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Weather-Change and City of Beaverton Followup

Only a few days ago, it was overcast and chilly here in Oregon. Now it’s sunny and warm. I blame Weather-Change. Actually, under these circumstances, I appreciate Weather-Change; it encouraged me to make my first pilgrimage to one of my … Continue reading

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Why I Believe We Will Find Aliens

… or they will find us. This is one of my unscientific, and baseless, rants. Nevertheless, it’s something I’ve wanted to express for a while, and that’s kind of what this blog is for. I’ll start with a premise that’s … Continue reading

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This is What One Drop of Television Does to Your Brain

I had a dream last night. In my dream a friendly coyote befriended me. He was an exceptionally smart coyote, and he accompanied me on various adventures. Toward the end of the dream, I decided to give him a name, … Continue reading

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We are All Flat-Earthers

Everybody needs somebody to ridicule so that they can feel superior, and Flat-Earthers are definitely near the bottom of the pecking order. But I’ve always held some admiration for this group. It’s not that I believe their theories have merit. … Continue reading

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