Weekend Warriors in Dominican Republic

My area is a party area. We get a lot of tourists who come for a few days, or even just a weekend. A particular genre of tourist is called “Weekend Warriors.”

Weekend Warriors are, to put it bluntly, niggers who come here for cheap sex, to smoke fat cigars, and to swagger about pretending they’re big shots.

They’re not dangerous, unless we consider a haughty, full-of-yourself, attitude to be “dangerous.” Afrocentrism and black supremacy are common with this crowd, and some of the shops cater to this. Here are a couple of paintings that have been for sale near the beach. They speak for themselves:

They do love their fat cigars. They don’t have the best reputation among the locals when it comes to their behavior, and a lack of respect toward the locals – but they are lucrative, so they’re catered to.

I’ve seen shirts that say things like “Proud Black Man,” “Black Men Don’t Cheat” and “Black is Beautiful.” It’s mostly the Weekend Warriors, but some of it rubs off on the locals.

Weekend Warriors will sometimes wear bling, and I’ve even seen full-fledged pimp outfits.

As stated, they’re not dangerous. After all, it’s not their country, and they’re not going to bring guns through airport security. They’re looking to have a good time, not to get in trouble. They’ve certainly never caused me any trouble, and I do get along with them when we interact on the street or the supermarket. Some of my pool buddies are black-Americans; they’re not in this category.

One thing that irks me about them is the outright colonialism they impose on others when it comes to American rap. Dominicans have their own rap, which I’m not fond of, but these Weekend Warriors will often wander about with their handheld boomboxes blasted American rap at ridiculous volumes. They’ll drive rented cars with gigantic speakers directed OUTWARD and blast American rap at deafening levels. To be fair, Dominicans blast their own music in similar ways, so it is a local custom. It annoys me, but apparently a lot of the tourists, and even locals, don’t mind; I’ll see them sway their bodies to the music as such vehicles pass by.

At the beach, it sometimes seems like there’s competition between Dominican music and American rap. Each group will try to outdo the other in volume. Music wars.

Most of the Dominican taxi drivers I’ve patronized are good old, salt of the Earth, Dominicanos. They generally play traditional Dominican music at reasonable volumes. I do enjoy such rides.

Again, to be fair, I’ve never had any problems with the Weekend Warriors. I’m simply pointing out that they often embody the crudest stereotypes of nigger culture in America.

Note that I use the word “nigger” because it’s what they call themselves.

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