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The “Minimizers”

I found this comment on X, and figured I’d share it; I couldn’t have said it better myself. Jan Brauner@JaniceBrauner Soon after woke terminology emerged on the scene, anti-woke *sophisticates* began labeling the right as woke or snowflakes for merely … Continue reading

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San Francisco Makes Cultural Appropriation Illegal

Educated people have long known that every ethnicity in the US, with the exception of White people, is partial to its own group at the ballot box. Though there have been exceptions, for the most part, blacks will vote for … Continue reading

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Israel Must Ignore “International Law”

Warning! The following video depicts gratuitous killing. Don’t watch it if you’re easily disturbed by such scenes. It disturbed me, but I watched it to the end – so that I could write about it. Gazan men, trying to flee … Continue reading

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A Two-State Solution; Let’s Do It!

White House occupant Joe Biden has recently promoted a “two-state solution” to the Israel/Palestinian conflict. From MSN: On the 18th (local time), President Joe Biden of the United States visited Israel and proposed a ‘two-state solution’ by establishing a Palestinian … Continue reading

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My Experiences Driving for Lyft

When it became obvious that Uber could not complete my background check (see previous post), I decided to resort to Lyft. In my early days of rideshare, I’d driven both platforms. This was almost seven years ago, and both Uber … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequences of Michigan’s “Clean Slate” Law

Now that I’m officially retired from rideshare, I feel free to write about it. Incidentally, rideshare is one reason it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Keep reading if you want more details. I drove Uber for about 7 years, … Continue reading

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The Decline of Portland Continues

Leftist, soft-on-crime, policies have consequences. Small/family businesses can’t absorb the costs of continued theft. Individuals sometimes have little choice but to take matters into their own hands when the police can’t/won’t do anything about rampant theft. I got this from … Continue reading

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Poetic Justice in Trump’s Indictment

In 2017, President Trump intervened on behalf of three black UCLA basketball players who had been arrested in China for shoplifting. Here they are: In 2018, President Trump acquiesced to Kim Kardashian’s request to c0mmute black prisoner Alice Johnson, who … Continue reading

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Real Marxism has Been Subverted

I haven’t been posting much, partly because I’ve been expressing my thoughts on Quora and Twitter, partly because I’m enjoying my non-virtual (IE. RL) life in the tropics, and partly because my blog readership has dwindled to close to zero. … Continue reading

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What Is In The Minds of Voters?

JKLP1943 asked me: What is the mind of your coethnics that their hatred of their so called countrymen and their paranoia causes them to act up to ugly stereotypes? I won’t address this question specifically, because the Jews I know … Continue reading

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