Government and Corporate Anti-White Discrimination

We often hear the claim that whites do not face systemic discrimination. This page is a tool that we can link to in order to easily debunk this claim. Many of these examples appear elsewhere in this blog, but here the content is more distilled.

Affirmative Action and CRT/CRT-Adjacent curricula are the most pervasive forms of systemic anti-white discrimination in the Western World, but I’ve chosen to ignore these two issues; they’re already well-known, and part of the national discussion. I will include particularly grotesque cases however. Similarly, media anti-white bias is already a known issue that’s part of the national discussion, and I’ll only include particularly egregious examples of this, such as outright lying.

This page is actually a backup of my space on Quora “Government and Corporate Anti-White Discrimination.” Feel free to visit that space, follow it, and maybe even become a contributor. There is no particular order; I post them as I encounter them.

If any entry lacks a source at the bottom, it’s because it’s simply copied from another post on this blog.

Jerry Nadler (יִמַּח שְׁמוֹ)* Introduces Pot Reparations Bill

With “Progressives,” Everything is About Reparations

I’ve always believed that laws against cannabis are unjust, and that people have the right to partake of any substance they so choose, as long as they’re not putting others in danger, or forcing others to foot the bill. So I would normally support a move to decriminalize cannabis at the Federal level.

But now that Critical Race Theory is the official state religion, everything turns out to be about race and reparations. From NBC:

House reintroduces bill to decriminalize cannabis, create social equity programs

After voting overwhelmingly last year to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level, congressional leaders reintroduced a bill Friday to strike marijuana from the list of controlled substances and invest in communities disproportionately affected by the so-called drug war.

The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2021, also known as the MORE Act, would also eliminate criminal penalties, clear criminal records and create social equity programs focused on repairing damage to individuals and communities impacted by decades of prohibition.

The bill was introduced by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y.

Reading through the article, I knew that blacks would be mentioned at some point. Sure enough:

The Small Business Administration would establish the Cannabis Restorative Opportunity Program to help businesses owned and operated by “socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.” The SBA mandate would develop and implement equitable cannabis licensing programs that minimize barriers for people adversely impacted by the drug war.

Despite the move toward decriminalization, people of color continue to be most affected by existing drug laws. According to a 2020 report by the American Civil Liberties Union, a Black person is 3 times more likely to be arrested for cannabis possession than a white person. The ACLU estimated that enforcing cannabis prohibition laws costs taxpayers approximately $3.6 billion a year.

“Disadvantaged individuals” always means, primarily, blacks – but they still had to spell it out. This bill is about more of the same: The transfer of wealth from whites and Asians to blacks. Naturally, there’s an additional tax associated with this bill:

It would set a 5 percent tax on cannabis retail sales that would increase to 8 percent over three years. Revenue would go to the Opportunity Trust Fund, which would pay for job training, re-entry services, legal aid and health education programs for impacted communities.

“Impacted communities” meaning, of course, black communities.

If we were to travel back to Medieval times, we’d probably be shocked to see that almost everything relates to religion in one way or another. This is how it is in many Orthodox Jewish communities, and probably also among the Amish and devout Muslims. In the world of religion, very few things are spiritually neutral. Some might say that NOTHING is spiritually neutral.

It’s the same with modern “Progressives.” They are devout believers in Critical Race Theory, and this is why it’s so important to them to pass this faith on to the younger generation.

Critical Race Theory teaches that everything is about race and racism. By its very definition, it’s a radical faith, and nothing is neutral, not even getting high.

*YimaH shemo explanation.

Harvard theatre group hosts blacks-only ‘Macbeth’ performance

Harvard University is hosting an “exclusive” performance of an adaptation of the Shakespeare play “Macbeth.”

The Friday performance of “Macbeth in Stride” is “an exclusive space for Black-identifying audience members.” Based on the theatre’s photo album, white actors are allowed in the play…

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education called on the university to end its segregated event and open up attendance to all people.

“As an integral part of Harvard, the American Repertory Theater is subject to the university’s legal obligations and policies,” the higher education civil liberties nonprofit wrote. “Under federal law, excluding university students, faculty, and staff from educational enrichment opportunities based on race is forbidden.”

Colleges, like Harvard, that accept federal funding, must agree not to discriminate on the basis of race.

FIRE said that state law “also bars discrimination based on race in places of public accommodation,” a designation that includes theaters. The theater also receives funding from Bank of America.

The free-speech group said Harvard can host performances that highlight black actors or reframe classical plays through a racial lens, but it cannot ban whites, Asians and Hispanics from attending.


Posters saying “It’s okay to be white” have sparked a police investigation.

They were found on lampposts in two roads in Basingstoke and near Basingstoke College of Technology.

Hampshire Constabulary was alerted to the posters by a resident on Thursday and said they were being treated as a “hate incident”.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council has arranged for the posters to be removed.

Resident Priya Brown said: “These tactics are divisive and they have no place in today’s world. They’re tactics that are used to divide deliberately by neo-Nazi groups and white supremacy groups. It started in the US but we have seen it here in the UK.”


Will Cigna Be Held Accountable?

It’s now the norm, rather than the exception, for corporations to discriminate against white men. It’s a matter of policy for them, as they follow the lead of the Biden administration, and years of precedence. The latest to be exposed for blatant anti-white discrimination is Cigna.

From The Daily Wire:

Cigna, one of the nation’s largest health insurance providers, has allegedly told employees not to hire white men as part of the company’s broader critical race theory campaign.

According to an internal chat log obtained by the Washington Examiner, a hiring manager at Cigna dismissed a white candidate because he did not fulfill the company’s diversity standards. In the chat, an employee suggested the company interview a man with extensive experience for an open position. The hiring manager allegedly told the employee that the man could not be interviewed because he is white.

In a separate chat log, a hiring manager dismissed another candidate who he assumed to be white. The candidate was a racial minority. After learning of the candidate’s accurate skin color — and little else — the hiring manager allegedly reversed course and hired the candidate.

Employees were also forced to undergo training wherein they were taught that white people have “white privilege,” straight men have “gender privilege,” and Christians have “religious privilege.” The company defines religious privilege as “a set of advantages that benefits believers of a certain religion but not people who practice other religions or no religions at all.”

Apparently, being denied a job or promotion now counts as a “privilege,” and it’s a privilege that white people have had for decades.

It’s possible that a successful lawsuit could come from this, but looking into the future, I see less and less recourse for anti-white discrimination. After several years of Harris/Biden, the courts will be even more packed with activist judges. Also, how can we expect the government to protect the rights of white people when it’s at the forefront in discriminating against us?

It’s illegal to practice law in the United States without a license, and the American Bar Association (ABA) is responsible for granting such licenses. Therefore, the ABA is a quasi-governmental institution.

Lawyers are required to maintain their knowledge of the law through Continued Legal Education (CLE), and the ABA has the following rule in place:

[A]ny ABA CLE program with three or more panelists (including the moderator) must have at least one member from a diverse group; a CLE program with five to eight panelists (including the moderator) must have at least two members from a diverse group; and a CLE program with nine or more panelists (including the moderator) must have at least three members from a diverse group. Failure to adhere to the D&I CLE Policy results in the ABA not sponsoring, co-sponsoring or seeking CLE accreditation for any group.

The ABA defines “members of a diverse group” as women, racial and ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, and persons of differing sexual orientations and gender identities.

In other words, if the program requires three panelists, and two are already spoken for, a white straight male cannot be hired for the available spot. He would have to amputate a limb, or declare himself homosexual or transsexual in order to have a shot at that position.

A non-white person would be eligible as he is; no need for any amputations or coming out of the closet.

The state of Florida just rejected this requirement, proclaiming quotas as divisive.

Incredibly, the American Bar Association, whose discriminatory rule still stands in most of the United States, doesn’t consider its rule to be a quota:

While we are disappointed in today’s opinion, we continue to believe the ABA’s CLE practices do not constitute a quota system. The ABA remains deeply committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

If this is not a quota, then nothing is. It seems the ABA has a poor understanding of English.

Ontario (Canada) union votes two extra days off for black employees only

There were objections that “all equity groups” should get the extra days off, and not just black employees. It doesn’t appear that anybody even suggested that white employees get equal treatment:

“An Ontario union has voted overwhelmingly and without debate to allow black employees two extra days of mental health leave to deal with the impact of “anti-black racism.”

True North had previously reported that the Association of Management, Administrative and Professional Crown Employees (AMAPCEO) was considering the motion for its annual conference…

The motion was pushed through with no debate and no indication of the vote tally after considerable discussion ensued in response to a similar black caucus motion…

When one attendee amended the motion to put its focus on all equity-seeking groups, Spencer became agitated. She suggested that if the word “black” is taken out, the union might as well strike down its black caucus altogether…

The amendment to extend the motion to include other groups failed, and the motion passed as originally proposed. The conference moderator indicated 140 members voted against the amendment but did not say who voted for it.

Efforts to reach Spencer for comment were unsuccessful.

According to the Sunshine list, Spencer made $106,000 in 2020 as a senior policy advisor with the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

The union leadership told those attending the conference the motion for two extra days leave would be placed on the list of priorities for collective bargaining. They affirmed they would most assuredly support it.”


Whites sent to back of the line for vaccines, and not welcome in a public square:

Washington State is allowing Covid vaccine providers to openly discriminate against white people. From

The Washington State Department of Health lets providers deny vaccines to white people in a race-exclusionary system they claim creates equity and removes barriers. It does neither.

The African American Reach and Teach Health Ministry (AARTH) is a vaccine provider in Washington state. Eligible recipients can sign up for vaccines using their online scheduler. But if you’re white, you’re not able to access any open vaccine appointments.

By default, white people are put on a standby list — one of two lists segregated by race — for vaccine access. They will only provide their online appointments to people of color.

Given repeated opportunities over the course of several days, the state DOH would not directly answer whether or not this practice violates the law. Instead, the DOH repeatedly deflected, arguing that they’re taking necessary steps to provide equitable access to the vaccine. But it’s only equitable access if you have the right skin color.

Vaccines kept from white people

If you try to sign up for a May 1 pop-up at Fred Hutch in Seattle, via the AARTH website, you must identify as either a person of color or as white.

“Part of the reason we ask that is because of the funding that we receive,” AARTH consultant Twanda Hill told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “They want to know. … We have funding because we are able to reach people of color. Federal funding, state funding, county funding. They want to know who are we serving.”

If you’re a person of color, you can move forward and schedule a vaccine appointment if there is an opening. But if you’re white, you are automatically placed on a standby list. This bars you from continuing the process. AARTH says they will contact the white person if there is an opening.

This is a blatant violation of anti-discrimination laws, but it’s far from certain that the courts will agree; the welfare of whites is not high on their agenda.

The second incident doesn’t involve government, but it’s at least as chilling. It takes place in “George Floyd Plaza,” where career criminal George Floyd was dispatched last year. From

While “White people” are welcomed, according to Black activists in Minneapolis, all “White people” entering the public space and newly-dubbed “George Floyd Plaza” must follow Black Supremacist or segregationist guidelines they set for “White People” visiting the site. Black activists have all but put up a ‘Blacks Only’ creed.

The guidelines all but warn “white people” not to drain the “energy of the space” and influence other “white folks” to not harm “BIPOC.”

The guidelines also implore white people to govern themselves so that the policing obligation is taken “off Black folks and our siblings of color.”

It seems there’s some disagreement over whether it’s a “square” or a “plaza.” Either way, white people are warned to “decenter” themselves, and to mourn the loss of criminal mastermind George Floyd, who nearly got away with passing a counterfeit $20 bill.

President Biden, who is a white man himself, is honoring Floyd by rendering all of our hard-earned dollars about as worthless as the money Floyd tried to tender. I think Biden should also show his solidarity by taking fentanyl.

New York City Small Business Services: Whites Need Not Apply

In a recently published PDF, the government of New York spells out the myriad ways it’s excluding whites from its programs. The smiling mugs of the deputy mayor, and the city commissioner, both black, are shown just under that of the mayor, and they make it abundantly clear that “equity” is just another word for “white-exclusion.”

The deputy mayor, J. Phillip Thompson, writes:

Through the Department of Small Business Services, the City has continued to provide resources, including access to financing, business education, pro bono consulting services, and mentorship, to businesses in low- and moderate-income communities and to businesses owned by minorities, women, and immigrants…

The commissioner, Jonnel C. Doris, writes:

To promote equitable economic growth, we expanded programming through our Black Entrepreneurs NYC (BE NYC) initiative, we launched the City’s first Asian American Small Business Taskforce to support Chinatown and Asian owned businesses across the City, and we worked with the Latin American Consulates through the #LatinxNYCSiPodemos coalition to provide business workshops in Spanish, reaching more than 40,000 business owners and leaders. And our Women Entrepreneurs NYC (WE NYC) initiative achieved a critical milestone serving more than 17,000 women

The document goes on to elaborate on the many ways it uses taxpayer dollars to exclude whites:

Under “Pillars of the Small Business Recovery Plan,” the very first pillar is:

promoting equitable economic growth and supporting diverse businesses of the future

“Diverse” as in “non-white.” This becomes increasingly clear, as the document boasts about its various expenditures – and leading the list, by far, is: $1.2 BILLION in COVID-19 contracts awarded to M/WBEs (Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise). Taking second place is “funding opportunities for 10,000 small businesses at $623 million. Many of those small business are also minority owned. Perhaps even most of them.

Without a hint of shame, and highlighted in blue and bold print, the document boasts:

Since March 2020, SBS has delivered 337,000+ services for diverse New Yorkers:

92% of individuals receiving career assistance identify as non-white

53% of individuals receiving career assistance identify as Black or African-American

91% of business owners awarded a grant to reduce their debt burden are non-white

76% of businesses receiving a storefront loan via SBS are minority-owned.

Note that “Black” is capitalized, while “white” is not.

Under the heading “Promoting equitable economic growth and supporting diverse businesses of the future, we find the following:

• Blueprint for Black Entrepreneurs NYC (BE NYC)
• BE NYC Startup Intensive
• BE NYC: Access Consulting
• Partnership with Mastercard to support and
highlight Black women-owned businesses
• BE NYC Mentors
• Streamlined path to M/WBE and EBE certification for
LGBT-owned businesses in partnership with the NGLCC
• Employee Ownership hotline
• WE NYC Impact Report
• M/WBE Mentors
• Small Business Mentors NYC

The City of New York is promoting non-white suppliers of personal protective equipment (PPE) as well:

Launched online NYC PPE + Reopening SuppliesMarketplace, where 33% of suppliers are M/WBEs

Under the heading “Promoting equitable economic growth and supporting diverse businesses of the future” we read:

Issued a blueprint for Black Entrepreneurs NYC (BE NYC)
In August 2020, we issued Advancing Black Entrepreneurship in NYC – a blueprint for advancing Black entrepreneurship in all five boroughs. Informed by more than 1,500 current and aspiring Black entrepreneurs, business leaders, community leaders and advocates, the report highlighted the challenges Black entrepreneurs face when starting and growing their businesses and offers recommendations in four key areas:

• Provide equitable access to financing
• Strengthen connections within NYC’s Black entrepreneurial community
• Scale Black businesses for long-term success
• Meet the challenges of the economy of tomorrow

We also announced commitments by our inaugural partners to invest with us in solutions in these areas, including: Mastercard, EY, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Black Entrepreneurs NYC (BE NYC)

The next two pages are entirely dedicated to the promotion of black businesses, and I won’t quote all of it here; this post would be too long.

An ubiquitous term in this document is “New Normal,” as if this focus on non-white businesses is something new. Something revolutionary that we’ve never seen before. In reality, this is business as usual; I’ve been writing about it for a decade, as have many others. It’s been going on for longer than many of my readers have been alive.

This PDF is rich in graphics, and I counted about 158 individuals featured, including those in group shots that were recognizable, and not counting incidental people in the background. Of those 158 people, only 7 are clearly white. Most are black.

For reference, New York City is 43% white, 24% black, and about 30% Asian or other. White New Yorkers are 43% of the city in real life – but only just over 4% in this government publication.

What does this mean, and how are we to interpret all this? As far as I’m concerned, it means that the government of New York City has nothing but disdain for its white population, and that if it had the ability to do so, it would reduce the white population of the city by 90%.

Currently, the government lacks such power, but it DOES have the power to funnel billions of tax dollars, generated mostly by its white citizens, into the hands of black organizations. Since whites still comprise 43% of the city, and they continue to vote in the same politicians, we can only conclude that they don’t have a problem with this scenario. The whites of New York City are content being treated like livestock, milked for their tax dollars, but otherwise of no value – except as punching bags for the occasional knock-out game.

Racial segregation on the school yard. I don’t believe that segregation is necessarily a form of persecution per se – but when it’s done for the benefit of only ONE of the parties (IE. non-whites), then it should qualify as such.

Denver School Creates “Families of Color Playground Night”

families of color playground night.jpeg

The description in one post reads: “Denver Public Schools now promoting racially-segregated playtime—for “equity.”

This has been repeated in articles by media including the Daily Mail here and Fox News here .

The school said on its website here : “Over the years, we have had several family nights with an equity theme where families can come together to learn and talk about diversity and inclusivity in service of equity.”

The school has several initiatives focusing on equity work in its community, as can be seenhere . This includes focus groups with Black, Hispanic, LatinX, Native American and Indigenous families, a diversity and inclusivity PTA sub-committee, an equity book club and family nights.

The Centennial school told Reuters in an email that its school leaders met with Black, Hispanic and LatinX families to find ways that the families could feel more included in the school community.

“Some of these families shared with us that, since the only time many of them see one another is at drop-off and pick-up times, we host some events where Black and LatinX families can meet one another, connect with one another and share their experiences about the school with one another,” the school said.

“We are honoring their request,” the school said. “All families are welcome to attend all of our events, and families from a variety of backgrounds have done so.”

Denver Public Schools told Reuters in an email that it is there to meet the needs of all families and students.

“We support efforts like this as they provide connections, support and inspiration for families which share similar experiences and come from similar backgrounds,” the Denver Public Schools said. “Efforts like these are about uniting us, not dividing us.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. Read more about our fact-checking work  here  .  

Fact Check-Denver elementary school says ‘Families of color’ event was open to all families | Reuters

Blatant Anti-White Discrimination from the Federal Government

Yesterday, I wrote about the State of Oregon’s brazen violation of anti-discrimination law. Not surprisingly, the Federal government is acting in the same spirit. From The Daily Wire:

A Chilton, Wisconsin, dairy farmer who has two prosthetic legs has joined four other farmers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, and South Dakota to sue the Biden administration regarding a $4 billion plan inserted into the Biden administration’s COVID relief program that allegedly forgives loans for farmers and ranchers who are black, native American, Hispanic, or Asian, but does not do the same for white farmers…

Adam Faust, the Chilton farmer who was born with spina bifida and milks roughly 70 cows on his 200 acres, told Fox 11, “’It was just out and out racist, and I really don’t think that there should be racism allowed in the federal government at any level.” Speaking on Fox News, he added, “I mean, racism against anybody is wrong. We can’t have a government picking and choosing who they are going to give any program to based solely on the color of their skin. … Everything that we have all learned growing up his racism was wrong, and now, all of a sudden, the federal government seems to think that racism is acceptable in certain ways.”

There is nothing “all of a sudden” about this; the Federal government has been discriminating against white people for a long time – as has been documented on this blog and elsewhere.

In my previous post, I pointed out that the only white-owned company that challenged the Oregon law is a logging company. The one urban-based company that challenged it is Mexican-owned.

In this case, it’s farmers who are impacted. Since farmers, almost by definition, live away from cities, they’re less vulnerable to BLM violence and intimidation; it’s unlikely that a BLM mob will visit a farm and destroy property or threaten workers.

People who live in larger cities, who own homes and businesses there, are vulnerable. Nobody will protect them when the BLM mobs come to get them. They can’t watch over their property 24/7, nor can they protect their kids at all times when they’re at school or at events.

This state of affairs means that few, or no, people will be able to challenge anti-white laws when those laws primarily affect the urban population. They’re sitting ducks with no protection, and no legal recourse.

The only possible answer is to organize private militias, which would show up in force to protect law-abiding citizens when their rights are threatened.

Edit: The courts ruled this policy unconstitutional – and yet the Biden administration continues to discriminate against white farmers.

The State of Oregon Continues to Violate Anti-Discrimination Law

On the State of Oregon’s official website, we read:

Oregon laws protect you from being discriminated against at work, in housing, and at places that do business with the public.

* It’s illegal to be fired or demoted, paid less, or otherwise treated differently based on your race, color, or national origin.

* You cannot be treated differently when looking for housing, applying for financing, or in other housing decisions.

* Your right to go to public places like restaurants, stores, and other public places free from discrimination is protected.

It’s clear as day that the law prohibits discrimination, in allocating financing, on the basis of race – and yet the State of Oregon rolled out a financial aid program last year that specifically applies to blacks, while excluding non-blacks. This was in clear violation of the law, but considering the political climate, it was far from clear that anyone would challenge it.

Fortunately, two companies did challenge it. From Oregon Live:

Organizers of the fund distributed $49.5 million to Black Oregonians, Black-owned businesses and Black-led nonprofits across 31 Oregon counties last fall, but they agreed to hand over their remaining funds to a federal court and stop allocating grant money in December after a John Day logging company and Portland coffee shop challenged the constitutionality of the state fund.

Obviously, due to BLM terrorism, few businesses are in a position to challenge such a law; they would be targeted for vandalism, assault and boycotts.

It’s worth noting that the owner of the coffee shop that sued is Mexican. Apparently, there were no white small-business owners who dared challenge this blatant discrimination against them. As for the logging company, it’s easy to see why they’re not as vulnerable as other businesses. Here’s an excerpt from another article:

“The pandemic’s harm to Great Northern should qualify it to compete in any government-aid program for businesses that have been affected by Covid-19. And yet the company is ineligible to receive a grant from the Fund because its owner is not Black,” the company wrote in its complaint, which was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Portland.

Conservative legal strategist Edward Blum, who has led high-profile challenges to the federal Voting Rights Act and to racial considerations in college admissions, said his organization is funding Great Northern’s lawsuit. The suit does not name the logging company’s owners, but Blum said they are white.

“This express use of race in distributing government money is unprecedented and blatantly unconstitutional,” the complaint asserts. It names the Oregon Department of Administrative Services as a defendant. The department did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

I’m not an attorney, but it seems to me that when a law is challenged as “unconstitutional,” the courts are supposed to decide whether it’s constitutional or not, and then act accordingly. But this is not what appears to be happening here.

Even though two companies found the courage to actually challenge the law, little came of it. Instead of the law being struck down as unconstitutional, which it obviously is, the courts awarded settlements to the two complainants, and paid off a handful of other non-black businesses that had applied for the grants:

As part of the settlement, Oregon is also using its own risk fund to pay grants to up to 1,252 non-Black applicants that sought funding through the program before Dec. 8. The court is continuing to hold an additional $3.5 million deposited by fund organizers until the state pays out those grants.

The State of Oregon is wasting no time resuming payments to black-owned businesses:

Organizers of the state’s $62 million coronavirus relief fund for Black Oregonians will soon resume distributing grant money after agreeing to a settlement with a John Day logging company that challenged the constitutionality of the unique state fund…

The Oregon Cares Fund distributed $49.5 million to nearly 15,600 Black individuals, 466 Black-owned businesses and 103 Black-led nonprofits last year before agreeing to suspend operations and hand over their remaining money to a federal court in December amid the ongoing legal challenge.

Let’s consider the situation:

  • Ongoing BLM riots targeting white-owned businesses, to the point where some businesses put “POC-Owned Business” signs out front.
  • The state government ignoring its own constitution, and passing a race-specific benefit package that excludes non-blacks.
  • The victims of this package are too intimidated to challenge the law.
  • The courts allowing non-black businesses that applied to be paid off, rather than immediately striking down the law.
  • The Corporate Media portraying this discriminatory law as a positive human-interest story.

Remember this next time somebody claims that “whites do not face discrimination,” or that “there is no such thing as black privilege.”

Any time government uses taxpayer money for the exclusive benefit of a specific race or ethnic group (with the exception, in my opinion, of addressing specific security threats toward that ethnic group) it constitutes discrimination against taxpayers of other ethnic groups. If a government entity were to set aside millions of dollars exclusively to promote white businesses, it would be met with massive protests, and the courts would strike it down instantly. And yet we see this from the Washington Examiner:

San Francisco redirects millions in police funds to black-owned businesses in ‘equity’ push

San Francisco will divert $3.75 million from its law enforcement budget to programs assisting black business owners in the city.

The Office of Economic and Workforce Development will distribute funding to 17 community organizations, including the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce, the Center for Equity and Success, Inc., and the African American Arts and Culture Complex.

The funding is aimed at preserving black cultural events and establishing “Incubation Hubs” for small businesses in historically black neighborhoods. Community organizations that receive funding will also be tasked with providing technical assistance, advice, and training to small business owners.

“This funding is part [of] our efforts to undo the harm of generations of disinvestment and economic inequities,” Mayor London Breed said. “As we work to recover and make San Francisco a better place to live, work, and do business, we have to invest our resources in a way that lifts up and supports African American small businesses.”

The $3.75 million allocation is part of the Dream Keeper initiative , which will divert $120 million of the city’s law enforcement budget over two years to San Francisco’s black residents.

“The Office of Economic and Workforce Development is committed to advancing racial and economic justice by facilitating programs and services that center on equity-driven growth and opportunity,” Anne Taupier, the acting director of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development said, adding that the “investment focuses on delivering resources to support Black and African American communities realize their dreams of starting and growing their business in San Francisco.”


Biden’s Restaurant Rescue Plan Blatantly Discriminates Against White Males

From American Thinker:

White males go to the back of the line in applying for funds to rescue their bars, restaurants, and other venues eligible for federal relief for the impact of the coronavirus lockdown. This violates the equal protection under the law requirements of the United States Constitution, but it is nonetheless ongoing right now.

John Binder of Breitbart writes:

As part of Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is opening the application process by which owners of restaurant, bars, and other venues can apply for federal relief to help make up for the loss of revenue as a result of economic lockdowns spurred by the Chinese coronavirus crisis.(snip)

The relief, though, is being prioritized based on race, gender, and whether or not business owners are considered “socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.” White men, for example, who are not Veterans of the United States Armed Forces, are not eligible for “priority period” processing and funding.

Under the guidelines of the RRF, the SBA is giving priority processing and funding to “small business owned by women, veterans, or socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.”

The article links to the government’s Small Business Administration website, where we find this:

Priority groups

  • A small business concern that is at least 51 percent owned by one or more individuals who are:Women, orVeterans, orSocially and economically disadvantaged (see below).
  • Applicants must self-certify on the application that they meet eligibility requirements
  • Socially disadvantaged individuals are those who have been subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice or cultural bias because of their identity as a member of a group without regard to their individual qualities.
  • Economically disadvantaged individuals are those socially disadvantaged individuals whose ability to compete in the free enterprise system has been impaired due to diminished capital and credit opportunities as compared to others in the same business area who are not socially disadvantaged.

The Small Business Administration clarifies what it means by “socially disadvantaged individuals:”

Individuals who are members of the following groups are presumed to be socially disadvantaged: Black Americans; Hispanic Americans; Native Americans (including Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians); Asian Pacific Americans; or Subcontinent Asian Americans.

In reality, and based on numerous examples I’ve already cited on this blog, white males are subject to “racial or ethnic prejudice… because of their identity…”. Unlike the disadvantages that non-whites supposedly face in America, white males are openly stigmatized by law, federalstate and municipal.

How Orwellian to refer to groups that are explicitly advantaged as “suffering from prejudice.”

I would encourage white restaurant owners to self-identify as “Hispanic” on their applications. I would also advise everybody to specifically patronize white-owned restaurants, and to avoid restaurants that are likely benefiting from unjust government programs. In the past, I’ve enjoyed Vietnamese restaurants, but going forward, I’ll learn how to make my own pho. Mexican food? I can make my own. Italian is looking better all the time.

Thomas Lifson, at American Thinker, believes that this law will be challenged in court. This would be a challenge, because (as I mentioned in a previous post) urban restaurant owners wouldn’t dare file such a lawsuit; to do so would mean boycotts, vandalism and physical threats against them and their families. Hopefully, there are still some restaurant owners in rural America who can safely challenge this law.

Image from Its Okay to be White:


The scientist lacked an “ethics permit” from the government. In other words, it’s “unethical” to research anything that might draw attention to white victimhood at the hands of non-whites.

When it was decided to refrain from actually prosecuting her, the decision was appealed:

The Board of Appeal for Ethical Review (ÖNEP) prosecuted a study that showed immigrants’ strong over-representation in rapes. When the prosecutor now decides not to initiate a preliminary investigation, ÖNEP has requested a review of the prosecutor’s decision, writes Läkartidningen.

Portland Seeks to Codify Racial Caste System for Police Misconduct

In an Oregon Live article, we read:

City seeks to negotiate disciplinary guide for Portland police that would include restorative, corrective options

… The city tentatively identified “obvious” misconduct that would warrant an officer’s termination as: a felony or Measure 11 criminal conviction, domestic violence, untruthfulness, public corruption for monetary or personal gain such as a bribe, intentional or reckless misconduct that results in either death or physical injury or foreseeable risk of death or physical injury (such an unlawful shooting or excessive use of force that results in an indictment) and misuse of police authority that targets a protected class of people.

In other words, the same misconduct would warrant termination when committed against a black or mestizo, but not when committed against a white man. The obvious result will be that officers will be especially gentle with non-white suspects, and relatively rough with white suspects; they’ll always remember that the risk of termination is much higher when engaging a non-white. Obviously, officers will also avoid contact with non-white suspects whenever possible. White criminals will absorb the scrutiny.

We don’t need a degree in sociology to predict the outcome of such policies: Whites will become ever more law-abiding, and non-whites ever more criminal. When people notice, it will be perceived as an increase in “racism” and “far-right extremism.” The cycle repeats itself.

An MSM article informs us of a shooting in central Oregon:

A Black man was shot and killed outside a bar by a white man in central Oregon, and prosecutors are working to determine whether race played a role in the incident, authorities said.

That’s right folks, in the very first paragraph, the possibility that this was a hate-crime is brought up – even though we can clearly see, from the story, that no motive has been ascertained.

Edit: It appears that MSM has scrapped this article from its archive, and other sources have edited it to remove the term “white man.”

Contrast this with the numerous cases where blacks “randomly” murder whites. I’ve cited several such cases recently, and you should scroll down to read about them.

Unfortunately, the bias is not only from the corporate media; it’s also from the government, as we read in the article:

Investigators are still determining what charges Cranston will face. Prosecutors intend to seek an indictment by presenting evidence to a grand jury before Oct. 5, Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said.

“The question I have to decide is whether Cranston’s decision to shoot was motivated in part by (Washington’s) race,” he said. “At the end of the day, it comes down to what was his motivation at the instant that he committed the crime.”

That’s right, they’ll be actively looking for any excuse to call this a “hate-crime.” Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I don’t recall that prosecutors made similar statements in ANY of the black-on-white murders we have seen recently. This goes hand in hand with one of my recent posts, where I wrote about the Oregon FBI actively seeking white-on-POC hate crimes, but showing no concern for hate-crimes against whites.

It wouldn’t surprise me if prosecutors get a bonus for finding, or prosecuting, white-on-POC hate crimes, but no bonus if it’s the other way around.

This double standard is extremely obvious, and many of us are tired of it. We want NEWS, not propaganda!

Update: It’s now October 1st, and a followup Associated Press article tells us, in the very first paragraph:

BEND, Ore. (AP) — A grand jury has indicted a white man on charges, including murder, in the shooting death of a Black man outside a nightclub in Bend, a district attorney said.

Notably absent, from this article, is any mention of hate-crime charges. This implies that so far they have found no evidence that this crime was racially motivated – but this didn’t stop the Associated Press from bringing up race in the first paragraph.

From White Positivity:

AT&T Tells its White Employees to “Feel a Sense of Guilt, That They are the Problem, and to Move out of the Way.”


White employees of AT&T have been told to read an article saying that they are racist, are told to confess to their ‘white privilege’ and acknowledge ‘systemic racism,’ and must engage with set texts or else they will be penalized in their performance reviews. 

John Stankey, who took over as CEO of AT&T in July 2020, has encouraged his staff to make use of an anti-racism education program entitled Listen Understand Act

AT&T, in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder, introduced an internal program called Listen Understand Act.

John Stankey, the CEO of AT&T, wrote to the company’s 230,000 employees in an April 2021 email, obtained by journalist Christopher Rufo and published on his website

‘We also encourage you to actively participate in our recently launched Equality First learning experience, a new initiative to increase awareness and action around our value to Stand for Equality.’

Most employees are not forced to engage with the Listen Understand Act program, but managers at AT&T are now assessed annually on diversity issues – with mandatory participation in programs such as discussion groups, book clubs, mentorship programs, and race reeducation exercises, according to Rufo’s source. 

The source told Rufo that employees are asked to sign a loyalty pledge to ‘keep pushing for change.’ They are encouraged to sign up to ‘intentions’ such as ‘reading more about systemic racism’ and ‘challenging others’ language that is hateful.’ 

The source, described as a senior employee, said: ‘If you don’t do it, you’re a racist.’+5

AT&T’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas, are pictured. The company has donated $21.5 million to causes working to enhance racial justice+5

Rufo published several pages from the Listen Understand Act portal. 

One of the recommended reading items was a May 31, 2020 article from the Chicago Tribune by columnist Dahleen Glanton, entitled: ‘White America, if you want to know who’s responsible for racism, look in the mirror.’

The article claims that America is a ‘racist society’ and says ‘white people are the problem’. 

‘Regardless of how much you say you detest racism, you are the sole reason it has flourished for centuries,’ Glanton writes. 

She adds that ‘American racism is a uniquely white trait and that black people cannot be racist’. 

It continues that white women ‘have been telling lies on black men since they were first brought to America in chains’ and they ‘enjoy the opportunities and privileges that white supremacy affords them’ and ‘if you are white, you must look in the mirror, feel a sense of guilt, and move out of the way.’

The portal also recommended books such as White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism, by Robin DiAngelo, and White Awake: An Honest Look at What It Means to Be White, by Daniel Hill.

DiAngelo’s book was among those recommended to AT&T employees

In the ‘Act’ section of the training program, Rufo reported, AT&T encourages employees to participate in a ’21-Day Racial Equity Habit Challenge’.

The plan, he said, relies on the concepts of ‘whiteness,’ ‘white privilege,’ and ‘white supremacy’ and those participating must commit to ‘do one action [per day for 21 days] to further [their] understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity.’ 

The challenge begins with a series of lessons on ‘whiteness,’ which claims, among other things, that ‘white supremacy [is] baked into our country’s foundation,’ that ‘Whiteness is one of the biggest and most long-running scams ever perpetrated,’ and that the ‘weaponization of whiteness’ creates a ‘constant barrage of harm’ for minorities. 

Participants are told: ‘Notice your biases and judgments as they arise. These are gold for you to excavate your subconscious!’ 

Among the suggestions are items such as: ‘Prepare yourself to interrupt racial jokes. Click HERE for some advice about how.’

The authors of the 21 Day Challenge state: ‘We think understanding white privilege is a powerful lens into the complexities of doing social justice work, so we’ve focused our resources on that specific issue.’…

An AT&T spokesman told that Rufo’s report was ‘misleading’ and ‘filled with misinformation and inaccuracies’.

‘Our goal is to build a workplace that is civil, inclusive and understanding,’ the spokesman said.

‘The misleading City Journal post is filled with misinformation and inaccuracies, including the ridiculous claim that we require employees to participate in ‘race reeducation’ exercises. This is blatantly untrue. 

‘We simply provide employees with resources they can use on a voluntary basis to facilitate conversations that are important to them, our customers and the communities we serve. 

‘Whether an employee uses these resources or not is up to them, and does not affect their annual performance rating.

‘We have a long and proud history of valuing diversity, equality, and inclusion, and will continue to do so.’ 

On August 23, as part of a comprehensive review of corporate America’s anti-racist activities, The Washington Post reported that AT&T had made lobbying for police reform part of some of their employee’s job.

AT&T’s Western region president, Ken McNeely, told the paper that employees in the legislative and public affairs teams had the lobbying for police reform included in their annual review.

