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Only White Women Can be Fetishized

When a photo emerged showing a group of refugees studying French, some white-advocates “misinterpreted” the scene: It showed up on Quora, and my response was: I did some research on this, and some French people are saying that this is … Continue reading

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Google and Media Collusion to Hide Images of White Murder Victims

It seems there’s a new corporate media guideline: When the murderer is black, and his victim white, do not show photos of both of them. In cases where the murderer is still at large, only the murderer’s photo will be … Continue reading

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Conservatives Lash Out Against Cancel Culture

Watch this Fox video, where British journalist Douglas Murray takes a stand against Cancel Culture. I sympathize with his outrage over Cancel Culture, and I agree with most of what he says – however, what ISN’T said is more important … Continue reading

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Another Blood Offering to the Diversity God

This People article speaks for itself: As a longtime animal lover, 18-year-old Danielle Hopton spent her free time working at a local animal shelter and helping her dad raise guide dog puppies for the blind. But on Feb. 6, the … Continue reading

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The use of force

I love it when fellow Jews visit this blog, and show their support for the beleaguered white race. On that note, I suppose this is a good time to share a video (sent to me by my friend Diversity Chronicle) … Continue reading

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Does obesity serve the Progressive agenda?

Here are two graphs for your inspection. The first one is from USNews: The second is from the Pew Research Council: While “intermarriage” does not exclusively refer to black/white couples, there’s no reason to doubt that such couples adhere to … Continue reading

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I found this gem on Quora

I’ve been participating in the online forum Quora recently, trying to guide people to the truth (my opinions :). When I saw the following, I knew I had to share it – as a cautionary tale: In 2013, my baby … Continue reading

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Muhammad Ali

Just like the rest of us, the late Muhammad Ali had good traits and bad traits. I think white people have a lot to learn from him. Here’s an interview with him I’ve posted in the past. I never grow … Continue reading

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The tyranny of images

Not long ago, I posted a photo of a poster I found at Winco. Some people commented that I read too much into that image. That it’s nothing more than a token black thrown in for good measure. But there … Continue reading

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Some Oregonian tidbits

We can open any major newspaper, on any given day, and find examples of anti-white propaganda. I came across an Oregonian from January 10th and found these: Alcohol, drugs not a factor in fatal stabbing … The results show that … Continue reading

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