A Quora Answer That Might be Rejected

How much is black-on-white crime responsible for white-on-black racism?

The term “racism” needs a definition. For this answer, I’ll assume it means any negative sentiments toward American blacks as a group.

I’ve been active in the White-advocacy movement for many years now, both in real-life and online. I’ve met many people who identify as “White-advocates” or “White-nationalists” or “Alt-Right” etc. I’ve heard many stories, both in real-life and online, of how these individuals reached their current opinions.

Needless to say, many White-advocates do have negative sentiments toward American blacks. Why is this so?

Almost to a person, the story is the same: They were assaulted, robbed or raped by American blacks. Sometimes, the system robbed them by passing them over for a job or promotion in favor of a less-qualified black.

Predictably, some will say that those who lost out on jobs or promotions did so due to their own shortcomings. The truth is, we don’t know; we weren’t there. The fact remains that a vast system is in place to do exactly what these people claim happened to them. As long as the system is in place, we should not take such allegations lightly.

To the best of my knowledge, no studies have been done on this topic. There are no “official statistics” on the matter, because it’s forbidden to lay ANY OF THE RESPONSIBILITY for anti-black racism on blacks. This state of affairs may be politically expedient and safe, but it’s also naive, immature and irresponsible.

As a Jew, I say that my own people have, historically, shared SOME of the responsibility for persecution against us. For this I have been attacked… online anyway. My Jewishness has been questioned because of it. So be it; I’ll still speak my mind.

Some American blacks likewise speak up about black crime causing anti-black sentiments- and they’re also attacked. Those of us who speak out, whether Jewish or black, should pay no heed to useful idiots.

Back to the question at hand. As far as I can tell, a huge proportion of “racists” became that way due to black crime, and probably MOST of them. If black crime levels were to decrease to White levels today, it would take very little time for almost ALL anti-black sentiments to disappear. This is because “racists” don’t typically care about skin-color. We care about “content of character.”

For specific examples of black-on-White crime, browse through this space. It’s not specifically about this topic, but many of the posts pertain to it.

Note: I capitalize “White” and not “black” as pushback against corporate media’s pandering.

Edit: This submission was, in fact, rejected on Quora.

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