‘Our financial contributions to support police reform is but a slice of the pie,’ McNeely said, after the paper reported AT&T donated $21.5 million to causes advocating racial justice…

‘You are the problem’: AT&T recommends articles for staff stating that white people are racist | Daily Mail Online

The Mankato School Board voted unanimously earlier this month for a policy that may grant additional pay exclusively to non-white teachers.

The board is chaired by Jodi Sapp, who previously came under fire for requiring concerned parents to dox themselves in order to comment on school matters. Under her leadership, the board voted to amend district policy so that non-white teachers only may receive “additional stipends” to become mentors to other non-white colleagues. The new policy will also have the district “placing American Indian educators at sites with other American Indian educators and educators of color at sites with other educators of color.”

These new measures are designed to “increase opportunity for collegial support” for BIPOC teachers, boosting the district’s retention rate among these demographics.

Critics have pointed out that the latter of the district’s new policies, which will have administrators placing teachers in work environments based on their race, looks a lot like segregation. Board members explained that this is not segregation, though, before the vote took place.

“When you’re one [minority] of a [white] majority it can be very isolating and lonely. To have a support system in place for them is not to segregate them, it is absolutely to support them,” member Erin Roberts said. “It’s not about trying to throw the few [BIPOC] individuals we have into one building. It’s about showing them they aren’t alone.”

“It creates global citizens at the end of the day,” Vice Chair Kenneth Reid added, speaking on the new policies.

These new measures are not without opponents. State Rep. Jeremy Munson criticized the new policy. “Our largest local school district just voted to pay people differently, not on merit, or by the content of their character, but based solely on the color of their skin,” he said, referring to the additional financial incentives available only to non-white teachers.

The Mankato School Board didn’t come up with this policy on its own. Rather, the board adopted the new language from Minnesota statute 122A.70, which commands that “school districts must develop teacher mentoring programs” and that districts may offer “additional stipends as incentives to mentors of color or [those] who are American Indian.”

Notably, the state law says districts “must” develop mentoring programs that “may” include race-based stipends. This means Mankato could have chosen to simply create teacher mentoring programs to boost staff retention without including a racial element.

Below is a copy of the amendment Mankato Area Public Schools adopted. The board voted to affirm all the changes indicated in red:


Salvation Army Wants White Donors To Offer ‘Sincere Apology’ For Their Racism

“The desire is that Salvationists achieve the following,” the Army says in an online “resource” titled “Let’s Talk About Racism,” listing several goals including  to “lament, repent and apologize for biases or racist ideologies held and actions committed.”

The resource claims Christianity is inherently racist and calls for white Christians to repent and offer “a sincere apology” to blacks for being “antagonistic… to black people or the culture, values and interests of the black community.”

“Many have come to believe that we live in a post-racial society, but racism is very real for our brothers and sisters who are refused jobs and housing, denied basic rights and brutalized and oppressed simply because of the color of their skin,” one lesson in the resource says. “There is an urgent need for Christians to evaluate racist attitudes and practices in light of our faith, and to live faithfully in today’s world.”

“And as we engage in conversations about race and racism, we must keep in mind that sincere repentance and apologies are necessary if we want to move towards racial reconciliation. We recognize that it is a profound challenge to sit on the hot seat and listen with an open heart to the hurt and anger of the wounded. Yet, we are all hardwired to desire justice and fairness, so the need to receive a sincere apology is necessary,” said the resource.

In an accompanying Study Guide on Racism, the Salvation Army says whites are racist. “The subtle nature of racism is such that people who are not consciously racist easily function with the privileges, empowerment and benefits of the dominant ethnicity, thus unintentionally perpetuating injustice,” it says.

“We must stop denying the existence of individual and systemic/institutional racism. They exist, and are still at work to keep White Americans in power,” the lesson says.

The Army’s declaration comes as liberal media are blasting Thanksgiving as a holiday that promotes genocide and white supremacy.

“What is Thanksgiving to Indigenous people? ‘A day of mourning,’” a USA Today headline on Tuesday said.

“For many, rather than a celebration of peace and shared prosperity between Native Americans and Pilgrims, Thanksgiving represents the dark shadow of genocide and the resilience of Native people,” said the piece. “Every tribe and every individual may have a different way of spending Thanksgiving. Some will gather with their families and share a meal, exchanging prayers and stories from the rich oral history of Native Americans. Others will fast for the entire day.”

The paper quoted American Indian Dennis W. Zotigh saying that Thanksgiving is “a day of mourning.” “To most natives, Thanksgiving is not a celebration,” Zotigh said. “Natives, particularly in the New England area, remember this attempted genocide as a factual part of their history and are reminded each year during the modern Thanksgiving.”

A weather service called Currently also posted an article Tuesday suggesting that Americans who celebrate the holiday are “hurting” the Native American community.

“Thanksgiving will be celebrated by many people across the country,” the service said on Twitter. “The holiday perpetuates in a false narrative, that spins the true history of genocide and colonization into a light and largely false story.”

The Salvation Army has published a response to these accusations, and you can read about it here.


NYC Public Schools Segregating Students by Race

A parental rights group filed a federal civil rights complaint Thursday against New York City Public Schools for separating students by race for discussions on social justice topics, saying the practice amounted to racial discrimination.

Parents Defending Education President Nicole Neily filed the complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, accusing the NYC school district of engaging in racial discrimination in violation of federal civil rights law.

The complaint followed a Nov. 18 report by the New York Post that revealed a junior high school in the borough of Manhattan was separating students by race to discuss “identity and social justice topics.”

“As the Department of Education is no doubt aware,” Neily wrote, “segregation on the basis of race raises concerns that the New York City Public School system has received federal funds in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which declares that ‘no person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.’”

NYC Public Schools did not reply to a request for comment. A spokesperson for the Department of Education said the Office for Civil Rights “does not comment on or confirm reports of complaints, and only comments on active investigations.”


This is not the only disgusting statement that escaped from her maw.

University of Arkansas offers backpacking trip for ‘Black, Indigenous, and People of Color’

The University of Arkansas is offering a backpacking trip for “Black, Indigenous, and People of Color” and other recreational trips based on participants’ identity.

According to the University of Arkansas University Recreation Department, the “Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Backpacking” trip will be held on Feb. 25-27 and is designed for BIPOC individuals.

“This trip is designed for enable (sic) Black, Indigenous, Lantinx, Asian, and other people of color who are underrepresented in outdoor recreation to learn and grow in an inclusive and supportive environment. This trip explores a popular backpacking loop in the Buffalo National River Wilderness Area,” the description states.

The university recreation center is also offering an “LGBTQIA+ Climb Night” for anyone who identifies as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“UREC Outdoors is opening up the climbing wall on a Friday night for anyone who identifies as a member of the LGBTQIA+ Community. Join other climbers of a shared identity! UREC Outdoors will help get you started at the climbing wall,” the description states.

Additionally, the university department is also offering “Indigenous Student Buffalo River Day Paddle” that is open to students who “identify as an indigenous student.”…

After Campus Reform reached out to the university for comment, however, the course description changed to reflect that it is “open to all” students.


Cornell’s ‘BIPOC-only’ rock-climbing course opened to White students after racism claims

The class remains tailored for underrepresented groups but enrollment is open to all students, a university spokesman said

A rock-climbing course at an Ivy League university in New York state has now been opened to all students after critics complained about racial segregation, according to a report.

The so-called “BIPOC” course at Cornell University was initially available only to students who were Black, Indigenous or represented other “people of color” groups, the Cornell Daily Sun reported.

But media reports portraying the course as banning White students – as well as complaints posted on Reddit — prompted the university to lift enrollment restrictions, the report said.


Washington university creates segregated housing specifically for Black students

Western Washington University reserves a floor for its ‘Black Affinity Housing program’

A university in Washington has created segregated housing specifically for Black students.

Western Washington University has designated the fourth floor of Alma Clark Glass Hall as housing reserved for its “Black Affinity Housing program,” becoming the latest school to adopt such a program.

“The program will explore and celebrate the diversity of Black and African American people and culture, with historical and contemporary context,” the program website reads, also saying that all “Western students residing in the program help foster a warm and vibrant community supporting social, personal and academic success.”

“Black Affinity Housing residents, representing all diverse identities, pride themselves on fostering a sense of belonging for all residents by creating a safe environment for open, honest, and sometimes challenging dialogue,” the website continues.

The university hosted a webinar in April on the subject, saying the segregated living space gives students “the opportunity to live in a shared space… with others who have a shared identity, specifically a marginalized identity.”

Additionally, the university said that the Black student organizations and Black applicants to the school have called for the housing program and defended the move as “not breaking ground on something new.”

The controversial program segregating student housing based on race has been adopted at some other colleges, including Stanford University and Cornell University.


MA school district’s racially segregated ‘healing space’ explicitly excluded White students: complaint

Critical race theory is prompting vigorous campaign against it

A parents group has filed a federal civil rights complaint alleging that a Massachusetts school district excluded White students from a healing space designated for other racial and ethnic groups.

According to the Parents Defending Education (PDE) complaint, Wellesley Public Schools sent an invitation to Asian American, Black, Indigenous and people of color students to attend the event, explicitly disallowing Whites.

An email stated that the event was hosted by the “WPS Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” It was designated for students in 6-12 grade and “faculty/staff.” 

“*Note: This is a safe space for our Asian/Asian-American and Students of Color, *not* for students who identify only as White,” a March 2021 email read.

The email from March adds: “If you identify as White, and need help to process recent events, please know I’m here for you as well as your guidance counselors. If you need to know more about why this is not for White students, please ask me!


White union members votes devalued to appease minorities

A teachers’ union in Canada decided that the votes of its indigenous, black and racialized members will have extra weight in decision-making processes if not enough minority delegates are present on the board.

Since the start of the school year, the so-called weighted voting has been in effect at a local bargaining unit of the larger Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) in Halton Region, Ontario the National Post reported. 

The unit, which represents some 1,400 teachers and school staff, voted in the controversial system – said to be aimed at improving the representation of minorities – this June. It was supported by 68% of the delegates at its annual general meeting.

The new system ensures indigenous, black, and racialized representatives will always have 50% of the vote even if there are less than half of them attending the board meeting

It means that if 20 people are voting, five minority delegates would have the same weight as 15 others that don’t consider themselves to be racialized.

When there’s parity between the groups and 50% of non-white members are present, the vote goes on as normal.

18. State university offers race-segregated events after Rittenhouse trial, mistakenly saying Jacob Blake is dead

A Massachusetts state university encouraged students to attend racially segregated “processing spaces” after Kyle Rittenhouse‘s acquittal on homicide charges and mistakenly implied that Jacob Blake, whose shooting by police touched off the Kenosha, Wisconsin, riots where the deaths occurred, was dead.

Fitchburg State University sent an email to students on Friday in which it falsely claimed that the rifle used by Rittenhouse was automatic and that the two men killed in the confrontation were protesting the “wrongful death” of the very-much-alive Jacob Blake. The email went on to erroneously claim that Rittenhouse had carried his firearm across state lines.


Capitol riot suspects say they’re ‘force fed critical race theory’ and ‘anti-white messaging’ in jail

Ryan Nichols of Texas and Robert Morss of Pennsylvania wrote a letter decrying the conditions of the District of Columbia jail, where they are being held.

By Marlene Lenthang

Two Capitol riot suspects have written a letter claiming they are “force fed” critical race theory and subjected to “anti-white messaging” behind bars.

Ryan Nichols of Longview, Texas, and Robert Morss of Pennsylvania, who have been charged with multiple offenses stemming from the Jan. 6 riot, wrote a letter decrying the conditions of the District of Columbia jail, where they are being held.

“We are force fed CRT (critical race theory) propaganda on tablets,” as well as “reeducation propaganda” and “anti-white racial messaging,” they wrote. Critical race theory is the study of the relationship between race and laws and its impact on society.


Black Woman Pushes White Woman into Incoming Train, Calls her “White Bitch” – Gets NO Jail Time

A 40-year-old woman who shoved an elderly retiree in front of a moving bus has been spared jail time because the liberal judge sided with the defense attorney’s claim that the assailant is a good person who had a bad day…

The incident occurred in May 2018, when Amelia Doris — a 40-year-old black woman who has been dubbed the “Pimlico Pusher” — was captured on video pushing Linda Lancaster, who is white and in her 60s, onto a London street just as a bus plowed forward.

The races of the parties are relevant because prosecutors said the defendant uttered a racial slur at the victim before pushing her…

Prosecutor John Livingston recounted: “Ms. Doris started shouting. She started shouting at Ms. Lancaster and at one point said, ‘You’ve met the wrong woman, you white b—-!’”…

Lancaster suffered cuts to her head and knees and bruises to her shoulders and hands. Moreover, she said she continues to experience post-traumatic stress for which she seeks counseling.

To this day, the victim says she is afraid to go outside for fear of being assaulted again…

Last week, Doris pleaded guilty to assault, and British Judge Sally Cahill sentenced her to a 10-month suspended sentence.


Smith College Staffer Resigns Over Alleged Anti-White Bias

A female employee of Smith College has resigned, accusing the elite women’s university of creating a “racially hostile environment” against white people.

Jodi Shaw, who had been a student support coordinator, recently sent a resignation letter to leadership at the Massachusetts college that said the environment left her “physically and mentally debilitated.”

“I can no longer work in this environment, nor can I remain silent about a matter so central to basic human dignity and freedom,” according to the letter, which was published by columnist Bari Weiss…

An alumna of the private liberal arts institution, Shaw said the culture changed significantly after a 2018 incident, in which a black student accused a white staffer of racism for calling campus security on her. While an investigation showed no evidence of racial bias, the college put in place a list of initiatives aimed at fighting “systemic racism” on campus.

Yet the ideology driving the efforts seemed more concerned with inflaming anti-white sentiment rather than mitigating any form of racism, based on Shaw’s account.

“I endured racially hostile comments, and was expected to participate in racially prejudicial behavior as a continued condition of my employment,” Shaw said in her letter.

“I endured meetings in which another staff member violently banged his fist on the table, chanting ‘Rich, white women! Rich, white women!’ in reference to Smith alumnae. I listened to my supervisor openly name preferred racial quotas for job openings in our department. I was given supplemental literature in which the world’s population was reduced to two categories—‘dominant group members’ and ‘subordinated group members’—based solely on characteristics like race.

“Every day, I watch my colleagues manage student conflict through the lens of race, projecting rigid assumptions and stereotypes on students, thereby reducing them to the color of their skin. I am asked to do the same, as well as to support a curriculum for students that teaches them to project those same stereotypes and assumptions onto themselves and others. I believe such a curriculum is dehumanizing, prevents authentic connection, and undermines the moral agency of young people who are just beginning to find their way in the world.”

She said other staffers she spoke to were “deeply troubled” by the developments, but were “too terrified to speak out about it.”

In January 2020, Shaw said, she attended a mandatory staff retreat “focused on racial issues.”

She said she wasn’t comfortable answering personal questions from the hired facilitator about race and “racial identity.”

“Later, the facilitators told everyone present that a white person’s discomfort at discussing their race is a symptom of ‘white fragility.’ They said that the white person may seem like they are in distress but that it is actually a ‘power play,’” she wrote.

“In other words, because I am white, my genuine discomfort was framed as an act of aggression. I was shamed and humiliated in front of all of my colleagues.”

I was shamed and humiliated in front of all of my colleagues.

— Jodi Shaw, Smith College student support coordinator

She filed a workplace complaint but felt it wasn’t taken seriously enough because of her race.

“I was told that the civil rights law protections were not created to help people like me,” she wrote.

She was stripped of duties, which she suspected was in retaliation for filing the complaint…


Watch how the CDC wanted to give non-whites priority for Covid vaccinations:

Naturally, leftist rags, such as the New York Times, dispute this interpretation of events. However, this does seem to be accurate:

The intention is to bring many people of color closer to the front of the vaccine priority line — should they want to be vaccinated — in recognition of the fact that the pandemic has disproportionately hit Black and Latino communities…

But when asked how they felt about moving essential workers closer to the front of the line, there was clear support for the proposal.

“These essential workers are out there putting themselves at risk to allow the rest of us to socially distance. And they come from disadvantaged situations, they come from disadvantaged communities,” said Beth Bell, a global health expert from the University of Washington who is on ACIP and chairs its Covid-19 work group studying the vaccines.

Bell acknowledged people of color may not wish to be vaccinated early or even ever; polling suggests these communities distrust Covid vaccines even more than the American population in general. But principles of equity require addressing the risks people deemed essential workers are facing in the pandemic.


Oregon sex workers can apply for coronavirus relief grants (Whites need not apply)

Nearly $600,000 in federal COVID-relief funds is available for Oregon strippers and sex workers of color who have been financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Anyone “who has made income from using their or other people’s sexuality to financially assist themselves” can apply, said Cat Hollis, founder of PDX Stripper Strike and Haymarket Pole Collective, which is administering the grant. Priority will be given to Black, Indigenous and transgender applicants, those with minor dependents living in the household and those experiencing homelessness.


A recently published Daily Caller article, titled “How Activists Are Hardwiring ‘Race Marxism’ Into The Medical Field” lists several cases of government/corporate anti-white discrimination. Most of the suspect programs never came to fruition, but I believe they’re still relevant. I’ll explain why at the end. I’ll list them here for your convenience (sources are embedded):

  1. When deciding which groups would receive the first vaccines, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended prioritizing essential workers over the elderly — despite the elderly facing higher risk of death from COVID-19 — in order to be more racially equitable (the elderly tend to be more white while essential workers tend to be less white, demographically), according to the Los Angeles Times. The CDC walked back the suggestions after public outcry, according to Dr. Sally Satel, but Vermont explicitly granted vaccine priority on the basis of race to non-white households before the general public became eligible. The vaccination rate for white residents (33%) had been outpacing that of non-white residents (20%); Republican Governor Phil Scott said this gap was unacceptable at the time.
  2. Dr. Harald Schmidt of the University of Pennsylvania medical school advocated for updating guidance for rationing ventilators to account for race and other socioeconomic factors in April 2020. He suggested that hospitals use a zip code-based “Area Deprivation Index” to avoid the “legal complications” of explicitly race-based allocation of medical resources. Dr. Schmidt and the University of Pennsylvania medical school did not respond to DCNF’s requests for comment.
  3. Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston considered a pilot program which would prioritize patients for cardiovascular care explicitly on the basis of race. Described by doctors Michelle Morse and Bram Wispelwey in a March article in Boston Review, the program would have given preferential admissions to black and Latino people for cardiological services to reduce heart health gaps between white and non-white patients. Morse and Wispelwey argued that health gaps between different racial groups are driven by racism, and they viewed their plan as a form of racial reparations. The proposal drew from the 2010 proposal titled, “Critical Race Theory, Race Equity, and Public Health: Toward Antiracism Praxis.”… Murphy told DCNF the Boston Review article was “an opinion piece and reflects the perspective of these two physicians,” but the article’s authors, who work at Brigham, called the pilot program “our pilot program,” a fact Brigham has not disputed. Murphy confirmed that both Morse and Wispelwey helped create the final pilot program going into effect this year.
  4. Doctors use CPT codes, which are owned by the American Medical Association (AMA), to bill insurance and government programs such as Medicare. Since the AMA derives income through doctors’ use of CPT codes, there is an incentive to create more codes, Mendoza explained… The AMA, which develops CPT codes, released a 2021-2023 “strategic plan to embed racial justice and advance health equity” which aims to “understand and operationalize anti-racism equity strategies … develop structures and processes to consistently center the experiences and ideas of historically marginalized … and minoritized (Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and other people of color) physicians” and “amplify and integrate often ‘invisible-ized’ narratives of historically marginalized physicians and patients in all that AMA does.


Why is it important to note anti-white policies even when they were never actually implemented? For two reasons:

They demonstrate intent. Invariably, when a bureaucracy fails to implement a strategy because of public outcry, the realization that it would get them in legal trouble, or it would not yield the intended results, said bureaucracy does not suddenly change its ideals. It doesn’t discard its core philosophies. No, what it does is rethink HOW to achieve those same goals without triggering a public outcry. It finds ways to discriminate against white in more sneaky ways, by using zip-codes for example. It hatches more diabolical plans, to make sure that it achieves its end goals the next time around. Once we understand this, then we can better recognize anti-white discrimination when it occurs later on.

The second reason is that once we’ve established that powerful people have nefarious intentions, we can be reasonably certain that they’ll work toward those goals in secret. If we know about three or four failed programs to discriminate against whites, then there can be little doubt that there are several more we don’t know about. We should look for them, and we should suspect that other programs, which ostensibly have other goals, are actually backdoor schemes to achieve the same nefarious goals that the aborted programs were supposed to achieve.

Minnesota gives non-white patients preferential access to life-saving COVID treatment

Minnesota says healthcare providers should provide non-white patients with preferential access to monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)…

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) says in a document titled “Ethical Framework for Allocation of Monoclonal Antibodies during the COVID-19 Pandemic” that “race and ethnicity alone, apart from other underlying health conditions, may be considered in determining eligibility for mAbs [monoclonal antibodies].”…

Minnesota’s solution is to ration mAbs based on various health factors, each assigned a different score. {snip} Antibodies will be distributed based on these scores (highest numbers receiving treatment first) where supplies run low.

Here are the factors and their associated values:

  • Being BIPOC (2 points)
  • Age 65+ (2 points)
  • BMI 35 kg/m2 and higher (2 points)
  • Diabetes mellitus (2 points)
  • Chronic kidney disease (3 points)
  • Heart disease in patients ages 55+ (2 points)
  • Chronic respiratory disease in patients ages 55+ (3 points)
  • Hypertension in patients age 55+ (1 point)
  • Immunocompromised (3 points)
  • Pregnancy (4 points)

Based on this scoring metric, if two pregnant women, one black and the other white, visited a hospital with limited mAbs supplies, the black woman would receive priority because her score would be six, but the white woman’s score would only be four…

The state claims this policy is designed “to promote equity in access and address health disparities.”


Goodyear Tire: “Black Lives Matter logos are allowed, but White Lives Matter logos are not.”

Let’s make this a bad year for Goodyear (August 19, 2020)

Goodyear Tire Company just announced that it would allow employees to wear Black Lives Matter logos, but not White Lives Matter logos. According to WIBW:

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A Goodyear employee says the company has put out a new policy that has some calling it not equal for all.

A photo seen circulating on social media shows a slide that was presented during a diversity training showing what’s acceptable and what isn’t acceptable as part of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company’s zero-tolerance policy.

Under acceptable: Black Lives Matter (BLM), Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride.

Listed as unacceptable: Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, MAGA Attire, Political Affiliated Slogans or Material.

In a separate article, the Goodyear spokesman states:

“Some people may wish to express their views on social justice or inequity or equity issues such as black lives matter or LGBTQ pride on their face coverings, shirts or wristbands. That will be deemed approved because it applies with a zero-tolerance stance,” the speaker said during the meeting. “However if any associate wears all, blue, white lives matter shirts or face coverings, that will be not appropriate.”

Trump has called for a boycott of Goodyear, not because he cares about white people, but because he cares about his re-election. It’s the no “MAGA attire” that bothers him.

At first blush, it’s hard to see why Trump would have a problem with this, considering the fact that Goodyear has also banned any Democratic political slogans. Upon further reflection, however, we can appreciate that “BLM” is essentially synonymous with “Democrat,” as was made abundantly clear from the Democratic National Convention.

The Republicans have no such single issue that can be identified with its platform, at least not one that could possibly be considered linked to “racial equity.”

Of course, it COULD have such an issue, and it SHOULD have such an issue. White Lives Matter should be that issue. In a rational world, Trump would have been offended by Goodyear’s inequitable treatment of White Lives Matter as opposed to Black Lives Matter. This is a glaring inconsistency that encapsulates the grotesque double standards white Americans suffer from. If anything qualifies as an “equity” issue, this would be it. If it were only a single company’s policy, then it wouldn’t be systemic, but magnify this type of double standard by the thousands of other corporations, and government agencies, with similar policies, and the result is systemic persecution against whites.

You may object that this is a private company, and so it should be allowed to set its own policies. This is a common argument – and it’s a fallacious argument.

There are no private corporations, or companies, in America – at least not beyond a certain scale. In Communist China, major companies are required, by law, to share information with the Chinese Communist Party. From

Western governments should not automatically conclude that Chinese companies are acting as agents of the party because such firms are ultimately still in charge of their own business decisions. But the lines have been dangerously blurred. Chinese domestic laws and administrative guidelines, as well as unspoken regulations and internal party committees, make it quite difficult to distinguish between what is private and what is state-owned.

It’s very similar in the US, except that instead of a specific political party inviting itself into corporate boardrooms, the US government has forced companies to include Diversity officers, Diversity Outreach officers and to impose quotas (excuse me, “goals”) upon its workforce. Failure to do so leaves companies vulnerable to lawsuits and expensive litigation – even if no actual racial discrimination took place.

What we have here is not “private companies,” but rather zombie companies. From Livescience:

A parasitic fungus known to manipulate the brains of ants doesn’t make slavelike “zombies” out of any old host.

Instead, the microorganism is somehow able to recognize the brains of different ant species, and releases its mind-controlling chemical cocktail only when in its preferred host, new research shows.

zombie ant

Goodyear Tire has about as much agency in its Diversity policies as the Carpenter Ant above. Every major US company and corporation has suffered a similar fate, with the Diversity Fungus having infected its brain.

Considering the fact that these companies’ brains have been compromised, they can no longer be considered “private companies.” The fungus acted according to the dictates of government policy.

But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t boycott them. Don’t buy Goodyear tires!


Minnesota School Board Votes to Give Non-White Teachers Additional Stipends

A Minnesota school board voted unanimously to provide “additional stipends” to nonwhite teachers if they mentor other minority teachers.

As reported by Minnesota-based Alpha News, the Mankato School District enacted the policy earlier this month, permitting minority teachers to segregate themselves from their white colleagues to “reduce isolation.”…

The policy says the initiatives are designed to retain “teachers of color and teachers who are American Indian.”

“Retention strategies may include providing financial incentives for teachers of color and teachers who are American Indian to work in the school or district for at least five years and placing American Indian educators at sites with other American Indian educators and educators of color at sites with other educators of color to reduce isolation and increase opportunity for collegial support,” the policy reads….

Alpha News reported the Mankato school board lifted language for the policy from recently enacted state statute 122A.70, which requires awardees for state grants to “express commitment to … retain teachers of color and teachers who are American Indian.”


Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer created a Black Leadership Advisory Council to “elevate Black voices”

August 8, 2020

I found this on the teaparty247 website:

Michigan And Nevada Have Now Declared ‘Racism’ A ‘Public Health Crisis.’ This State Might Soon Join Them.

(Tea Party 247) – So the states of Michigan and Nevada have decided that “racism” is now a “public health crisis.” Some of us say that violent rioting, looting, and assaulting police officers is a “public health crisis,” so how about we ban those things?…

Anyway, it seems there might be another state joining these two in making such a declaration. It seems Colorado is well on their way to embracing the madness of political correctness as well.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire:

Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer created a Black Leadership Advisory Council to “elevate Black voices” and reportedly push state employees to undergo implicit bias training.

“Today, I also signed an executive directive declaring racism as a public health crisis in Michigan,” Whitmer said on Wednesday. “We have a lot of work to do to eradicate the systemic racism that black Americans have faced for generations, and it’s going to take time. But the most important thing we can do during this time is work closely with leaders across the state, in every community, to find the root cause of problems and work to eradicate them.”

What is the likelihood that a time will come when this new “Black Leadership Advisory Council” concludes that the issues have been solved, and the council can now be disbanded?

Of course not. Once such a council is created, its members will see to their own job-security. Not only will “racism” never entirely go away – because most racial disparities are a result of genetic differences – but now, on top of that, there will be even more of an incentive to “discover” ever more such disparities (IE. “racism”).

If, hypothetically speaking, some time in the future no “racism” is found, then the members of this council would be dismissed, and they would have to find real jobs.

There is no way this is going to happen. For all practical purposes, this council, and similar councils in other states, will be there forever. Even if these are unpaid positions, in reality, they will not be unpaid. They’ll bring with them prestige and connections – connections that can easily be translated to profit.

There will be no advisory councils for whites, even after whites are a minority in the United States. Who will whites go to with their racial grievances? The Biden Administration? Leftist judges?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that no matter who wins in November, whites will have only themselves to depend upon for justice.

Furthermore, when we speak of a “public health crisis,” we’re usually referring to the people suffering from that crisis in their own minds or bodies. Hence, depression is a “public health crisis,” and those who actually suffer from depression are the targets of our concern. We want to help them. Schizophrenia is a “public health crisis,” and we worry about the actual individuals who suffer from this terrible disease.

But when they speak of racism being a “public health crisis,” it’s unclear who they’re actually concerned about. Are they concerned about the welfare of those who are “racist?” I doubt it. More likely, they’re concerned about the alleged victims of those “racists.”

If they are concerned about the “racists,” then the day may not be far off when accusations of racism can get you involuntarily locked up in a mental institution, to be subject to therapy and medicated. If they’re concerned about the alleged victims of “racists,” then they’ll continue to steal money from hard-working whites to fund various forms of reparations. Either way, it’s not good.


Black Murder Suspect Arrested; MSN Shows White Prisoner

A recent MSN news article informs us that a man has been arrested for the murder of a 23 year old Shantal Hill in Washington D.C.:

Acting on a D.C. Superior Court arrest warrant, officers arrested Carson Posey, 20, of Northwest, on Friday, May 8, charging him with first degree murder while armed (premeditated). Following an investigation, detectives determined the incident was domestic in nature.

It’s interesting that the accompanying graphic clearly depicts a white man behind bars:


The MSN article does not include a photo of the suspect, however another article does, and this is what he looks like:


Maybe only his hands are white… that would explain it.

Welp, in NY state white people are being denied medical treatments as a matter of policy… That is a form of genocide.

New York City health officials have been using race to help decide how to allocate precious coronavirus testing resources, leaked emails from the agency show.

In a conversation with reps for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, City Councilman Joe Borelli’s office said constituents on Staten Island’s South Shore were having trouble getting tested at city facilities.

“Our office has been receiving calls regarding the mobile NYC H+H testing sites such as Wolfes Pond Park. It appears many are waiting with delays, and are being turned away after waiting for hours,” wrote Borelli staffer Briana Nasti in a Dec. 22 email.

The agency responded the same day and informed Nasti that they would prioritize neighborhoods flagged by the city’s Taskforce on Racial Inclusion & Equity.

The task force, created by the de Blasio administration in 2020, identified 31 underserved neighborhoods to receive “priority” attention from the city…


The City of Beaverton celebrates The Great Replacement

Posted on January 2, 2020 by jewamongyou

I got the Beaverton, Oregon annual report in the mail a few days ago. It’s also available online.

On page 7 we find a brief overview of the City of Beaverton, along with a budget breakdown.

Beaverton POC

In a city that’s 66% white, East Indians are featured. As we can see, from the prominent text box at the top, the city’s leaders are proud of the fact that “One in three residents identify as a person of color.” This fact is listed together with the most basic statistics, between the overall population, and the geographical size.

Over the years that I’ve been here, I have noticed more and more non-whites. In other words, and as this page implies, whites are being replaced. If “one in three” is “progress”, then wouldn’t “three in three” be even MORE progress? If Diversity is a good thing, and the percentage of non-whites (“people of color”) reflects this, then doesn’t it follow that a white population of zero is the ultimate goal? If not, then wouldn’t it be fair to ask, “What percentage of whites would be ideal?”

Don’t expect an answer to this question.

On page 12, a Somali refugee is highlighted. We’re told how Abdi Nor Iftin, author of the book “Call me American,” has been travelling the country and met with congressmen. Apparently, Iftin did not want to continue living in 100% diverse Somalia. He found the 66% white USA much more to his liking. Where will he go when the United States is also 100% diverse? Iftin says:

I grew up in a civil war where I could get killed for saying the wrong word.

I wonder if Iftin realizes that the Portland area is not much different in this regard.

On page 10 of the report there’s an article titled “Investing in Diverse Leaders in Our Community.”

The city is recruiting participants for this year’s Beaverton Organizing and Leadership Development (BOLD) Program to be held this March to May. The BOLD Program is a leadership and civic engagement training for emerging immigrant and refugee leaders and leaders of color in Beaverton.

The program includes hands-on sessions focused on strengthening cross-cultural relationships; building leadership, community organizing, and advocacy skills and providing an in-depth orientation to city government and opportunities for engagement.

It would be interesting to know how much money the BOLD program costs; I didn’t see it in the annual budget breakdown. Somehow, I doubt that Abdi Nor Iftin attended this course – yet he seems to be doing quite well for himself. Also, what concrete financial benefits are taxpayers getting in return for this expense?

Honestly, when I see how devoted Mediagov is to the false god of Diversity, it makes me want to move to Mexico. I’d rather live among “people of color” than among self-loathing whites who have no self-respect.


Billboard in London Encourages White People to Sterilize Themselves

A billboard has appeared in London encouraging white people to sterilize themselves to solve overpopulation.

The sign, which was put up on Holloway Road, says “Imagine a city less crowded… do your part–get sterilised! Yay!”

Spotted in London (Holloway Road)…

Funny, this sign doesn’t meet the usual ‘diversity’ requirements of all the others around London.

— Charlie (@CharlieIDM) October 24, 2019

The advertisement betrays a noticeable lack of ‘diversity’ as it only features caricatures of white people and no people of color.


According to Eyewitness News ABC a school is facing budget cuts because it has too many white students.


Outrage has grown at Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, as the school faces layoffs and increased class sizes due to a law limiting funds for schools with a higher white student body.

The Los Angeles Unified School District provides more funding for schools where the white population is below 30 percent.

In a letter to parents, the district noted the highly regarded middle school had been above the percentage for the past couple years.

The racial formula was a condition imposed by court decisions dealing with desegregation in the 1970s.

When a government uses its money or resources to penalize institutions for having too many of a particular ethnicity or race, it’s hard to deny that genocidal policies are in place. Could you imagine the uproar if a school were to lose funding due to having too many black, or Hispanic, students? We’d never hear the end of it. Here’s an excerpt from the definition of genocide from

“Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group…

Forcible transfer of children may be imposed by direct force or by fear of violence, duress, detention, psychological oppression or other methods of coercion. The Convention on the Rights of the Child defines children as persons under the age of 18 years.

Of interest here is (e) “Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.” We might interpret “transfer” as something absolute and irreversible. In other words forced adoption and kidnapping. Can coercing children to attend public schools be considered “forcible transfer?” More on this later.

You can read many accounts of American boarding schools for Native Americans, both in the United States and Canada. There are several accusations that are made: That children were subject to physical and sexual abuse. That they were sometimes dehumanized, and referred to as numbers rather than by name. That the education they received was rudimentary, focusing on vocational skills as the expense of more academic subjects. But the greatest concern seems to have been the forced estrangement from their native cultures. As one account puts it:

In 1945, Bill Wright, a Pattwin Indian, was sent to the Stewart Indian School in Nevada. He was just 6 years old. Wright remembers matrons bathing him in kerosene and shaving his head. Students at federal boarding schools were forbidden to express their culture — everything from wearing long hair to speaking even a single Indian word. Wright said he lost not only his language, but also his American Indian name.

“I remember coming home and my grandma asked me to talk Indian to her and I said, ‘Grandma, I don’t understand you,’ ” Wright says. “She said, ‘Then who are you?’ ”

Wright says he told her his name was Billy. ” ‘Your name’s not Billy. Your name’s ‘TAH-rruhm,’ ” she told him. “And I went, ‘That’s not what they told me.’ ”

According to Tsianina Lomawaima, head of the American Indian Studies program at the University of Arizona, the intent was to completely transform people, inside and out.

“Language, religion, family structure, economics, the way you make a living, the way you express emotion, everything,” says Lomawaima.

Lomawaima says from the start, the government’s objective was to “erase and replace” Indian culture, part of a larger strategy to conquer Indians.

If we were to ignore all the other accusations, and focus exclusively on the theft of their cultures, would it still be considered “genocide?” I think so; any policy whose goal is to degrade. diminish, marginalize or dispossess a specific group of people is, in my opinion, genocidal.

Even in the absence of overt brutality, for a government to say “we’re going to reduce your funding because you have too many students of such and such a race” is a genocidal policy – even if reducing white students to minority status had NO effect, whatsoever, on their safety and wellbeing.

But, even though individual experiences will vary widely, forcing white children to attend school with large numbers of blacks and Hispanics does reduce their safety. Black and Hispanic crime rates are far higher than those of whites and Asians. This was my own personal experience, and the experience of many others. Just ask this 14-year-old girl.

