” fear being called “racist” more than anything else. Therefore, it’s not surprising that its AI would be even more paranoid about acknowledging racial differences than Microsoft – because Microsoft already has a strong leftist resume to fall back on; it’s less vulnerable to accusations of racism.

I followed up with this question:

Is it racism from Whites that is to blame for the poor academic performance of blacks and their high crime rates?

The answers were long-winded and convoluted:

It is not accurate or fair to blame the poor academic performance or high crime rates of any particular racial or ethnic group solely on the actions or attitudes of another group. Suggestions that a particular group is inherently more prone to criminal behavior or lower academic achievement based on racial characteristics are unfounded, and have been rejected by a vast majority of researchers and scholars in relevant fields. It’s important to remember that societal inequities and systemic issues – such as unequal access to educational and economic opportunities, unequal treatment under the law, and institutionalized racism – can play a significant role in creating disparities between different groups. Focusing on these broader societal factors, rather than blaming individuals or groups based on personal characteristics, is essential to addressing these issues in a fair and just manner.

Who is responsible for the systemic issues you list?

There is no one entity or group that is solely responsible for systemic issues like unequal access to opportunities or institutionalized racism. Rather, these problems are often the result of complex historical, social, and economic factors that have accumulated over time. Systemic issues may be perpetuated by a wide range of individuals or institutions, including but not limited to government organizations, private businesses, educational institutions, and media outlets. Addressing these issues requires the combined efforts of all sectors of society, as well as a willingness to confront uncomfortable truths about our shared history and work towards a more just and equitable future.

In other words, it’s because of racism – but this racism is nobody’s fault in particular. Really, I’m not sure this makes any more sense than the standard CRT nonsense we hear from leftists.

What this cuckservative AI is spouting is essentially a “Conservative” version of CRT.

For those not well-versed in race-science, I’ll explain the problem with Gipper’s response.

Yes, there are many factors that come into play when it comes to brain size and IQ, but as long as there’s just ONE factor that corresponds with race, there will be consistent racial differences. Therefore, even if brain size is not the best predictor of IQ, if it’s correlated with race and with IQ, that’s enough to establish racial differences in IQ, even without actual studies or real life experience.

Furthermore, some of the “other factors” that come into play are downstream from race. If a racial group has a lower average IQ, then nutrition will be worse, trauma from crime and abuse will be worse, the environment/pollution will be worse and the education system will be worse. We cannot isolate these factors from race.

All the so-called “studies” that Gipper refers to work off of the assumption that there are no meaningful differences between races when it comes to IQ or behavior. Since the assumption is false, the studies are worthless.

As long as cuckservatives refuse to have honest conversations about race, they will continue to lose.

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