Coulter Was Right. Newsweek Covers for Black Criminals

Recently, Anne Coulter pointed out that if the Kansas City Superbowl shooters were White men, we would already know it:

Both Van Jones and Bill Maher balked at that assertion – revealing either gross ignorance, or sinister adherence to an Orwellian narrative.

In fact, we did witness the authorities desperately trying to hide the racial identity of the shooters, at first claiming they’re “minors,” and then purposefully omitting photos of the perps – as in this Newsweek article.

Some pointed out that, statistically speaking, Coulter was right; the media does try to hide the race of a murderer when it can. I’ve written about this previously. It’s well-documented. Furthermore, Sailer’s Law tells us that if there are more injuries than fatalities in a mass shooting, the shooter(s) is more likely to be black.

Here are the two shooters:

Image courtesy of

We’re still waiting for apologies from Van Jones and Bill Maher.

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