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Rideshare; Who Slams Doors?

After almost 6 years of driving rideshare, about 3 of those years full-time, I’ve become an expert on passenger behavior. Now that I’m retired, I’m free to share my observations. Generally speaking, rideshare drivers appreciate it when passengers are gentle … Continue reading

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You Can’t Win with Multiculturalism

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t written about the atrocities in Israel, and the justified Israeli reaction, it’s because the subject has already been written about a million times. I really can’t add much to what has already been … Continue reading

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On the Genetic Nature of the Jews, by Curt Doolittle

I found this excellent post on Twitter (now X) from my old friend (and scholar) Curt Doolittle. I’m reposting it here with his permission. I’ve corrected obvious typos, and tried to keep the style the same as the original. Not … Continue reading

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My Experiences Driving for Lyft

When it became obvious that Uber could not complete my background check (see previous post), I decided to resort to Lyft. In my early days of rideshare, I’d driven both platforms. This was almost seven years ago, and both Uber … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequences of Michigan’s “Clean Slate” Law

Now that I’m officially retired from rideshare, I feel free to write about it. Incidentally, rideshare is one reason it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Keep reading if you want more details. I drove Uber for about 7 years, … Continue reading

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