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Conservatives Lash Out Against Cancel Culture

Watch this Fox video, where British journalist Douglas Murray takes a stand against Cancel Culture. I sympathize with his outrage over Cancel Culture, and I agree with most of what he says – however, what ISN’T said is more important … Continue reading

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Another Blood Offering to the Diversity God

This People article speaks for itself: As a longtime animal lover, 18-year-old Danielle Hopton spent her free time working at a local animal shelter and helping her dad raise guide dog puppies for the blind. But on Feb. 6, the … Continue reading

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The use of force

I love it when fellow Jews visit this blog, and show their support for the beleaguered white race. On that note, I suppose this is a good time to share a video (sent to me by my friend Diversity Chronicle) … Continue reading

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Does obesity serve the Progressive agenda?

Here are two graphs for your inspection. The first one is from USNews: The second is from the Pew Research Council: While “intermarriage” does not exclusively refer to black/white couples, there’s no reason to doubt that such couples adhere to … Continue reading

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I found this gem on Quora

I’ve been participating in the online forum Quora recently, trying to guide people to the truth (my opinions :). When I saw the following, I knew I had to share it – as a cautionary tale: In 2013, my baby … Continue reading

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Muhammad Ali

Just like the rest of us, the late Muhammad Ali had good traits and bad traits. I think white people have a lot to learn from him. Here’s an interview with him I’ve posted in the past. I never grow … Continue reading

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The tyranny of images

Not long ago, I posted a photo of a poster I found at Winco. Some people commented that I read too much into that image. That it’s nothing more than a token black thrown in for good measure. But there … Continue reading

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Some Oregonian tidbits

We can open any major newspaper, on any given day, and find examples of anti-white propaganda. I came across an Oregonian from January 10th and found these: Alcohol, drugs not a factor in fatal stabbing … The results show that … Continue reading

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What would be the reaction in France?

I found this on alarabiya: Ad depicting U.S. soldier and Muslim wife met with mixed reactions Paul Crompton, Al Arabiya An advertisement picturing a U.S. solider and a fully-veiled Muslim woman in an embrace has provoked mixed reactions on the … Continue reading

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Mudshark gets stabbed by a black man…

In this story, posted on ABC news, we read about a pregnant white woman who was stabbed by a black intruder: Rachel Poole, 31, gave birth to her daughter, Isabella, at University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas, following a … Continue reading

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