A Leftist Responds to a Solid Meme; Can You Spot the Errors?

Here’s the solid meme:

It’s a solid meme because the US border needs to be controlled. This is the responsibility of the Federal government. Obviously, it’s NOT being controlled. In contrast, American citizens are having their Fourth Amendment rights taken from them. The National Guard has been called into New York City because crime is out of control there.

This is a good time to point out that almost ALL violent crime, in NYC, is committed by non-Whites. Racial integration/ mass immigration demonstrably led to Americans losing their constitutional rights. Almost ALL violent subway crime is committed by blacks in NYC. If blacks have a right to live among Whites, then this right should not come at the cost of Whites losing their right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure. It’s unreasonable because it’s not White people pushing passengers in front of trains, jumping the turnstiles or mugging people. It’s blacks doing these things, and only they (specifically, young male blacks) should be subject to such treatment.

What happens when a leftist is confronted with the above meme?

I won’t even bother responding to the concentration camp quip, but to the points:

Yes, we do need mass deportations for a safer America. At the very least, deport the violent criminals, the sex-abusers, the drunk-drivers, the Communists and the Muslim fanatics. Is this too much to ask?

No, America was NOT founded by immigrants; it was founded by pioneers. They did not immigrate to any specific country, they did not leach off of taxpayer programs, they didn’t depend on the natives to feed them, shelter them, provide medical care, educate their children or protect them from criminal elements. Later European settlers were, indeed, immigrants – and they worked, they learned the language and they were deported if found to be diseased, dangerous or a public charge. If convicted of a violent crime, they were locked up for a long time or executed.

“All the fear is bullshit.” Try telling that to the family of Laken Riley, and the many others raped, beaten or murdered by these invaders…

The response would probably be, “But those are isolated cases!” George Floyd was an isolated case, but this didn’t stop leftists from burning down buildings, murdering people, blocking roads and destroying businesses.

I’ll leave you with this:

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