Who is Killing Rideshare Drivers?

From National Conservative:

Who is shooting America’s app-based gig workers?

Updates: Since initially publishing this, we have found three more. A Black male killed in an overwhelmingly Black part of Detroit in 2022. A Black male killed in an overwhelmingly Black part of Jacksonville, FL in 2022. A Black male killed by two Black male suspects in Akron in 2023. There was also a new case in which Black suspects murdered a White driver.

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Numerous media outlets have run articles lamenting that a majority of murdered app-based rideshare/delivery drivers are “persons of color.” However, they never mention who the perpetrators are.

So National Conservative went to work finding out.

We have created three lists of people murdered while working as app-based rideshare/delivery drivers.

27 killed in 2021
17 killed in 2022
19 killed in 2023 so far.

Total: 63

You know of any others killed in 2021, 2022, or 2023, send us a message.

In cases where the race of a suspect is confirmed:

White: 2
Latino: 4
Middle Eastern: 2
Black: 40
Unsolved: 15

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3 Responses to Who is Killing Rideshare Drivers?

  1. White woman says:

    Well, this is disturbing but not unsurprising.

    Did you have any difficulties when you were working as a driver? Would you classify the area you worked in to be safe or dangerous? I’m sure the area where one is driving plays a role.

    You must be thankful to be retired from that line of work.

    I hope you are doing well in your paradise by the ocean. I read your one article where you were having issues with noise and almost wished you hadn’t moved. I hope things are improving.

    There is no escaping people’s bad behavior and drama anyway. It’s everywhere. You may as well stay in that beautiful spot by the ocean with all the available fruit. (Ok, I’m envious. I admit it!)

    • jewamongyou says:

      The vast majority of my rideshare experiences were positive, even with black people. Some of my favorite passengers were black women. More recently, Portland’s blacks seemed to have become more ghetto, and I think I got out just in time.

      I’ve been under the weather, but getting better. We had some rain today, but it’s now hot and muggy. I’d rather have that than the bitter cold so much of the US is experiencing now. Hopefully, in a few days, I’ll feel up to snorkeling again; that’s always refreshing.

      • White woman says:

        I hope you feel better soon. I’m sure snorkeling is very refreshing. I assume the water is beautiful where you are.

        New Jersey is experiencing only the normal cold for this time of year. Nothing unusual.

        Interesting about your favorite passengers. I’m not surprised the blacks are becoming more “ghetto”. Society, in general, seems to be deteriorating and I interpret this in blacks as a way to rebel against white society.

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