Any Port in a Storm; Taking Evil Allies

Life is complicated, and sometimes we find ourselves involved in various conflicts at the same time. We must make difficult choices. Sometimes, we choose to ally ourselves with people we would normally want dead. Here’s a Quora answer that makes this point very well:

Jean-Marie Valheur · 

What are some harsh truths that not many people agree on?

Sometimes, to get shit done, you have to ally yourself with horrible people. In 1963, the Israeli secret service, Mossad, recruited a former SS commander and operative named Otto Skorzeny. They offered him a job to take out several enemies of theirs in the Middle East, including some Egyptian rocket scientists. Skorzeny agreed.

This man was one of Hitler’s favorites, a deadly force, and he was on the “Most wanted list” of high ranking Nazi’s that had gone missing after the end of WWII. Still he was recruited by the Jewish state, carried out hits for them. He died a free man in 1975, of natural causes. And when he did, Mossad agents even attended his funeral — begrudgingly admiring their fomer asset as a hugely useful individual they had a fruitful alliance with. Its funny to me, when I hear pro-Russians on Quora whine about the Azov Batallion in Ukraine or Neo-Nazi’s fighting against Russian forces… so bloody what? They are in NO position to refuse any kind of help, from anybody. Nazi scientists sent America to the moon. Osama bin Laden helped kick the Russians out of Afghanistan…

Yes, Israel allied itself with a notorious Nazi when the need arose.

I find myself in a similar situation… sort of. I’m not hiring hitmen to kill my enemies, but I have made a decision that some of my friends find objectionable, perhaps to the point of excluding me as a friend.

Some White-advocates have taken up the banner of Hamas. They are wrong and foolish to do so, and doing so reveals gross ignorance – or worse. I, of course, defend Israel in this conflict.

If I actively attack the above White-advocates, I’d be contributing to a rift in the White-advocacy movement. I don’t want to be part of that, so I’ve taken a hands-off approach. I’ll speak my mind, and I’ll let them speak their mind. Unless they engage me, I won’t engage them. Neither of us can convince the other, and the only result would be bad blood in our already small, vulnerable, movement. Others have chosen differently, and I respect their decisions; it’s simply not the right decision for me.

I’ll continue to defend White people, and I’ll continue to defend Jews, but I won’t pit the two causes against each other.

Similarly, I have a Palestinian friend. We’ve known each other a long time. It’s not productive to debate/argue the Gaza issue; the only result would be to damage our friendship. A similar situation exists with some family members when it comes to American politics.

Unless we want to live a lonely life full of conflict and bitterness, we must learn to compartmentalize. We must live professionally and harness the power of diplomacy toward harmony. Sometimes, silence is the best policy. That way, when the time comes to join forces and fight antiwhiteness, we can more easily work together.

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