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It’s Time to Posthumously Change MLK’s Name

For several years now, America has been busy renaming streets, schools, parks, prizes and sports teams. Here’s a list of name-changes that have taken place since the George Floyd riots. Scientists are even changing the names of insects, because some … Continue reading

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With “Progressives,” Everything is About Reparations

I’ve always believed that laws against cannabis are unjust, and that people have the right to partake of any substance they so choose, as long as they’re not putting others in danger, or forcing others to foot the bill. So … Continue reading

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Dear God, Please Make Churches Hate Again

There’s a church I drive by frequently, and each time I do, I note the sign out front. When ISIS was all over the news, the sign said, “We Love ALL People; NO Exceptions.” It was clear to me that … Continue reading

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