Then there’s the issue of anti-white curricula. There is a lot of emphasis, in public schools, on the history and culture of non-whites, but no corresponding emphasis on white American culture (most American whites are mutts, with no specific European national origin). Assemblies are held in honor of non-white groups. My brother, who was a high school teacher, told me of one such assembly, which was for “boys of color.” It specifically excluded whites. He told his students that any of them were welcome to attend, and that’s great – but there was no such assembly in honor of white boys. A high school near where I live recently assigned “white privilege” homework to its students. How do you suppose this made white students feel, especially the ones who happened to be poor, and were NOT privileged? Going back to my earlier question: Can coercion to attend public schools be considered “forcible transfer” in the context of genocide? In my opinion, the answer is “yes” if a goal and result of such schooling is to alter the child’s perception of his own heritage for the worse. American public schools are obviously geared toward this end when it comes to white students.

What would it take for the elites of this country to make the connection between how whites are denigrated at schools and the high suicide rates among white adults? If Native Americans continue to suffer from the abuse of boarding schools decades after the fact, why would whites be any different?


Parent group files civil rights complaint against NYC Public Schools for segregating students by race

A parental rights group filed a federal civil rights complaint Thursday against New York City Public Schools for separating students by race for discussions on social justice topics, saying the practice amounted to racial discrimination…

The complaint followed a Nov. 18 report by the New York Post that revealed a junior high school in the borough of Manhattan was separating students by race to discuss “identity and social justice topics.”


Cambridge University professor tweets: “I’ll say it again. White Lives Don’t Matter. As white lives…” She has just proudly announced that she has been promoted by Cambridge.

Cambridge University professor Priyamvada Gopal recently tweeted: “I’ll say it again. White Lives Don’t Matter. As white lives.” She has just proudly announced that she has been promoted by Cambridge…

The same university that has embraced Dr. Gopal canceled a visiting fellowship invitation to the well-known professor Jordan Peterson in March of last year. Cambridge was crystal clear that it canceled Peterson due to his political views. Its spokesperson said “[Cambridge] is an inclusive environment and we expect all our staff and visitors to uphold our principles. There is no place here for anyone who cannot…”

Selective open-mindedness is a form of censorship. If “White Lives Don’t Matter” is tolerated while academia cancels people who challenge the empirical basis of claims made about anti-Black prejudice, universities cannot perform their basic function of evaluating the strength of the evidence of different claims about how the world works.

But that is exactly what is happening. University of Chicago economist Harald Uhlig criticized Black Lives Matter for supporting national defunding of the police, including a tweet that Black Lives Matter had “just torpedoed itself, with its full-fledged support of #defundthepolice.” He later added, “my tweets in recent days and an old blog post have apparently irritated a lot of people. That was far from my intention: let me apologize for that.” In response to his tweets, his contract with the Federal Reserve Bank was terminated, he was investigated by the university and was temporarily relieved of his position as an editor at the Journal of Political Economy…

At another top university, MIT, one of the Chaplains had to resign. His transgression? He wrote that “In the wake of George Floyd’s death, most people in the country have framed this as an act of racism. I don’t think we know that. Many people have claimed that racism is a major problem in police forces. I don’t think we know that…”

Ironies abound in today’s punitive environment and they aren’t limited to academia. The NBA’s Sacramento Kings cut ties with announcer Grant Napear after he tweeted “ALL LIVES MATTER…EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!” One can certainly argue that “all lives matter” undermines the “Black Lives Matter” message, but it is very ironic that the statement “White Lives Don’t Matter” is considered by many to be more acceptable than “All Lives Matter…”

The Wall Street Journal reports that: “A Vermont principal was removed after posting on Facebook ‘I firmly believe that Black Lives Matter,’ but ‘Just because I don’t walk around with a BLM sign should not mean I am a racist…’”

As I’ve posted previously, The New York Times refused to discipline one of its editorial board members even though it was discovered she had previously posted a series of egregiously racist tweets such as “White people have stopped breeding. you’ll all go extinct soon. that was my plan all along,” “Dumbass f*cking white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants,” “Are white people genetically disposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins” and “oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.”


Thomson-Reuters: “The ultimate solution is for whites to admit complicity in systemic racism and repent for their collective guilt.”

The Price of Dissent

A Thomson Reuters data scientist questioned the Black Lives Matter narrative—so the company fired him.

… But within a few months, this would all collapse. A chain of events—beginning with the death of George Floyd and culminating with a statistical analysis of Black Lives Matter’s claims—would turn the 44-year-old data scientist’s life upside-down. By June 2021, Kriegman would be locked out of Reuters’s servers, denounced by his colleagues, and fired by email. Kriegman had committed an unpardonable offense: he directly criticized the Black Lives Matter movement in the company’s internal communications forum, debunked Reuters’s own biased reporting, and violated a corporate taboo. Driven by what he called a “moral obligation” to speak out, Kriegman refused to celebrate unquestioningly the BLM narrative and his company’s “diversity and inclusion” programming; to the contrary, he argued that Reuters was exhibiting significant left-wing bias in the newsroom and that the ongoing BLM protests, riots, and calls to “defund the police” would wreak havoc on minority communities. Week after week, Kriegman felt increasingly disillusioned by the Thomson Reuters line. Finally, on the first Tuesday in May 2021, he posted a long, data-intensive critique of BLM’s and his company’s hypocrisy. He was sent to Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion for the chance to reform his thoughts.

He refused—so they fired him…

Like many corporations in the United States in 2020, Reuters went through a quiet revolution in human resources and “diversity and inclusion.” The company launched a series of lectures and training programs, ranging from a study of Kimberlé Crenshaw’s intersectionality theory to an interactive panel called “Let’s Talk About Race” to a keynote presentation on “unlocking the power of diversity.” In honor of Floyd, the company asked employees to participate in a “21-Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge,” which promoted race-based reparations payments, academic articles on critical race theory, and instructions on “how to be a better white person.”

Some of the materials were patronizing and outright racist. One resource told Reuters employees that their “black colleagues” are “confused and scared,” barely able to show up to work, and feel pressured to “take the personal trauma we all know to be true and tuck it away to protect white people,” who cannot understand anything beyond their own whiteness. The proper etiquette, according to a subsequent lesson, is for white employees to let themselves get “called out” by their minority colleagues and then respond with automatic contrition: “I believe you”; “I recognize that I have work to do”; “I apologize, I’m going to do better.” The ultimate solution is for whites to admit complicity in systemic racism and repent for their collective guilt. “White people built this system. White people control this system,” reads a module from self-described “wypipologist” Michael Harriot. “It is white people who have tacitly agreed to perpetuate white supremacy throughout America’s history. It is you who must confront your racist friends, coworkers, and relatives. You have to cure your country of this disease. The sickness is not ours…”


Capitol riot suspects say they’re ‘force fed critical race theory’ and ‘anti-white messaging’ in jail

Ryan Nichols of Longview, Texas, and Robert Morss of Pennsylvania, who have been charged with multiple offenses stemming from the Jan. 6 riot, wrote a letter decrying the conditions of the District of Columbia jail, where they are being held.

“We are force fed CRT (critical race theory) propaganda on tablets,” as well as “reeducation propaganda” and “anti-white racial messaging,” they wrote. Critical race theory is the study of the relationship between race and laws and its impact on society…

According to the motion, “the jail also prevents him from having reasonable access to reading materials while simultaneously streaming anti-white messages and critical race theory propaganda across his tablet. This is psychologically damaging.”


Harvard created ‘exclusive space’ for ‘Black-identifying audience members’ by basing theater admissions on race

Alexa Schwerha | Reporter

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

A Harvard University production of Macbeth includes “Black Out” dates when only “Black-identifying” audience members are allowed to attend.

Harvard asked non-Black patrons not to attend the Oct. 29 performance of Macbeth in Stride, a spin of William Shakespeare’s famous Scottish tragedy.

“The Friday, October 29 performance of Macbeth In Stride is designated to be an exclusive space for Black-identifying audience members,” a statement on the university website reads. “For our non-Black allies, we appreciate your support in making this a completely Black-identifying evening. We invite you to join us at another performance during the run.”


300 “Vulnerable” People Receive $800/Month Guaranteed Income in Montgomery County, Maryland

From an MSM article, which appeared on numerous other sites:

Montgomery County is officially joining the guaranteed basic income movement, becoming the first jurisdiction in Maryland to offer direct cash payments to low-income residents.

“It would help us with bills and food and things we’re trying not to spend too much on now,” Aspen Hill resident Jose Rodriguez, a chef, said. 

Starting at the beginning of next year, Montgomery County plans to pick 300 households at different points on the income scale, identified as “vulnerable,” and give them $800 a month for 24 months to use in any way they want.

“It would really be nice, help out with transportation a lot,” said Aliyah Brammer, a Wheaton resident who says she can barely afford bus fare to get around.

The millions of dollars to fund the program will come from a public-private partnership with money from foundations, as well as funding approved by the county executive, and the county council.

“There will not be a way to sign up, we will select people,” Councilmember Will Jawando, one of the lead sponsors of the pilot program, said. 

As stated, numerous other news sites reported this story – and not a single one specified what is meant by “vulnerable,” other than income. Even Montgomery County’s official website gives no details. The entire affair is suspiciously secretive. There appears to be no accountability over how this two million dollars of public money, and one million in private money, is being allocated. That there is “no way to sign up, we will select people” has “we will prioritize blacks” written all over it…

Especially when we consider Montgomery County’s Resolution 18-1095, adopted in April of 2018, which states:

The Council is committed to examining the data needed to develop an equity policy framework that would require the County to question how budget and policy decisions impact equity…

Equity analyses should be part of capital and operating budget reviews, appropriation requests, and legislation. Program and process oversight should be undertaken viewing programs and processes through an equity lens. Equity targets and measures of progress must be put in place.

In other words, every major decision, made by the city council, must be viewed through the lens of “racial equity.” To quote the county’s official document on the guaranteed income proposition:

Guaranteed income is a direct, recurring cash payment to a specific, targeted group of people without strings attached. The purpose of guaranteed income is to alleviate poverty, provide a form of financial stability and give people the ability to make their own choices to improve their economic position. 

We needn’t be particularly astute to figure out that this guaranteed income is intended primarily for non-white residents – and that the reason this is not spelled out is that the City Council knows how unconstitutional their actions are; they don’t want to be vulnerable to lawsuits. Hence the secrecy.

Catholic School Apologizes for White Students Failure to Dance to Mexican Music

13 October 2021

A Chicago Catholic private school has become the latest to bend to the woke mob after apologizing over a video showing white students refusing to dance to a Mexican country song that was deemed proof of racism – when it was just one of many songs the kids didn’t like at the homecoming dance.

The video was taken at the Marist High School homecoming dance on October 9, where students refused to dance to Payaso de Rodeo, a 1997 song by the Mexican country music group Caballo Dorado.

It was posted on social media by a student who said it was proof of racism…

But the DJ from the dance, parents at the school and the school itself have since confirmed it was just one of many songs the kids didn’t like – including some that were in English. ..

Now, disturbed parents tell Home | Daily Mail Online they are afraid to speak out about what really happened for fear of their kids being bullied.

‘It’s very disappointing how these events turned out and the depiction of what happened was grossly exaggerated.

‘Now there is more division than ever the school. It’s just sad,’ one mother, whose child attended the dance but who does not want to be named to protect her kid from bullying, told Home | Daily Mail Online

‘Many of the students that attended the dance are afraid to speak out against these students false narrative in fear of retaliation…

… The school issued this apology and statement on Tuesday. It said it had started speaking with the local police department because of ‘external threats’ though it’s unclear who had launched those threats.


Walmart Inc. denounces the United States as a “white supremacy system” and teaches white, hourly wage employees that they are guilty of “white supremacy thinking” and “internalized racial superiority”

According to a cache of internal documents I have obtained from a whistleblower, Walmart launched the program in 2018 in partnership with the Racial Equity Institute, a Greensboro, North Carolina, consulting firm that has worked extensively with universities, government agencies, and private corporations. The program is based on the core principles of critical race theory, including “intersectionality,” “internalized racial oppression,” “internalized racial inferiority,” and “white anti-racist development.” Since the program’s launch, Walmart has trained more than 1,000 employees and made the program mandatory for executives and recommended for hourly wage workers in Walmart stores. When reached for comment, Walmart confirmed that the company has “engaged REI for a number of training sessions since 2018” and has “found these sessions to be thought provoking and constructive.”

The program begins with the claim that the United States is a “white supremacy system,” designed by white Europeans “for the purpose of assigning and maintaining white skin access to power and privilege.” American history is presented as a long sequence of oppressions, from the “construction of a ‘white race’” by colonists in 1680 to President Obama’s stimulus legislation in 2009, “another race neutral act that has disproportionately benefited white people.” Consequently, the Walmart program argues, white Americans have been subjected to “racist conditioning” that indoctrinates them into “white supremacy,” or the view “that white people and the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions of white people are superior to People of Color and their ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions.”


I think it’s important to elaborate on this story. After having read the source documents, used by Walmart to indoctrinate its employees, it became clear that Walmart’s crime is even greater than the article implies.

The material contains factually incorrect claims. Here we see the “99.9% alike” claim, which is false; it’s actually 99.5% (“All humans 99.9% genetically identical, therefore race isn’t real”) – and this is a significant difference, considering the fact that we’re 98% similar to chimpanzees. Then there’s Lewontin’s Fallacy. (Lewontin’s Fallacy Explained).


The program presents the woke definition of “racism” as if it’s undisputed fact, and without any mention of the established, traditional, definition of the word:

This slide speaks for itself; here we see what the “progressive” left really thinks of white people, their achievements and challenges:

More nonsense about white people:

As the presentation goes on and on criticizing white culture, one wonders if “black culture” or “Latino culture” are assumed to be perfect. One wonders how any conversation about race can be productive if only one race is criticized:

I found it especially amusing that the people with power (Walmart corporate and their woke henchmen) accuse OTHERS of defending the power structure – and one wonders how Walmart corporate would react if rank-and-file white employees spoke truth to power, by challenging this shameless indoctrination.

Here we see the claim that the concept of the white race was constructed in 1680…

The previous slide claims that the concept of “white” was invented in 1680, but the next slide defines “white” as “European.” Are we to believe that the concept of “European” was invented in 1680? That would be ridiculous.

The presentation includes a bibliography of woke writings that spans several slides; the list is very long – and it’s clear that the intention is to utilize the “Thick Book Technique.” This is an indoctrination tool that’s particularly effective against the uneducated. It’s essentially saying, “See how much has been written about this? Many people, much smarter than you, have already researched this, so don’t even THINK about challenging it!”

In reality, all of those books and papers are based on a circular argument: Race isn’t real, so the disparities we see must be the result of white racism. Once we’ve established this, we can then use these disparities as evidence of white racism. Nobody, including most scientists, would dare challenge the assumption that “race isn’t real,” because that would be “racism” and it would mean the end of his career or worse.

It’s a low blow that Walmart corporate has dealt its white employees, and this is just one more reason to avoid shopping at their stores.

Famed Art Institute Of Chicago Fires All Docents, Primarily White Women. Critics Charge Racism

The famed Art Institute of Chicago fired all of its volunteer docents in early September, and allegedly they did so because the group of predominantly white, retired women was not “diverse” and “inclusive” enough…

The editorial board of The Chicago Tribune condemned the move to fire the docents on September 27,  citing what they called the “weaselly letter” from Veronica Stein, the Woman’s Board executive director of learning and engagement that was sent to the museum’s roughly 150 volunteer docents. The Tribune continued, “Once you cut through the blather, the letter basically said the museum had looked critically at its corps of docents, a group dominated by mostly (but not entirely) white, retired women with some time to spare, and found them wanting as a demographic…”

“Frankly, the museum would certainly have had a tough lawsuit on its hands for age and race discrimination (there were laws against that, last time we checked) were it not for one thing: Everyone being nixed was a volunteer,” the Tribune noted. “And, as at least one docent found out after contacting the AARP, volunteers are not covered by federal employment laws. We’ll wager museum lawyers had pointed that out.”


UCLA Suspended Professor for Refusing to Give Black Students Easier Final Exam

A University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) professor who was suspended and later reinstated for brusquely rebuffing a request to give Black students leniency on their final exams following the death of George Floyd has filed a lawsuit against the school.

Gordon Klein, who teaches financial analysis, law, and public policy at UCLA, filed a lawsuit Monday claiming that he suffered financially and emotionally because of the incident. Although he retained his position, Klein alleged he was dropped from consulting jobs at law firms and other corporations and that his reputation was tarnished as a result…

The incident that spurred the lawsuit began on the morning of June 2, 2020, when he received an email from who he said was a non-Black student asking that Klein grade Black students with greater “leniency” in the wake of Floyd’s death and the civil unrest that followed…

Klein said that while he supports the university’s “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” agenda that the student used to make his case, he felt that agenda violated the California Constitution’s prohibition of “race-based preferences in public education.”

The professor added that he was “shocked by the student’s email” and felt it was “deeply patronizing and offensive to the same Black students he claimed to care so much about.”

In response, Klein emailed the student, and asked: “Are there any students that may be of mixed parentage, such as half black half-Asian? What do you suggest I do with respect to them? A full concession or just half? Also, do you have any idea if any students are from Minneapolis? I assume that they are probably especially devastated as well. I am thinking that a white student from there might possibly be even more devastated by this, especially because some might think that they’re racist even if they are not.”

“I thought this would do it and we’d move on with the class final and, just as important, summer break. I was naive,” Klein added.

He said that by the evening, students were calling for him to be removed from UCLA and a petition with 20,000 signatures circulated demanding that he be fired. Three days after the first email, Klein was suspended by UCLA.


Black History Month website deletes article calling white people ‘genetically defective mutants’

The Black History Month website is not run by the British government, but is one of the most prominent outlets promoting the month, and has featured content by prominent British politicians, all of whom pledge their support for the event and pledge to “fight for racial justice”, as Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey wrote in an article published on the site on Friday.

It has also featured far more provocative and racist content. A 2016 article on the site examined the work of American psychiatrist Frances Cress Welsing, who theorized that white people were originally “genetically defective mutants” who were driven from Africa by the black natives…

The article was still available on the site as recently as this week, according to an investigation by The Telegraph. Alongside the article, the website hosts taxpayer-funded recruitment ads for the British Armed Forces, government agencies and police services, as well as ads for several UK universities.

It was pulled from the site after The Telegraph’s investigation, but other racially questionable content is still live. A 2020 article by the Reach Society – a social enterprise via which black professionals mentor black boys, and that is in receipt of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service – states that “Europeans have been encouraged to be morally monstrous to non-Europeans for so long, this behaviour has become second nature”, for example…


Yet another school introduces race-based housing

Western Washington University has introduced a designated housing area meant specifically for Black students.

The university’s housing webpage announced that “Black Affinity Housing” will be available on the fourth floor of Alma Clark Glass Hall, which was named for the first Black student to attend the school…

webinar hosted by the university in April explained that Black Affinity Housing gives students “the opportunity to live in a shared space… with others who have a shared identity, specifically a marginalized identity.” The webinar hosts explained that black applicants to the university and black student organizations had called for the housing program.


‘The endpoint of critical race theory’: Columbia University faces backlash for segregated graduations

Columbia University in New York City will host virtual graduation ceremonies segregated by race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status, in addition to its main commencement ceremonies for all students.

In order to “provide a more intimate setting for students who self-identify in a variety of ways,” the Ivy League school said these programs are a way to “complement” the main ceremonies.

The additional virtual ceremonies include the “Native Graduation Celebration,” “Lavender Graduation Celebration” for LGBTQ students, “Asian Graduation Celebration,” “First-generation and Low-Income student Graduation Celebration,” “Latinx Graduation Celebration,” and “Black Graduation Celebration.” 


Rutgers Professor: “Whites are Corrupt, Villains, Deserve to Go Extinct” – Still Has Job

In a Spectatorworld article titled “Biden speaks at conference filled with anti-white, anti-police rhetoric” we learn about certain comments made by Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper:

On Tuesday morning, the Root posted a conversation between senior writer Michael Harriot — the author of two of the aforementioned opinion pieces — and Rutgers professor Brittney Cooper titled ‘Unpacking the Attacks on Critical Race Theory‘.

Here are some of Cooper’s comments from the panel:

  • ‘I think that white people are committed to being villains in the aggregate’
  • ‘I wouldn’t be mad at the black people who want to get [white people] back’
  • ‘[White people] are so corrupt. Their thinking is so morally and spiritually bankrupt about power that they fear viscerally, existentially about letting go of power’
  • In response to a question about whether white people will ever give up power and resources, Cooper said, ‘The thing I want to say to you is we gotta take these motherfuckers out,’ before admitting, ‘but we can’t say that…I don’t believe in a project of violence’
  • ‘Whiteness is an inconvenient interruption’ to black and indigenous people’s existence
  • When discussing children at the elementary school level, Cooper said, ‘white kids are making assessments about their own racial superiority, or who’s better than, or their own entitlement’
  • ‘Despite what white people think of themselves, they do not defy the laws of eternity’
  • ‘White people’s birth rates are going down…because they literally cannot afford to put newer generations into the middle class…we live in a system where even white people cannot sustain the cost of their own lives,’ Cooper said, adding, ‘it’s super perverse, but also they kind of deserve it’
  • ‘White life expectancy has gone down for the first time in the last couple years in a hundred years…when we look at whiteness in a total assessment, for all of the effort that they are putting in to dominate absolutely everything, the return on investment continues to diminish in every generation. And so that to me says we need to keep going’

Rutgers University did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

It’s worth noting that these comments were made at a conference attended by President Joe Biden:

President Joe Biden had a busy week at the United Nations, and as the media focused much of its attention on his first address to the General Assembly, another interesting presidential public appearance slid under the radar. On Tuesday, Biden delivered the opening address for the Root Institute 2021, a virtual conference put on by the Root, a blog ‘covering the Black community‘ whose tagline is ‘The Blacker the Content the Sweeter the Truth’.

This was back in September of 2021. Professor Cooper appears to have suffered no consequences for her hateful comments, and she still has her job at Rutgers.

For the record, Rutgers is the state university of New Jersey, and receives a quarter of its funding from taxpayer funds. Taxpayers are forced to spend around $400,000 a year for its upkeep.


Buffalo Philharmonic: No White or Asian Conductors Need Apply

One such example has been the attack on the “blind audition” process. In blind auditions, orchestras evaluate prospective players by listening to them behind a screen, allowing the judges to select musicians without respect to race, gender, or other nonmusical characteristics. Recently, this audition innovation — which was widely credited with reducing gender bias in orchestra hiring — has come under attack at some of the nation’s top orchestras, on the grounds that it has resulted in the hiring of too few non-Asian musicians of color.

Equally dangerous — and less discussed — is mounting discrimination in the employment of artistic leaders. This is occurring not just during candidate selection but as early as the job-posting phase. It is evident in most conducting postings, particularly for assistant-conductor positions (i.e., the first leg up the ladder for young conductors), which now contain some variation of the phrase: “Members of underrepresented groups in classical music, particularly members of [racial group x, y, z], are encouraged to apply.”

Orchestras for which such language is not exclusionary enough have turned to the use of “fellowships” — preprofessional apprenticeship or mentorship opportunities earmarked for certain racial or gender groups, particularly women or minorities. By describing these opportunities as “fellowships,” not jobs, they are able to circumvent antidiscrimination laws. But orchestras are now extending this strategy to include traditional jobs, as well.

Perhaps the most egregious example yet comes in the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra’s (BPO) recently announced posting for a “Conductor Diversity Fellow,” a position whose responsibilities — if one reads the job description carefully — are virtually identical to those of an assistant conductor in peer orchestras, but for one key difference: that the posting explicitly solicits applications only from those who “self-identify as members of historically underrepresented groups in American orchestras, including but not limited to African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander descent.”

Two major races are conspicuously left off that list of “underrepresented groups,” and the subtext is clear: No whites or Asians need apply.

The BPO’s posting is one of the most brazen attempts by an American orchestra to expunge classical music’s history of racism by using the tool of racism. It also might be the first to clearly contravene federal equal-employment-opportunity rules, which state that no job posting can discourage an applicant to apply because of his or her race. But without any apparent backlash forthcoming from orchestra members, board members, or audiences, this is unlikely to be the last.

How do orchestras like the BPO expect to get away with this if confronted? They may, again, contend that these positions are merely fellowships — not jobs — and therefore not subject to federal employment law. The position’s very description, however, belies this defense.

The BPO’s Conductor Diversity Fellowship is a job in everything but name. Its compensation — itemized into a “housing stipend” and “living wage stipend,” plus health benefits — add up to a competitive market salary for an assistant-conducting position at a midsize regional American orchestra: $35,000.


The Dep. of Veterans Affairs Conducts Listening Sessions; White People Not Welcome

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) will conduct 55 virtual Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) listening sessions for Veterans August-September 2021 on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities through the Federal Government…


On January 20, 2021, President Joseph R. Biden issued E.O. 13985 on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities through the Federal Government.

Consultation With Interested Parties

Executive Order 13985 requires VA to consult with members of communities who have been historically underrepresented in the Federal Government and underserved by, or subject to discrimination in, Federal policies and program.

The term “underserved communities” refers to populations sharing a particular characteristic, as well as geographic communities, that have been systematically denied a full opportunity to participate in aspects of economic, social, and civic life, such as Black, Latino, and Indigenous and Native American persons, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other persons of color; members of religious minorities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning/queer and related identities (LGBTQ+) persons; persons with disabilities; persons who live in rural areas; and persons otherwise adversely affected by persistent poverty or inequality…

Target audiences are listed below and include Veterans, family members, caregivers, survivors, community leaders and partners, and other representatives who provide support to underserved communities:

  • Session 1: Racial/ethnic minorities
  • Session 2: LGBTQ+
  • Session 3: Veterans with disabilities
  • Session 4: Women Veterans
  • Session 5: Religious minority Veterans and Veterans otherwise adversely affected by persistent inequality
  • Session 6: Community partners


What did this mean in practice?

At a session on race last week in Augusta, Ga., a woman who described herself as white spoke in favor of inclusive language and safe spaces. “I appreciate your being upfront about the fact that you’re not a person of color yourself,” the VA’s facilitator chided, “because this listening session is for those from racial and ethnic minorities, to give them that kind of safe space.” The woman took the hint and shut up.

Opinion | Diversity Days at Veterans Affairs – News360World

English Touring Opera drops half its orchestra in controversial move, citing ‘increased diversity’

The opera company has said it’s prioritising “increased diversity in the orchestra” in line with “firm guidance of the Arts Council.”

English Touring Opera (ETO) has dropped half of its orchestral players in a push for diversity.

At least 14 musicians have been told they will not be booked for the 2022 ETO tour, many of them long-running members of the orchestra.

The ETO has attributed the changes to prioritising “increased diversity in the orchestra,” something that’s in line with “firm guidance of the Arts Council.”

“There has been an understandable outcry from Musicians Union members in response to this news today,” the Musicians Union (MU) wrote in a statement on Friday (10 September). “It comes at an especially devastating time for the freelance community, and musicians in general, with so many struggling with little work and income during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Read more: All-Black classical symphony orchestra to play Carnegie Hall for first time in its 130-year history

The ETO announced hiring 12 new artists in the freelance orchestra for the spring 2022 tour on Friday.

“Following a recent round of auditions, we are looking forward to welcoming 12 new artists to our freelance orchestra for our spring 2022 tour,” the opera company announced.


Following the ETO link, to the article about the 12 new hires, we read:

English Touring Opera is proud of its commitment to the community of high-quality freelance musicians on which the company depends and welcomes talent from the wide range of backgrounds represented amongst them. We will continue to consider every opportunity to work with staff and artists from increasingly diverse backgrounds, wherever we find professional excellence and know that this ambition will only improve the quality of our performances.

The article tells us nothing about the ethnicity of these 12 new artists, but considering the reason the original artists were let go, and considering the emphasis placed on “diverse backgrounds,” it’s safe to assume that few (if any) of them are Native British.

Here’s the image on the home page of the English Touring Opera website:

… and here’s the image from their jobs page, clearly showing white artists lavishing adoration upon their lord.

The very first paragraph of that page tells us their priorities:

ETO is a diverse and vibrant company with the people to match. The company is able to offer a wide range of administrative positions, as well as opportunities for career progression and development.

We sometimes hear the claim that the US government grants no legal recognition of race, and that people of all races are treated equally under the law.

The IRS would disagree. Two cases illustrate the fact that whites are second-class citizens in the US.

The case of Matthew C. McPherson, and Patrick Michael Dingle, white men who took advantage of minority set-asides for minority contracts. From an IRS article:

Kansas City, MO — An Olathe, Kansas, man who conspired with others to control construction businesses that received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal government contracts, was sentenced in federal court today for defrauding the government with respect to contracts set aside for service-disabled veterans and certified minorities.

“This contractor not only defrauded the government, but cheated to get contracts that should have gone to firms led by disabled veterans and minority owners,” said U.S. Attorney Teresa Moore. “His greed and deception allowed him to enrich himself at the expense of disabled veterans and minority owners. After forfeiting more than $5.5 million to the government and being sent to prison, he has learned the hard way that crime doesn’t pay.”

Matthew C. McPherson was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Roseann Ketchmark to two years and four months in federal prison without parole. McPherson also has forfeited to the government $5,516,786, which represents his share of the fraud proceeds.

“McPherson’s sentence sends a strong message that IRS-Criminal Investigation and its federal partners are committed to leveling the playing field when federal contracts are involved,” said IRS-CI Special Agent in Charge Tyler Hatcher, St. Louis Field Office. “The government established unique programs designed to help small disadvantaged businesses gain a foothold in the awarding of government contracts. McPherson lied about being qualified for these contracts and used nominees to further his crime.” Hatcher added, “These crimes have a significant negative impact on small disadvantaged businesses.”

“Today’s outcome demonstrates the commitment of the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General, Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS) and our law enforcement partners to protect the integrity of the DoD procurement process and the Small Business Administration set-aside programs intended to help smaller and/or disadvantaged businesses,” said Special Agent in Charge Michael C. Mentavlos, DCIS Southwest Field Office. “We will continue to aggressively investigate and hold those accountable that take advantage of the U.S. government and taxpayer…”

On June 3, 2019, McPherson pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and major program fraud. McPherson admitted that he participated in a conspiracy from September 2009 to March 2018 to obtain contracts set aside by the federal government for award to small businesses owned and controlled by veterans, service-disabled veterans, and certified minorities. McPherson, who is neither a certified minority nor a veteran, was the owner of an established construction company in Topeka, Kan. (identified in court documents as Business C) that was not entitled to compete for those federal contracts.

Mr. McPherson’s crime would not have been a crime had he been a “certified minority.” The very fact that he was sent to prison for this act, while a “certified minority” would have suffered no consequences for the exact same act illustrates the point that it is whites who are disadvantaged, and not “certified minorities.”

Business owner sentenced for fraud scheme | Internal Revenue Service (

Regarding Patrick Michael Dingle. another IRS article states:

Kansas City, MO — A Parkville, Missouri, man who was charged in two federal cases pleaded guilty in federal court today to his role in a $335 million scheme to defraud federal programs that award contracts to firms owned by minorities, veterans, and service-disabled veterans, and in a separate case to filing false tax returns that cheated the government out of more than $615,000 in taxes owed.

Patrick Michael Dingle pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Roseann Ketchmark to the charges contained in both federal cases. Dingle pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire and major program fraud. Dingle also pleaded guilty, in a separate case, to one count of filing a false tax return…

Dingle and McPherson were not eligible for these set-aside contracts because they were not certified minorities or veterans. Although Zieson was not eligible, the firm received approximately 199 federal contracts set aside for award to minority-owned small businesses and veteran-owned small businesses between 2009 and 2018. The government paid Zieson approximately $335 million for those contracts. Several of the set-aside contracts awarded to Zieson were valued in excess of $1 million, including a contract at Topeka, Kan., awarded on July 13, 2012, valued at approximately $4,125,800.

Dingle, McPherson, and others submitted false and fraudulent Past Performance Questionnaires in support of Zieson bids for set aside contracts.

McPherson pleaded guilty on June 3, 2019, to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and major program fraud and awaits sentencing.

Parkville man pleads guilty to $335 million fraud, $615,000 tax violations | Internal Revenue Service (

State of California to require “ethnic studies” course for high school graduation, excludes whites

From CalMatters:

After a years-long battle reignited in recent months by controversies over misunderstandings of critical race theory, California students will soon be required to take ethnic studies to graduate high school. 

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed AB 101 into law on Friday afternoon, requiring California high school students to take ethnic studies to graduate, starting with the class of 2030. Educators and recent studies attest to the benefits of students learning the histories and cultures of marginalized communities, but a few parents still worry the requirement could create more tensions between students.

Here’s an excerpt from the actual bill:

(ii) Subject to the course offerings of a local educational agency, including a charter school, a pupil may fulfill the requirement of clause

(i) through the completion of any of the following types of courses:(I) A course based on the model curriculum developed pursuant to Section 51226.7.

(II) An existing ethnic studies course.

(III) An ethnic studies course taught as part of a course that has been approved as meeting the A–G requirements of the University of California and the California State University.

(IV) A locally developed ethnic studies course approved by the governing board of the school district or the governing body of the charter school. The proposed course shall first be presented at a public meeting of the governing board of the school district or the governing body of the charter school, and shall not be approved until a subsequent public meeting of the governing board or governing body at which the public has had the opportunity to express its views on the proposed course.

What is Section 51226.7? Here’s a relevant part of that law:

(b) The model curriculum shall be written as a guide to allow school districts to adapt their courses to reflect the pupil demographics in their communities. The model curriculum shall include examples of courses offered by local educational agencies that have been approved as meeting the A–G admissions requirements of the University of California and the California State University, including, to the extent possible, course outlines for those courses.

What are the A-G admissions requirements of the University of California? This is from the University’s website:

It’s abundantly obvious that these courses will only mention whites as colonizers and oppressors. If you need further clarification, here it is:

“We learn materials that really center the voices of people of color…”

According to the California Department of Education, the four foundational disciplines of the ethnic studies model include: African American, Chicano/Latino, Native American and Asian American. The curriculum also includes lesson plans on Sikh, Jewish, Arab, and Armenian Americans.

There are no ethnic studies courses that focus on whites in a positive way. It’s also important to note that whites are now a minority in California. With laws such as this one, it’s increasingly clear that whites will be a PERSECUTED MINORITY in California.

Gerald Peters Contemporary Hosts Exhibit Claiming White Mothers Propagate Racism, Sexism and Homophobia

Sep. 26—White mothers have traditionally been viewed as nurturing, innocent and incapable of violence.

Albuquerque artist Jami Porter Lara grabs that assumption and spins it into an exploration of white racism in “Terms & Conditions,” open at Gerald Peters Contemporary in Santa Fe.

Lara says that, historically, white women perform the critical foundation work of propagating racism, sexism and homophobia through the education and policing of children.

“It is violence and it is maternal love, wrapped into one,” she said in a telephone interview from Sicily.


Emory University Hides Race of Black Suspect in Racist Graffiti

The Georgia university repeatedly avoided questions about Roy Lee Gordon’s race

Emory University’s Police Department on Wednesday arrested the man accused of writing racial slurs and swastikas at its autism center in early August.

Roy Lee Gordon Jr. (right) is charged with second-degree burglary, Emory officials said in a news release that indicated Gordon is also the same person who allegedly wrote the “N-word” and drew swastikas at the Emory Autism Center last month. He is a former employee of the university.

A police mugshot published by the Atlanta Journal Constitution shows that Gordon is black. This is the first time his race has been revealed publicly.

Although Emory officials have known the man accused of the racial vandalism is black since early August, they have not informed the campus community of his race, which may have put a different interpretation of the incident on it…

On Wednesday, the university continued to maintain that it condemns “acts of racism and antisemitism,” however did not mention the race of the suspect in its September 22 news release.

Emory did not want to reveal suspect’s race

The College Fix has filed multiple public records requests with the university and several police agencies over the last month to obtain more information about Roy Lee Gordon, Jr., but Emory police and local law enforcement has repeatedly declined to answer questions or provide information.

The arrest warrant for Gordon was issued August 20. The vast majority of arrest warrants include a suspect’s race, but officials refused to provide The College Fix a copy of this public document. Because of this, The College Fix first raised the possibility that the incident was indeed a hate-crime hoax on August 25.


