New York City Jobs Program Excludes Whites

The City of New York is spending tax dollars on a job program that excludes White people – unless those White people happen to be sexual deviants or poor.

In practice, any White person who wants to apply can claim to be bisexual (for example) and nobody can prove otherwise. Also, it’s likely that anybody looking for a job in NYC would be “low-income.” There are workarounds – it’s still illegal. White people should not have to play tricks or lie in order to take advantage of programs that they’re forced to pay for.

… but who are we kidding? We know that they’ll all be administered by black women who will give preference to their nails and black applicants. In practice, there will be rampant discrimination against Whites – even if they’re sexual deviants or poor.

This is from the website, and the icon to the left of the paragraph that lists various “marginalized groups” indicates eligibility.

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