On the Genetic Nature of the Jews, by Curt Doolittle

I found this excellent post on Twitter (now X) from my old friend (and scholar) Curt Doolittle. I’m reposting it here with his permission. I’ve corrected obvious typos, and tried to keep the style the same as the original. Not capitalizing certain words appears to be a stylistic choice, maybe inspired by HBD Girl, if any of y’all remember her. Here’s the original Tweet.

Curt Doolittle@curtdoolittle


Just for clarity since this nonsense in genetics props up on the right now and then.

Preface 0 – Until very recently we did not understand how much of our behavior was genetic, how much cultural, and how much education and experience. And worse, until now we did not know the differences between the sexes, classes, ethnicities and races. And it turns out that the pre-war academics were correct, and the postware pseudoscience was just another attempt at a pseudoscientific religious conversion and nothing more (the feminine leftist sequence we call the marxist series.) So in my work I assume most of us are bots. And that while there are bad actors and good actors in every group, we must acknowledge both may just be bots, and we cannot assume we are all the same at all, and that we must alter our institutions to accommodate those who think they act morally but in fact act immorally and often criminally.

The Jews 1 – The genesis of the arab-jewish population PREDATES the ethnogenisis of the Jews.

2 – The Jews and Arabs share the same genesis at the intersection of the horn of Africa and Yemen.

3- In the literature this group is referred to as ‘Marsh Arabs’, Haplogroup J.

4 – Jewish reproductive insularity is a property of the diaspora, not their genesis or ethnogenesis. All diasporic groups, largely male, chose local women for wives and returned to inbreeding.

5 – The difference between Ashkenazi (europeanized) and the other Jewish groups is 14 IQ points, or one standard deviation. This is the same as the difference between Europeans and all other MENA populations (99-100 vs 84)

6 – The current IQ in Israel is measured at 95, which is what we expect from hybridized european and middle eastern demographics. As of 2005, 61% of Israeli Jews were of full or partial Mizrahi/Sephardi ancestry, while in a 2015–2016 study 45% of Jewish Israelis identified as such. You will find always and everywhere that group IQ is a product of the average IQ’s of the primary racial groups.

7 – From this IQ difference we observe something quite interesting, in that Jewish success outside of Europe, by non-European Jews is not attributable to an advantage in intelligence, but an advantage in group discipline favoring ingroup trust, ingroup cooperation, nepotism, high investment parenting, and occupations that produce higher returns. (Something I have covered in detail – but I won’t explain here). And the jewish advantage in europe is the combination of both – plus european’s permissiveness in baiting-into-hazard because of our first principle of individual sovereignty and choice (‘free will’). So europeans are extremely vulnerable to the Jewish group strategy, because it is the female group strategy, and we have only recently (in the past century and a half) given both jews and women, who share that group strategy, access to economy and polity without suppressing the female means of antisocial behavior – despite that it did exist in our common law before the Positive Law movement begun with Bentham and industrialized by the Jewish theorists Rez, Kelsen, Dworkin and Hart.

8 – In my work it’s become increasingly clear that the middle east is closer to female *cognition* than male (it’s complicated, but just take my word for it). That the one-SD lower IQ means half the population is unfit for self-determination in modern economies.

9 – Asheknazi IQ is what we would expect from introgression of female european(R1a/b/I) cognition into marsh-arab(J) cognition, followed by aggressive selection for memory, literacy, and numeracy. And I do not feel like writing yet another dissertation on sex differences in cognition particularly in time preference, categorization, valuation, verbal acuity, mathematics and speech patterns. (The most interesting aspect other than verbal acuity, storytelling, critique, and victimhood seeking, is the rather obvious difference between european and ashkenazi mathematical behavior, which mirrors that male vs female difference in mathematical processing.)

10 – As most people who follow me for a while, and can tolerate this much truth-before-face, I do not see anything fundamentally wrong with our civilization other than the introgression without mandatory assimilation of non-europeans, jews and muslims and women who have the very opposite group strategy, and one that has obviously failed them in producing coherent civilizations, core states, modern states, institutions, and economies, and they are quite literally at war against our institutions and traditions that require trust and responsibility they are either uwilling or unable, or both, to bear. (I don’ t like what I have learned)

As far as I can tell and I don’t know anyone living or dead who has anywhere near my understanding of these matters, we can modify our law to prevent the female, jewish, muslim, method of antisocial behavior, anti-political behavior, and anti-economic behavior.

And we can give women a separate house of government, and restore the senate to its original charter, thus restoring the government as a market for resolution of differences, and the production of commons between the classes who have different ambitions and interests as well as very different cognition.

We’ve learned a great deal over the past two decades and it has pretty much overthrown the entire pseudoscientific corpus begun by the jews and spread by the marxists as the marxists.

It’s just the female mind trying to socially construct an alternate reality that is free of scarcity, and which preys upon the host (men, europeans) who do act in correspondences with both scarcity and reality.

It’s just women. Or rather. It’s just the female mind. And the Jews ‘are all cognitively female’ for all intents and purposes.

So don’t get angry.

Let’s fix our laws.

Let’s fix our education.

And try to be happy together.

Despite the fact that women never admit they are wrong and rarely if ever change their behavior without the social pressure (threat) to do so. Or put differently, a criminal never gives us up his (or her) crimes without threat of punishment.


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