Yet another school introduces race-based housing

Western Washington University has introduced a designated housing area meant specifically for Black students.

The university’s housing webpage announced that “Black Affinity Housing” will be available on the fourth floor of Alma Clark Glass Hall, which was named for the first Black student to attend the school. 

“The program will explore and celebrate the diversity of Black and African American people and culture, with historical and contemporary context,” reads the site. “All Western students residing in the program help foster a warm and vibrant community supporting social, personal and academic success.”

“Black Affinity Housing residents, representing all diverse identities, pride themselves on fostering a sense of belonging for all residents by creating a safe environment for open, honest, and sometimes challenging dialogue,” the website explains. “Regular programmatic events and interactions allow students to deepen knowledge and understanding of themselves, peers, and the world.”

webinar hosted by the university in April explained that Black Affinity Housing gives students “the opportunity to live in a shared space… with others who have a shared identity, specifically a marginalized identity.” The webinar hosts explained that black applicants to the university and black student organizations had called for the housing program.

The university emphasized that it is not “breaking ground on something new” with the program. Schools such as Stanford University, Pacific Lutheran University, Oregon State University, and Cornell University have introduced Black Affinity Housing.


Nonprofit receives federal grant to support communities of color

An MSN story, from Hey SoCal, reports that tax dollars are being funneled into racially exclusive financial aid programs:

A nonprofit geared to aiding minority businesses and entrepreneurs with financing now has $625,000 to distribute to qualifying entities in the Inland Empire and elsewhere.

Accessity received the funds via the U.S. Treasury Department’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund specifically for low-income, Black and Hispanic recipients in Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties, according to Chief Operating Officer Robert Lopez.

Accessity’s website includes a “terms of use” page that states:

The Website(s) and Applications facilitate our ability to provide economic opportunity by providing loans and educational training to primarily low to moderate income entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs of color, and female entrepreneurs to help them start or grow.

Additionally, on its “about us page” it states:

Our client base reflects Southern California’s rich diversity. 89% of our client base is classified as low- to moderate-income and/or diverse-owned. Both of these groups have historically faced barriers in obtaining business financing from traditional sources such as banks and credit unions.

It’s FAQ page makes its priorities clear with this graphic:

From the above it’s abundantly clear that Accessity discriminates against white-owned businesses, approving them (in theory) only if they meet additional requirements not applicable to businesses that are not white-owned…

And yet, as required by law, Accessity includes a “non-discrimination notice” on its website:

Connect2Capital is powered by Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF). CRF does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, status with regards to public assistance, or any other characteristic protected by law.

How Orwellian! Their entire business model is based upon racial discrimination – and yet they proclaim that they “do not discriminate.”

When is racial discrimination not racial discrimination? When it’s against white people. In that case, it’s funded by the Federal Government.

‘White people should commit suicide as an ethical act,’ says white professor

A psychology professor at Duquesne University is raising eyebrows by agreeing with another educator who says it would be ethical for white people to kill themselves.

“White people should commit suicide as an ethical act,” says the top of a video presentation by professor Derek Hook at the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, college…

The video was posted by the anti-Critical Race Theory group Mythinformed MKE.

“This is part of an ‘anti-racist’ discussion on ‘nice white therapists held by the [American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work],'” the group wrote on Facebook.

The College Fix noted “the video appears to be from a summer session hosted by Hook, though the content is not otherwise publicly available.”

Hook, who himself is white, was quoting from Terblanche Delport, a South African philosophy professor at the University of Pretoria who wrote about white people killing themselves in 2016.

“[T]he only (life) purpose for whites, specifically Afrikaners, is to await their death or to commit suicide, like the samurai falls on his short sword when he has fallen into disgrace,” Delport said, according to Radio Free South Africa.

“White supremacy could only be ended once whites are dead,” continued Delport, who also is white. “We should be prepared to die silently, without having children, so that white supremacy could come to an end at last.”

“Here’s the kind of crazy gambit of this talk,” Hook said in his analysis. “I want to suggest that psychoanalytically we could even make the argument that there was something ethical in Delport’s statements.”

He suggested white folks could symbolically kill themselves or undergo metaphorical “castration.”

“I want to make the argument that there is some kind of ethical dimension to his provocations,” Hook continued.

“I think Delport took his white audience to the threshold of a type of symbolic extinction … he took them to a proposed end of whiteness.”


Note: The headline smacks of clickbait, because the professor was clearly NOT advocating for white people to physically commit suicide, but only figuratively so. Nevertheless, a good litmus test for racism against whites is to ask if it would be considered “racist” if the same thing had been said about blacks. In this case, the answer is obvious.

Broadway Power Brokers Pledge to “never assemble an all-white creative team on a production again, regardless of the subject matter of the show”

The document, called “A New Deal for Broadway,” was developed under the auspices of Black Theater United, one of several organizations established last year as an outgrowth of the anger Black theater artists felt over the police killings of Floyd in Minnesota and Breonna Taylor in Kentucky…

The signatories include the owners and operators of all 41 Broadway theaters — commercial and nonprofit — as well as the Broadway League, which is a trade organization representing producers, and Actors’ Equity Association, which is a labor union representing actors and stage mangers. Their pledges are not legally enforceable, but they agreed to “hold ourselves and each other accountable for implementing these commitments…”

One of the key changes being called for is that creative teams — which include directors, writers, composers, choreographers and designers — should be diverse. A section signed by directors and writers vows to “never assemble an all-white creative team on a production again, regardless of the subject matter of the show,” while a section signed by producers says, “We will make best efforts to ensure true racial diversity on all future productions.”


In Mandatory Training, CA Faculty Union Leader Says There’s Nothing Good About ‘White’ Culture

During last week’s two-day mandatory “antiracism” training for members of the California Faculty Association leaders went just a bit further than many Critical Race Theory sessions – including laughing over the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

The union, also known as CALFAC, is the exclusive collective bargaining agent for all faculty in the 23-campus California State University system, including lecturers, professors, counselors, librarians, and coaches…

Redmond affirmed her position, replying, “That would be — yes, that’s the dominant white culture in America — in America, is WASP.”

Another participant then followed up, asking, “Can I ask, then, what your definition of this WASP white culture is?”

Redmond replied (emphasis added):

“I mean, I have my whole list of narratives, right, for me. And for me it is – it’s – none of it’s good, if you’re gonna ask me what my narratives are, for the most part. So — but if you think — remember yesterday I talked about the founding of “White” as — as codified into law, what it meant to be “White”? And so I’ll start — so I’ll stay with that. Which at that time it was — WASP was first, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, from England, from Britain, under the King, King James and those folks, and then everybody else who was acceptable enough was considered — was considered as secondary whites. So I’ll stay with that.

So in America, as “White” was codified into law, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant was at the top of what that means. So I could do my own list of narratives, but we’ll move to the next group. But is that good?


Nova Scotia top court: Judges must consider systemic racism when sentencing Black offenders

HALIFAX — A recent Nova Scotia Court of Appeal decision on sentencing for Black offenders will help the justice system recognize the full extent of the injustices facing African Nova Scotians, an anti-racism advocate said Monday…

Last week’s ruling, which requires trial judges during sentencing to consider the historical disadvantages and systemic racism experienced by Black offenders, is “a turning of the tides,” said Robert Wright, executive director for the African Nova Scotian Decade for People of African Descent Coalition.

“We recognize now that justice is not blind,” he said in an interview. “It has been too sighted in the wrong way and that justice is meted out kind of proportionally to your status in the society…”

“The moral culpability of an African Nova Scotian offender has to be assessed in the context of historic factors and systemic racism, as was done in this case…”

Derrick said the panel unanimously decided that the use of race and culture assessments is a necessary resource for judges who are attempting to balance “the objectives and principles of sentencing.”

“IRCAs set a new table for sentencing offenders of African descent in a regime that has been shaped through an over-reliance on incarceration for Black offenders and their concomitant disproportionate representation in Canada’s prisons and jails,” Derrick wrote.

For the benefit of those who struggle with critical thinking, I’ll explain why this is “anti-white discrimination.”

There is no scientific and objective guideline for sentencing. Each society must arbitrarily decide which punishment fits which crime. Therefore, all sentencing guidelines are subjective and relative. Claims that non-whites are routinely subject to harsher punishments are flawed – because no two crimes are exactly alike, and First-Nations and blacks do have much higher crime-rates than do whites. Different attitudes, translated into different behaviors, toward law enforcement and the courts will also impact sentencing.

When we say “we will be more lenient toward non-whites,” it’s another way of saying “we will be more harsh toward whites.”

Punishing blacks less harshly than whites will, over time, increase the black crime-rate even more. People will notice, and the result will be even more racial strife.


James Madison University trains students that Christians, White males are ‘oppressors’

James Madison University in Virginia is training student employees to recognize that people who identify as male, straight, cisgender, or Christian are “oppressors” that engage in the “systematic subjugation” of other social groups.

According to documents obtained by Fox News, student employees in charge of facilitating orientation for first-year students this fall at JMU underwent training in recent weeks to learn about social justice and inclusion.

training video mandated for student staff, hosted by coordinators Jessica Weed and Jennifer Iwerks, described oppression as “the systematic subjugation of one social group by a more powerful social group for the social, economic and political benefit of the more powerful social group.”

The video defined an “oppressor” group as one that has the power to define reality for themselves and others, and in turn, the “target” groups “take in and internalize the negative messages about them and end up cooperating with the oppressors (thinking and acting like them)…”

The JMU training materials listed the various races and nationalities they considered “privileged” or “agents” and those they characterized as “oppressed” or “targets.” Among the privileged, according to the presentation, are people who identify as male, cisgender, heterosexual, heteroromantic, Christian, White, Western European, American, upper to middle class, thin/athletic build, able-bodied, or ages 30s to early 50s.

Among the oppressed groups, according to the presentation, are people who identify as Black, Asian, Latinx, non-Western European, LGBTQ+, homoromantic, Muslim, Jewish, working class, overweight, or disabled, among others.


Bank of America Tells its White Employees to “Cede Power to People of Color”

Bank of America Corporation has implemented a racial reeducation program that claims the United States is a system of “white supremacy” and encourages employees to become “woke at work,” instructing white employees in particular to “decolonize [their] mind[s]” and “cede power to people of color.”

Earlier this year, Bank of America’s North Carolina and Charlotte market president Charles Bowman announced a new “equity” initiative called United in Action, in partnership with the United Way of Central Carolinas. According to documents I have obtained from a whistleblower, BOA executives launched the initiative by encouraging employees to participate in their “Racial Equity 21-Day Challenge,” a race-training program funded in part by the bank and built on the principles of critical race theory, including intersectionality, white privilege, white fragility, and systemic racism…

On days five and six, Bank of America encourages white employees to confront their “white privilege” and “white fragility,” in order to “discover where [they] are on the privilege spectrum” and “if [they] exhibit ‘white fragility’ traits.” As part of the program, Bank of America employees take a series of diagnostic tests, in which they assess their racial and sexual identities, check a series of boxes to identify their “white privilege,” and probe racist attitudes that could contribute to their “white fragility…”

After they have addressed their complicity in racial oppression, employees are encouraged to engage in the actions of “building a race equity culture.” A worksheet provides specific instructions, including: “decolonize your mind”; “accept that white supremacy and institutional racism are real”; “challenge white dominant cultural norms”; and “cede power to people of color.”


Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Included Racial Quotas for Broadband

I include attempted anti-white discrimination in this section because it reveals the intentions of our ruling elite. It’s true that, in the end, this “Infrastructure bill” failed, but politicians will simply find other, less transparent, means to achieve the same ends.

The so-called “infrastructure” bill, crafted by a group of Senate Democrats and Republicans, includes provisions to deliver broadband across the United States based on racial quotas and depending on the number of newly arrived immigrants.

The bill, officially released late Sunday evening, includes the Digital Equity Act that seeks to expand broadband to American communities that currently lack access to the Internet due to either poverty, dilapidated infrastructure, or their geographical location such as rural communities.

As part of the plan, the Department of Commerce would set up a grant program to states to fund broadband expansion. The grants would be divided up using this formula:

50 percent of the total grant amount shall be based on the population of the eligible State in proportion to the total population of all eligible States.

25 percent of the total grant amount shall be based on the number of individuals in the eligible State who are members of covered populations in proportion to the total number of individuals in all eligible States who are members of covered populations.

25 percent of the total grant amount shall be based on the comparative lack of availability and adoption of broadband in the eligible State in proportion to the lack of availability and adoption of broadband of all eligible States…

In the terms section of the bill, a “covered population” means anyone who is considered an “aging individual, a prison inmate excluding those in federal prison, a veteran, an individual with disabilities, an individual with a language barrier, and anyone who is a member of a racial or ethnic minority.”

This indicates that 25 percent of the total grant money in the program to help a state expand broadband access will be partially based on how many nonwhite residents, newly arrived immigrants who struggle speaking English, and prison inmates a community has.


Whites must move aside for foreigners to take power, says Sweden’s Green Party spokeswoman

The spokeswoman for Sweden’s Green Party, Märta Stenevi, recently argued that native-born White Swedish women must step aside so that foreign minority women can take the country’s reins of power…

When asked why the Green Party garners so many more votes from women compared to men, Stenevi suggested that power could be a factor driving men away from the Greens, arguing that those with “privilege” may be threatened over increasingly having to share power with women and ethnic minorities.

Later in the discussion, the 45-year-old Green Party spokeswoman went even further when she suggested that not only must Swedish men hand over political power, but that native-born White Swedish women must too.

“If foreign-born women are to gain power, White, domestically born women will have to move,” Stenevi said.


University of North Dakota School of Law Offers Partial Tuition Waivers; Whites Need Not Apply

The University of North Dakota School of Law offers partial tuition waivers in order to encourage racial and ethnic diversity within our student body. Based on availability, Cultural Diversity Tuition Waivers may be available to students from one or more of the following groups:

  • African American / Black
  • Alaska Native
  • Asian / Asian American
  • Hawaiian Native / Other Pacific Islander
  • Hispanic / Latino
  • Native American / American Indian
  • Multiracial / Multiethnic


Selective Code Enforcement Against White-Advocate in Brighton, NY

When stickers and fliers representing a pro-white and anti-immigration group started popping up around the Rochester, New York, suburb of Brighton last fall, it sent a shock throughout the community. 

The posts, which often featured a variation of the name and logo for the group, Identity Evropa, did not feature any direct calls for violence or hate speech. But community members felt threatened by the presence of the fliers in public places, said Brighton Supervisor Bill Moehle. 

This week, a 23-year-old University of Rochester senior has been identified by Brighton police as the suspect behind three of the posts.

Christopher N. Hodgman, 23, of Bethesda, Maryland, has been cited with three counts of violating the Brighton Town Code for placing the fliers on public structures. In a press conference Monday, police said they were able to identify Hodgman by pulling his fingerprints from adhesive tape used on three of the fliers.   

The citations are not criminal charges, and are not related in any way to the content or nature of the material Hodgman allegedly posted, Brighton Police Chief Mark Henderson said.


By using a town code violation to penalize an individual for posting flyers on behalf of a pro-white, anti-immigration group, a Rochester attorney said, the Brighton Police Department violated his client’s First Amendment right to free speech. 

“The problem is there’s selective enforcement here of the town ordinance based upon a constitutionally protected exercise of speech,” said Donald Thompson, an attorney who specializes in cases involving civil rights violations. “This is not anywhere close to the line. It is really equivalent to a lost dog poster.”

Brighton police cited 23-year-old Christopher Hodgman, a senior at the University of Rochester, with three separate violations of the town code for posting the flyers to public utilities and property last fall. The violations each carry a $250 fine and up to 15 days in jail. 

Thompson, Hodgman’s attorney, said if the ordinance prohibiting the posting of flyers to public spaces was uniformly and constantly enforced, there would be no issue. But in this situation, he said, that is not the case. 

“Why, in this particular instance, is that violation being enforced?” Thompson said. “Well, it’s because of the content of the speech, as they perceive it, and that’s the problem. It’s an attempt to chill speech based up on constitutionally protected content.”

Police were able to pull fingerprints from adhesive tape used on three separate flyers to identify Hodgman — an endeavor that Thompson said seems largely out of proportion to the mildness of the violation itself. 

“(This is) an investigation heretofore never seen for a town ordinance violation,” Thompson said. “I’ve had murder cases that were not investigated as thoroughly.”

Thompson said that the flyers, which featured the name and logo of a white nationalist organization called Identity Evropa, were no more unconstitutional in nature than a lost dog poster or a flyer advertising an apartment for rent.


Brighton’s codes do prohibit the posting of flyers on public property, but Brighton and Rochester border each other, and it’s not always clear where one city ends and another begins in such metropolitan scenarios.

The City of Rochester, which is much larger than Brighton, includes this on its official website:

Make and Post Flyers
Hang flyers in heavy traffic areas and public spaces near where your pet was last seen. Good old fashioned leg work is still the best way to locate a missing pet. Refer to the Lost Pet Resource Packet for a sample flyer that you can use.

Obviously, if a resident of Rochester hangs flyers for his lost dog, and he hangs some of them in adjacent Brighton, the police would not go through the trouble of extracting fingerprints from the tape to find the culprit, and then prosecute the dog-owner to the fullest extent of the law. Any reasonable person can see that this was selective enforcement.

One final note: The Identity Europa movement is no more racist than the Congressional Black Caucus. Both organizations have exclusive membership based on race, both advocate for their own people, and neither advocates violence or any criminal activity. The main difference between the two is that the Congressional Black Caucus has a lot of power, while Identity Europa has practically no power. Hence, if “discrimination + power = racism,” then the Congressional Black Caucus is racist, but not Identity Europa. The SPLC should not be controlling which speech is protected, and which speech is suppressed by the police, and prosecuted by the courts. This is a case where “Defund the Police” actually makes sense.

Collierville, TN Authorities Crack Down on “Love White Children” Signs

Stickers promoting white supremacy sentiments were found posted in a Collierville park Sunday.

Reports across social media including Facebook showed a sticker with “Love White Children” written on it and a QR code linking to a group-chat for White Lives Matter found on a water fountain near the soccer field at W.C. Johnson Park in Collierville. 

Town Administrator James Lewellen said the town was notified Sunday night about the concern, and when he arrived at the park Monday morning the sticker was scratched off.

“It looks like it’s a group going around and putting these things everywhere,” Lewellen said. “There were a couple of them that showed up there (W.C. Johnson Park) and we took them down. We’re watching out to see if they reappear somewhere else…”

Stacey Ewell, Germantown’s senior communications strategist, said in an email that public works employees around the city found and discarded the stickers Sunday and Monday…

The QR code on the stickers leads to a Telegram group for White Lives Matter in Tennessee where multiple posts show people placing the stickers around the state including in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and Collierville.

The white supremacy group on Telegram, an instant messaging site, has nearly 10,800 subscribers with separate groups for certain regions. The group labels the movement as “a world-wide, legal, peaceful and anonymous initiative that furthers the interests of white children through real-life action…”

Lewellen said he has not seen these advertisements in Collierville before but officials will keep an eye out to see who posted the stickers because the incident is also considered destruction of public property.

“This is another one of those racial issues that’s not acceptable in Collierville but it’s happening everywhere, and there’s not a lot we can do to prevent it,” Lewellen said.


Jake Gardner: Victim of the Anti-White Mob

Jake Gardner — an Omaha bar owner recently charged with manslaughter after shooting a man outside his business — has committed suicide. Gardner was charged with manslaughter, attempted assault, making terroristic threats and using a gun to commit a felony after shooting and killing James Scurlock on May 30. The shooting took place as protests turned violent in downtown Omaha following the death of George Floyd. Molotov cocktails were thrown and rocks were pelted at businesses before the gathering was declared unlawful by Omaha PD and cleared with tear gas.

Douglas County DA Don Kleine initially declined to bring charges against Gardner, stating that the bar owner acted in self defense. A surveillance video from Gardner’s bar shows a group of people, including Scurlock, approaching Gardner.

Gardner then pulled out a hand gun and held it by his side while he backed up. At this point, a man and a woman from Scurlock’s group tackled the bar owner. He fired his gun twice in the air, describing them as “warning shots” to the Omaha Police Department. The initial attackers ran off, but Scurlock then tackled Gardner. Kleine said that Scurlock was on Gardner’s back and had his arm around his neck. In another video, Gardner can be heard yelling “get off of me!”

According to Kleine, Gardner, his arm pinned, fired a shot that ended up hitting Scurlock in the neck-shoulder area, killing him.

An hour before the shooting, surveillance video showed Scurlock vandalizing the RDG Planning and Design architectural firm in the former Omaha Chamber of Commerce building.

Kleine declined to bring charges after a group of homicide detectives reached “a consensus that the actions of the shooter were justified”, according to the Omaha World Herald.

After intense pressure, a grand jury was called in to review the case. Heavy pressure was put on Don Kleine via activist groups and social media, with protesters at one point demonstrating outside the DA’s house. The grand jury then opted to indict Gardner, who served two tours in Iraq and suffered a traumatic brain injury. News of his suicide broke yesterday evening.

The death of this man should enrage any American who believes in the justice system. A court of law is not supposed to be subject to the rule of a mob, but with each passing day, this seems to be the case. If enough people stomp their feet and demand they get their way, they appear to get it.

Anything that can be used as fuel for racial division is instantly jumped on by nationally coordinated political entities. Jake Gardner — a small business owner — never stood a chance against anarcho-tyranny. Black Lives Matter is a movement backed by seemingly every corporation under the sun. BLM and groups like it have received millions in funding since George Floyd’s death, enjoy widespread support in the major sports leagues, have the backing of most of the entertainment industry and almost all big tech companies. To say that the Black Lives Matter movement is some underdog story of oppressed people raging against a power structure is simply insulting.

A GoFundMe page for Gardner’s legal defense was taken down, which is something that GoFundMe routinely does to targets of the mob’s wrath. Kyle Rittenhouse’s GoFundMe page was also taken down while Facebook banned any support of the teenager’s case on the platform.

Meanwhile, Jacob Blake — a man who resisted arrest, reached for a knife and had a prior conviction for sexual assault of a minor — was able to raise millions on GoFundMe. Blake was praised as a hero on social media, by high profile athletes and even Joe Biden.

So the tone has been set. If the machine has an agenda, there will be no discussion of the case. The accused will be railroaded, silenced and prosecuted while felons who are shot while committing violent acts are praised as heroes. Kyle Rittenhouse was supposed to let a man shoot him in the head, Jake Gardner was supposed to let James Scurlock take his gun and kill him. Self defense isn’t a right granted to those that Marxists have designated as enemies. In fact, discussion won’t even be allowed.


Non-Whites to get Priority in Biden’s Crack-Pipe Distribution Program

Though the overall purpose of the program is harm reduction and not racial equality, applicants who are granted funding will “be expected to develop a behavioral health disparity impact statement no later than 60 days” after the funding is awarded.

One part of this impact statement is showing the number of people who will be served during the grant period and identify under-resourced populations such as racial, sexual, gender and ethnic minority groups.

“The priority populations for this program are underserved communities that are greatly impacted by SUD [substance use disorders],” the HHS document said and went on to say that underserved communities are defined by Executive Order 13985.

In that executive order, issued on January 20, 2021, President Joe Biden said that “the Federal Government should pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality.”


San Francisco To Provide $1,000/Month To Pregnant Black, Pacific Islander Women

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The City of San Francisco will pay Black and Pacific Islander women $1,000 a month during their pregnancies and after birth in a pilot program to study how the monthly support helps achieve better maternal health and birthing outcomes.

The Abundant Birth Project will provide the monthly supplement to approximately 150 women in San Francisco for the duration of their pregnancy and the first six months of the baby’s life, with the goal of eventually providing the supplement for up to two years post-pregnancy, according to a press statement from Mayor London Breed.

The program is being launched in conjunction with Expecting Justice, a Black-led birth justice initiative lead by Dr. Zea Malawa at the San Francisco Department of Public Health and supported by the Hellman Foundation and the UCSF California Preterm Birth Initiative. Expecting Justice will study the resulting health impacts of the program, the first of its kind in the U.S.

The article goes on to claim that racial health disparities, among pregnant women, are due to systemic racism. The article provides no proof of this, other than the fact that Expecting Justice asserts it, and that there are also racial income disparities – a subject that has already been adequately explained in The Bell Curve. There are racial differences in average IQ, and this accounts for disparities in social dysfunction, crime-rates, poverty levels and some health disparities.


U. of Michigan Dearborn Hosts Racially Segregated ‘BIPOC’ and ‘Non-POC’ Events and a BIPOC Cafe

The University of Michigan-Dearborn hosted racially segregated events on Tuesday, one for “Non-POC,” and the other for “BIPOC” (Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color) students. During the two racially segregated “cafes,” the groups were encouraged to “discuss their experience as students on campus.” The university now says that it “sincerely regrets” describing the cafes as “Non-POC” and “BIPOC” events.

“The Non-POC (People Of Color) Cafe is a space for students that do not identify as persons of color to gather and to discuss their experience as students on campus and as non-POC in the world,” read the event description on the university’s website. Although the university has since pulled the relevant pages off their website, archives of the information pages exist.


Trudeau announces new loan program for Black entrepreneurs as Singh calls for action against systemic racism

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced a new multi-million dollar program to help Black Canadians get business loans with national banks and said his government is looking at measures to tackle systemic racism in Canada.

The $221-million program will receive about $93 million from the federal government over the next four years and $128 million from eight financial institutions.

Ottawa is deploying close to $33 million — along with funds from RBC, BMO Financial Group, Scotiabank, CIBC, National Bank, TD, Vancity, and Alterna Savings — to create a new Black entrepreneurship loan program which will provide Black entrepreneurs with loans between $25,000 and $250,000. 

Another $53 million from the federal government will go toward helping entrepreneurs access funding, capital, mentorship, financial planning services and business training, while $6.5 million will go support collecting data on the state of Black entrepreneurship in Canada.


From the Canadian government’s official website for this program, we can confirm that only blacks are eligible for this financial aid:

Who is eligible under the Black Entrepreneurship Loan Fund?

To be eligible for a loan, an applicant must:

  • self-identify as Black or Black-led (majority ownership of >51% by Black Canadians);
  • be a legal resident of Canada: i.e. Canadian citizen or permanent resident, or conventional refugee (for microloans only), or a legal entity owned and controlled by a Canadian citizen or citizens; and
  • be a minimum of 18 years.


Hence it is apparent that, while Canadian taxpayers are funding this program (at least in part), and most of these taxpayers are white, these white Canadian citizens are excluded from it.

Black Inmate Who Told Columbus Police that he “Felt the Need to Find a White Male to Kill” Housed with White Inmate, Who he Kills

COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) — A Georgia county inmate was found beaten to death in his cell, authorities said.

Muscogee County Jail inmate Eddie Nelson Jr., 39, was pronounced dead Saturday morning, news outlets reported.

Sheriff Donna Tompkins said inmate Jayvon Hatchett, 19, is suspected in the beating death, which is being investigated. Additional details weren’t immediately released.

Hatchett was charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon on Aug. 25, accused of stabbing an AutoZone employee because of his race. Hatchett, who is Black, told Columbus police that he “felt the need to find a white male to kill” after watching videos of police brutality, Police Sgt. R.S. Mills said.

Nelson, a white man, was booked on Aug. 26 and charged with probation violation and failure to register as a sex offender, according to jail records.


For a different perspective on this case, here’s an article (now removed) cited in American Renaissance:

New details are emerging about what happened inside the Muscogee County Jail early Saturday morning when Eddie Nelson was allegedly beaten to death by his cellmate Jayvon Hatchett.  Nelson was picked up for a probation violation on September 1st and then housed with the hate crime suspect.

“I have a question for the Sheriff. Why? Why did you put my son and that other man in there together? Why? Can you answer me that? I lost a son because of ya’lls negligence,” Nelson’s grieving mother told First News exclusively.

Nelson’s family is demanding answers about why her son was placed inside the same jail cell as Jayvon Hatchett, the suspect accused of stabbing a white Auto Zone worker after watching police shootings on Facebook. According to court testimony, Hatchett wanted to kill white people after watching those videos of police brutality and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. “If this mentally imbalanced individual had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan, they would not have put him in a cell with a black person. If he was a rapist, they wouldn’t have put him in a cell with a woman. If he had bombed a synagogue they wouldn’t have put him in a cell with a Jewish person. If he had been that white kid up in Wisconsin that shot those demonstrators they would not have put him in a cell with demonstrators. I mean this is either sheer stupidity or meanness that’s the only way I can explain it,” Attorney Craig Jones said after reviewing details about the incident.

Store forced to back down from plan charging whites special fee
Had announced ‘deposit’ requirement, but exempted ‘people of color’

A clothing store in Georgia has been forced – by public outrage – to back down from its plan to charge whites a special fee for making an appointment.

The New York Post explained the shop, Civvies on Broughton in Savannah, had announced on Facebook a process “it said would require a $20 refundable deposit to book an appointment at the boutique, while people of color would be exempt.”

The store had said, “If you are white and refuse to put down a deposit because you believe our policy is unethical you will not be accepted for an appointment.”

The announcement now, however, had been deleted.


Google Results for “American White Man” Vs. “American Black Man”

Many people have noticed that if you search Google for “American inventors” you get a flood of obscure black people. You’re in for a different kind of surprise if you ask Google images for an “American white man.” Your results may be a little different from mine, but this is the rogue’s gallery I got when I searched in an “incognito” window yesterday.

In the first 14 images, you get no fewer than five murders (positions 6, 11, and 13). Four are “white supremacist” killers (11 and 13), and the fifth (6) is a cop killer. We also get the mug shot of a white man who brandished a gun at blacks (position 2), two pictures of “white supremacist” Richard Spencer (7 and 12), the “abhorrent” James Watson (5), a black writer named Roxane Gay (9), and a white beta-male named Kevin Miller (position 10) who explains that he no longer says, “We are a nation of immigrants” because even that phrase “makes white people the norm”! In position 14 we find another strange “white American man,” Ahmaud Arbery, whose march to sainthood was temporarily derailed by George Floyd. There is Donald Trump, from a New York Times hit piece in position 2, and your servant, in position 3.

Only the men in positions 1 and 8 are stock images of white men, and they both illustrate articles that insult white people. The first guy is from a Vox article that is outraged to find that 50 percent of Republicans actually think “increased racial diversity” is bad for the country. Position 8 is from a Slate article that tells you “rich white guys” are jerks.

And what’s Google’s idea of an “American black man”?

Not one murderer among them. And Google has helpfully seen to it that the first three searches are of “handsome African American man.”


Lyft Provides Free Rides to Blacks; Whites Excluded

Together, we will provide access to 1.5 million rides* to help under-resourced Black communities reach a powerful network of essential resources and services that’ll help meet the challenges we face in this moment of crisis, and to ensure that we all emerge stronger and more empowered on the other side. As part of that commitment, all LyftUp Community Grants for the remainder of 2020 will go toward local organizations directly supporting communities of color.

Collectively, these organizations were already providing services to millions of people per day before the COVID-19 crisis. Today, with millions of Black people without work, and many more holding essential jobs, these organizations are on the front lines of this crisis. From COVID testing and food delivery to mental health and job readiness, the LyftUp Access Alliance will support access to the essential services Black individuals and Black communities need to survive and thrive in the wake of COVID.


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: I’m only granting one-on-one interviews to journalists of color

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Wednesday that she will grant one-on-one interviews to mark the two-year anniversary of her inauguration solely to journalists of color, saying she has been struck by the “overwhelmingly” white press corps in Chicago.

“I ran to break up the status quo that was failing so many,” Lightfoot, who is Black, tweeted, also issuing a detailed letter to City Hall reporters on her decision. “That isn’t just in City Hall. It’s a shame that in 2021, the City Hall press corps is overwhelmingly White in a city where more than half of the city identifies as Black, Latino, AAPI or Native American.”

While the move isn’t unprecedented in recent years, it drew fierce scrutiny among the city’s press corps and beyond with members of the media quickly taking Lightfoot to task for her decision.


NYC schools chief sued for hostile environment against whites, accused of demoting admins for skin color to curb ‘toxic whiteness’

The New York Post reports that at least four top executives of the city’s Department of Education (DOE) have been demoted or stripped of responsibilities amidst “an environment which is hostile to whites.” The four women, who are white, veteran administrators, are filing suit against the city, claiming they were pushed aside for less qualified people of color.

Whiteness has become toxic under Richard Carranza, the schools chancellor, according to the Post article.

“These decisions are being made because DOE leadership believes that skin color plays a role in how to get equity — that white people can’t convey the message. There’s a toxic whiteness concept going on,” said a source who is in the know about the complaints.

Sources say that under Carranza’s leadership, whites are often being told they must “give up power or lose responsibilities, no matter how well they have performed.”

More than 12 high-ranking superintendents and deputies who had served under the previous chancellor, Carmen Fariña, have been demoted … some with significant pay cuts … or have been pressured into retirement, sources say. Still, others have reduced duties and work under new bosses.


The Daily Beast/MSN Double Standard

When a white teacher assaulted a black student, the Daily Beast headline read:

White Teacher Arrested After… Slamming Black Student into Wall

The article highlights the fact that the perpetrator is white, while the victim is black – even though there’s no evidence that this was a racially-motivated crime.

When a black career criminal executed a white woman Uber driver, the Daily Beast headline read:

Dashcam Footage Shows Uber Driver and Mom of 4 Begging Her Killer for Mercy: Cops

The article doesn’t mention race even once.

While it’s true that the articles are from different journalists, surely the Daily Beast has editors who check headlines for consistency and guidelines. As for MSN, which featured both stories as quoted above, its editors surely knew what they were doing; MSN is, of course, owned by Microsoft:

UK Media company explicitly discriminates against whites:

r/WorldNationalists - Straight white males need not apply - Anti-white racism from British broadcasting organisations

Canadian Government Committing $10 million in federal funding to help 200 Black families in the Greater Toronto Area purchase their first home

Ahmed Hussen, the minister of housing, diversity and inclusion, made the announcement during a news conference Friday morning, saying the funding will be given to the BlackNorth Homeownership Bridge Program in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Toronto…

The new funding will help 200 Black families purchase their first home in the GTA within the next four years under the Shared Equity Mortgage Provider fund. It will help the homebuyers reduce their monthly mortgage without increasing the amount they pay toward the down payment.

Hussen said that the program is designed to ensure that these homes remain affordable across multiple owners and multiple generations, while also “building strength and generational wealth through their home.”


Microsoft Called Out for its Anti-White Male Discrimination

“Does Microsoft have any plans to end the current policy that financially incentivizes discriminatory hiring practices? To be clear, I am referring to the fact that senior leadership is awarded more money if they discriminate against Asians and white men,” read the original post by the Microsoft program manager on Yammer, a corporate messaging platform owned by Microsoft. The employee commented consistently throughout the thread, making similar arguments. Quartz reviewed lengthy sections of the internal discussion provided by Microsoft employees.

“I have an ever-increasing file of white male Microsoft employees who have faced outright and overt discrimination because they had the misfortune of being born both white and male. This is unacceptable,” the program manager wrote in a comment later. The Microsoft employees who spoke to Quartz said they weren’t aware of any action by the company in response, despite the comments being reported to Microsoft’s human resources department.


A 5th Grade Teacher Allegedly Has White Students Apologize to Black Students

Justice Department Finds Yale Illegally Discriminates Against Asians and Whites in Undergraduate Admissions in Violation of Federal Civil-Rights Laws

The Department of Justice today notified Yale University of its findings that Yale illegally discriminates against Asian American and white applicants in its undergraduate admissions process in violation of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The findings are the result of a two-year investigation in response to a complaint by Asian American groups concerning Yale’s conduct.

“There is no such thing as a nice form of race discrimination,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband for the Civil Rights Division. “Unlawfully dividing Americans into racial and ethnic blocs fosters stereotypes, bitterness, and division. It is past time for American institutions to recognize that all people should be treated with decency and respect and without unlawful regard to the color of their skin. In 1890, Frederick Douglass explained that the ‘business of government is to hold its broad shield over all and to see that every American citizen is alike and equally protected in his civil and personal rights.’ The Department of Justice agrees and will continue to fight for the civil rights of all people throughout our nation.”

As a condition of receiving millions of dollars in taxpayer funding, Yale expressly agrees to comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a cornerstone civil-rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance.

