Fudging Crime Stats

We already knew that the FBI, and other government agencies, deceived the public for years by categorizing Hispanics as “White” when they’re offenders, but as their own category when they’re victims. Some agencies still do this.

It’s actually worse. Some states outright lie about the race of offenders:

Unbiased Crime Report provides links in a comment, and I’ll include screenshots – because the state might try to cover up its deceit by changing the page:

Working links in order as of 1/1/24 (for you



Note that the above screen captures are from an OFFICIAL State of Illinois website. There are probably other states that do the same thing.

Remember this next time somebody cites government statistics that “White men commit most sex-crimes in the US.”

The bias only goes one way; there is no evidence that any government agency tries to UNDERSTATE the extent of White crime, or OVERSTATE the extent of black crime. If there were such an effort, it would be called out immediately, and we’d know about it.

What this means is that we can use government statistics as evidence of extensive non-White crime, but we cannot use those statistics to prove extensive WHITE crime. Any state evidence that White crime is pervasive, extensive or heinous must be viewed with skepticism.

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