Israel Must Ignore “International Law”

Warning! The following video depicts gratuitous killing. Don’t watch it if you’re easily disturbed by such scenes. It disturbed me, but I watched it to the end – so that I could write about it.

Gazan men, trying to flee south, are mass executed by Hamas.

If you did watch until the end, you might have noticed that at least one of the executioners was having fun killing his own countrymen, his fellow Muslims. It was a game to him.

If you doubt the stories about decapitated babies, and other atrocities committed on October 7th, consider this: If Hamas considers the lives of its OWN CITIZENS to be as worthless as we see in this video, how little value must they attribute to the lives of Jews?

The demands of Western politicians, including Joe Biden, that Israel adhere to “international law,” are not only misplaced, but grossly misplaced. Such demands are so ridiculous that they need to be ignored, and I hope they are ignored. We cannot demand that only one side adhere to “international law,” while the other side does not even recognized such guidelines or standards – except when it’s politically expedient for them to do so.

It’s true that Western nations also have a history of executing deserters. Generally speaking, I oppose such executions; most wars are fought for the benefit of the elites. Today, they’re typically fought for government bureaucrats and corporations.

In Gaza, this is certainly the case. Hamas wants to cling to power for the benefit of its own elite – who live in luxury far from the fighting. Gazans, who suffer from a low average IQ (partly due to widescale cousin-marriages) might not realize it, but they’re much better off under Israeli rule than under Hamas. This invasion, painful as it is, has the potential of greatly improving the lives of Gazans in the long run. The United States has invaded countries to liberate them from lesser atrocities; it has no moral right to demand a ceasefire.

I do feel badly for the men who were killed, and for their families. They were truly stuck between a rock and a hard place. They did what they felt needed to be done, what the invading army DEMANDED that they do – and this is what happened to them. We can assume the worst for the women who were caught trying to flee.

Many innocents have died in this war and will continue to do so. At this point, we can only hope that their sacrifice will not have been completely in vain. We can hope that some good will come of it.

My wish list would include:

  1. Greater awareness of the evils of Islam, and greater pushback against it.
  2. Greater security for Israelis, with a more secure border.
  3. Greater freedom for Gazans, including freedom of religion and freedom of speech.
  4. Greater pushback against mass migration in Western lands, hopefully culminating in mass deportations.
  5. A wider recognition that, just as Jews have a right to live in peace and security, so too do Whites. This should not be controversial.
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