You Can’t Win with Multiculturalism

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t written about the atrocities in Israel, and the justified Israeli reaction, it’s because the subject has already been written about a million times. I really can’t add much to what has already been said.

But actually, I can:

Biden sent arms to, and spoke in favor of, Israel. For this, he’s facing fierce criticism. McDonalds Israel distributed free food to Israeli soldiers. As a result, there are calls for a boycott against the franchise. Everybody, including top politicians and corporate CEOs, has an opinion – and it appears that there are no “safe opinions” in this matter. No matter what you say, you’re going to offend somebody.

Isn’t this the essence of multiculturalism? “Many cultures in one land.” In other words, many points of view, and many loyalties, in one land.

Establishment leftists have, to a certain degree, become spoiled; they’ve gotten used to being mouthpieces for official “truths” and approved opinions. In recent days, they’ve discovered what many of us have known for years: One cannot be pro-(fill in the ethnicity) without being anti-(fill in the other ethnicity). Today, “pro-Jewish” means “anti-Palestinian,” and “pro-Palestinian” means “anti-Jewish.” There’s very little middle ground.

Since Jews are, by and large, more White than Palestinians, Establishment Left support for the latter was predictable. We would have been shocked if Yale student groups did NOT come out in favor of Hamas. We would have scratched our heads if BLM had not done the same. Both did so – and found out that their “approved truth” isn’t necessarily “approved” anymore. Both organizations find themselves in murky waters of their own making.

Jews are a nation, and Palestinians are a nation. America is no longer a nation, and (increasingly) neither are the historic countries of Western Europe. Western countries have lost their nationhood due to multiculturalism, and the mass migration that comes with it.

It’s patriotic for a Jew to support his own people, and it’s patriotic for a Palestinian to support his – but there is no single patriotic stance, in this conflict, for Americans. The official view is that pretty much anybody who lives here is “American,” whether legally or not. Officially, the opinions of hordes of illegal immigrants, who just crossed the Rio Grande, are as valid as the opinions of descendants of the Mayflower. Increasingly, those illegal immigrants, or at least their children, vote in our elections. Unlike founding-stock Americans, these invaders form strong voting blocks. In a democracy, what this means is that we’ve allowed them to rule over us.

Henry Kissinger, recently interviewed, opined that Europe had allowed too many foreigners to enter. At 100 years old, he can say anything he wants. It was pointed out that the same is true of America, and Kissinger should have said so. Perhaps he considered that too controversial. A true American patriot would have found NOTHING too controversial when it comes to the future of his nation. Perhaps he realizes that we no longer have a nation.

For now, Establishment Left elders still cling to old alliances, and a few old values. As they die out, Israel will find itself without allies. As a Jew, this is not a pleasant thought to ponder.

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