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My Experiences Driving for Lyft

When it became obvious that Uber could not complete my background check (see previous post), I decided to resort to Lyft. In my early days of rideshare, I’d driven both platforms. This was almost seven years ago, and both Uber … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequences of Michigan’s “Clean Slate” Law

Now that I’m officially retired from rideshare, I feel free to write about it. Incidentally, rideshare is one reason it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Keep reading if you want more details. I drove Uber for about 7 years, … Continue reading

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Bing AI’s Take on White-Advocates Vs. Black-Advocates

I just asked Bing AI why Jared Taylor was banned from Europe, why his ban was extended, and why he was not informed until he had actually reached Europe earlier this month. Bing could only repeat the accusation that Jared … Continue reading

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Vigilante Violence Disproportionately Harms Criminals Researchers Say

Sometimes, all I need to do is quote a headline, and the post writes itself. The above headline is not exactly as it appears in Yahoo News. Here’s the actual headline: Vigilante violence disproportionately harms marginalized communities: Researchers There’s not … Continue reading

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Lahaina Noon in Puerto Plata

“The Tropics” are defined as the areas on Earth where the Sun is sometimes directly overhead. In the North, the Tropic of Cancer gets the Sun directly overhead on the Summer Solstice. In the South, the Tropic of Capricorn gets … Continue reading

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Neo-Nazis: “We are Everywhere…” Yes, Apparently, They are

Here’s a screenshot of today’s Microsoft news feed – and yes, it’s probably just coincidence, but maybe not… Neo-Nazi web-designers at Microsoft? Coincidence? What do you think?

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Was Biden Right About White-Supremacist Terror?

Here’s an answer I posted to Quora. Since it might get removed, I’m duplicating it here. President Biden called ‘white supremacy’ ‘most dangerous terrorist threat’ at college speech: ‘Pure evil?’ Is he right? People are quoting the FBI and Biden … Continue reading

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A Quora Answer That Might be Rejected

How much is black-on-white crime responsible for white-on-black racism? The term “racism” needs a definition. For this answer, I’ll assume it means any negative sentiments toward American blacks as a group. I’ve been active in the White-advocacy movement for many … Continue reading

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God Made Me Asian for a Reason

I’ve been saying this for a while, but I’m not Asian, so I couldn’t do the math as well as this guy:

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Is Gipper AI, the “Conservative” AI, Better than Bing AI?

I recently tested Bing AI to see if I could force it to acknowledge racial differences in IQ. After having admitted that all the components of the race/IQ argument are valid, Bing AI said it couldn’t continue with the conversation … Continue reading

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