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The FBI-ADL Incestuous Relationship

I’ve been reading Laura Loomer’s book Loomered, which I’d purchased from her at the Amren conference. I highly recommend it. In the chapter “What Happened in Vegas,” Miss Loomer makes a solid case that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, was acting … Continue reading

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Canadian Retailer Simons Wants White People to Commit Suicide

Canadian Retailer Simons Wants White People to Commit Suicide I found this gem on Twitter: What fresh hell is this?☠️ New Canadian ad campaign selling suicide Kingsley Cortes writes: I’ve never seen so many white people in a commercial— Angel.A … Continue reading

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Academic Disparities Detected in Zygotes

From an article in The Conversation: Racial and ethnic disparities in academic skills occur far earlier in the U.S. than previously known. Our new study finds that 13% of white zygotes and 16% of Asian zygotes display advanced academic potential. The contrasting … Continue reading

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The 2022 Amren Conference

Attending this year’s conference was more difficult than previous years; I had chosen to stay in Dominican Republic prior to the conference and do a round-trip flight from here. This decision meant that it wasn’t practical for me to attend … Continue reading

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What Is In The Minds of Voters?

JKLP1943 asked me: What is the mind of your coethnics that their hatred of their so called countrymen and their paranoia causes them to act up to ugly stereotypes? I won’t address this question specifically, because the Jews I know … Continue reading

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A Few Photos from a “Developing” Country

The only “working” treadmill at my gym: Most of the equipment doesn’t work, and they rarely clean the place. But it’s okay; they compensate by blasting super loud jungle music. When I get back, after the conference, I’m switching gyms. … Continue reading

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Some Nice Memes

I wish I could take credit for these. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy them as much as I do:

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The Guardian and Microsoft Incite Racial Hatred

We’ve seen it before – major news outlets implying that a white-on-black assault was racially motivated when there’s no evidence to support it. White-on-black assaults are like gold to the Establishment Left; they’re relatively rare, and not to be wasted. … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Sachs: CCP Shill and Hater of America

A local friend of mine sent me this video, thinking that I might be swayed by it. In which direction he hoped to sway me remains unclear. If you’ve got the stomach to watch this entire video, and enough brain … Continue reading

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