The Department of Justice found Yale discriminates based on race and national origin in its undergraduate admissions process, and that race is the determinative factor in hundreds of admissions decisions each year. For the great majority of applicants, Asian Americans and whites have only one-tenth to one-fourth of the likelihood of admission as African American applicants with comparable academic credentials. Yale rejects scores of Asian American and white applicants each year based on their race, whom it otherwise would admit.


Banks and tech giants including JPMorgan and Amazon pledge to hire 100,000 minority and low-income New Yorkers

The CEOs of banks, tech companies and consulting firms are forming a group to boost hiring from underrepresented groups in New York.

Leaders from 27 firms that represent many of New York’s dominant industries banded together to create the New York Jobs CEO Council, which aims to hire 100,000 people from low-income Black, Latino and Asian communities by 2030, according to a release.

The co-chairs of the new organization include Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase; Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM, and Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture. Other initial members of the CEO group include Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Sundar Pichai of Google and David Solomon of Goldman Sachs.

The CEOs are “coming together to try to tackle one of society’s big problems, which is getting inner city school [children], largely minority, getting these kids through school and with a high-paying job,” Dimon said Tuesday in an interview with Stephanie Ruhle on the Today Show. 


The headline makes it seem as if low-income whites will be on equal footing with middle-class non-whites. Upon closer inspection, it appears that “low-income” is a descriptor of “minority,” and not its own class.

JPMorgon vows to hire blacks and Latinos, but shows no concern for low-income whites.

IBM’s Diversity and Inclusion report makes no mention of low-income whites, and focuses entirely on non-whites and women. Furthermore, IBM has specifically targeted non-white research internships, with no concern for low-income whites.

Accenture has this to say about its Diversity goals:

This commitment starts at the top with our chair and chief executive officer and Board. And we expect leaders at all levels to help create and sustain a culture of equality where everyone can advance and thrive. Our areas of focus include gender, ethnicity, LGBTI, religion, persons with disabilities and cross-cultural diversity.

Accenture has a “Black Founders Program,” but it doesn’t seem to have an equivalent program for low-income whites.

Amazon’s Diversity Statement does leave room for low-income whites:

Our diverse perspectives are enriched by many dimensions, including race, ethnicity, gender, age, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, culture, language, and education, as well as professional and life experience.

However, given Amazon’s support for Critical Race Theory, and the fact that Amazon has been censoring pro-white content from its platform for years, it’s extremely unlikely that a white job candidate will be on equal footing with a non-white one if he demonstrates that he’s low-income. Tellingly, Amazon set a goal to increase black and female representation in its higher ranks last year. This was due to lawsuits. Clearly, lawsuits from low-income whites is not a concern for Amazon.

Microsoft’s Diversity and Inclusion Report makes it abundantly clear that low-income whites are not a priority, and it’s not even a metric. I’ve already written about Microsoft’s anti-white bias here.

Google’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report shows no concern for low-income whites. It’s not even a metric. I’ve already documented Google’s anti-white bias several times.

Goldman Sachs Inclusion and Diversity Report also does not include any mention of low-income whites. Race and gender are their primary priorities.

Note that the featured article, quoted at the beginning of this post, was published in August of 2020, and the cited reports are consistent with this time-frame. If low-income whites were truly considered, on par with non-whites, then this should have been reflected in the official Diversity statements.

Ongoing black-on-white racial violence downplayed and not adequately punished.

One-punch killer is let off with ZERO jail time in homicide of Florida tourist in New York City

New York City judge has sentenced a former Wake Forest University assistant basketball coach to three years of probation with no jail time in the one-punch death of a tourist from Florida.

Jamill C. Jones, 37, was sentenced on Thursday for third-degree assault in the August 2018 homicide of 35-year-old Sandor Szabo in Queens. He had faced a maximum of one year in jail.


This video, though long, is well worth watching. Rest in peace Colin:

Wikipedia does recognize that the knockout game is sometimes racial – but only when the victims are Jewish:

Racial components


Several attacks on Jewish victims in Brooklyn in 2013 have been called antisemitic hate crimes. ABC Nightline reported that New York City police believed that antisemitism was likely to be a motive in the attacks, as all eight victims were identified as Jewish.

Jewish community leaders in Brooklyn have spoken out on the subject, and the Anti-Defamation League regional office issued a public statement on knockout attacks “targeting Jewish individuals in Brooklyn”. Amrit Marajh, a 28-year-old suspect in an attack that took place in Brooklyn, was charged with a hate crime as his victim was Jewish. Marajh has claimed innocence and denied the claims of antisemitism.

Wikipedia conveniently ignores the fact that, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the Knockout Game is black-on-white – and it’s never charged as a hate-crime…

Did I say “never?” Pardon me; there was one case (in which the victim was not a Jew) where the Federal Government did get involved, and made sure to charge the perpetrator with a hate crime (which it apparently was).

That was a rare white-on-black attack. In that case, Eric Holder immediately sprung into action to prosecute the perpetrator to the fullest extent of the law – ignoring all the black-on-white cases. This is not surprising considering Holder’s black-nationalist view.

Some of y’all may still have doubts about the scale of the Knockout Game problem; you might think it’s just a few isolated incidents. I urge you to watch the Colin Flaherty video I linked to above. This is a clear case of a massive, and systemic, racial attack whose primary victims are white and Asian. The perpetrators are getting away with murder, and Mediagov, through its complacency, is encouraging it.

Billionaire John Paulson penned letter to Manhattan’s $50K-a-year Spence School accusing it of ‘anti-white indoctrination’ and claiming reading materials maliciously portray white people

The Paulsons went on to cite several examples of ‘very troubling’ curriculum materials that they had spoken to Spence about in past years.

‘Last year, we highlighted sections from assigned passages in 8th grade English. These included: in “Indian Education,” the white teacher is a mean, ugly redheaded monster and a white father rapes his daughter,’ the letter states.

‘We also expressed our deep disappointment last September at the school play when two white girls pushed a black girl because she didn’t summer in South or East Hampton…

The couple then described the reason for their current letter – an assignment their seventh-grade daughter recently received.

‘Now we find ourselves writing to you again to raise yet another example in what has become an alarming pattern … the subject of “Courageous Conversations Conversation Compass” given to the seventh-grade class,’ the letter states.

‘The student writings provided are designed, we believe, to promote anti-white indoctrination.’

The Paulsons did not go into further detail about what the offending assignment entailed, according to Page Six, but wrote: ‘We believe these materials send the wrong message to students about the values they should adopt to lead prosperous lives.

‘The advantages enjoyed by most individuals from middle or upper-income backgrounds today are the result of stable family backgrounds, high education levels, hard work, and personal responsibility.

‘To attribute them to their race entails a blindness to the values that we rightly want to cultivate in our children. Our daughters are successful in school because they are disciplined and work hard.

‘We think it is wrong to imply they are successful because they are white. We also think it is harmful to indoctrinate in whites a sense of guilt and in blacks feelings of resentment and entitlement against whites.


Washington Post’s Global Opinions editor spews hate toward white women, suffering no consequences

Karen Attiah is The Washington Post’s Global Opinions Editor. She recently posted:

She deleted this tweet. However, it wasn’t because she thought she did anything wrong. She made this very clear.


Zazzle Doesn’t Think It’s Okay To Be White

Neil Kumar, American Renaissance, June 30, 2020

One of the smallest gestures we can make has a great effect: Put up “It’s Okay to Be White” stickers. Opposing them means it’s not okay to be white. Last week, I got a promotional message from Zazzle, an online seller of customized clothing and gifts, offering half price on all stickers. I typed in my design — It’s Okay to Be White — and paid. Several hours later, I got email from the Zazzle “content management team.” They canceled my order because the “team” was “unable to process” my design, which was “in conflict” with their “content guidelines.”

I wrote back: “I would like for you to specifically state your reason as to why the simple statement that it is okay to be white violates your content guidelines. Would the content review team have flagged it had it read, ‘It’s Okay to Be Black’? Would you have flagged something for saying, ‘Black Lives Matter’? Of course not. So, it appears that you have an egregious double standard. I guess Zazzle believes that it is not okay to be white. Is that it?” About half an hour later, I got a reply: “in this instance, your design contains imagery or sentiment that is in violation of Zazzle’s Acceptable Content Guidelines.”

What is “acceptable content” for Zazzle? First of all, “Black and proud” is OK. On the Zazzle website I also found Antifa flags and clenched Black Power fists breaking chains along with: “All lives don’t matter unless black lives matter,” “White silence is violence,” “America was never great,” “Defund the police,” “Racism is not a difference of opinion,” “Trump is racist,” “I met God, and she’s black,” “Jesus was brown,” “The South lost. Get over it,” “No human being is illegal,” “You were brainwashed into thinking European features are the epitome of beauty,” “Make America racist again,” “Make racists afraid again,” “I’m not racist. I have white friends,” “We can’t just stand by and watch our black brothers and sisters die,” “No justice, no peace, no racist police,” “I scare white people,” “Will throw pee at white supremacists,” “Will trade racists for refugees,” “The least racist is still racist,” “Why be racist when you could just be quiet?,” “Wypipo tears,” “White privilege tears,” “Shame on white privilege,” “Fight for those without your privilege,” “Use your white privilege to fight white supremacy,” and “Equality feels like oppression to the privileged.”

The Zazzle masthead says this: “Our hearts are heavy. Our eyes and ears are open. Our commitment is unwavering. We don’t accept hate. We won’t be silent. We will do more. We must. We are. Now, tomorrow, together. We stand with the Black community.” Rather than hide behind “content guidelines,” Zazzle should be honest: It doesn’t think it’s okay to be white.


Posted on June 24, 2020

Oregon County Exempts ‘People of Color’ from Mandatory Face Mask Rule

Oregon’s Lincoln County has created an exception for non-white residents in a new compulsory face mask order, citing concerns over racial profiling, but puzzled observers have deemed the move discriminatory, if not illegal.

The county’s public health directive mandates that “all individuals” in Lincoln “shall wear face coverings” in all public settings, including outdoor areas where proper social distancing is impossible. However, in addition to people with certain disabilities and children under 12 years old, the new order exempts “people of color who have heightened concern about racial profiling and harassment,” creating a clear racial distinction in the rules.

The order has prompted an outpouring of criticism and confusion, with netizens baffled that such a blatantly discriminatory policy could pass muster in 2020, some even labeling it outright racist.

The legality of the new order also became a hot topic, as many argued the rule would never stand up in a courtroom.

“Get arrested, someone!!! This is a lay-up civil rights case,” one netizen urged, while another asked “How the hell is this legal?”

Some critics saw more sinister forces at work, musing that orders mandating face masks – whose effectiveness are still a matter of dispute among experts – are a “power grab,” having more to do with politics than public health. Similar concerns over politicized health advice were raised amid widespread protests inspired by the police killing of George Floyd in late May, in which many public health experts outwardly encouraged demonstrations, despite previously warning that all mass gatherings – including protests over Covid-19 lockdown measures – posed significant risk.

Many of the same experts have also cautioned that black and Latino communities are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus, making Lincoln County’s new face mask exemption all the more confounding.

Some activists have raised concerns that face masks do, in fact, put certain communities at risk, however. According to ReNika Moore, director of the ACLU’s Racial Justice Program, compulsory mask rules put people of color in a “lose-lose situation” with potentially “life-threatening consequences.”

“Not wearing a protective bandana goes against CDC recommendations and increases the risk of contracting Covid-19, but wearing one could mean putting their lives at risk of getting shot or killed because of racially-biased targeting,” Moore argued.

Note: The original June 23, 2020 Russian TV article has since been taken down.


Fox Television Series “Cops” Intentionally Showed a Disproportionate Number of White Criminals:

Fort Lauderdale police chief fired over minority-first practices in hiring and promotions, report says

The city of Fort Lauderdale has fired its police chief Larry Scirotto, who has been in office for less than a year, following allegations of discriminatory practices for promotions…

The investigation concluded that during his time as police chief, Scirotto implemented an approach to hiring and promotion that was unfairly focused on minority candidates.The report said Scirotto once pointed to a conference room wall displaying photos of the department’s command staff and stated, “that wall is too white,” and “I’m gonna change that…”

In one example in the report, Scirotto is alleged to have overlooked a White man with 20 years tenure with the department, and instead narrowed the choice between two men of color, and asked, “which one is blacker.”

When asked about his approach to promotions, Scirotto told investigators he was going to “consider diversity at every opportunity,” and he had to be “intentional” in his decision-making process.

Scirotto denied asking which candidate was “blacker” when deciding on the promotion, but admitted to making comments about the wall being “too white,” because he felt it was not reflective of the community, according to the report.


VIDEO: Seattle-Area School Board Defends Segregating Meetings by Skin Color

Board president defended the decision from critics, saying that for “people of color,” being “surrounded by other people similar to them, makes it easier.”

At a February 10th meeting, the school board of this Seattle suburb defended tailoring invitations to a recent meeting by skin color. Board president Anne Moore defended the decision from critics, saying that for “people of color,” being “surrounded by other people similar to them, makes it easier.”

Lesha Engels, a spokesperson for the board, had claimed that invitations do not qualify as examples of racial segregation, saying “All parents are welcome to attend any of the 4 parent meetings, they are not segregated,” even though the invitations in a district bulletin are clearly tailored “for Parents/Guardians of Color”.


Florissant Woman Helps Change Merriam Webster’s Definition of Racism

While thousands of people have taken to the street to protest, Kennedy Mitchum, who recently graduated with a degree in law, politics and society,  took to email.

She said it all started when people would argue with her about the definition of racism and she realized the problem was in the pages of Merriam Webster’s dictionary.


The dictionary defines racism as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.”


“I basically told them they need to include that there is systematic oppression on people. It’s not just ‘I don’t like someone,’ it’s a system of oppression for a certain group of people,” Mitchum explained.

And after a few back and forth emails, the editor of Merriam Webster Dictionary agreed and wrote back, “While our focus will always be on faithfully reflecting the real-world usage of a word, not on promoting any particular viewpoint, we have concluded that omitting any mention of the systemic aspects of racism promotes a certain viewpoint in itself.”

Alex Chambers, the editor of Merriam Webster Dictionary said a revision to the entry for “racism” is now being drafted.

Note: The original article, at, has been removed. Therefore, I’m citing the American Renaissance article as the source.

Here’s the current Merriam Webster entry for “racism:”

Definition of racism

1: a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

Ladino elites used racism to justify the displacement and enslavement of the indigenous population, and these beliefs, along with the resentment created by the continued exploitation of indigenous land and labor, culminated in the Guatemalan Civil War (1960-1996).— Mariana Calvo…

how do we begin undoing the processes of internalized hatred and internalized racism?— bell hooks alsobehavior or attitudes that reflect and foster this belief racial discrimination or prejudice

The kind of trenchant racism to which black people have persistently been subjected can never be defeated by making its victims more respectable. The essence of American racism is disrespect.— Imani Perry

From racist graffiti in schools to daily microaggressions and police profiling, rally testimonials highlighted that issues surrounding racism are still very much local issues.— Ryan J. Degan

The War on Drugs, cloaked in race-neutral language, offered whites opposed to racial reform a unique opportunity to express their hostility toward blacks and black progress, without being exposed to the charge of racism.— Michelle Alexander

2a: the systemic oppression of a racial group to the social, economic, and political advantage of another specificallyWHITE SUPREMACY sense 2

institutional racism

One of the many ruses racism achieves is the virtual erasure of historical contributions by people of color.— Angela Y. Davis

Discriminatory housing practices, redlining neighborhoods, underfunded education, lack of access to healthcare, racial profiling, police brutality and mass incarceration are just a few examples of cage wires that all together contribute to structural racism.— Sylvia Luetmer

Our nation faces a fork in the road and a decision to either continue down the same path of systemic racism or to confront our past honestly.— Bree Newsome

“People of color, low-income people, and Indigenous peoples have been made especially vulnerable through decades of environmental racism: policies that intentionally concentrate pollution and toxic hazards in our communities.”— Michele Roberts

b: a political or social system founded on racism and designed to execute its principles

In 1913 the Natives Land Act reserved 90% of the country for whites, who then made up 21% of the population. Under the formalised racism of apartheid 3.5m blacks were forcibly moved to isolated reservations called “homelands.”— The Economist

End quote from Merriam Webster.

As we can plainly see, the Woke influence on this “definition” is very strong. All of the given examples feature non-whites as victims. Though the editors didn’t explicitely come out and say so, the overall message is that whites can only be perpetrators of racism, but not victims.

Regular readers of this column will instantly recognize that:

the systemic oppression of a racial group to the social, economic, and political advantage of another

applies to white people in the Western World, for it is ONLY white people who are targeted by official government policy for exclusion. Yet Merriam Webster ignores all this, and claims that NON-WHITES are the victims of racism, and that said racism stems from “white-supremacy.”

We truly live in an upside-down world.

Airbnb urges members to prioritize non-white-led organizations, and to read “White Fragility”

Financially support organizations on the ground in the impacted place(s), especially those that are Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color Led…

White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism by Robin DiAngelo


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Cuts $100 Million-$150 Million From LAPD Budget, Funds To Be Reinvested In Communities That are NOT White

“We will not be increasing out (sic) police budget,” said the mayor. That allocation is pegged at $1.8 billion in the mayor’s previously proposed budget.

Garcetti spoke of “reinvesting in black communities and communities of color.”

The mayor proceeded to announce $250 million in cuts to the proposed budget and to reallocate those dollars to communities of color, “so we can invest in jobs, in education and healing.” L.A. Police Commission President Eileen Decker then announced that $100 million-$150 million of those cuts would come from the police department budget.


Trump Administration Prioritized $10B funding for Non-White Businesses

Ivanka Trump, senior adviser to President Trump, is working closely with the Treasury Department and Small Business Administration to help allocate $10 billion in funding for minority-owned small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Payment Protection Program (PPP) funding will go toward Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), which have so far received $7 billion in approved funding for 95,000 loans, the SBA announced Thursday.


New York Times Columnist Demonizes White Women, Suffers No Consequences

In a New York Times article titled “How White Women Use Themselves as Instruments of Terror” black columnist Charles M. Blow writes:

Specifically, I am enraged by white women weaponizing racial anxiety, using their white femininity to activate systems of white terror against black men. This has long been a power white women realized they had and that they exerted…

Throughout history, white women have used the violence of white men and the institutions these men control as their own muscle…

Indeed, untold numbers of lynchings were executed because white women had claimed that a black man raped, assaulted, talked to or glanced at them.


This practice, this exercise in racial extremism, has been dragged into the modern era through the weaponizing of 911, often by white women, to invoke the power and force of the police who they are fully aware are hostile to black men.

In a disturbing number of the recent cases of the police being called on black people for doing everyday, mundane things, the calls have been initiated by white women.

Not mentioned is the fact that far more white women have actually been raped (about 9,400 in one year alone) by black men than black men have been lynched (about 3,500 all told). According to Blow’s logic, we should demonize women in general because many men have had their lives ruined through false accusations of rape. Of course, this would make no sense. In reality, we should be demonizing rapists AND those who falsely accuse others of rape.

Any journalist who painted black women, or black men, with the same broad brush that Blow uses on white women would be fired immediately, socially ostrocized and unhirable… yet Blow still has his job. Not only has he kept his job, but for all his whining about “white-privilege” he appears to be a millionaire.

Note: The original New York Times article is behind a paywall. Therefore, I’m linking to the American Renaissance article as the source.


Top Republican Strategist Shuns “Boring Old White People”

Now as they try to pivot to offense, House Republicans are taking a cue from the Democratic recruiting playbook, eschewing the kind of candidates they turned to in decades past — white, male, often veterans of local or state politics — in favor of novices with diverse backgrounds in competitive races across the country.

It is a tacit acknowledgment that the political coalition of voters that President Trump has relied on — overwhelmingly white, male and less educated — is not enough to carry his Republican allies in Congress to electoral victories, and that they must expand beyond that base to reclaim a majority.

“We as a party learned the hard way that in today’s world we need candidates other than boring old white people,” said Corry Bliss, a top Republican strategist who helped lead the party’s failed 2018 effort to protect the House. “We need candidates with compelling biographies, compelling messaging, and candidates that reflect the voters who offer a better perspective of the issues of the day.”

Note: The original New York Times article is behind a paywall. Therefore, I’m using the American Renaissance article as the source.

Michigan State Police accused of illegal affirmative action in ‘way-too-white’ department

Michigan State Police Director Col. Joseph Gasper and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer are accused in a pair of lawsuits of implementing illegal affirmative action practices to bolster the number of minority and women troopers.

Two federal lawsuits filed Monday, May 11 claim Gasper told troopers at an Oct. 7 “fall forum” that the department was “way too white and way too male…”

The Michigan Constitution forbids affirmative action in the hiring of government workers, based on a ballot initiative passed by voters in 2006.

“The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting,” the state Constitution says

Hahn’s lawsuit said the state “disingenuously” characterizes MSP’s “racial and gender preferences as ‘valuing diversity and inclusion,’ when in fact the MSP does not value white males and is in fact making great efforts to exclude them.”


Department of Education Investigates Portland State for Feminist Student Club Excluding Whites

Portland State University is facing an investigation by the Department of Education over the exclusion of white students and faculty from a feminist student organization. The investigation is the result of a complaint by University of Michigan-Flint Professor Mark J. Perry who alleged that the practice constitutes a violation of Title VI, which prohibits discrimination based on race and color.

According to a report by The College Fix, Portland State University is facing an investigation by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights over a student organization called the “Feminist of Color Collective” which excludes white students from its meetings. The group also regularly excludes male students from its meetings…

In an email to the Seattle office of the Department of Education, Perry argued that the feminist organization’s exclusion of white students constituted a Title VI violation.

Portland State University (PSU) is a public university that receives federal financial assistance and is therefore required to enforce Title VI’s prohibition of discrimination based on race and color. PSU is a public university in the state of Oregon and under the jurisdiction of your office. Therefore, I am requesting that the Seattle OCR investigate PSU for violating Title VI for the following discriminatory program as described in the photo of a flyer below that was publicized on Twitter by assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State University Peter Boghossian.


Baltimore Police major sues, claiming De Sousa demoted him because he was white and didn’t hire chief’s son

A white Baltimore Police major claims he was discriminated against and demoted by former Commissioner Darryl De Sousa because of his race and because he did not hire De Sousa’s son, a new federal lawsuit claims.

Maj. James Handley alleges that when then-Commissioner De Sousa took over the department in January 2018, he quickly made several command-level changes based on race, promoting black commanders while demoting white commanders. De Sousa is African American.

“BPD suffers from PMS — Pale, Male, Stale,” De Sousa allegedly said during a retreat for commanders in February 2018, around the time he began making several command-level changes, according to the lawsuit. De Sousa’s “admitted goal was to move and remove the ‘PMS elements’ from the Department, which necessarily included Plaintiff,” the lawsuit said.


Oregon county creates race-specific ‘grounding space’ to escape ‘whiteness’ during pandemic

In a daily report dedicated to news updates and guidance for county employees fighting the coronavirus, an Oregon county in the Portland area said it was creating a safe “grounding space” for minority staff to escape a predominant “whiteness.”

The April 5 “situation report” from the Multnomah County Office of Emergency Operations Center announced that the “Emergency Operations Center Equity Officer is hosting a grounding space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) employees to share, heal, connect, and get grounded in a space that is not dominated by whiteness.”


Graduation canceled…except for ‘students of color’ and ‘LGBTQIA+’ students

Kyle Hooten | Minnesota Campus Correspondent April 22, 2020

St. Olaf College in Minnesota plans to host three virtual graduation ceremonies for different groups of minority students, while others must wait until next year to celebrate their completion of college.

“Self-identified domestic students of color, international students and LGBTQIA+ students” at the Minnesota school will receive their own virtual graduation ceremonies at the conclusion of this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, per an administrative email. Meanwhile, graduation for the rest of the class of 2020 has been “rescheduled for a date in late May/early June of 2021,” according to the school’s website

The three virtual graduation ceremonies for students in minority groups were announced by and will be hosted through the Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion. This project of the school exists to help “students of color,” “LBGTQIA+” and international students “celebrate” their “awesomeness factor,” per the center’s website.


Congress and the Fed Push for Fewer White Board Members

The Federal Reserve, long criticized for being too white and male, crossed a substantial milestone last year: for the first time in its 107-year history, white men held fewer than half of board seats at the Fed’s 12 regional outposts.

The shift, reinforced this January with a fresh round of appointments, has drawn little notice outside the Fed itself. But it is a window into how the U.S. central bank is setting the table for change among top policymakers, where progress toward diversity has been slow.

The push has been driven by the Fed’s own acknowledgement that its leaders don’t look like the nation for which they set monetary policy, and by political pressure to fix that, according to interviews with several current and former Fed policymakers. It also reflects, they said, the conviction that bringing a broader slice of America into the Fed’s boardrooms will result in a keener grasp of economic conditions and better policy decisions…

In 2014, an activist group called Fed Up sent protesters to the central banking’s annual August gathering in Jackson Hole to draw attention to the Fed’s lack of diversity, among other issues.

By 2016, Congress was paying attention: 127 U.S. lawmakers sent a letter to Yellen urging the Fed to better “reflect and represent the interests of our diverse country.”

“That was feedback I was certainly listening to,” Yellen said..

From 2015 to 2018, seven banks got new presidents. Neel Kashkari, the son of Indian immigrants who heads the Minneapolis Fed, and Atlanta Fed’s Bostic, the system’s first black policymaker who is also gay, are the only two non-white policymakers. And San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly became the first gay female president…

But lawmakers and activists want more. Last September the House of Representatives voted to change the Federal Reserve Act to require interviews for Fed president jobs include at least one woman and at least one minority to address the “compelling need” for diversity among Fed leadership, although the bill has stalled in the Senate.

Next month Fed Up expects to publish an analysis showing a lack of job-sector diversity on Fed boards while renewing its criticism on their gender, racial and ethnic makeup…

In recent years, the Fed has also revamped its recruiting system for economists to attract more women and minorities, with a particular focus on bringing them in as research assistants to kick-start their careers. They remain well outnumbered by white, male peers, reflecting the economics profession as a whole.


Minnesota college helps ‘white students only’ deal with ‘the nasty little racist inside them’

Sunday, January 26, 2020 3:03 PM

Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota held an event on Martin Luther King Jr. Day designed exclusively for white students. 

The event, titled “How to Embrace Your Inner Racist: A Session for White People” was designed to help attendees “recognize and acknowledge that there is a nasty little racist inside them,” according to a description found on the college’s website.  The session also aimed to help students learn  how “the skills of psychological flexibility can help white people recognize and acknowledge their own racist tendencies…” 

In addition to hosting this event designed exclusively for white students, Concordia also put on several other events aimed at calling out alleged racism by whites. Concordia Professor Karla Knutson who co-directs the Women’s and Gender Studies Department, led a session designed for white women called “And You Call Yourself an Ally.” 

Knutson’s event was designed to “encourage white women to confront and analyze their participation and/or complicity in racist systems of oppression” and “create a foundational experience of exposure to white women’s microaggressions,” according to a description found on the college website. 


Two white Columbus, Georgia police officers have filed a federal reverse discrimination suit against the city

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Two white Columbus police officers have filed a federal reverse discrimination suit against the city, mayor, police chief, and human resources director claiming discriminatory promotional practices.

Lt. Ralph Dowe and Lt. Tony Litle filed the suit Tuesday in U.S. District Court, Middle District of Georgia challenging the city’s Affirmative Action program. Mayor Skip Henderson, Police Chief Freddie Blackmon, and Human Resources Director Reather Hollowell are named in the suit.

“… Plaintiffs allege that Chief Blackmon discriminated against them by denying them promotions in seeking to achieve and maintain a predetermined racial and gender balance,” the suit alleges. “Plaintiffs bring claims of race and gender discrimination pursuant to the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

They are seeking back pay and compensatory damages.

Dowe and Litle are both long-term employees of the police department. Dowe started on July 10, 1989, while Lilte was hired on Jan. 14, 1994. Dowe was promoted to lieutenant in March 2013 and Litle obtained the rank in November 2014. Both men were promoted under former Chief Ricky Boren.

Blackmon, who is black, replaced Boren as chief in November 2020, not long after Boren’s retirement.

Here are the allegations as outlined in the suit:

Instead of promoting those already eligible for command staff positions, Blackmon lowered the qualifications for the command staff positions by lowering educational and time-in-rank requirements.

This impacted Dowe and Litle because men had obtained master’s degrees.

On December 30, 2020, Blackmon made various promotions across the department but did not promote Dowe or Litle even though they were eligible.

Blackmon promoted Capt. Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick, a black woman, and Capt. Debra Kennedy, a white woman, to the assistant chief positions. Previously, there had been only one assistant chief.

“By promoting Dent-Fitzpatrick and Kennedy, Blackmon named the first two female Assistant Chiefs in CCG’s history, and to achieve a racial balance,” the suit claims.


South African Court Rules That “Fuck White People” is Not Racist.:


Systemic Grooming of Native British Girls by Pakistani Men Allowed to Continue for Years by British Authorities

An isolated case of grooming or rape does not necessarily constitute institutional racism, but when such crimes are widespread, racially motivated, and allowed to continue because of gross negligence by various levels of government, then it does rise to the level of institutional/systemic racism. This assessment is confirmed by the lack of any meaningful justice for the victims, who were ignored (or worse) every step of the way.

The ongoing, and widespread, British grooming scandal should be recognized as one of the most horrific atrocities perpetrated by a Western government against its own native people, in this case, vulnerable teenaged girls.

We must give credit where credit is due: Let us recognize the courageous efforts of Tommy Robinson, who worked hard to bring this scandal into the public consciousness. Thank you Tommy, for being a patriot in a nation run by cowards.

Much has been written about the Pakistani grooming gangs of England, and it’s hard to decide which article best sums it up. You can browse some of them here.

For the purpose of this post, I’ll quote an Independant article – even though the article focuses on Manchester, while the crimes took place in many English cities. For this reason, this article barely scratches the surface:

Dozens of teenage girls suspected of being groomed and abused in Manchester by gangs of men from Asian backgrounds were failed because police feared upsetting race relations, a new probe has suggested.

Victims repeatedly alerted officers about sexual assaults, giving names and addresses of those involved, but, in almost all cases, no action was taken.

Now, a bombshell report suggests Greater Manchester Police and the city council shelved an investigation into what was happening at least partially because of the “many sensitive community issues” they felt faced with.

“Concerns were expressed about the risk of proactive tactics or the incitement of racial hatred,” the 145-page independent review states.

And it adds: “The authorities knew that many [victims] were being subjected to the most profound abuse and exploitation but did not protect them from the perpetrators. This is a depressingly familiar picture and has been seen in many other towns and cities across the country.”

The verdict forms part of the probe – carried out by childcare expert Malcolm Newsam and former Cambridgeshire Police detective Gary Ridgway​ – into how sexual child exploitation was dealt with in the city in the early and mid-2000s.

It centres on Operation Augusta, which was set up in 2004 after the death of Victoria Agoglia, 15, a girl who reported being raped but who died from a suspected overdose soon after she alerted authorities to the abuse.

Augusta subsequently identified at least 57 victims – mainly white girls aged from 12 to 16 – and some 97 potential suspects involved in grooming across the region.

But senior officers at GMP under-resourced the investigation before closing it down completely with the backing of Manchester City Council. Only three people were convicted of related crimes at court.

The force had, at that time, just finished dealing with unrelated cases involving the Kurdish community that had created severe tensions and officers were keen not to be seen targeting another minority group, it is suggested.

But in closing the investigation, the report states, “very few of the relevant perpetrators were brought to justice and neither were their activities disrupted”.

It details a “sample” of case studies from the period in which allegations of rape and sexual assault had been made by teenage girls.

For each one, the report – commissioned by mayor Andy Burnham in 2017 – concludes with the same sentence: “We cannot offer any assurance that this was appropriately addressed by either GMP or Manchester City Council.”

This was despite “clear evidence” police had the names, addresses and even places of work of men suspected of carrying out the abuse.

One suspect vehicle uncovered in the initial investigation was linked to a GMP officer, who was later dismissed, the report said. Some suspects even visited council-run children’s homes, bringing alcohol and cannabis, with the apparent knowledge of council staff.

The report finishes by calling on the police and council to consider how “the people who appeared to present a risk to children in 2004 can now be brought to justice and any risk they still present to children mitigated”.

Responding to the report’s verdict, assistant chief constable Mabs Hussain, the head of specialist crime for GMP, said: “Children should be able to expect those responsible for their care will do all they can to keep them safe and I want to apologise to all those vulnerable children who were let down. I can only imagine the pain and distress they must have gone through.”

He added that a major incident room had now been set up and detectives would be reinvestigating all allegations and that lines of inquiry were already being pursued in a number of the cases.

Joanne Roney, the chief executive of Manchester City Council, said: “This report makes for painful reading. We recognise that some of the social work practice and management oversight around 15 years ago fell far below the high standards we now expect. We are deeply sorry that not enough was done to protect our children at the time.”


Tyler Rhodes Is it possible for white people across the world to experience or be subject to racism? If so, how?

Lets say you’re British and you’ve just finished a degree in media. You’ve heard that the BBC is offering a trainee position in Scotland, that sounds amazing! You turn down a job offer from a smaller studio to try and apply for the BBC job. You’ve been accepted for an interview! You get to the interview, and suddenly the interviewer says “No whites.”


French Intellectual Sentenced to 2 Months in Prison For Calling Mass Immigration an “Invasion”

French intellectual Renaud Camus has been given a 2 month suspended prison sentence for saying that mass immigration into Europe represents an “invasion.”

Camus will only avoid jail by paying 1800 euros to two “anti-racist” organizations, SOS Racisme and the LICRA (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism).

The writer, who is the author of Le Grand Remplacement (The Great Replacement), was charged with “public incitement to hate or violence on the basis of origin, ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.”

The conviction stems from a November 2017 speech in Colombey-les-deux Eglises to the National Council of European Resistance in which Camus declared, “Immigration has become an invasion.”

“The irreversible colonization is demographic colonization, by the replacement of the population,” said the author, adding, “The ethnic substitution, the great replacement, is the most important event in the history of our nation since it has existed; as with other people, if the story continues, it will not be that of France.”

Camus also called for a “national consensus of resistance” to oppose Islamization in “the struggle for the salvation of our common civilization, Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, Greek-Latin, Judeo-Christian.”

The part of Camus’ speech that specifically garnered the attention of judges was when he talked about European people being replaced.


Grand Rapids theater cancels ‘Sister Act’ after controversy over white lead

Concerns about rewriting the role, which is conceived as a Black woman, led to the 11th-hour decision. 

By Chris Hewitt Star Tribune MARCH 24, 2022

Facing similar diversity controversies as Lyric Arts, a northern Minnesota theater canceled a production of “Sister Act” days before its March 18 opening.

Director John Schroeder said Grand Rapids Players chose “Sister Act,” in which a Black woman hides from the mob in a convent, hoping to attract artists of color. But, as is typical for the company, auditionees were all white, so the Black character became white.

“The publisher doesn’t specify [race]. In hindsight, reading the script, the dialogue certainly does indicate race,” Schroeder said. The play is based on the Whoopi Goldberg movie but is more specific about its main character’s story.

“We were made aware of the controversy early on, by concerned people, and had some serious board discussions,” said Schroeder, who also is the board president.


It’s important to bear in mind that many traditionally white roles have been played by black actors, and none of them stirred up enough controversy to be cancelled:

10 Black Actors Who Played White Roles – The Cinemaholic

School District To Host An Event Open To ‘Priority Families Only,’ Separating Attendees By Skin Color

This incident is a good example of government agents getting carried away with their anti-white sentiments, and forgetting that the wider public is not necessarily at the same level of bigotry as they are. They’ll sometimes lose sight of this, and address the public in the same way they (probably) speak to their woke co-workers. When called out, they’ll claim that they “regret the misunderstanding” or something to that effect.

Cambridge Public Schools (CPS) is hosting an event “to help Cambridge families get ready for summer” on March 26, according to the flyer.

The first 90 minutes of the event are “open to priority families only,” the flyer says. “Priority families” is a term defined on the flyer as “families of color, free/reduced lunch, families who have a child with disabilities and families who first language is not english.” The final two hours of the event will be “open to all families,” the flyer says.

CPS told the Daily Caller News Foundation that “it deeply values equity and ensuring valuable information is accessible to each and everyone of our families,” but regretted the wording used in the flyer.

