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I’m So Glad I Left the Portland Area

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t pat myself on the back for leaving the wreck of a country that is the United States, and specifically the Portland area. I still read the Nextdoor posts associated with my old … Continue reading

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Lahaina Noon in Puerto Plata

“The Tropics” are defined as the areas on Earth where the Sun is sometimes directly overhead. In the North, the Tropic of Cancer gets the Sun directly overhead on the Summer Solstice. In the South, the Tropic of Capricorn gets … Continue reading

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A Forgotten Jewish Memorial in Dominican Republic

I took a long walk today, and came across the ruins of the. It commemorates Kristal Nacht, and is testimony to the once large Jewish community of Sosua: Herman Strauss was a prominent Jew who lived in Sosua and helped … Continue reading

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Is This How Jesus Would Park?

I came across this recently, and thought I’d share it with my readers. I don’t know what the story is behind this, but it does illustrate the third-world mentality: Religiosity without necessarily having consideration for others. Note the sticker on … Continue reading

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A Few Photos from a “Developing” Country

The only “working” treadmill at my gym: Most of the equipment doesn’t work, and they rarely clean the place. But it’s okay; they compensate by blasting super loud jungle music. When I get back, after the conference, I’m switching gyms. … Continue reading

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Niggers are the Same Everywhere

I knew what I was getting into when I moved to Dominican Republic. It’s a tradeoff, and I don’t regret it. Things are much cheaper here, and I actually have a social life; it’s SO easy to make new friends … Continue reading

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Why I haven’t been posting

In a nutshell, I’ve moved to Dominican Republic for an extended period of time, and I’ve been busy building my life here, equipping my home with necessities, learning how things are done, and making lots of new friends. Over the … Continue reading

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The End of My Stay in Dominican Republic

In a few days, I’ll be heading back to what used to be the United States, now the Soviet Socialist Republic of Wokistan. My plan is to return to D.R. after this year’s American Renaissance conference, which has already been … Continue reading

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I’m White; You Can Trust Me

I went on an errand today with a couple of acquaintances. One is a white Canadian, and the other, a relatively light-skinned Dominicana; like so many other Dominicans, she’s somewhere between a mulatta and a mestiza. The Dominicana was the … Continue reading

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Charity-Masturbation in the Dominican Republic

In case y’all were wondering, Dominican Republic is still there; it hasn’t been swallowed by the ocean yet. However, we have been experiencing some Weather Change. Heavier rains than normal… and it seeps into the condo I’m living in. No … Continue reading

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