Low-Class Dominicans and Dads

I hung out with a friend on Christmas. It was nice to see him, but part of my motivation was to get away from the Quebecois who loudly celebrate… just about everything. Yes, there are a lot of Quebecois in my area, and they’re LOUD.

Maybe that’s one reason they love Dominican Republic so much; Dominicans are also loud.

There was no public transportation from where I was with my friend, so I ended up walking a long way at night. Not advisable, but somehow, I survived. My eardrums took a beating though. As I walked by numerous dark alleys and streets, the proles were competing with the noise of passing traffic by creating their own noise – in the form of music. The sheer volume is unbelievable, and this is how lower-class children grow up here. The effects on the brain, not to mention the ears, must be substantial. I can see the results in many of the adults; they have no concept of “indoor voice,” consideration for the sleep of others or any sort of conscientiousness when it comes to noise. In fact, the louder the better as far as they’re concerned.

But hey, let them enjoy Christmas. If that’s what makes them happy, have at it. It’s just unfortunate that my life is often reduced to the pursuit of quiet. Sometimes I question my decision to live here – and then I remember that things weren’t so rosy in the U.S. of A. either. Barking dogs, revved up car engines, and loud music are becoming ubiquitous in the U.S. The lines between First-World countries and “developing countries” are being blurred. Of course, this is intentional.

The Dominicans have “Navidad,” “felicidad,” “adversidad,” “calidad,” “antiguidad,” and sometimes even “seguridad” – but often lacking are just plain DADS. Among the lower classes, guys will impregnate their girlfriends at an early age, and then abscond to God knows where…

… but the young ladies don’t worry too much about it; they can often count on cuckpats to support their kids. It’s far too common here to see old White men with a brood of Dominican kids in tow. In a way, this is an arrangement that works. All parties seem happy. The kids are happy, the ladies are happy, and the men are happy. However, this safety valve encourages more of the same. It’s bad because White men are, on a global scale, funding their own destruction. White men need to take care of WHITE kids first and foremost.

On a local scale, Dominicans must produce a lot of babies because they share an island with Haiti, which threatens demographic dominance, perhaps even conquest. I don’t believe this is the actual REASON they have a lot of babies; they’re simply horny and irresponsible – but it is the only way they stand a chance against Haiti in the long run.

Many of those Dominican kids are cute, and they’re well-behaved for the most part. Most of them are mixed-race, and panmixia has mitigated most of the ugliness of such mixing. As a general rule, we should treat kids well. Here, it’s normal to interact with the kids of strangers. I’ve seen people tussle the hair of passing kids, play games with them and engage in good-natured teasing. I do it. It’s one of the positive aspects of local culture.

Speaking of mixed-race Dominicans, I’ve seen a few with unmistakable native-American features. Taino blood still runs strong in a few. The girlfriend of one of my friends is like that. They’ve been together for many years, but he never even noticed it. I showed her some old photos of Taino, and she said her grandmother looks like that. It would be interesting to speak to some of these older people; I’d like to know if any traces of Taino culture persist.

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