Your Privacy Isn’t Safe With Gemini Crypto Exchange

A while back, I wrote how Gemini Crypto Exchange had done the bidding of the Antidefamation League and abruptly cancelled the accounts of those whose politics it didn’t like.

The focus of that post was an individual who is not, by any stretch of the imagination, hateful, dangerous, or bigoted. The Antidefamation League, and by extension, Gemini, simply won’t tolerate anybody who advocates for White people. They made this perfectly clear.

We’ve seen how yesterday’s cancellations of pro-Whites have turned into today’s cancellations of Conservatives. The Antidefamation League and Gemini set a precedent; if they don’t like your politics, they’ll debank you – and you’ll have no recourse.

A while after publishing the above post, I discovered that a friend of mine also got cancelled from Gemini. His mistake was assuming that Gemini’s built-in crypto wallets were private. They are not.

People need to know that Gemini tracks what is done with their built-in wallets. There is no privacy; if you send money to an organization or individual they don’t like – even if that organization is perfectly legal, legitimate, peaceful and transparent, you’re likely to have your accounts closed. You might lose a lot of money, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

There is a myth that using cryptocurrency is a guarantee of privacy. After all, it’s built into the name: CRYPTOcurrency. This might be true with private wallets, but certainly not the wallets that are provided by brokerages.

BE WARY. Do not transfer cryptocurrency via a brokerage wallet. Better yet, do not use Gemini at all.

It’s interesting that the name “Gemini” has popped up twice for antiwhitism. Google’s Gemini AI program is notoriously, and famously, antiwhite. It’s almost like Gemini the AI, and Gemini the brokerage, are evil twins. In the Zodiac, Gemini is the twins. Geminis are supposed to be two-faced – and indeed, we see this here. Proof that astrology is REAL!!

Regarding other cryptocurrency brokerages, I’m certain that the Antidefamation League pressured them to cancel accounts as well. It’s possible that some of those accounts were closed. It’s also possible that no White-advocates used those other brokerages. Another possibility is that the other brokerages refused to do the bidding of the evil Antidefamation League.

I might conduct an experiment with my own brokerage in the future. If/when this happens, I’ll report the results.

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