Why are they called “Islamists?”

Over and over again, I see “conservatives” using the term “Islamist” to describe Muslims who act badly. When I see this, and when possible, I ask them, “What is an Islamist?”

I did this on Quora, and here are the results:

It wasn’t long ago that I had a minor debate with a leftist relative. I used the term “Oriental” to describe East Asians. She said I should use the term “Asian” instead – because people deserve to be called what they call themselves. Let’s use that principle here; I’ve never heard of a “political Muslim” refer to himself as an “Islamist.”

What do they call political Christians? I’ve never heard the term “Christianist.” What about political Hindus? Political Jews are pretty much called Zionists – and most people in the West support that.

Why is it only Muslims who merit this kind of treatment, where the dangerous ones are excluded from the larger “Muslim” community, and given their own category?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because ALL real Islam is “Islamist.” By its very nature, it’s a political ideology – but leftists can’t bear the thought of condemning all Muslims in this way. The term “Islamist” is a mental trick. It’s a sneaky psychological deceit to make it seem like “mainstream Islam” is not a threat. It’s only the “Islamists” we need to worry about, but “normal Muslims” are harmless and wholesome.

“Conservatives” who buy into this farce are either leftist infiltrators or just plain stupid. Every time we see or hear the term “Islamist,” we need to loudly object.

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