“In an effort to reach and engage with families who are sometimes marginalized and underrepresented at district-wide events, a dedicated time was set aside at the ‘Rollin’ and Summer Resources’ event,” Sujata Wycoff, CPS’s director of communications told the DCNF in a statement. “We regret the use of the phrase ‘priority families’ on the flyer. It was not our intent to cause any harm in any way.


B.C. Human Rights Tribunal finds resort owner schemed to replace Caucasian workers

The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal has awarded over $173,000 in total to seven former employees of the Spruce Hill Resort and Spa in the B.C. Cariboo who claimed owner Kin Wa Chan discriminated against them because they’re Caucasian.

In a 73-page decision, tribunal chair Diana Juricevic found “that over a period of months, Mr. Chan repeatedly said that he wanted to replace Caucasian employees with ethnically Chinese employees to reduce labour costs.”

“I find that Mr. Chan said words to the effect: ‘Chinese workers are better and cheaper than white workers’ and ‘Chinese workers do not have to be paid holiday pay or overtime.'”

All the complainants either quit or were fired in August 2016. 


The New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute and the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies Condemn “Whiteness” as a “Voracious, Perverse Parasitic-Like Condition”

In condemning anti-white activities of the Establishment Left, we should judge it by its own standards. When Idaho’s leutenant governer, Janice McGeachin, spoke at the recent AFPAC conference, she was widely condemned. By participating in a conference that included white-advocates, she is assumed to be one herself, or at least to give legitimacy to white-advocacy views. We’ve seen, over and over again, how colleges and universities have acquiesced to Marxist demands to prohibit conservative thinkers from speaking on campus, or how the hecklers’ veto is frequently used, and tolerated. The underlying assumption is that by allowing such views to be expressed at one’s campus, or by attending a conference that includes such views, one is granting legitimacy to those views.

By this standard, the New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute and the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies have both condemned “whiteness” (IE. white people) – because they both hosted an anti-white speaker:

A psychoanalyst from the New York Psychoanalytic Institute is on a speaking tour where he discusses how “whiteness” is a “malignant, parasitic-like condition” to which those of pallid skin tone “have a particular susceptibility.”

Dr. Donald Moss’s presentation, “On Having Whiteness,” recently was a Plenary Address at a conference in South Africa, and has been featured in the US at the New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute and (soon) the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies.

According to the CMPS’s event description, Moss, the program chair at the American Psychoanalytic Association, asserts  whiteness is

[…] a condition one first acquires and then one has–a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which “white” people have a particular susceptibility. [It is] foundational, generating characteristic ways of being in one’s body, in one’s mind, and in one’s world: Parasitic whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse; these deformed appetites particularly target non-white people; and, once established, these appetites are nearly impossible to eliminate.

Effective treatment requires a combination of psychological and social-historical interventions, which can reasonably aim only to reshape whiteness’ infiltrated appetites – to reduce their intensities, to redistribute their aims, and to occasionally turn those aims toward the work of reparation. When remembered and represented, the ravages caused by the chronic condition can function either as a warning (“never again”) or as a temptation (“great again”). Memorialization alone, therefore, is no guarantee against regression. There is not yet a permanent cure.


The New York Times loves racism, and hates white people

The New York Times has spent 50 paragraphs explaining why it’s wrong for a majority-white college to feature mostly white people in its homecoming video. Why? Because the mere sight of caucasians infuriates the Times.

The nonsensical furor kicked off in September, when the University of Wisconsin in Madison released a two-minute video depicting sunny scenes of campus life. Students cheered at a football game, cycled through UW’s picturesque lakeside grounds, and sang a cappella for the camera.

Social-justice-minded students took issue with the fact that nearly everyone in the video was white.

According to the New York Times, the Homecoming Office, tasked with making the video, had shot footage of students at the historically black Alpha Kappa Alpha fraternity, but this footage was left on the cutting room floor. Long story short, a protest was mounted on campus – including some “whites only” graffiti daubed by aggrieved minority students – and a new, more racially diverse video was released.

End of story? No. The New York Times published a 50-paragraph jeremiad on Wednesday, probing the controversy surrounding the video, in light of what it called a “history of racist incidents” at the school (at least one of which turned out to be a hoax). A cross-section of the college’s African-American students were interviewed. They all concluded that the video made them feel left out, and the replacement video felt like a half-hearted apology.

“This fall, more than 30,000 undergraduates began the school year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Fewer than 1,000 of them are African-American,” the Times solemnly declared.

That may seem like a shocking figure, until one realizes that Wisconsin is 85 percent white, and six percent black. The gap that still exists closes further when the fact that whites are statistically more likely to attend university in the first place is taken into account. It narrows even further when the numbers of Asian and Hispanic students (2,200 and 1,700 respectively) among the 30,000 are considered.

Whiteness is evil

The article does not blame white students for fostering an atmosphere of hate on campus. Rather it assumes from the outset that ‘whiteness’ is in itself problematic. Black UW students interviewed by the Times did not share stories of racist abuse they faced on campus. The Civil Rights Act is in force here, just like it is on every other inch of American soil. The Ku Klux Klan does not burn crosses on the quad.

It’s simply a predominantly white university in a predominantly white state, but that’s not good enough for the Times’ writers, for whom a klansman lurks around every corner. Would a national newspaper of the Times’ reputation publish an article lamenting the lack of diversity at Texas Southern University, where only three percent of the student body are white? A hypothetical question, but you can probably guess the answer.

But it’s not just the New York Times (though the nation’s paper of record is particularly obsessed with sticking it to whitey). Thinkpiece after identical thinkpiece have decried the “unbearable whiteness” of everything from hiking to farming to cycling to the states of New England. In colleges, white students can take ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’ courses, to cleanse them of the sin of “racism and white privilege.”

The University of Wisconsin held its own discussion on “whiteness in queer spaces” earlier this year, where white students were invited to “address and discuss their role in oppressive whiteness in queer spaces, community, and beyond.”

Imagine being told your very skin color is oppressive. That your very existence makes minorities and gays feel uncomfortable.

And yet journalists, commentators and university administrators act surprised and cry “white supremacy” when flyers declaring “It’s okay to be white” appear on campuses. Though a joke originally created to mess with liberals, these flyers wouldn’t exist was there not a cancerous movement in media and academia telling white people the exact opposite.


Oregon and Virginia Seek to Destroy White Enclaves Through Legislation

For many years, whites have been forced out of high-crime black/Latino neighborhoods. In the process, many lost their life savings, since they had to sell their houses at a loss. This phenomenon is commonly called “white flight” but it’s actually an internal refugee crisis; no parent wants his children to be harassed at school, and nobody enjoys being repeatedly burglarized, or being unable to take an evening stroll because it’s too dangerous.

These refugees often had to start from scratch, rebuilding their lives in the relatively safe white suburbs. Now, some state governments are pursuing them even there. “Your neighborhoods are TOO WHITE” they say. “you need MORE DIVERSITY!!”

From The Daily Caller:

Democrats in Virginia may override local zoning to bring high-density housing, including public housing, to every neighborhood statewide — whether residents want it or not.

The measure could quickly transform the suburban lifestyle enjoyed by millions, permitting duplexes to be built on suburban lots in neighborhoods previously consisting of quiet streets and open green spaces. Proponents of “upzoning” say the changes are necessary because suburbs are bastions of segregation and elitism, as well as bad for the environment…

House Delegate Ibraheem Samirah, a Democrat, introduced six housing measures Dec. 19, coinciding with Democrats’ takeover of the state legislature in November…

He said suburbs were “mostly white and wealthy” and that their local officials — who have historically been in charge of zoning — were ignoring the desires of poor people, who did not have time to lobby them to increase suburban density…

He wrote on Facebook, “Because middle housing is what’s most affordable for low-income people and people of color, banning that housing in well-off neighborhoods chalks up to modern-day redlining, locking folks out of areas with better access to schools, jobs, transit, and other services and amenities.”

“I will certainly get pushback for this. Some will call it ‘state overreach.’ Some will express anxiety about neighborhood change. Some may even say that the supply issue doesn’t exist. But the research is clear: zoning is a barrier to more housing and integrated communities,” he continued.

He tweeted Sunday that that would include public housing. “Important Q about new social/public housing programs: where are we going to put the units? Under current zoning, new low-income housing is relegated to underinvested neighborhoods, concentrating poverty more. Ending exclusionary zoning has to be part of broader housing reform,” he said.

In 2019, the State of Oregon passed a similar bill, and though the rationale is couched in terms such as “affordable housing” and “walkable neighborhoods,” much of this is thinly veiled anti-white bigotry. The Oregon law leaves much of the implementation to municipalities, and Portland commissioner Jo Anne Hardesty was more explicit:

“Can’t wait to vote to get this thing implemented,” Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty said last week, citing it as a step toward repairing what the city government now describes as its own history of “creating and enforcing racial segregation and inequities.”

The City of Hillsboro, lacking a buffoon such as Hardesty, is more reticent about its housing policy goals. In its “Policy Background” page, we’re told how important it is:

to meet a growing community need for housing choices that are accessible and affordable

We’re also told that:

The MHI (Median Household Income) of Hillsboro is significantly higher than any other city in the Portland Metro. However, the MHI for those identifying as Black, Hispanic, or American Indian or Alaska Native falls significantly below this median

It’s up to us to put two and two together, and appreciate the fact that the City of Hillsboro does not want white neighborhoods.

I’ve already written about the City of Beaverton elsewhere. You’ll find the same attitude, and policies, all over the country.

NYC top health official refers to White women as ‘birthing people,’ calls Black and Hispanic women ‘mothers.’ Department Then Apologizes to Black and Hispanic Mothers.

To normal people, the term “birthing people” is dehumanizing, and the term “mother” is a positive one, being associated with warmth and nurturing. It’s WHITE mothers who deserve an apology here!

Read on:

A top health official in New York City is facing backlash after a series of tweets she posted calling White mothers “birthing people” while referring to Black and Hispanic women as “mothers.”

The comments from Dr. Michelle Morse, the chief medical officer at the New York City Department of Health, came in a series of tweets touting the city’s “birth equity” initiative to expand the “citywide doula program and midwifery”.

“The urgency of this moment is clear,” Morse wrote. “Mortality rates of birthing people are too high, and babies born to Black and Puerto Rican mothers in this city are three times more likely to die in their first year of life than babies born to non-Hispanic White birthing people.”

Morse, who was hired in February last year as the first chief medical officer for the department, also serves as the department’s deputy commissioner for the Center for Health Equity and Community Wellness, which places focus on ending racial inequities.

Several social media users responded to Morse, accusing the doctor of being divisive.

“White Mothers are called ‘birthing people’ and black and Puerto Rican Mothers are called Mothers, “one Twitter user asked Morse. “Your license to practice medicine should be revoked.”

“My mother Francesca who is white was delivered by a midwife who was white under a sink on Stillman Street in a cold water flat back in the 1920’s,” wrote former New York City mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa. “According to Dr Morse what would that make my grandmother? How ridiculous”.

A DOH spokesperson told the New York Post that Morse’s tweet was an “oversight” and said “we apologize for inadvertently gendering Black and Puerto Rican birthing people.”


BBC Guide Tells Parents to “Examine Their Biases” if Their Toddler Only Has White Friends

The guide was written by author and activist Uju Asika, who previously asserted that “the Royal family is racist” and is “sitting on a legacy of global subjugation, pillaging and slave trading wealth.”

She sounds really impartial.

“Did your family express negative thoughts about foreigners and immigrants?” asks the guide, which is posted on the BBC’s Tiny Happy People website.

“What is your social circle like today? Does your child have Black or Brown friends over for playdates? Could you be doing more?”

“For white mums or dads, it might be time to examine your own internal biases,” states the website.

Parents are urged to ‘educate’ (indoctrinate) themselves about their hidden prejudices via books and TV shows.

They are also asked to talk to their kids about how, “Being white might give you certain advantages – for instance you are more likely to see people who look like you on TV.”

This is patently absurd given that black and brown people are vastly overrepresented on British television, in movies and TV commercials.


Why I Sued Comcast for Discrimination

When I started a commercial cleaning business with my wife in 2011, I didn’t imagine that I would be a plaintiff in a race-discrimination lawsuit against a massive corporation.

I’m a Comcast TV customer. Recently I saw a commercial for Comcast RISE, a grant program for small businesses affected by the pandemic. But looking at the application, we quickly learned that it’s open only to minorities and, more recently, women. The only people excluded are white men—which disqualified our business.

This program implies that our business didn’t struggle during the pandemic because of my race and sex…

It was my wife’s idea to start All American Clean, and we run it together. But since we file our taxes as a single-member limited-liability company in my name, we are ineligible for Comcast’s grant. If we had filed in my wife’s name, we’d be eligible. But Comcast excludes any business unless a woman or minority person owns 51% or more. So even if we owned equal shares, we wouldn’t be eligible because I am a white man.

On Feb. 22, Comcast announced the sixth round of RISE grants to 1,300 small businesses. There have been some 8,000 recipients across 590 cities and 34 states. That’s thousands of times the company has discriminated based on race and sex.


The following is a first-person account of government anti-white discrimination, taken from a comment, by ThomNast:

On almost every block, whites (mostly elderly Polish) who could not afford to move STILL kept up their homes–freshly cut grass, well-maintained exteriors, etc. despite their homes being just as “old” as those owned by blacks. No matter where you went in Detroit, one could always tell where whites lived. Neatly manicured lawns and well-kept-up houses were the norm.
I finally left Detroit after a number of burglaries and little or no police response. The police KNEW who the criminals were but did nothing about it. You see, blacks were “oppressed” and were “untouchable”.
Another situation was the “code enforcement” harassment that us whites endured. We always used the city-supplied trash containers (one for every two residences). Our black “neighbors” were too lazy to put their trash in the containers, strewing their trash throughout the alleys. Guess who got repeatedly ticketed for “improperly disposed of trash”? It wasn’t the blacks who improperly disposed of their trash–it was us whites. It was as if they (the black-run city government) wanted us to move…
No, the old liberal excuses that poverty was instrumental in the destruction of Detroit is totally false.


An elementary school in Washington, D.C. hosted an assembly on anti-racism for students and presented parents with a handbook on fighting racism…

Janney Elementary School in Washington, D.C. held a virtual assembly with an anti-racist educator Nov. 30…

… Students obtained a “fist book” with information on combating racism at home.

One portion of the elementary “fist book” taught students “how to deal with racism from loved ones.”

“Even though they love you and are older than you, they can be wrong,” the handout reads…

“If a Black person says something mean to a white person, he has no power over him,” the “fist book” reads. “It’s as if white people walk around with an invisible force field because they hold all of the power in America…”

{snip} The “fist book” told parents that only white adults can be racist, and black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) “cannot be racist, because there is no construct in America where we hold power or influence…”

“In order to truly eradicate racism, it starts in the home by raising anti-racist children,” the adult “fist book” reads.

Solutions for parents include introducing children to diversity books, helping find their child a “BIPOC mentor,” and helping children make “BIPOC” friends. Other solutions included “fight[ing] to get cops out of school,” “empower[ing] students to get tough on racism,” and removing standardized testing from schools.


Dropbox Director Prioritizes Non-Whites for Hiring

SAN FRANCISCO (TND) — Dropbox’s Senior Director of Product Design Jasmin Friedl indicated in a post on Twitter that she was “prioritizing” people of color in her hiring practices at the company.

First up, I care deeply about building teams that represent the communities we work in and the people we serve,” Friedl said in a tweet explaining details about a new job opening. “I also deeply care about equity in hiring. Therefore, I choose to prioritize folks in our BIPOC and URM communities.

The acronym “BIPOC” stands for “Black and Indigenous People of Color,” while “URM” stands for “underrepresented minorities.”

Critics of Firedl’s post argued her actions – limiting who she considers for the position – violated equal opportunity employment requirements outlined by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


LGIS News Service, May 30, 2022

Oak Park and River Forest High School administrators will require teachers next school year to adjust their classroom grading scales to account for the skin color or ethnicity of its students.

School board members discussed the plan called “Transformative Education Professional Development & Grading” at a meeting on May 26, presented by Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning Laurie Fiorenza.

In an effort to equalize test scores among racial groups, OPRF will order its teachers to exclude from their grading assessments variables it says disproportionally hurt the grades of black students. They can no longer be docked for missing class, misbehaving in school or failing to turn in their assignments, according to the plan.

“Traditional grading practices perpetuate inequities and intensify the opportunity gap,” reads a slide in the PowerPoint deck outlining its rationale and goals.

It calls for what OPRF leaders describe as “competency-based grading, eliminating zeros from the grade book…encouraging and rewarding growth over time…”

According to the Illinois State Board of Education, 38 percent of OPRF sophomore students taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) failed.

The OPRF failure rate was 77 percent for black students, 49 percent for Hispanics, 27 percent for Asians and 25 percent for whites…

Advocates for so-called “equity based” grading practices, which seek to raise the grade point averages of black students and lower scores of higher-achieving Asian, white and Hispanic ones, say new grading criteria are necessary to further school districts’ mission of DEIJ, or “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice.”

“By training teachers to remove the non-academic factors from their grading practices and recognize when personal biases manifest, districts can proactively signal a clear commitment toward DEIJ,” said Margaret Sullivan, associate director at the Education Advisory Board, which sells consulting services to colleges and universities.

Sullivan calls grading based on traditional classroom testing and homework performance “outdated practices” and foster “unconscious biases.”


Fanny Mae Implements Explicit Racist Policies That Exclude Whites And Other Non-Blacks

It was probably inevitable that the Biden Administration would enlist housing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to advance its woke agenda, and now it has. Last week the government-sponsored enterprises released plans to promote housing “equity” that are chock-full of race-based subsidies…

The plans released last week might have been written by California Rep. Maxine Waters. Central to Fannie’s plan are “Special Purpose Credit Programs” that increase access to credit and encourage “sustainable homeownership for Black consumers.”

One program would assist black borrowers with down payments. Most home-buyers are required to put down at least 20% of the cost of a new home to reduce the risks of default. Fannie’s plan would effectively require taxpayers to subsidize down payments for black borrowers. Revenue that Fannie earns on its mortgage portfolio is retained as capital to protect taxpayers during a downturn. Under Fannie’s plan, some of that revenue would go to reducing down payments.

Another new program would reduce “loan level price adjustments” for black home buyers. Lenders typically charge higher rates for borrowers with lower credit scores, and Fannie says reducing them can “reduce obstacles for prospective Black homeowners.”

Still another program would “support the reduction of borrower closing costs for Black homebuyers”—for instance, via appraisal reimbursements. Taxpayers would help finance this “support.” Fannie also wants to help black homeowners avoid foreclosure by helping them “deal with unexpected expenses and repairs, or temporary disruptions to income.” This suggests that Fannie may now push into funding home repairs and welfare…

Today the GSEs are in relatively good financial condition but that could change if underwriting standards loosen. That’s what happened in the 2000s as former Rep. Barney Frank famously said in 2003 he wanted to “roll the dice” on subsidies for housing. They came up snake eyes for taxpayers and owners who borrowed more than they could repay.

Freddie Mac’s equity plan also includes credit programs to address “systemic barriers” to housing for minorities but at least tries to camouflage its racial preferences. Fannie makes its subsidies for blacks explicit, but they don’t appear to extend to other racial groups such as Hispanics and Asians. Low-income white borrowers are also excluded.


Boston Public Schools Suspend Advanced Program Because Officials Were ‘Disturbed’ By The Number Of Asian And White Students

An advanced program for high-performing students at Boston Public Schools was suspended after district officials determined the program would not promote “antiracism” due to the disproportionate number of Asian and white students, GBH News reported.

The Advanced Work Classes program, which provides an accelerated academic curriculum for students in fourth through sixth grade, will be suspended for one year after Boston Public Schools’ superintendent Brenda Cassellius recommended the school focus on reforming its “antiracist” policies, according to GBH News.


Washington State Officially Endorses Preferential Treatment for Non-Whites

Race-Blind Criminal Law Is Officially Over (

Hat tip to Alexander:

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Open racism.

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I was unable to verify this photo. Tesco’s website has the same price for the light and dark versions, and slightly less for the medium version:

This would imply that it costs them slightly less to manufacture the medium-toned plasters. If Alexander’s photo is authentic, then it means that the RETAILER adjusted the prices, and it would appear to be a case of institutional racism against lighter-skinned people.

Brown University Barred White, Asian Students From New Class

Brown University offered a new class to minority students only, a decision that prompted a backlash.

In May, the Ivy League school in Providence, Rhode Island, began offering a teacher training class on mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), but students were only permitted to enroll if they identified as black, indigenous, or Latino.

An anonymous Brown student attempted to enroll in the class but was denied because they do not identify as BIPOC. The student pushed back and raised the alarm, filing a complaint with the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism (FAIR).

“Brown is offering a RACE-BASED teacher training program that is ONLY open to certain demographics (black, latino, indigenous),” the student wrote in their May 13 complaint.

“This is a return to educational segregation based on skin color,” the student wrote.

The student said that the teachers of this particular class would also be BIPOC.

The certificate program also offers financial aid to the BIPOC students but does not offer such assistance to white and Asian students who may not be able to afford the program either, the student claimed.

“This results in certain demographics being favored over others and is discriminatory,” the student wrote…

Since the complaint, Brown has scrapped the decision only to allow students of color to take the class.


Principal Accused Of Trying To Fire White Teachers Because Of Their Race Created School Of ‘Insanity’

A Washington Heights principal accused of wanting to oust white staffers reportedly created a learning environment plagued by ‘utter disorganization and insanity.’

Students attending New York City‘s High School for Law and Public Service claim their lives have become ‘miserable’ under the leadership of Principal Paula Lev.

They also allege their quality of education has declined after Lev ousted ‘fully experienced and qualified’ staff as part of her alleged diversity crusade.

A student-created petition claims a handful of Lev’s new hires ‘are super under-qualified’ and that their ‘lack of knowledge’ has affected students’ ability to learn.

The petition also cited fears of attending class due to a ‘dangerous’ environment fueled by an ‘insane number of fights, constant arguing and improper administrative action.’

Lev was hit with a probe last year by the NYC Department of Education (DOE) after she allegedly told a teacher she was ‘going to get rid of all these white teachers that aren’t doing anything for the kids of our community.’


Biracial Couple Sues Wisconsin For Banning White And Asian Kids From College Scholarships

Hat tip to Bethany Grace for bringing this to my attention. She writes:

“A Wisconsin law firm, that actively fights against white discrimination, has won three lawsuits against the Biden administration for racial biases in covid relief handouts. They have filed another and are expected to win. They also go against school boards, colleges for black-only scholarships (which was 3/4 scholarships even back when I went to school), and other race related lawsuits.”

From the feature story:

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty is helping Wisconsin taxpayers, including a biracial couple, sue the state over its “Minority Grant Program” because it turns out the college scholarship only applies to certain minorities in violation of the state Constitution.

The lawsuit, filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court on Thursday afternoon, contends that the Higher Educational Aids Board, the state agency that administers the Minority Undergraduate Retention Program, discriminates on the basis of race and national origin in how it distributes the scholarship and is thus unconstitutional.

“The state of Wisconsin is engaged in race discrimination, pure and simple,” said Dan Lennington, deputy counsel for the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. “Many students are denied scholarships based on their race or where their family comes from. This program violates the state Constitution and basic notions of equality and fairness.”

Two of the plaintiffs are a biracial couple, whose teenage son will soon be exploring college prospects. His mother, Konkanok “Kiki” Rabiebna, is a native of Thailand, and his father, Richard Freihoefer, is white. Although as Madison residents they are Wisconsin taxpayers and despite the fact that their son belongs to a minority racial group, he will not be eligible to apply for the Minority Grant Program…

Under state law, in order to qualify for the taxpayer-funded scholarship, minority undergraduates must be black Americans, Hispanic, American Indian, or “a person who is admitted to the United States after December 31, 1975, and who either is a former citizen of Laos, Vietnam or Cambodia or whose ancestor was or is a citizen of Laos, Vietnam or Cambodia…”

“For the great majority of applicants, Asian Americans and whites have only one-tenth to one-fourth of the likelihood of admission as African American applicants with comparable academic credentials. Yale rejects scores of Asian American and white applicants each year based on their race, whom it otherwise would admit,” the DOJ noted of Yale, but anti-Asian discrimination in college admissions is widespread.

Wisconsin’s Minority Grant Program is funded by taxpayer dollars and doles out scholarships based on financial need, awarding between $250 and $2,500 to selected eligible students. During the 2019-2020 school year, 729 students received money from the Minority Grant Program, totaling $796,225 in taxpayer dollars.


Former Atlanta Hawks employee: I was discriminated against for being a white woman

A former Atlanta Hawks employee claims that being a white woman made her a target for discrimination by the organization – so much so that she was terminated when she brought her concerns to human resources.

Margo Kline has filed a lawsuit against the Atlanta-based basketball team demanding a jury trial after saying she was discriminated against by a then newly-hired supervisor who was black.

“In the summer of 2014, David Lee, a black male, was given a leadership position over the Hawks’ External Affairs Department, which included Plaintiff’s department of CSR and another department, Basketball Programs,” the lawsuit read.

She said Lee “promoted a culture of discrimination against white individuals” and also held against her the fact that she is a woman.

The lawsuit claims that Lee was “dismissive and exclusionary” toward white employees, made jokes about white culture, made it clear he “wanted to hire black individuals and did not want to hire white females,” required more from white employees, promoted and hired “less qualified black individuals over white individuals” and passed over white employees for raises and promotions.

Kline said that when she went to the organization’s leadership, she faced retaliation and more discrimination and ultimately fired.


Artichoke’s website clearly states that it is funded (partly) by the Arts Council England, which is funded through lottery sales. If you’re British, don’t purchase lottery tickets.

It’s OK to be White.

Posted by Klaus Arminius

“Hey White men, pass the power” posters popped up across England.

Why is this normalized?

“White Lives Matter” banners spark government outrage and police investigation in Glasgow

A ‘ racist ‘ group has sparked fury after hanging banners reading ‘White Lives Matter’ over landmarks in Glasgow. The disturbing pickets were hung up on statues in city centre at 9am on Sunday, July 31.

Pictures show the Queen Victoria and William Gladstone monuments in George Square and the Duke of Wellington on Ingram Street were among the sculptures to be targeted. It is understood that the pickets were erected as a counter-response to the Black Lives Matter movement – a worldwide campaign for racial equality.

Other images shared on social media show a group of around eight people standing outside the Gallery of Modern Art with a man in sunglasses holding up one of the signs. Condemning the ‘racist’ action, leader of Glasgow City Council, Susan Aitken, said that officials will support police with future enforcement if it is deemed necessary…

“I don’t believe it is a campaign that has much support in Glasgow – and the council will certainly take steps to remove this sort of material and support police if they believe other action is necessary…”

The city centre representative said: “It’s distressing to see these signs in Glasgow. Racism has no place in our city and these sorts of slogans are intended to assert white supremacy in the face of movements for racial and social justice such as Black Lives Matter…

Police Scotland confirmed that officers are investigating the matter.

A spokesperson said:“Officers were called to reports of signs being placed on monuments at George Square at 8.25am on Sunday, July 31. The signs were removed. Inquiries are ongoing.”


Social Workers Receive Credits for Anti-White Indoctrination

The author of this program, a white woman named Cristina Combs, describes her inner struggle with whiteness:

“In 2015, after years of struggling to navigate the role and presence of whiteness in her personal, academic, and professional journeys, Cristina developed the Model of Recovery from White Conditioning.”

The program encourages people to place emphasis on non-white voices, while dehumanizing white people by delegitimizing their lived experiences. You can see it here for yourself:

It costs $30 to purchase the webinar.

From Breitbart:

A webinar series for social workers titled “Recovery from White Conditioning” was held by the University of Minnesota and the Center for Practice Transformation.

The series focused on how participants could become allies and purge themselves of internalized white supremacy.

The description explained that the “Model of Recovery from White Conditioning” is “a derivative work based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.” It also says that the session intends to “call forward white people to recover and reclaim our full humanity.”

The session, which occurred in 2020, is intended for social workers, who can receive 1.5 continuing education credits. Continuing education credits allow workers to maintain their licenses.

The associated powerpoint presentation articulated the aim of the session. It stated that the goal is to “decenter whiteness.” It continued to say that “in this model, we center it… differently, to expose and transform it…”


Bristol festival is too ‘white and middle class’: Councillors claim harbour event ‘represents colonialism’ and celebrates ‘white boating community’

In defining “discrimination,” we should take into account the standards of the accused – in this case, the British government.

In the UK, words that cause anxiety can be considered a crime, and one can be arrested for it. Just ask Darren Brady. From Fox News (UK police say British Army veteran arrested because anti-LGBTQ social media post ’caused anxiety’: video):

Shocking cell phone video purportedly shows a police officer in the United Kingdom explaining how an army veteran was arrested over an anti-LGBTQ post he reshared online that had caused someone “anxiety.”

The video was recorded by actor and leader of the British Reclaim Party Laurence Fox, who shared a meme on social media showing Pride flags altered into the shape of a swastika. He said the meme was meant as a commentary on the authoritarian nature of LGBTQ and transgender activists.

Fox began recording after Hampshire police arrived at the home of 51-year-old British army veteran Darren Brady, who reshared the meme of the Pride flag swastika online.

“I wish Hampshire police would realize how ridiculous this is,” Fox is heard saying from behind the camera. A uniformed Hampshire police officer says, “Why did it have to come to this?”

Hampshire police with Army veteran Darren Brady in handcuffs outside his home. (@thereclaimparty)

“What did it need to come to?” Fox added, before the handcuffed veteran chimes in.

“I don’t understand. I posted something that he posted,” Brady said. “You come to arrest me. You don’t arrest him. Why has it come to this? Why am I in cuffs over something he shared, then I shared?”

“Because someone has been caused obviously anxiety based on your social media posts,” the officer responded. “That’s why you’ve been arrested.”

By this standard, the Bristol City Council should also be arrested:

Bristol’s leading festival has been branded too ‘white and middle class’ in a local council report – which added that the harbour which serves as its centrepiece ‘represents colonialism’.

The investigation into the popular Harbour Festival, which attracts 250,000 people each July, highlighted its ‘whiteness’ and the ‘invisible barriers to members of the global majority’ – a woke term used to refer to the non-white population…

The council report warned that ‘the festival currently has the perception of being a ”white English festival” for some of those consulted’, with ‘nothing for communities from different cultural heritage’.

It added: ‘The consultation highlighted the ‘whiteness’ of the festival and the invisible barriers to members of the global majority, as well as participants with mobility issues or neuro diverse needs.

‘The perception of the Harbour Festival for the global majority communities within Bristol is that it is not for them, and that the cultural offer is primarily serving a white middle-class audience. Many of those of different cultural backgrounds find the over-consumption of alcohol and the commercial approach to food off-putting.

The concern over alcohol consumption is an apparent nod to Sharia, that since alcohol is prohibited in Islamic law, its use should be curtailed within British cultural events.

It’s shocking that British authorities would describe an event as “representing colonialism” because the bulk of its participants are members of Britain’s INDIGENOUS community. If anything, the overrepresentation of non-whites would be colonialism.

This is an example of the Establishment Left describing things as the exact opposite of what they actually are, and (by their own standards), those who issued the condemnation should be arrested.


Leaked Email Reveals Anti-White Discrimination by the US State Department Diversity and Inclusion Office

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz pressed the State Department’s chief Diversity and Inclusion officer Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley over an email allegedly excluding “straight, white men” and people of the wrong religion from being hired.

The senator argued Tuesday that the department’s Equity Action Plan, which changed hiring practices at the agency, is “nothing more than brazen discrimination.” An email from a senior department official described reports from candidates claiming to be denied a position for having a disability or for classifying as “white men, straight white men, [or] not [being] of the right religion…”

“So you’re the chief diversity officer and you are arguing you are certain discrimination is not happening at the state department, is that right? Is that what you’re testifying? It’s what you just said.” {snip}

Abercrombie-Winstanley said the State Department is not intentionally breaking the law {snip}

The senator said she called for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Accessibility hiring practices, though she claimed she was unaware of the instructions in the email.

“What would you say you do around here?” the senator said. “What is your job if not to stop discrimination, and unfortunately, I believe your job, in practice, is encouraging this discrimination.


Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust Forces Anti-White Ideology Upon Mental Health Professionals

From The Bad Law Project

The Impeachment Of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

Posted by Kate

This isn’t a drill or a joke. This is real life in 2022.. because of democrats. Truly heartbreaking.

Minneapolis public school teachers of color will have additional job protections this upcoming school year under a new contract that would allow them to keep their jobs in favor of white instructors with more seniority.

The labor agreement’s intent was to protect “underrepresented populations” and keep the district’s predominantly white staff from becoming more homogenous, a report said Monday.

About 60% of Minneapolis students are non-white compared to 16% of the district’s tenured teachers and 27% of its probationary teachers, according to a June Minneapolis Star Tribune report.

The agreement states that teachers of color “may be exempted from district-wide layoffs outside seniority order,” according to Minnesota outlet Alpha News, which published language from the contract Sunday.

“Starting with the Spring 2023 Budget Tie-Out Cycle, if excessing [reducing] a teacher who is a member of a population underrepresented among licensed teachers in the site, the District shall excess the next least senior teacher, who is not a member of an underrepresented population,” the agreement reportedly read.

The agreement said that “past discrimination” had made the district’s teaching staff “underrepresented” to the community “and resulted in a lack of diversity of teachers,” according to the article.

The teachers union and the school district “mutually agreed” on the deal, a Minneapolis Public Schools spokesperson reportedly said.

A representative of the upper Midwest Law Center told Alpha News the agreement was “unconstitutional.”

“The [collective bargaining agreement] … openly discriminates against white teachers based only on the color of their skin, and not their seniority or merit,” James Dickey, senior trial counsel at UMLC reportedly said.

“Minneapolis teachers and taxpayers who oppose government-sponsored racism like this should stand up against it.”

Thankfully there are teachers all over the country rising up against this rhetoric.. so much so that they’ve caused a National teachers shortage.

Teachers do not stop. Continue to fight back. We will not and can not tolerate this bigoted hate. The day they bring a “diversity program” to my hospital.. I will be out the door as well.

Dr. Jack Daniel, BSBA, MBA, Ph.D., CPA

Former Professor/CFO

Try selling a book titled: The Last Any Other Color Man, it won’t happen. Yet Amazon promotes the genocidal book: The Last White Man. The Last White Man: A Novel (Random House Large Print): 9780593607640: Hamid, Mohsin: Books

CDC Liaison MD Publicly Suggests Getting Rid of All White People in the US, Then Awarded the Sabin Vaccine Institute’s Gold Medal

This was recorded at a 2016 panel discussion, at the event “Achieving Childhood Vaccine Success in the U.S.,” before its “Give Kids a Shot” Gala.“ To eliminate any refusing, we need to just get rid of all the white people because immigrants are the only ones who want to be vaccinated” Dr. Carol Baker, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children Hospital

Apparently there are “strategies against the minorities”…but we just need to “get rid of the white people” to make sure everyone accepts mandatory vaccinations.

In 2009, Obama’s HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius appointed Baker to chair the CDCs Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. She did so until 2012 and then served as a liaison to that committee as recently as 2019.

She was then honored with the Sabin Vaccine Institute’s 2019 Gold Medal at a ceremony made possible in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Pfizer.

Berkeley Co-op Bans White People From Common Areas

An off-campus co-op for students at the University of California, Berkeley named the ‘Person of Color Theme House’ has banned white guests from entering common areas of the house.

A list of house rules revealed that occupants were told ‘many POC moved here to be able to avoid white violence and presence, so respect their decision of avoidance if you bring white guests.’

While the student house aims to have an ‘inclusive’ environment, the rules specifically state ‘white guests are not allowed in common spaces,’ according to the list, which was posted on Reddit.

The accommodation, which is located close to Berkeley’s campus, is a five-story, 30-room home that can house up to 56 students. The house is owned by a private landlord.

But the ‘rules’ which were leaked on social media have caused outrage – with many people slamming the restrictions as ‘racist’ as others came forward and revealed their experience living in the co-op.

One mixed-race Reddit user, who claimed to have lived at the house, said that their ‘presence as a light skinned person was not received well.’

They said house members called them slurs and they were even ‘not allowed to let my dad enter the house because he’s white.’

The house was set up as part of the Berkeley Student Cooperative, a program designed to bring affordable housing to students in California’s Bay-area, and ‘aims to provide housing to low-income, first generation, immigrant and marginalized students of color.’

