Gemini Crypto Brokerage Closes Pro-White Accounts

In case anybody had doubts about the true nature of antiwhitism, this should dispel them; antiwhitism has nothing to do with “anti-racism” or any sort of struggle against hate. On the contrary, it’s a form of hate itself.

Jason Köhne is well-known for his White-advocacy – and for his refusal to spew any sort of hatred toward non-Whites. The very fact that his YouTube channel is still intact is evidence of this. His videos tend to be very long, so I haven’t viewed any of them in their entirety, but from what I’ve seen, he holds no animus toward any race or ethnicity. He’s vocally opposed to the “name them” crowd. Those are the people who obsess over Jews. By no stretch of the imagination could Jason Köhne be described as a “hate-monger” or an “extremist.”

None of this spared him from Gemini’s purge of pro-White accounts:

He goes on to quote Gemini’s email to him:

The fact that Lana Lokteff’s account was also cancelled strongly implies a political motivation. This should be illegal, and if similar actions were taken against BLM activists (for example), there would be international outcry, and laws would quickly be enacted to prevent such actions.

“White-Privilege” = having financial institutions cancel your accounts because you advocate for your people.


I just found this:

The tweet includes a link to the ADL website. On that page, the ADL lists several “extremist” individuals and organizations that it targeted. Of course, it describes Jared Taylor as a “White-supremacist,” even though he doesn’t identify as such. Deadnaming is NOT OKAY!

Interestingly, no mention is made of Jason Köhne, probably because they didn’t want to reveal the fact that White-advocacy, in and of itself, is grounds for being on the list. Jason Köhne, unlike Jared Taylor, doesn’t focus on the science of race, but rather on the persecution of Whites.

Mr. Torba is spot on when he wrote:

If you say they control everything they’ll call you an antisemite and then use the power they don’t have to remove you from both the fiat and the crypto financial system rails.

The ADL article concludes by recommending the US government brazenly violate the First Amendment:

  • The Treasury Department should update its domestic violent extremism handbook to include explicate guidance and recommendations for cryptocurrency companies
  • The SEC should provide an overview of what trust and safety safeguards are put in place over crypto exchanges related to domestic violent extremism.
  • The Treasury Department should provide background to the public on how they are tracking the use of these exchanges by hate and extremist inspired individuals and what efforts are being put in place to limit extremists from utilizing crypto exchanges for financing.

Of course, it’s for the ADL to define what qualifies as “extremism,” and it’s already made it clear: Anybody who advocates for Whites, as a race, is an “extremist.”

We can plainly see why some refer to the US government as “ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government).” The ADL is largely responsible for this.

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