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The Austin American Statesman; Reading Between the Lines

A Daily Wire headline screams: Texas Newspaper Refuses To Give Description Of Suspect In Mass Shooting Because Of ‘Stereotypes’ A newspaper in Texas said on Saturday that it is not publishing the description that local law enforcement gave of a man … Continue reading

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Recent Incident Illustrates Why School Segregation is Best

From Insider: A Mississippi high school agreed to make 2 white students co-winners of top honors after their parents complained about the awarding of prizes to Black pupils West Point High School students Ikeria Washington and Layla Temple, who are … Continue reading

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Andrew Gutmann’s Letter

I received this letter in my email, and decided to share it with my readers in its entirety. Fighting critical race theory and indoctrination in our schools Welcome to my first newsletter Andrew Gutmann Jun 11 It has been a … Continue reading

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‘People are scared’ as gang activity fuels Portland violence

An Associated Press story illustrates some of the built-in flaws of “progressive” thinking: There have been 37 homicides in Oregon’s largest city so far this year, more than six times the number recorded in the same period last year. If … Continue reading

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First Mall in Cameroon

A friend just sent me this link, and upon seeing the title, I really hoped it would be something positive – because I wish Africans all the best in their own countries. Well… it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping … Continue reading

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Financial Services Censorship Spreading

A couple of years ago, Paypal (and other financial institutions) excluded certain individuals from their service; it appears that this move was politically motivated: I don’t know if right-wingers/Alt-Right people were the first to be targeted by this kind of … Continue reading

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Portland Seeks to Codify Racial Caste System for Police Misconduct

In an Oregon Live article, we read: City seeks to negotiate disciplinary guide for Portland police that would include restorative, corrective options … The city tentatively identified “obvious” misconduct that would warrant an officer’s termination as: a felony or Measure … Continue reading

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Mongolian Traditional Music

I enjoyed this so much, the music and the costume, that I decided to post it here. Does anybody else here appreciate this? When I lived in Israel, I visited some extremely traditional Hungarian families for the Sabbath. These people … Continue reading

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Summer has Arrived in Oregon

We’re getting warmer weather in Oregon, and those of y’all who have followed my blog for a while know that this means fewer posts; my main priority is enjoying the outdoors. Yesterday, I hiked a forest trail: … and I … Continue reading

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