DEI Will KILL People

I’m reposting this from Paul Joseph Watson:

Paul Joseph Watson


A commercial pilot emails:

“Thought you may find this valuable. This has been going on for years.” “We’ve all known about the few DEI hires into the cockpit, where we have to spoon feed them, to get them to barely pass, and then they are on seniority list, protected by a union, to never be fired.” “When I say spoon feed, I mean like 20x the amount of effort to get them to luckily pass on that one good day that they get lucky.”

JT comments:

I flew for a major airline for 31 years. What this pilot describes is rampant. We had a DEI Captain land with the parking brake set. Blew every tire on the jet and closed a runway at a major airport for days. The CVR proved that she violated multiple procedures and never ran a checklist. The FAA investigator wanted her fired. The union managed for her to keep her job. I once flew with a DEI captain who said he could not be fired because of his color. These stories are countless and well known within the industry.

I’ll conclude with a Babylon Bee image somebody shared there:

I’m on an island, and there are no practical, or affordable, alternatives to flying if I want to visit the US.

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3 Responses to DEI Will KILL People

  1. White woman says:

    The Babylon Bee image needs to be revised to say you are guaranteed an “old WHITE male pilot”!

    Sadly, I will have to think twice about flying to Tennessee for the next Amren conference. I was already concerned last year.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I was thinking about it, and it seems to me that the most logical thing to do is to not have physical conferences anymore, at least until things improve. We can have virtual conferences. The money saved would go toward worthy pro-White causes.

      • White woman says:

        That’s a good idea. Although nothing compares to being there in person I agree it might be a worthy compromise for now.

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