According to the ‘rules,’ people that live there should ‘avoid bringing parents/family members that express bigotry,’ because ‘Queer, Black, and Indigenous members should not have to avoid common spaces because of homophobic or racist parents/family members.’

Janet Gilmore, Senior Director of Strategic Communications at the University told Home | Daily Mail Online the house is ‘not campus operated,’ meaning ‘it is not the role of the campus to comment.’


American Express slapped with lawsuit alleging discrimination against White employees

EXCLUSIVE: A former American Express employee filed a class-action complaint Tuesday alleging that the credit card company exhibited “callous indifference” to civil rights law by terminating him because he is White and because he spoke out against its “racially discriminatory” policies…

Brian Netzel, who worked a decade for Amex until he was terminated in 2020, told FOX Business that he sued the company on behalf of himself and potentially thousands of other similarly-situated employees following “an avalanche of bad things coming to White people in that company once George Floyd was killed…”

The lawsuit alleges that amid the racial tensions roiling the U.S. in 2020, Amex implemented “anti-racism” policies throughout its corporate structure that “gave preferential treatment to individuals for being Black and unambiguously signaled to White employees that their race was an impediment to getting ahead in the company.”

Netzel said such policies fostered a workplace rife with “a tremendous amount of animosity” in which White employees were unfairly punished or passed over for promotions, while some Black employees were promoted merely to meet racial quotas and employees were encouraged to “root out in McCarthy-era fashion people who didn’t agree with this overall philosophy.”

Netzel pinpointed the origin of such policies at the top, recalling company town halls in which CEO Stephen Squeri reportedly engaged in “what amounted to an emotional tirade against police, against systemic racism in the U.S. and within American Express.”

“He made it clear that you needed to fight this with him, or you needed to find another place to work,” Netzel said of Squeri, who assumed his current position at the company in 2018.

Netzel maintained that this created an atmosphere in which White employees were treated disparately and forced to undergo trainings in which they were told to treat Black coworkers differently.

“We weren’t allowed to talk before they talked in a meeting,” he said. “We weren’t allowed to touch their hair, which I found just unbelievable.” Netzel also noted that Squeri was open about the company’s intention to fill the company’s leadership roles with more African Americans.

Netzel alleged in his complaint that his female manager, who is Black, would “aggressively harass and berate White employees,” overworking them and retaliating with poor performance reviews. He also claims that Amex was aware of her behavior, and that she was one of the executives who received financial incentives to reduce the number of White people in her department…


Google is setting strict caps on the number of white and Asian students for prestigious scholarship

Google is setting strict caps on the number of white and Asian students that universities can nominate for a prestigious fellowship program, a policy legal experts say likely violates civil rights law and could threaten the federal funding of nearly every elite university in the United States.

The Google Ph.D. Fellowship, which gives promising computer scientists nearly $100,000, allows each participating university—a group that includes most elite schools—to nominate four Ph.D. students annually. “If a university chooses to nominate more than two students,” Google says, “the third and fourth nominees must self-identify as a woman, Black / African descent, Hispanic / Latino / Latinx, Indigenous, and/or a person with a disability.”


Amazon Faces Suit Over $10K Offer Made Exclusively to ‘Black, Latinx, and Native American Entrepreneurs’

A white woman is suing e-commerce giant Amazon over a program that gives “Black, Latinx, and Native American entrepreneurs” a $10,000 stipend to launch their own delivery startups, an offer the lawsuit calls “patently unlawful racial discrimination.”

The online retailer delivers packages by contracting with local “delivery service partners”—outside businesses that drive parcels from point A to point B. To “help reduce the barriers to entry for Black, Latinx, and Native American entrepreneurs,” Amazon’s website states, the company has created a “diversity grant” that offers minorities $10,000 to launch their own businesses and become delivery service partners.

“This means that businesses owned by blacks, Latinos, or Native Americans receive a $10,000 stipend from Amazon to become delivery service partners, while whites and Asian Americans who wish to become delivery service partners receive no such stipend and must foot the entire bill for their startup costs,” the lawsuit says.

The plaintiff, Crystal Bolduc, is asking a Texas district court to end the program and award damages to everyone “who has suffered unlawful racial discrimination on account of” it. Filed on July 20 by some of the most prominent appellate lawyers in the country, the class-action lawsuit argues that the stipends violate the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which prohibits racial discrimination in contracting. Bolduc, the lawsuit says, “seeks to represent a class of all past and future applicants” to the program “who have been subjected to racial discrimination.”

Amazon also runs a “Black Business Accelerator” that gives black-owned businesses a “$500 credit to assist with start-up and operational costs.” That initiative, while not the subject of the class action, is nonetheless another case of “unlawful racial discrimination” at the online retailer, Bolduc’s lawsuit says…

This is the second time in a year that Amazon has been hit with a reverse discrimination complaint. Last October, Jonathan Correll filed a class action lawsuit against the online retailer alleging that it discriminates against white sellers by giving preferential advertising to minority businesses


Biden Admin To Distribute $50 Billion Chips Fund Based On Race And Gender

The Commerce Department announced plans to prioritize “underrepresented” business owners, including women and racial minorities, when distributing $50 billion in federal funding for the semiconductor industry provided by the recent CHIPS act.

The move, which designates “underrepresented” business owners as those who are racial minorities, women, veterans or located in rural areas, is part of a broader strategy to “leverage collaborations to build out semiconductor ecosystems,” and “create inclusive and broadly shared opportunities for business,” according to the Commerce Department’s strategy report. Establishing a “resilient” domestic supply chain is “critical” to both the military and economic goals of the U.S., particularly by freeing the U.S. from reliance on an increasingly hostile China, according to the Commerce Department.

“The legislation authorizes investments to expand the geographic and institutional diversity of research institutions and the students and researchers they serve, including new initiatives to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other minority-serving institutions, and other academic institutions providing opportunities to historically-underserved students and communities, primarily through the National Science Foundation (NSF),” according to a White House fact sheet…

Proposals will also be preferred if they include “targeted” outreach to “women, people of color, workers in rural areas, and veterans,” according to the Commerce Department.


Half a Million Tax-Payer Dollars Wasted to “Condemn Whiteness in Physics”

Watch the video:

NSF Funds Shamelessly Fraudulent Science – American Renaissance (

Portland Art Event Lets Black People in for Free. Charges Everyone Else $80

An event at an art festival in Portland, Oregon, offered race-based admission pricing. According to an ad for the event, “Black folks” could attend for free or with a donation of their choice. All other attendees had to pay $80 a piece.

Black Feast: Black Imagerial, a three-hour event hosted last Sunday by Salimatu Amabebe and sponsored by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, was promoted as “a culinary event celebrating Black artists and writers through food.”

In keeping with the “Black” theme of the event, black guests could attend for free. “**This event is free or by donation for Black folks,” the ad says, advising those who identify as black to use promo code “blackmovement” to receive their free tickets. It is unclear how a person’s black identity was verified or whether those of mixed race were able to attend free of charge.

Despite the hefty $80 fee charged to non-black attendees, the event sold out, according to the website.


Texas A&M Faculty Senate Votes To Exclude White and Asian Job Applicants To Hire People With Preferred Skin Colors

The Texas A&M University faculty senate on Monday endorsed an affirmative-action program that is currently under legal scrutiny for using taxpayer dollars to hire non-white and non-Asian staff members.

Despite a class-action complaint filed against TAMU on Sept. 10 alleging that the university’s Accountability, Climate, Equity, and Scholarship (ACES) Plus program violates federal law “prohibit[ing] universities that accept federal funds from discriminating on account of race or sex,” faculty senators at TAMU voted 54-12 in support of the project…

Sidelining qualified white and Asian candidates in favor of fulfilling racial quotas, both the complaint and some senate faculty members say, is a massive legal liability for the school and constitutes discrimination…


Washington State Court Gives Blacks the Upper Hand in Interracial Court Cases

According to CRT, anti-black bias is pervasive in American society, and all whites are, by default, racist. In the following article, we see that only a CRT-indoctrinated individual can be an “objective observer:”

Furthermore, this ruling will obviously lead almost ALL black parties, in civil cases, to claim racial bias. As we’ve seen with “refugees,” people quickly learn to just say the “magic words.”

According to the justices’ ruling, a civil trial court must hold an evidentiary hearing to determine if a new trial is required if the plaintiff or defendant suggests the outcome of the case was connected to any perceived racial bias.

In what legal experts like Lamb call “chilling,” a hearing requested after a trial must now start with a baseline presumption that the verdict was the result of bias. Even more, the nine justices wrote that the burden of proof is now on the party that won the original trial — and that it is their burden of proof to show there was no bias…

If future cases reach a point where there is a claim of racial bias, the state court wrote in its 33-page opinion, an “objective observer” must be used at a hearing to determine if racial bias played into the verdict. The observer, the justices continued, is “someone who is aware that implicit, institutional, and unconscious biases, in addition to purposeful discrimination, have influenced jury verdicts in Washington state.”


Banks Offer Lower Interest Rates to Companies that Hire Fewer Whites

Amid an uptick in race-conscious hiring programs throughout corporate America, many prominent businesses are now writing racial and gender quotas into their credit agreements with banks, tying the cost of borrowing to the companies’ workforce diversity, a Washington Free Beacon analysis found.

The businesses that have struck such agreements include the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the consulting groups Ernst & Young and AECOM, insurers Prudential and Definity Financial, private equity firms BlackRock and the Carlyle Group, the technology company Trimble, and the telecommunications giant Telefónica.

Over the past two years, each of those companies has secured a lending agreement, known as a credit facility, that links the interest rate charged by banks to the company’s internal diversity targets, creating a financial incentive to meet them. If the business achieves its targets, it won’t have to pay as much interest on the loans it takes out; if it falls short, it is required to pay more.

Under the terms of BlackRock’s $4.4 billion credit facility, for example, Wells Fargo will lower the firm’s interest rate by 0.05 percent if it hits two benchmarks—a 30 percent increase in the share of black and Hispanic employees by 2024, and a 3 percent increase in the share of female executives each year—or hike the rate by the same amount if it misses both.

The agreements, which typically involve multiple banks, are effectively credit cards for businesses: Rather than make a onetime loan, lenders extend a continuous line of credit that companies can dip into at will, either to cover operating costs or as a rainy day fund for emergencies. That means changes in a facility’s interest rate—even modest ones like BlackRock’s 0.05 percent diversity adjustment—can have an appreciable effect on a business’s bottom line…

“If a bank penalized a company’s credit rating because it had too many women or was too racially diverse, we would be appalled,” said one senior government regulator, who managed a nine-figure credit facility as a lawyer in private practice. “This is the exact same thing, except the penalized target is white men.”

The credit contracts will divert resources away from consumers, critics say, and toward diversity initiatives, where the promise of discounted loans will encourage the use of illegal hiring quotas. They will also hurt companies that don’t negotiate a diversity discount on their loans, because those firms will face higher borrowing costs than their competitors—a dynamic that could steer entire industries toward race-conscious policies.

“Let’s say Wells Fargo will loan to BlackRock at 1 percent if it meets diversity quotas, and the market interest rate is 5 percent,” said Will Hild, the executive director of Consumers’ Research. “Every other company that has to borrow at 5 percent is now at a disadvantage vis-à-vis BlackRock. So other companies will have to follow BlackRock’s lead, or they will go out of business, because BlackRock will be able to subsidize its products through Wells Fargo…”

The contracts represent a new twist on the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)-linked loans that have proliferated in recent years. When banks lend to businesses, they typically base interest rates on several factors, such as a company’s cost structure or debt ratio, that drive credit risk. {snip}

With diversity quotas in the mix, that gap between credit risk and credit access has only grown. “There is no evidence that diversity makes a borrower likelier to repay its loan,” the government regulator said. “It’s like handing out credit based on astrological sign.”

When a bank lends irrationally to one client, the regulator added, it “invariably makes its loan terms less fairly priced for everyone else.”

The credit deals come as race-conscious programs are exploding across corporate America—and sometimes in the companies’ own faces. Pfizer, one of the businesses that has tied its lending costs to diversity, was sued in September over a prestigious fellowship that bars white and Asian applicants. Programs at Microsoft, IBM, and Google use similar criteria, as do American Express and Amazon, both of which are now facing civil rights lawsuits.

Race-conscious loans will encourage such policies, legal experts said, and could expose companies to legal liability. Even if businesses don’t adopt overt quotas, said Adam Mortara, a prominent civil rights litigator, the agreements could be used as evidence that the firing of a white or Asian employee was racially motivated, “because of the incentives this kind of race-based discounting creates.”


Girl gang who kicked woman in the head while yelling ‘kill the white slag’ freed after judge hears ‘they weren’t used to drinking because they’re Muslims’

The group – three sisters and a cousin – allegedly screamed ‘kill the white slag’ as they set upon Rhea Page as she waited for a taxi with her boyfriend.

Miss Page, 22, was left with a bald patch where her hair was pulled out in the attack and was left ‘black and blue’ after suffering a flurry of kicks to the head, back, arms and legs while motionless on the pavement…

But Judge Robert Brown gave them suspended jail terms after hearing mitigation that as Muslims, the women were not used to being drunk. The Koran prohibits Muslims from consuming alcohol, although Islamic teachings permit its use for medicinal purposes.


White ‘Lion King’ sign-language interpreter says he was ousted over skin color

A white sign-language interpreter says he was booted from “The Lion King” on Broadway because of his skin color.

Keith Wann, 53, was one of at least two people forced off the production by the non-profit Theatre Development Fund – which staffs Broadway shows with American Sign Language interpreters – after the group decided it was “no longer appropriate to have white interpreters represent black characters for ASL Broadway shows.”

Wann filed a federal discrimination lawsuit on Tuesday against the organization and the director of its accessibility programs, Lisa Carling.

Carling told him and interpreter Christina Mosleh to “back out” of the show — which celebrates its 25th anniversary on Sunday — so they could be replaced by black sign-language experts, according to the suit and emails obtained by The Post…

“The majority of the characters in the Lion King are black actors and the content takes place in Africa,” Guy wrote Carling on April 1.

“Keith Wann, though an amazing ASL performer, is not a black person and therefore should not be representing Lion King,” she declared.

The following day, Wann was out of a job and the $1,000 it would have paid to interpret the performance.


Biden’s deputy director of Dept. of Education “Tunes out White Voices”

A US Department of Education deputy director appointed under President Joe Biden mocked Evangelical Christians and claimed democracy was based on “White supremacy.”

According to
Fox News, Kristina Ishmael, the deputy director in the Office of Educational Technology, which claims to implement policies for “equity of access” to technology, posted the divisive commentary on Twitter…

Ishmael replied “Amen” to a tweet that claimed the Evangelical church welcomed “hate” and “white supremacy.”

Approximately 25–30 percent of Americans identify as Evangelical Christians.

Ishmael claimed she walked away from a discussion because “a white male dominated the conversation,” and in another case said she was tuning out voices from white people.

The Biden administration has demonstrated, time and again, that it will persecute White Americans at every opportunity. Only an extremely naive person would believe that anti-whites, such as Ishmael, would fail to act upon their bigotry whenever possible.


Seattle city employee sues over anti-White discrimination, ‘racially hostile work environment’

A former Seattle city employee has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging he was a victim of anti-White discrimination due to a “racially hostile work environment.”

Joshua Diemert, who worked as a program intake representative in Seattle’s Department of Human Services from 2013 to 2021, filed suit Nov. 16 against the city and its mayor, Bruce Harrell, claiming he was constantly belittled and harassed at work for being White and that he was denied advancement opportunities and retaliated against due to the color of his skin.

Diemert’s lawsuit blames the alleged anti-White culture he experienced on the city’s Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI), which seeks to “end institutionalized racism and race-based disparities in City government,” according to the city government’s website.

The lawsuit alleges that Diemert’s race was an “albatross around his neck” throughout his career, and that the discrimination became “increasingly pervasive and hostile” as his career developed.

“The City routinely urged Mr. Diemert to join race-based affinity groups and required him to participate in training sessions that demeaned and degraded him based on his racial and ethnic identity,” the lawsuit states. “He was chastised and punished for combating racially discriminatory hiring practices by [Department of Human Services] colleagues.”

“His supervisors and other colleagues continually dismissed his concerns over a period of years and claimed he could not be a victim of racism and discrimination because he possessed ‘white privilege,’” it claims. “And he was denied opportunities for advancement by the City based on his racial and ethnic identity.”

As part of his RSJI training, the lawsuit alleges, Diemert was required to attend a two-day workshop in 2019 called “Undoing Institutional Racism,” during which facilitators declared, “white people are like the devil,” “racism is in white people’s DNA,” and “white people are cannibals.”


Minnesota School Board on Monday Accepted a State Grant That Funds Drug Abuse Prevention Efforts – and Excludes White Students

Faribault school board accepts $1.1 million anti-drug grant aimed at BIPOC students

The Faribault, Minn., school board on Monday accepted a state grant that funds drug abuse prevention efforts for Black, Indigenous and other students of color — a measure that previously stalled when some members claimed accepting the money amounted to discrimination against white pupils.

Board Member Richard Olson cast the sole dissenting vote. As he did during the Nov. 21 meeting, Olson objected to the district accepting the grant by arguing that “it does not help all students.”


California College Approves Electronic Security System to Bar White Males From Nonwhite ‘Safe Space’

It’s been said many times — “Safety first.” And at Pomona College, they’re dedicated to the directive.

Apropos of asylum, the elite private Southern California school boasts an association welcoming almost all races: the Students of Color Alliance (SOCA). And the group happens to have a lounge.

To access the lounge, an electronic ID is required. In order to attain one, each student must complete a form which requests his or her identity group.

The security system was approved by the administration last month; ClaremontSOCA announced as much on Instagram:

Previously, there was no standardized process for granting swipe access to the lounge which limited the use of the space as it was intended. Moving forward, there will be a Google form that students of color can fill out to request swipe access to the space.

Groups included in the Student of Color Alliance:

  • Latinx Alliance
  • Caballeros & Señoritas Student Alliance
  • Eritrean and Ethiopian Student Association
  • African Student Association
  • Women of Pre-Health
  • Asian American Resource Center

In case you haven’t heard, People of the Pale are presently a pinch persona non grata:

University Allows Deadline Extensions for Nonwhite Students With Self-Reported ‘Racial Trauma’

College Op-Ed Asks if White People Should Be Kicked out of Parties

TikTok Teaches Etiquette: Whites Must Get Nonwhite Permission to Hang out — ‘White Shenanigans’ Are Brutal

UC Berkeley Professor Told Students Abolishing Whiteness Means Wiping out White People

Yale Medical School Welcomes Psychiatrist Who Dreams of ‘Unloading a Revolver Into the Head of Any White Person’

Tennessee University Segregates Students for ‘Antiracism’ Training, Hails the Absence of White People as ‘Magical’


Canadian university says economics professor position only open to applicants who ‘self-identify as Black’

A Canadian university is only accepting applicants who “self-identify as Black” for a tenure track teaching position in economics.

Toronto Metropolitan University posted the job listing for a tenure track position in applied microeconomics or economics on Nov. 21 and states on its website that the school is “committed to addressing the underrepresentation of Black faculty.”

“Successful candidates will self-identify as Black of African Descent (e.g, Africans and African heritage people from the Caribbean, Americas, Europe) and will demonstrate strong potential for excellence in, and willingness and ability to contribute to: teaching, scholarly research or creative activity and service, while maintaining an inclusive, equitable, and collegial work environment across all activities,” the job posting states.

The job description also states that “All applicants to this opportunity must self-identify as Black…”

n February 2021, Tulane University stated on a job description for “Teaching Assistant for ‘The Arts and Social Impact’” that “priority will be given to BIPOC applicants,” referring to Black, Indigenous and people of color, according to Campus Reform.

After the university was contacted by the outlet, the racial preference was removed from the job description.

They removed the racial requirement from the job description, but rest assured that they’ll end up hiring a black professor.


UNC Fellowship Program Excludes Whites

The public university dragged into court over its race-conscious admissions policy is now advertising a research fellowship that bars white applicants from applying.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—whose affirmative action program, along with that of Harvard University, is under review by the Supreme Court—sponsors the Fellowship for Exploring Research in Nutrition, which accepts applications exclusively from students who are “Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC),” according to the program’s website. Fellows earn thousands of dollars, live in on-campus apartments paid for by the university, and receive generous mentorship opportunities, including letters of recommendation.

“The field of nutrition is overwhelmingly comprised of white researchers,” an ad for the fellowship states. “Increased BIPOC representation in food policy research is critical for developing effective, equitable, comprehensive, and culturally competent policies that address nutrition-related health disparities.”

On Monday, the economist Mark Perry filed a complaint about the fellowship with the District of Columbia’s Office of Civil Rights. The complaint, which was reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, asks the office to investigate the university for “race-based discrimination…”

“It is indisputable this UNC student research program is racially exclusive and therefore is in violation of our nation’s civil rights laws,” said Edward Blum, the founder of Students for Fair Admissions. The program is similar to other minority-only fellowships, such as Pfizer’s Breakthrough Fellowship, that have been hit with discrimination lawsuits in the past year.


NHS bosses want interview panels to justify why they have hired a white person over candidates from ethnic minorities

Woke NHS bosses are forcing interview panels to explain why they have hired a white person over someone from an ethnic minority, the Daily Mail can reveal.

A policy at the Royal Free in north London requires staff to compile reports justifying why the successful candidate was deemed ‘more suitable’…

They must write to the trust’s chief executive with evidence on how they scored the non-white applicant and come up with suggestions on how the candidate can improve for next time.

The latest policy applies to interview shortlists that involve both white and non-white applicants, according to documents seen by this newspaper.

It has been in place at Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust since July 2018 for staff in senior positions, but was expanded in recent months to any role within the trust. If a white candidate is chosen, the panel chairman must write a report explaining why they were ‘more suitable’ for the role. It does not apply the other way around.

They must also provide ‘justification’ as to why any ethnic minority candidate was not chosen and provide detailed ‘scoring notes’ as evidence. Alongside this, they are required to suggest how the failed applicants can ‘develop their experience, skills, or amplitude’ for a better chance next time.

The report must then be sent to the trust’s chief executive, Caroline Clarke, within ten working days. Failure to do so sees them named and shamed in the trust’s monthly Workforce Race Equality progress report.


Canadian Judge Gives Light Sentence to Indigenous Man who Stabbed a White Man; “Colonialism Must be Taken into Account”

Sending an offender who slashed the throat of a total stranger on a CTrain to a federal prison would do no good for either the perpetrator or society, a judge said Monday.

Instead, provincial court Judge Harry Van Harten sentenced Bobby Crane, 25, to the maximum provincial jail time of two years less a day and ordered him to serve three additional years of probation.

Van Harten agreed with defence lawyer Rebecca Snukal that the justice system had failed Crane by repeatedly sending him to jail instead of getting him help in navigating life while suffering from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder…

Crown prosecutor Tara Wells sought a four-year penitentiary term for Crane, who slashed the throat of a visually impaired Calgary man on his way to work during morning rush hour.

In a victim impact statement, Leonard Smith, 65, said doctors told him the 23-centimetre gash on his throat missed his carotid artery by four millimetres.

Wells said a severe sentence was required for what she called “a horrific act of random violence…”

She said Crane told a friend he wanted “to get” a guy before walking up to Smith with a utility knife…

Van Harten said the generational trauma European society has caused to Indigenous communities had to be addressed.

“The history of colonialism has to be taken into account,” he said.


This case is from 2017. It illustrates the fact that White lives have little value in the eyes of British authorities:

Racist Dodges Jail After SPITTING in Baby’s Face and Yelling: ‘Whites Shouldn’t Breed’

A VILE thug spat in the face of a nine-month-old baby and screamed “white people shouldn’t breed” at her terrified mother.

Callous Rezzas Abdulla spewed saliva all over the pram of little Layla-Jean in the sickening race-hate attack last January.

Stunned mum Rebecca Telford, 25, was walking through South Shields with the tot when Abdulla launched his unprovoked attack, a court heard.

The 33-year-old leant over the baby’s pram and spat in her face before shouting the racially motivated tirade, prosecutors said.

Abdulla was convicted of racially aggravated common assault at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

But Abdulla, who has two previous convictions for race-hate attacks on white females, walked free from court without a jail term.

Instead judges handed him an eight month sentence, suspended for 18 months.

In an interview with cops Rebecca said: “I am completely disgusted and distressed that a grown man, regardless of race or religion, would spit on a defenceless baby in a completely unprovoked attack.

“If he had just walked by I would not have even noticed him, there was no eye contact and no words had been exchanged. I had never seen him before.”

Ms Telford added: “I believe he spat on her purely because we are white, I was a lone female and an easy target.”

This one is from last year. The article illustrates how the Swedish government works together with corporate media expedite the Great Replacement:

Females Are Not Safe in Sweden: 4 Eritrean Migrants Receive Short Prison Sentences for Violent Gang Rape, None Will Be Expelled

On the night of June 26, 2022, a 40-year-old woman was violently attacked by four Eritrean migrants in Flemingsberg, south of Stockholm. One of the migrants knocked the woman to the ground in a wooded area, and the other three migrants took turns raping the intoxicated woman.

Two of the perpetrators then took the woman toward Flemingsberg train station and led her into an elevator, where they raped her once more while one of the accomplices stood guard outside.

One of the rapists filmed the abuse with his mobile phone camera, something the prosecutor noted indicates a “special recklessness or brutality.”

Migrant Rapists

Two of the migrant rapists, Huluf Kindeya Gebremariam (27) and Seare Measho Redae (29), came to Sweden in 2020 during the covid pandemic. Both obtained residence permits in the same year reported Samnytt.

The other two rapists both arrived in Sweden in 2014. Haileab Ghebre Weldemichael, 33, had a temporary residence permit. And Mihretab Haile Gebrehiwt, 35, has a permanent residence permit.

Prosecutors wanted to extradite – district court said no

House prosecutor Axel Frick demanded that the four rapists be deported to Eritrea and banned from returning to Sweden for the next fifteen years if convicted. But there was no deportation – everyone could stay in Sweden.

The Södertörn District Court found the men guilty and just sentenced three of the migrants to five years and six months in prison for aggravated rape, reports state broadcaster SVT. The fourth man is sentenced to two years and three months in prison for rape. In all these cases, one-third of the penalty will be deducted according to usual practices. In addition to their prison sentence, the four will have to “pay damages” to the woman.

Media and State Cover-Up

Sweden is still a country where sexual assaults and rapes by newly arrived and illegal migrants are denied and concealed in the most brutal ways by most of the establishment.

TT News Agency, the largest in Scandinavia, did not even report the rapists were migrants who came from Eritrea but instead listed the towns in Sweden they live in: Sandviken, Huddinge, Motala, and Vallentuna. Furthermore, they chose to omit the fact that all of the men needed interpreters.

As previously reported at RAIR, the Swedish government goes to great lengths to hide the deadly and life-altering consequences of their open borders migration policies.



Washington DC is using taxpayer money for street signs that blame “white-supremacy” for blacks dying, when even the (anti-white) FBI admits that almost all black murder victims are killed by other blacks.

When we take into account the endless, and almost daily, cases of black-on-White brutality, such signs take on an even more sinister aura.

This is a clear example of scapegoating one race for the flaws of another. It’s a clear example of official anti-Whiteism.

Wells Fargo to Stop Offering Home Mortgages to White People

Instead of its previous goal of reaching as many Americans as possible, the company will now focus on home loans for existing bank and wealth management customers and borrowers in minority communities, CNBC has learned….

Wells Fargo said it was investing $100 million toward its goal of minority homeownership and placing more mortgage consultants in branches located in minority communities.


US House of Representatives Ignores Black Supremacy and Latino Supremacy, Instead Focuses ONLY On White-Supremacy for Special Prosecution

Even as anti-White crimes proliferate, and anti-White rhetoric is normalized, the US Congress is essentially criminalizing White-advocacy:

H. R. 61

To prevent and prosecute white supremacy inspired hate crime and conspiracy to commit white supremacy inspired hate crime and to amend title 18, United States Code, to expand the scope of hate crimes…

IN GENERAL.—A person engages in a white supremacy inspired hate crime when white supremacy ideology has motivated the planning, development, preparation, or perpetration of actions that constituted a crime 3 or were undertaken in furtherance of activity that, if effectuated, would have constituted a crime.

5 (b) CONSPIRACY.—A conspiracy to engage in white 6 supremacy inspired hate crime shall be determined to 7 exist— 8 (1) between two or more persons engaged in the 9 planning, development, preparation, or perpetration 10 of a white supremacy inspired hate crime; or 11 (2) between two or more persons— 12 (A) at least one of whom engaged in the 13 planning, development, preparation, or perpetration of a white supremacy inspired hate 15 crime; and 16 (B) at least one of whom published material advancing white supremacy, white supremacist ideology, antagonism based on ‘‘replacement theory’’, or hate speech that vilifies or is 20 otherwise directed against any non-White person or group, and such published material— 22 (i) was published on a social media 23 platform or by other means of publication 24 with the likelihood that it would be viewed 25 by persons who are predisposed to engaging in any action in furtherance of a white 2 supremacy inspired hate crime, or who are 3 susceptible to being encouraged to engage 4 in actions in furtherance of a white supremacy inspired hate crime; 6 (ii) could, as determined by a reasonable person, motivate actions by a person 8 predisposed to engaging in a white supremacy inspired hate crime or by a person who 10 is susceptible to being encouraged to engage in actions relating to a white supremacy inspired hate crime; and 13 (iii) was read, heard, or viewed by a 14 person who engaged in the planning, development, preparation, or perpetration of a 16 white supremacy inspired hate crime.

In plain English, this appears to mean that if I publish, on social media, a video of a group of non-Whites attacking a white person viciously, and a total stranger is angered enough by this video to commit a crime against non-Whites in retaliation, then I could be held culpable for said crime.

The bill appears to propose that if I write about the Great Replacement on social media, and a total stranger is motivated by my words to commit a crime against non-Whites, then I could be held responsible for said crime.

The bill focuses exclusively on Whites. It completely ignores the far more common scenario of non-Whites being motivated by CRT-based teachings to commit crimes against Whites.

This grossly biased bill showcases the anti-White hate that we’re up against, and (if passed), it will be a huge step forward into the racial caste system that the Hostile Elites have been working toward for decades. In this caste system, Whites are the Untouchables. Even if it doesn’t pass, it reveals the sick mindset that is the norm in Congress.

I’ll point out that the kangaroo Charlottsville trials set a precedent where two or more individuals can be convicted of “conspiracy” even if they never knew each other.


NHL Backtracks After Ron DeSantis’ Office Blasts Job Fair That Excluded Whites

The National Hockey League caved Friday night after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called out the league out for planning a “discriminatory” job fair limited to certain genders and ethnicities.

“Participants must be 18 years of age or older, based in the U.S., and identify as female, Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, and/or a person with a disability,” read the now-deleted LinkedIn post for NHL’s “Pathway to Hockey Summit” event.

The governor’s team swiftly responded to the post on the event planned on Feb. 2 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The post for the Ft. Lauderdale event was reportedly deleted Friday night, and the league clarified that the event is open to anyone ages 18 or older.


Group Charged with Civil Rights Penalties for “Keep New England White” Banners. No Such Penalties for BLM Banners and Signs

I’m linking to the MSN article so that readers can see the comments there. The double standard is so blatant that 90% of the comments bring it up. It’s noteworthy that 911 “emergency” calls were made about the harmless banner – and that police RESPONDED as if it were an emergency:

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A group accused of displaying “Keep New England White” banners from an overpass in New Hampshire faces state Civil Rights Act violations, the attorney general’s office said Tuesday.

The complaints allege that on July 30, 2022, the Nationalist Social Club, also known as NSC-131, and two of its members trespassed upon public property and were motivated by race in hanging the banners from the overpass overlooking U.S. Route 1 in Portsmouth. About 10 people took part, the complaints said.

“I’d like to take a moment to say that hate, intimidation and divisiveness are simply not part of the fabric of this great city,” Police Chief Mark Newport said at a news conference in Portsmouth, noting its history as a safe harbor going back to 1630, and its place in history as the site of a treaty that formally ended the Russo-Japanese War in 1905…

In New Hampshire, the complaints say that Portsmouth police received 911 calls about the banners. When officers responded, they saw about 10 men on the overpass wearing hats, sunglasses and face coverings emblazoned with “NSC-131,” or “131.”

One of the men wasn’t wearing those items and spoke with police. He appeared to be the leader.

The officers said the banners couldn’t couldn’t (sic) hang from the overpass without a permit. The man gave the group instructions to remove the banners. Some members continued to display the banners by hand before returning to their vehicles and leaving.

The man was accused of two civil rights violations and faces a possible penalty of $10,000. Another man who old (sic) police, “You’re not interfering with my friends and interfering with our rights,” also was named in the complaints and faces a possible $5,000 penalty. Contact information could not be found for them, and it wasn’t immediately known if they had attorneys.

Formella said his office is working to identify the rest of the group.


Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Investigating “Pray for White America” Leaflets

LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va.Residents in Loudoun County have mixed feelings about whether law enforcement should pursue hate crime charges against whoever is responsible for distributing fliers promoting white supremacy in several neighborhoods.

So far, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has stopped short of calling it a hate crime.

While the sheriff’s office is asking the community to come forward with information about who may be responsible for the fliers, it is not being handled as a hate crime.

Dozens of fliers were found in driveways across the county last week.

The fliers were reportedly attached to birdseed with the message — “pray for white America” written on them…

The sheriff’s office told FOX 5 that although they agree there is no place in the community for hate of any kind, there have not been any arrests made due to there being no criminal violations occurring.

The more recent cases that occurred in western Loudoun are still under investigation.

Leesburg resident and former Loudoun County NAACP President Phillip Thompson wants the sheriff to consider the pro-white flier distribution a hate crime.

He says residents feel threatened and intimated (sic).

We work very closely with the FBI regarding these matters and have consulted with them on previous cases to determine if there is a violation of federal statutes. Although we agree there is no place in our community for hate of any kind, there have not been any arrests made due to no criminal violations occurring. The more recent cases that occurred in western Loudoun is still an ongoing investigation. As with any investigation the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office investigates each case very thoroughly for any criminal violations. The recent incidents are currently being investigated by a detective in an attempt to determine who is distributing the offensive material.”

Here we have:

a) Residents being asked, by government authorities to help identify who distributed the leaflets

b) A powerful institution (the NAACP) calling for the distribution of pro-White leaflets to be considered a “crime.”

c) A police force expending resources for “an investigation” who’s purpose is to try to find an actual crime that can be pinned on the responsible parties – even though no obvious crime was committed and…

d) The FBI getting involved

As for residents “feeling threatened and intimated (sic),” this is exactly the reaction we’d expect after years of anti-White propaganda. Would they feel “threatened and intimidated” by “pray for black America” leaflets?” Probably not.

I’ll point out that when a government agency expends such resources to identify the citizens responsible for distributing “offensive material,” it’s in order to put their names on a list. It means that those citizens will be deprived of their rights in the future.


‘Woke’ Department of Defense equity chief writes anti-White posts

It’s Orwellian when powerful black government agents claim that they can’t be racist because “blacks don’t have power.” Kelisa Wing is one such government agent. She’s openly anti-White, has emmence power, compared to the citizens who oppose her, and the powers-that-be support her.

From Fox News:

The chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer at the Department of Defense’s education wing, who describes herself as a “woke administrator,” wrote a series of disparaging posts about White people on Twitter, Fox News Digital found.

Kelisa Wing is the DEI chief at Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), which provides K-12 education to the DoD community in the U.S. and all over the world. After Fox News Digital reached out for comment, Wing’s Twitter was put on private, but she did not immediately respond.

She wrote in June 2020, “I’m exhausted with these white folx in these [professional development] sessions.”

“[T]his lady actually had the CAUdacity to say that black people can be racist too… I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS… [W]e are not the majority, we don’t have power,” she continued.

Kelisa Wing, a diversity chief at the Department of Defense, posts disparaging posts about White people on Twitter. (Kelisa Wing/Twitter)

“Caudacity” is a slang term that is used to describe audacity demonstrated by White people…

On another occasion, Wing responded to a user who said, “I am exhausted by 99% of the white men in education and 95% of the white women. Where can I get a break from white nonsense for a while?…”

Fox News Digital reached out to the Department of Defense, asking if Wing’s statements about White people were appropriate for a DoD employee involved in diversity, equity and inclusion, but did not immediately receive a response.

