Woke Control of Book Publishing

I recently spoke with some friends back in the US, and I asked them about a novel they were working on a few years ago. When it was almost ready to be published, they gave me a manuscript to look over; they knew I’d edited books before.

When I encountered the first “Magic Negro,” I lost interest in the book. These friends are devout Christians, and conservatives – but far from racially-aware. I let the manuscript collect dust for a few years and eventually got rid of it. By then we had lost contact. Just recently, they reconnected with me.

I asked if they ever published their book, and I knew they’d put a lot of effort into it. It turns out that there are only a few major book-publishing companies in the US, and they’re pretty much all located in leftist strongholds such as New York City. A friend of theirs had set up an interview for them with a major publisher in New York.

The publisher told them that the book is very well written, and it can definitely be published… except for one thing: It needs a transexual hero. Without the transexual, they would not publish the book.

Being Christians, they would not agree to this, and the book remains unpublished.

Think of all the would-be readers who will now be deprived of a Magic Negro!

I’m categorizing this post as “examples of propaganda,” because when powerful, monied, sources dictate that only trans-positive material gets published, it’s propaganda; the only novels that most young Americans will be exposed to are ones that advance the trans agenda.

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