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Air China Apologizes for Trying to Protect it’s Customers

This is old news, going back to 2016, but it’s still interesting to see a Communist organization trying to do the right thing, and then backing down after being rebuked by more “civilized” countries – countries that care more about … Continue reading

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The Jewish History of Sosua

Not far from where I live is a place called Sosua. It’s a thriving, touristy and picturesque area, with a reputation for licentiousness – at least in the past… But going back a bit further, we find that Sosua was … Continue reading

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A Benefit of Living in Latin America: The Simple Life

A few years ago, while vacationing in Mexico, I decided to rent a scooter. It was an old, beat up, scooter, but it was functional and cheap. I had a lot of fun with it, and the day came when … Continue reading

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Good News from Kenosha

Like all decent Americans, and freedom-loving people around the world, I’m greatly relieved by the not-guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. My relief, however, is tempered by concerns over his safety. If he stays in America, he’ll have to … Continue reading

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Updating my Travel Blog

Greetings dear readers! I’ve been taking a break from this blog, and spending some time updating my travel blog – which I’d been negligent about recently. Anyway, if you’re tired of politics, and want to see something more lighthearted, feel … Continue reading

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Race in Dominican Republic

The vast majority of Dominicans are mulattoes, and there’s a sprinkling of mestizos and white people mixed in. It’s possible that some areas have a different racial mix than others, but I only visited four places, and wasn’t able to … Continue reading

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Travel Musings

Objectively speaking, the airport is the best place to express dissenting views. Security is everywhere, so there’s little risk of being attacked by Antifa. It’s government property, so the First Amendment applies; all lawful sentiments are protected. So naturally, I … Continue reading

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I’m Back from Vacation

It’s not even six o’clock in the morning, so why am I writing a post at this ungodly hour? It’s because I’m jet-lagged; my body thinks it’s ten o’clock in the morning. That’s the time in Dominican Republic, where I’ve … Continue reading

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A quick note on borders

After decades of encouraging its lower classes to illegally pour into the United States, the Mexican government is now upset that President Trump wants to actually enforce our border. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the time I was … Continue reading

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Back from vacation

Last year, I visited Costa Rica, and there was a screw up on my return flight. To compensate for my inconvenience, Aero Mexico put me up in a hotel for the night, provided me some meal vouchers, and gave me a … Continue reading

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