Is Genocide Always Wrong?

People criticize the Torah for commanding the genocide of ‘Amaleq*:

Deuteronomy 25:17–19

Remember what Amalek did to you on your journey out of Egypt, how he attacked you on the way, when you were faint and weary, and struck down all who lagged behind you; he did not fear God. Therefore when the Lord your God has given you rest from all your enemies on every hand, in the land that the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance to possess, you shall blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven; do not forget.

King Saul lost favor with God when he spared some animals in order to sacrifice to God. God had ordered him to destroy every single man, woman, child and animal of the ‘Amaleqites.

This is taking genocide to the next level; if an animal is spared, somebody might later say, “You see that lamb? It used to belong to ‘Amaleq!” Hence, the memory of ‘Amaleq would have not been destroyed…

Oh the irony. If not for the Torah, nobody would remember ‘Amaleq today!

Are Gazans the descendants of ‘Amaleq? Perhaps they should all be required to conduct 23andme genetic tests.

We are sorry sir; your test came back 20% ‘Amaleq. Please report to the nearest liquidation facility, that thou mayest be blotted out.

I’m not a huge fan of genocide; generally, I frown upon it, and I try to refrain from it whenever possible. Still, somebody’s going to see the title of this post and accuse me of advocating for genocide. In reality, I’m simply asking an honest question.

Is genocide ever justified? If you know that the children of your enemy are going to grow up to kill your OWN children, are you justified in preemptively killing them? If an entire population has been brainwashed into a frenzied, uncompromised, hatred toward your people, to the extent that their very existence threatens YOUR existence, might it be a matter of self-preservation? If so, then who’s fault would it be?

Here’s an interesting Quora post, based on firsthand experiences in Gaza:

Israel Observer 🇮🇱

Posted by Shayan

Some of the truly insane things I’ve heard from friends and family who are fighting in the depths of Gaza.

I was told that a friend had been to three Hamas bases. I asked him what he means by a base? Like a building they call a base?

Nope. He said Hamas has full army bases equipped with everything a normal base has including obstacle courses, shooting ranges, and more. They’re all over Gaza.

I was also told that they could not walk three feet without seeing a tunnel opening. Gaza is absolutely covered with tunnel holes. I was told that Gaza is literally duplicated under ground.

I was told that every single house, EVERY one, had weapons hidden somewhere. They didn’t enter a single house without some weapons somewhere.

I was told that none of the Hamas terrorists wear uniforms. They are all dressed in civilian clothes so when they’re killed, Hamas can claim they were innocent.

I was told that we have no idea to what extent they use human shields. Hamas terrorists open fire on IDF soldiers with one hand, while holding an elderly lady with the other. This is their most popular tactic.

I was told that they have not met a single innocent civilian there and every single person, even those who pretend they’re innocent in the beginning, are somehow connected to Hamas. Everyone there supports Hamas.

I was told that there are days in which the IDF eliminates hundreds of terrorists.

I was told that it is widely known that if (when) Israel enters Rafah, it’s all over for Hamas. Everyone knows that hundreds, maybe thousands of them are hiding in Rafah hoping the world manages to stop the IDF from going in there. They’re banking on that.

I was told they keep finding books, from children books to text books, describing the history of the Jews, and general information about Jews explaining why they should be killed.

I was told that when an IDF soldier is killed, everyone there celebrates. Somehow they all know about it within minutes and firecrackers are their main method of celebration. Firecrackers and firing guns into the air. And of course, candies. They love giving out candies when a Jew is murdered.

I was told that Hamas terrorists in Gaza are like athletes or movie stars in other places. They are absolute heroes to the Palestinian people who have pictures of them on their walls and describe them as total rockstars.

And finally, the doozy. I was told that on every single computer they find in people’s homes in Gaza, there is porn everywhere. Every single computer has porn on it. But get this, in addition to porn, every single house has sex artifacts all over the place. Sex toys, sexy outfits, and more. All over the place.

All in all, seems like a solid society they’ve built over there in Gaza…

Israel is dealing with some seriously twisted and morally depraved human beings who are told from age zero that Jews are nothing more than animals that deserve to be killed wherever they are.

This society is rotten to the core and needs to be denazified from the ground up. Anything else will just be a bandaid on a society that needs open heart surgery.

*I transliterate the Hebrew word עמלק with a q at the end because that letter is not the same as the English letter K; it has the same value as Arabicق, which is typically transliterated as Q in Latin characters. The first letter, ע, has the same value as Arabic ع, often transliterated with a simple hyphen (‘).

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