DoDEA “directs… education programs for school-age children of Department of Defense personnel” and “provides support and resources to Local Educational Agencies throughout the United States that serve children of military families.” DoDEA schools are located in the United States, Europe, Pacific, western Asia, Middle East, Cuba, Guam and Puerto Rico…

“What is White Privilege?” also encourages White kids to “unpack” their “backpack” of privilege and referenced an article by Peggy McIntosh that said that White women are “justly seen as oppressive” and “enjoy unearned skin privilege.”

McIntosh’s article also lamented that White students are not taught in schools to see themselves as “an oppressor,” a “participant in a damaged culture” and “unfairly advantaged.”


Canada’s Top Taxpayer-Funded Theatre Sparks Fury by Holding a ‘Blacks Only’ Performance

Canada’s top taxpayer-funded theatre has sparked fury by holding a ‘blacks only’ performance – and banned white and Asian people.

The National Arts Centre in Ottawa will hold the event in the middle of Black History Month on February 17, with a performance of ‘Is God Is’ at the Babs Asper Theatre.

The 897-seat venue will be open exclusively to an ‘all-Black identifying audience’ with people of other races being told to attend the play on any of the other eight shows from February 9 to 18.

The Centre has said the purpose is to ‘allow for conversation and participation to be felt throughout the theatre.’

The theater says those coming will self-identify based on an honor system and no one will be turned away at the door.

‘There will be no checkpoints for Black Out Night ticket holders and no questions will be asked about anyone’s identity, race or gender,’ the theatre explained.

The venue says the decision to create such an evening was inspired by something similar held in the fall of 2019 for Jeremy O’Harris’ Slave Play on Broadway.

‘A Black Out is an open invitation to Black Audiences to come and experience performances with their community.

‘The evenings will provide a dedicated space for Black theatregoers to witness a show that reflects the vivid kaleidoscope that is the Black experience,’ the theater explained in a press release.


It’s OK to be White.

Posted by Sean Casey

We need immigration because we’re not having kids, then they tell us not to have kids.

Note, one of the few ads that have a White couple is the one telling us not to have kids.

Yeah… absolutely nothing sus about that…

It’s OK to be White.

Posted by Rhiannon Kojima (小島)

Just so that it’s clear that they hate White children as well as adults. Age doesn’t matter to orcish scum like them. This is just the beginning. Pretty soon, this will be the norm in every school.

“Centennial Elementary in Olympia established a 5th-grade BIPOC (“Black, Indigenous, People of Color”) student group that the principal says excludes white students, according to a screenshot of an email shared with the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. The email, which the district has confirmed is real, shows principal Shannon Ritter admitting the “group is limited to students who identify as BIPOC.” The club meets once a week during their lunch period, and the school is reportedly in the early stages for an additional “BIPOC-only” student group for 4th graders.”

Here’s more of the article:

The Jason Rantz Show, 3pm-7pm on KTTH

A local elementary school has a student club that excludes students based on their race, according to a parent.

Ritter also explains that “this space allows them [BIPOC students] to hang out, check in and possibly talk about their experiences as a student in the minority as they build community, connections and confidence. It is primarily a safe space for them.” A group for so-called allies may be established, as well…

A spokesperson for the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction says the state does not provide districts guidance on affinity groups. But attorney Mark Lamb of Carney Badley Spellman, P.S. says this discrimination is legally questionable. He cites Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It prohibits discrimination based on race, color, or national origin. He also notes that the district’s anti-discrimination policy bars discrimination based on race, color, or national origin “for all students in all aspects of the academic and activities program.”

“The fact that this is occurring in an elementary school makes it even more problematic from a legal perspective. The age of the students, coupled with the principal’s email re: this ‘club’, makes it apparent that this is not a primarily student-led decision but rather one being generated and defended by the school itself,” Lamb noted to the Jason Rantz Show…


US Federal Government to Pay One Million Dollars to Promote Non-Whites in Europe

As part of its ongoing Great Replacement Project, the US Federal Government has announced a $1 million grant whose purpose is the advancement of non-Whites in Europe.

The Biden administration’s costly, governmentwide effort to advance racial equity and support the nation’s underserved population through taxpayer-funded programs is going global. The administration recently disclosed that it is dedicating a million dollars to “empower marginalized racial and ethnic communities in Europe,” though details of how this will be accomplished remain ambiguous. What is clear is that the soon-to-be empowered minority Europeans are to include people of African descent and Roma people, according to the recently published grant announcement.


Affirmative Action in Jail Sentencing

On December 31, 2020, a 17-year old man in Calgary was pulled over for a routine traffic violation by 37-year old police officer Sgt. Andrew Harnett.

After being stopped for ~45 minutes, the man fled the traffic stop with Harnett attached to the vehicle, dragging Harnett into oncoming traffic, where he was hit by a car and died. The fleeing man left Harnett’s corpse on the cold pavement, went home, slept, and then turned himself in to police the next day…

That driver who refused to get a ticket has brown skin — he’s middle-eastern. Needless to say, that shouldn’t matter one iota, but sadly Canada’s “justice” system is heavily based on skin color. The killer knew this, and milked it for all it’s worth…

In court a couple of months ago, the driver spoke about how he’d spent a lot of time over the past months on social media because of the pandemic, reading about “oppression in Africa” and “the murder of George Floyd”. Because he was brown, he argued, he was afraid for his life. He blamed Andrew Harnett’s death on anti-brown racism.

I’ll be frank, I think I was just trying to save myself … I’m thinking I’m done, I’m going to get dragged out of the vehicle and I’m going to get killed,” he said.

You brought up George Floyd in your direct examination. Do you remember what happened to George Floyd?” asked the prosecutor. “Let’s talk about what we just saw with Sgt. Harnett if we could, because you’re bringing this up at a trial that involves his death … Any abusive language from him?

No,” the driver replied.

Anything that was insulting to your age, your race, your ethnic background or religion?” the prosecutor asked.

Not necessarily, no. Actually, I felt like I was being racialized, right? Just the fact that the door opened and the fact that he asked for my phone number. I’ve never been asked for my phone number.

…as if being asked for his phone number is racialization that would make him fear for his life?

The prosecutor pressed on, arguing that any insinuation of the traffic stop being racist was something the teen wanted the court to “take his word for.”

That’s how I felt,” the driver replied. “I look quickly to my left, I look to my mirror and I observed that officer Sergeant Harnett had his hand on his gun and as soon as I saw that, honestly I took off. I was scared … I thought something bad was going to happen. I thought just the fact, ‘Why would he have his hand on his gun?’

The judge reviewed the body cam footage and concluded this “hand on the gun” line was a concocted story. The judge called the defendant’s testimony “untruthful,” “self-serving,” “evasive” and “fabricated.”

Nonetheless, it worked. The charge was downgraded from murder to manslaughter…

It should be noted that the judge who ruled that this was not murder, Justice Anna Loparco, was appointed by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada in 2016. This is relevant because the Liberal Party of Canada is notoriously soft on crime, strongly opposed to race-blind justice, and only appoints judges who agree with their racial ideology. Justice Loparco is symptomatic of a deeper rot.


High school asks employees to ‘avoid inviting’ White peers to event for people of color due to ‘mistrust’

A California school district hosted an event for employees of color, but warned their White peers were not invited to participate

EXCLUSIVE: A California school district held an event for employees of color, but warned educators that they should not invite their White peers because of “feelings of uneasiness and mistrust…”

“Hello POCC staff, we are ready for out first coming together in 2023,” McPhatter-Harris’ email read. “We are looking forward to seeing our people of color in the district. Please invite any employee of color to this event.”

“Be reminded that we have avoided inviting people that are not of color as there remains feelings of uneasiness and mistrust and we need this to be a safe space for our people of color,” the email continued. “Please reach out to me if you have any questions of concerns.”


Biden Signs Executive Order to Further Marginalize White People

Joe Biden just signed a massive anti-White executive order. The order includes many provisions that work against the interests of heterosexual, able-bodies, urban White Americans. Here, I’ll focus on the distribution of Federal funds, and how this order requires Federal agencies to be proactive in distributing them to non-Whites:

(a) conduct proactive engagement, as appropriate, with members of underserved communities — for example, through culturally and linguistically appropriate listening sessions, outreach events, or requests for information — during development and implementation of agencies’ respective annual Equity Action Plans, annual budget submissions, grants and funding opportunities, and other actions, including those outlined in section 3(d) of this order…;

(c) create more flexibilities, incentives, and guidelines for recipients of Federal funding and permits to proactively engage with underserved communities as projects are designed and implemented;

(d) identify funding opportunities for community- and faith-based organizations working in and with underserved communities to improve access to benefits and services for members of underserved communities…

Sec. 7. Advancing Equitable Procurement. (a) The Government-wide goal for Federal procurement dollars awarded to small business concerns owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals

The order requires Federal agencies to coordinate such efforts with “civil rights organizations.” In other words, organizations such as The Urban League, the SPLC, the ADL and the NAACP will control billions of dollars of Federal money:

(c) increase coordination, communication, and engagement with community-based organizations and civil rights organizations

This order will create vast new layers of bureaucracy and paperwork. It will expand the intrusion of the Federal government into our lives to levels never seen before, and it will further blur the lines between so-called NGOs (“Non-governmental Organizations”) and the Federal government.

This order will also increase the incentives for White youth to identify as sexual deviants – because unless they move to a rural area, or become disabled, the only White people whose rights matter are sexual deviants.


Irish National Police Tell Sexual Assault Victim to be Silent About her Assailants Being Foreigners

The family of a woman who they say endured a terrifying sexual assault in Dungarvan late Saturday night, say they are angry and upset that Gardai asked them to take down a social media post informing other women that foreign nationals had been involved.

Speaking to Gript today, one family member said that concerns about identifying the attackers as non-Irish seemed to be more important than ensuring that other girls and women were aware that they may be in danger…

Describing the assault as a “vicious attack” by a “gang”, the family member said that they had found the response of the Gardai to be “very upsetting”.

“We can’t understand it,” he said. “We were asked to take down a social media post where we had identified the attackers as foreign nationals, because no one has been arrested and women need to know this information.”

“We were asked by the Gardai why we said it was foreign men, and then asked to take the post down. Then we were asked not to talk about what had happened to anyone.”

“It seems all wrong, who is being protected here? [The victim] can’t sleep or eat, she is totally traumatised. Normally if there’s a serious crime anywhere it’s on the radio and descriptions are given and there’s an appeal for witnesses. But we’re being told to say nothing.”


Cambridge planned to block white students from applying for course

The University of Cambridge planned to bar white working-class students from one of its postgraduate courses, The Telegraph can reveal.

The university’s School of Arts and Humanities internally promoted “an exciting new widening participation project” that will “give an opportunity for students from under-represented groups to experience postgraduate research at Cambridge”…

But in the “call for supervisors” on Feb 6, lecturers were told: “The programme will be advertised for second or third year UG [undergraduate] students from Black, British Black, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or British-Pakistani, British Bangladeshi students studying at traditional research-intensive universities, who are planning to continue their studies in 2024.”

One source described the requirement to be non-white, explained in an email seen by The Telegraph, as “race-based social engineering”.

After being contacted by The Telegraph on Wednesday, Cambridge confirmed it had reversed its position since the Feb 6 email as concerns had been raised. The course is now “open to a wider group defined by socio-economic factors instead, including white working-class”, the university said.


uOttawa excludes white scholars to “combat systemic racial discrimination”

The University of Ottawa is excluding white scholars from professor positions in order to “combat systemic racial discrimination.”

The Ontario university joins a growing list of post-secondary institutions taking part in controversial “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” (EDI) practices.

A job posting for a tenure-track Assistant or Associate Public Management Professor position in the University of Ottawa School of Political Studies notes that hiring “will be done in accordance with the University’s initiatives to combat systemic racial discrimination.”

“Only qualified applications from racialized or Indigenous peoples will be considered and evaluated for the position,” the posting adds.

The university says its new hiring initiatives seek to “remedy the under-representation of racialized peoples and Indigenous peoples within the ranks of its faculty members” and “accelerate the hiring of Black, Indigenous and racialized professors in the coming years.”


Fairfax County Public Schools Discriminates Against Whites and Asians – But the Only Concern is for Asians

It’s called the “Asian Exclusion Act,” but not the “White Exclusion Act.”

New Asian Exclusion Act pops up in FCPS program”


Democrat Mayor Faces Lawsuits Over Discrimination Against White People

The owners of five restaurants in Boston, Massachusetts, are alleging they have been discriminated against because of their white, Italian background by the city’s Democrat Mayor Michelle Wu.

The legal dispute stems from the levying of a fee on restaurants in the North End area—which is known for its Italian heritage—for placing tables outside for outdoor dining. Court documents cited a joke she made in a St Patrick’s Day speech on March 17, 2022, in which she said: “I’m getting used to dealing with problems that are expensive, disruptive and white…”

In 2022, Wu ordered that restaurants in the area that wanted to have outdoor dining for that summer would have to apply for a license to do so, which would cost $7,500, and the use of parking spaces would cost an additional $480 per space used.

Court documents state that the order didn’t apply to other restaurants elsewhere in Boston, noting that there were at least 114 restaurants in the nearby vicinity with outdoor dining, a majority of which were not charged for a license. Some 15 percent of all city licenses were given to restaurants in the North End.

“It is commonly known that the traditional owner of a restaurant in the North End of Boston is a white male of Italian descent,” the complaint said. “And the North End is generally regarded as the last true ethnic Boston Italian neighborhood.”

The documents also claimed that white Italian owners were omitted from the city’s All Inclusive Boston Campaign, which was aimed at attracting tourism and promoting minority-owned businesses…


Former NBA player exposes ESPN’s anti-white racism and hypocrisy

Twenty years ago, during the 2003 NFL season, conservative talk show icon Rush Limbaugh briefly worked for ESPN on Sunday NFL Countdown. During one segment, Limbaugh commented on then-Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and claimed McNabb wasn’t that good a quarterback. He claimed the hype around him was not because of his performance but because of a liberal media’s desire for a black quarterback to be successful. Limbaugh’s comments were deemed racist, and he was essentially booted from the show.

Fast forward to 2023 and ESPN’s First Take, a sports talk show featuring commentator Stephen A. Smith and a variety of other panelists. Recently, one of the show’s topics was discussing NBA Most Valuable Player awards. One of those panelists, former NBA player and current analyst Kendrick Perkins, claimed that reigning two-time NBA MVP Nikola Jokic shouldn’t have won those awards and only did so because the voters chose him because he was white…

Perkins’s claim is essentially the flip side of Limbaugh’s comments from 20 years ago, albeit a different sport. Shockingly (sarcasm), Perkins didn’t lose his job. It’s indicative of ESPN’s hypocrisy and racial double standards…

When it comes to race, there is a societal inconsistency and double standard that exists in the country. People have been brainwashed to think it’s OK to loathe white people because of their skin color. Often, remarks that would be considered racist if said about people of color are permitted when said about white people. It’s the reason why Perkins can say what he said and not lose his job. After all, Limbaugh was forced from his for making a similar statement…

It’s clear ESPN isn’t following the precedent it set with Limbaugh back in 2003. Redick exposed an ugly truth about the network, the country, and the increasing tendency among media figures to embrace anti-white sentiments. For far too long, society has enabled, welcomed, and sometimes even encouraged anti-white rhetoric. In an era that promotes anti-racism and diversity as a pseudo-religion, discrimination against white people is somehow allowed. The country needs more people to speak up and refuse to tolerate any racism, including when the victim is white.


Welsh Government Says Statues of “Old White Men” Should be Removed Because They May Cause “Offense” to Britain’s Diverse Population

The guidance, which is set to be finalized by the end of the month, argues that the memorials fuel the “perception that the achievements that society considers noteworthy are those of powerful, older, able-bodied white men.”

The government asserts that such statues “can be offensive to people today who see them in a different light,” including as “aggressors who conquered peoples to expand the British Empire.”

Any statue of any historical individual that far-left activists have accused of being embroiled in slavery or colonialism is now at risk of being toppled, including General Arthur Wellesley and admiral Horatio Nelson, who are both celebrated by most for their victories against Napoleon.

The guidance states that authorities and cultural institutions must adopt the new outlook in order to “take action” to set “the right historical narrative…”

Street names and buildings that cause offense will also be subject to change, with officials recommending that those responsible for the statues “discretely box monuments or enclose them creatively in new artworks.”

Source also here.

No whites, Jews allowed at Seattle school Multicultural Week event

The Jason Rantz Show, 3pm-7pm on KTTH

A Seattle public school is forbidding white and Jewish students from attending a taxpayer-funded event for Multicultural Week. Nothing screams celebrating diversity like school-sponsored racism.

Lincoln High School is celebrating Multicultural Week through March 17. According to Principal Corey Eichner, the week is meant to “promote cultural visibility” with a number of events put on by the Black Student Union (BSU), Latino Student Union (LSU), and Asian Student Union (ASU). The Friday event is a free potluck lunch, but there will be no promoting cultural visibility on display for white and Jewish students. They’re not invited.

“On Friday of Multicultural Week, students and staff of color and/or those who identify with any group represented by BSU/LSU/ASU are invited for a lunch potluck,” Eichner wrote in a school newsletter.

Ironically, the emailed version of the newsletter links to the Seattle Public School’s (SPS) non-discrimination policy. The district promises not to “discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of” race, color, ancestry, and national origin. This potluck lunch is clearly discriminatory. Due to race-based admittance, the woke, white principal couldn’t attend. So much for his white privilege!


Several New York State Councilmen and Assembly Members Make Overtly Racist Comments Against White People

City Council member Chi Ossé

In other posts Ossé has chided the “incredibly white Animals Rights Movement” and criticized the New York Times for endorsing too many white men for Congress.

“Don’t trust white people with 0 friends of color in their circle.” he warned in May 2019.

Some pols, such as East New York City Councilman Charles Barron, even boast of anti-white bonafides.

“I have the distinct honor to be able to come before you and say I actually lost white population in my community,” Barron said in June 2019, during a national summit on gentrification, while wearing a Mao suit…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

AOC has used her powerful voice on Twitter to take on the issue of too many statues of white people in Washington: “We have 100+ statues and portraits in the Capitol. Almost all of them are of white men. The erasure of women & BIPOC from American history is a feature of white supremacy.”

AOC, who is of Puerto Rican heritage, and her white fiancé, Riley Roberts, produced a video in 2020 which covered “combating racism as a white person.”

City Comptroller Brad Lander

He often lambastes the voting patterns of white Americans. “It’s deeply depressing to live in a country where so many people vote for racist authoritarianism,” he moaned as the results of the 2020 presidential election were being tabulated.

City Council member Sandy Nurse

The Brooklyn lawmaker has warned her constituents about the violence of white people in sweeping terms.

“White people are just outright murdering Black people with full impunity. We are headed for a very long summer of rage. #NoJusticeNoPeace,” she said in June 2020 in response to the death of a BLM protester in Nebraska. “What more can actually be said? We have a national crisis of white men and boys massacring people across the country,” she added in March 2021 in a tweet.

City Council member Tiffany Caban

The Queens councilwoman, during a protest focusing on “restorative justice,” tweeted in April: “Carolina, a 9th grader from Staten Island is sick of being patrolled and supervised by white police officers.”

City Council member Lincoln Restler

A charter member of the City Council’s resident silver spoon caucus, Williamsburg socialist Lincoln Restler attended the Packer Collegiate Institute (where tuition today runs a cool $54,040 per year). He is the son of Peter Restler — a wealthy private equity entrepreneur.

In a tweet from July 2020, Restler, who is white, took issue with Justin Cohen, another white candidate, who unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination for an Assembly seat in Bedford-Stuyvesant. “Most offensive was the white guy who moved into Bed-Stuy. Yes – Bed-Stuy, iconic home of Bk Black community – to run for assembly this year. At least he lost,” Restler wrote.

In 2016 Restler posted an Instagram photo of his smiling sister holding a sign, “f—k whiteness.”

Assemblyman Zohran Mamdani

The Ugandan-born lawmaker representing Queens went on a multi-tweet tirade complaining about white people winning too many honors at the 2015 Academy Awards: “My final bet is that winners of best visual effects, adapted screenplay and original screenplay are white. Also willing to bet that winners of best costume, editing, makeup/hair, score, production design, sound editing, & sound mixing are white. I’m willing to bet that winners of best actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, director, and cinematographer are all white.”

Assemblywoman Emily Gallagher

The Brooklynite posted her own homilies about whiteness online in the form of self-flagellation: “Grateful to recognize Juneteenth, a day for Black communities to honor what they’ve endured, while we white people reflect on our violent racist history. I am devoted to working hard towards ending the horrendous harms that white supremacy continues to do in our nation,” she said.


Brazil’s President Decrees that No More than 70% of Top Government Jobs Can Go To White People

Before quoting the article, I’ll provide some background.

The Official Narrative is that all racial disparities are a result of discrimination against non-Whites, past or present. Therefore, when we see a disproportionate number of Whites or Asians in powerful/lucrative positions, we’re to assume that it’s because blacks and browns were prevented from attaining those positions due to unjust discrimination.

In fact, it’s likely that much, or most, of these disparities are due to biological differences between the races and cultural differences – which tend to go hand-in-hand with biological differences. There is a de facto prohibition against researching biological race, and those who do so are punished severely. Therefore, even if there were a consensus among scientists that “race is only a social construct” it would be a FORCED consensus, and therefore meaningless. I recommend this article for more details:

Now I’ll go ahead and quote the featured article:

At least 30 percent of appointed positions in Brazil’s federal government must be occupied by black and mixed-race people, according to a decree signed Tuesday by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The leftist leader, who returned for his third presidential term in January, has vowed to make Brazil’s government reflect “the face of Brazilian society,” where more than half of the population is black or mixed-race.

“Racism is at the root of inequality, that’s why it must be fought like a plague on a plantation,” Lula said during an event in the capital Brasilia, where he signed the decree and other measures to advance racial equality in this country of 213 million.

The measure is meant to “encourage the presence of black people in decision-making and leadership spaces,” the government said in a statement, adding that it will affect those who self-identify as black or brown.

The quotas for the positions of trust in the civil service, which are usually senior posts of advisers and managers, have to be met by 2025, according to the decree.


Canadian Tribunal Says White People Cannot Claim Discrimination

In June 2021, an Ontario high school student tried to sign up for a summer program. He was rejected because he was white. The “SummerUp” program, sponsored by the Ontario government, was open only to Black students. His father filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal alleging racial discrimination. Last November, the Tribunal dismissed the complaint, saying the quiet part out loud. White people, wrote the Tribunal, cannot claim discrimination.

The law appears to say otherwise. Under the Ontario Human Rights Code, every person has a right to equal treatment without discrimination. The Code, however, has a loophole. “Special programs” are exempt. Special programs give special treatment. They discriminate “to assist disadvantaged persons or groups to achieve or attempt to achieve equal opportunity.” A government, company or organization like a school board can apply to designate a discriminatory program as a special program.


BBC Creative U is a 12-week masterclass in advertising hosted and taught by BBC Creative to improve the diversity of talent entering the advertising industry. The programme will take place every Tuesday from 4-6pm and be available to ethnic minority candidates aged 18+.


University of Florida maintains anti-White “DEI” training and scholarships that only non-White are eligible for:

SCOOP: University of Florida has created a radical DEI bureaucracy that promotes racial preferences in faculty hiring, encourages white employees to engage with a 12-step program called Racists Anonymous, and maintains segregated scholarships that violate civil rights law.

Officially, the university has reported that it hosts 31 DEI initiatives at a cost of $5 million per year. But I have obtained internal documents via Sunshine Law requests revealing the stunning scope, scale, and radicalism of UF’s DEI bureaucracy, which is embedded everywhere.

The university encourages racial preferences in hiring, with favored practices including “specific formal training in [DEI],” advertising jobs through “DEI identity” groups, using an “equity specialist” for search committees, and engaging in race-based recruiting and benchmarks.

The HR department held a training to lecture employees about their “white privilege,” “white fragility,” and the “‘unearned advantages’ of whiteness.” As part of their “personal journey,” white employees were encouraged to confront their pathological whiteness.

They learned mantras from twelve-step programs for overcoming their whiteness, including Racists Anonymous: “I have come to admit that I am powerless over my addiction to racism”; “We admit our collective history is rooted in white supremacy.”

The university also maintains and promotes a series of racially segregated scholarship programs that explicitly prohibit whites, and sometimes Asians, from applying. These programs are a flagrant violation of federal civil rights law.


New York public library faces backlash over internship for ‘Black graduates’

An advocacy group is pressing the Albany Public Library after the New York state funded library opened its paid internship program application only to Black applicants.

The Equal Protection Project of the Legal Insurrection Foundation is calling for the public library to change its application process.

“Can you imagine somebody posting for a fellowship at a public library and saying it’s only open to Whites? Nobody would do that,” Bill Jacobson, president of the Equal Protection Project (EPP), told Fox News Digital. “So why do they think it’s okay to open up such a public fellowship only to Blacks? It’s discrimination.”


Boston University guest speaker: “Whites are oppressive, oblivious, defensive, ignorant and arrogant.”

This happened back in 2019, and should be taken in context. In 2022, Boston University students walked out on conservative speaker Michael Knowles.

… and yet notorious racist Angela DiAngelo was received with open arms. From Pluralist:

DiAngelo said that when she hears people say they are colorblind, they are revealing their own ignorance. “This person doesn’t understand basic socialization,” she said. “This person doesn’t understand culture. This person is not self-aware.”

“And I need to give a heads up to the white people in the room,” DiAngelo said. “When people of color hear us say this, they’re generally not thinking, ‘Alright, I’m talking to a woke white person right now.’ Usually some version of eye-rolling is going on, and a wall is going up.”

“My friend Erin Trent Johnson — she says, ‘When I hear a white person say this, what I am thinking is: ‘This is a dangerous white person. This is a white person who is going to need to deny my reality,’” DiAngelo continued.

DiAngelo’s remarks seem diametrically opposed to the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Boston University graduate, who famously hoped his children would “one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

For DiAngelo, however, racial identity is not a trait that should be transcended.

“I want to be clear that as I stand up here with authority and a voice on this topic, I’m reinforcing whiteness and the centrality of the white view,” she said, admitting to her own limitations as a white person. “I’d like to be a little less white, which means a little less oppressive, oblivious, defensive, ignorant and arrogant.”

Imagine the uproar if a public speaker at a university described any other race or ethnicity in those terms.


California Bill Would Create an Alert System for Missing Black Women and Youth

Black women marry black men at a rate of 88%:

It just so happens that black men are the most dangerous major demographic in America, accounting for a majority of violent crime. Anybody who associates with them on a regular basis is at higher risk.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that disproportionately more black women and girls go missing. I don’t think anybody’s seriously accusing White people of perpetrating these kidnappings/rapes/murders. We all know that most of them are done by black men.

California is already planning on paying reparations to blacks. One would think that such disparities would be included in “reparations.”

Unfortunately, this is not the case. You see, reparations are for PAST injustices, real or imagined. They don’t account for CURRENT “injustices” – such as the “injustice” that Nature has not created the races of Mankind equally. Hence, the racial grievance industry will never end.

With that, I present to you the latest government plan to force Whites and Asians to pay for black criminality:

Each year, thousands of Black youth and women go missing across the U.S. at a disproportionate rate. And despite the desperate pleas for media attention, their cases are often overlooked, failing to grab national headlines.

A new bill proposed in California would address thatby creating a public alert system similar to those designed to help find abducted children and older adults who’ve gone missing.

Senate Bill 673, introduced last week, would create the “Ebony Alert” system for missing Black children and young women. When activated, the proposed system – similar to Amber or Silver alerts — would inform people of missing Black children and young women.

State Sen. Steven Bradford, who introduced the measure, says the new alert system would ensure that resources and attention are given to bringing home missing Black women and children — eliminating implicit racial bias in cases involving missing persons of color…

On average, more than 600,000 peopleare reported missing in the United States each year, according to research from the National Crime Information Center. Last year, roughly 546,000 people were reported missing across the country — with 36% of those cases being missing Black youth and women.

In 2021, 38% of people who were reported missing in the United States were Black — more thandouble the Black population of about 14%, according to the Black and Missing Foundation.

“When time is critical, you need to be able to reach the most amount of people in the shortest period of time,” Natalie Wilson, co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation, told NPR. The nonprofit is dedicated to bringing awareness to missing persons of color.


Blacks to be Given Preference, Over Whites, for Kidney Transplants

The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) and the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) are implementing new policies to make skin color a crucial factor in who receives life-saving kidney transplants. The shift is perhaps the most dangerous victory for wokeness in health care to date.

In the name of “equity,” UNOS and OPTN purport to be expanding black patients’ access to kidney transplants. They essentially claim that the longstanding system for such transplants is racist, pointing to how black patients make up 30 percent of the dialysis population and transplant wait list but receive a smaller fraction of kidney transplants…

If racism doesn’t explain the discrepancy, what does? The list of reasons is extensive, reflecting disheartening, stubborn problems that physicians and policymakers have long tried to address. One is the advanced age and complex medical conditions of many black patients with diabetes-related kidney failure; many of these patients are also relatively satisfied with dialysis treatments and unwilling to undergo extensive evaluation for transplant suitability. Others include insufficient health literacy, concern about the surgical procedures associated with transplantation, and lack of a support system for post-operative patients—an especially important factor in transplant suitability. Black families are also less likely to supply kidney donors from relatives.

UNOS and OPTN ignore these facts to advance a race-based agenda. They are forcing transplant centers to rework the waitlist for cadaveric kidneys in such a way that favors black patients. The rationale is that the longstanding formula used to estimate kidney function, which was race-conscious and required a second calculation for black patients, was racist.

Yet this second calculation was necessary to produce an accurate value for kidney function in black patients. Without it, the measure would be highly inaccurate, dramatically underestimating kidney function. (Research shows that people of African-American descent tend to have higher levels of muscle mass compared with other population groups, which can affect the levels of creatinine, a waste product produced by muscles, in their blood. Creatinine is used as a marker to estimate kidney function in GFR equations, including the MDRD equation; however, African Americans may have higher creatinine levels even if their kidney function is normal.)…

OPTN isn’t just using this new assessment going forward. It is retroactively applying the new formula—potentially tracing back decades—to previous assessments of kidney function in black patients. Many black patients previously regarded as ineligible for the transplantation waitlist will now be listed, and some will even be moved ahead of others already on the waiting list. How many patients waiting for years for a transplant will be forced to wait still longer? Some estimates say that roughly 70,000 black patients could potentially benefit. That’s a huge number, considering that the current kidney waiting list stands at about 90,000 patients.

OPTN is also preparing, in the name of equity, to abandon its longstanding pledge to those who selflessly donated a kidney to a loved one or even to a stranger through a matching program. Currently, these courageous donors are listed at the top of the transplant waiting list should they ever require a transplant. Donating a kidney does not increase the risk of developing kidney failure, so the need is unlikely. Yet this was the only compensation for the charitable act allowed by law. And it helped reassure donors, many understandably worried about the possibility of needing a transplant of their own.

Five times as many whites as blacks donate kidneys, which means that many more whites enjoy this benefit. Activists therefore see it as racist, and they want OPTN to change its policies. The group is considering four proposals; all would eliminate prior donors’ waitlist priority and give them a mere 10 percent–15 percent improvement on their waitlist position. That would virtually eliminate the chance that a white patient might move ahead of a black patient on the wait list, even after he or she donates a kidney. And this policy, which OPTN expects to finalize before the end of this year, risks discouraging kidney donors as a whole. White people are being punished in the name of righting nonexistent wrongs, but patients of every race will suffer from this move.

The corruption of medicine continues apace. Black patients are being pushed toward the front of the kidney-transplant waiting list on the basis of something other than need. Racial reparations have arrived in health care, and kidney transplants are just the beginning.


San Francisco Finds Creative Ways to Discriminate Against Whites

It is generally accepted that government policies that exclude potential beneficiaries based on characteristics such as skin color are morally indefensible. Then why do such policies proliferate in San Francisco, a supposed paragon of social justice? The city’s efforts range from the use of obscure racial proxies to open discussion in advisory meetings on how to circumvent Proposition 209, a state law banning discrimination in public employment, education, and contracting. Subtle—and not-so-subtle—discrimination is determining which San Franciscans benefit from preferences in public education, home loans, and government grants.

An example of what we could call modern-day redlining is the Clean Cars for All program (begun in 2018), which encourages low-income Californians to retire older gas-driven vehicles. The program offers grants of up to $9,500 to buy electric cars or to pay for public transportation. While the program imposes an income limit for all participants, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, charged with distributing the grants, implemented a zip-code restriction last year—possibly because its board found that the program “has faced challenges with participant diversity” and aims to “increase participation in underserved communities, particularly in Black and Latinx communities.” Given the zip-code restrictions it follows, Clean Cars for All now excludes 86 percent of white San Franciscans. Meantime, 42 percent of black San Franciscans live in qualifying zip codes, two to three times more than any other group in “designated disadvantaged communities….”

Another example of modern redlining affects every family applying to the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). The district assigned students to neighborhood schools before 1969, when the NAACP sued to desegregate, resulting in court-mandated caps per race and ethnicity at each school. Chinese families then sued SFUSD in 1994 because the caps meant that Chinese students had to score higher than students of other races to gain admission at selective Lowell High. A 1999 settlement prohibited the district from using race in admissions decisions, but instead of abiding by the spirit of the settlement, SFUSD leadership adopted a race proxy known as the “census tract integration preference,” which gave priority to students living in an area where the average student scores in the bottom 20 percent on statewide math and literacy exams. Given that the achievement gap between white and Asian students, on one hand, and black and Hispanic students, on the other, is larger in San Francisco than in any other California public school district, it should not be surprising which groups were most likely to benefit from this preference…

Though California was never a slave state, last year San Francisco authorized an African American Reparations Advisory Committee, whose Economic Empowerment Subcommittee recently released its draft recommendations — among them a $5 million payment for each qualifying black person, debt forgiveness (including all credit-card debt), and a $500,000 grant toward home-buying, with no income limit. The subcommittee recommended repealing Prop. 209 because the antidiscrimination law “created a dynamic that prevents legislators from crafting policy that directly addresses issues that specifically affect certain racial groups.”


German government is working to remove older Germans (IE. real Germans) from their homes, and give the homes to “young families” (IE. non-White migrants). It’s worth watching the entire video, but the crucial part starts at about 9 minutes in.

Racism: real and fake

Posted by Igor Rouzine

Judge advocates for black robber who put gun to White teller’s nose. Gives him only two years. Imagine a judge calling a BLACK victim’s testimony into question similarly and giving him only two years. It would be international news for weeks.

Additional information from a comment by the poster:

“It was true. He only got a small amount of money. The laws may have changed since this happened in 1969. It was a privately owned bank. I don’t remember if it was FDIC insured… the judge was also black.”

What is the most shocking thing a judge has said to you in open court?

Pamela Laub

Former Lay Chaplain (1990–1994)

I was one of 3 bank tellers who were robbed at gunpoint on Christmas Eve just before the bank closed. I was slowly putting the cash in a bag while pushing the silent alarm with my foot. The guy put a pistol on the end of my nose and threatened to shoot if I didn’t hurry up. We had emptied our cash drawers shortly before they arrived so they only got about $3,700. One man was caught and I was in the witness box when the defense attorney asked to speak to the judge. I had no doubt he was the man with the gun. He’d been in the bank several times before the robbery wearing the same coat. He was standing in front of the witness box and the judge told me to take a good look and be sure it was the right man. He was clean shaven and had short hair and a nice suit. When he robbed me he had a beard and big afro. I had no doubt but the threat he made under his breath reaffirmed he needed to be convicted. The judge then asked me if I thought a black men looked alike and could I be sure I had the right man I was shocked that the judge, not the defense attorney, asked that. I swore under oath that I had no doubts. Since it was a small amount of money that had been split with an unknown partner he was only sentenced to 2 years. That was despite him putting a gun on my nose. (As a side note – when he put the gun on my nose the male manager fainted, hit his head and got a concussion.)

Albany library criticized for saying only Black librarians could apply to internship

Before quoting the article, I’ll point out that the library believes that since the internship is funded privately, racial discrimination is okay. We know that it would never be considered acceptable if the program were only for White librarians, privately-funded or not.

Also note that the library’s Executive Director Andrea Nicolay equated diverse racial background with diverse viewpoints; she assumes that we need different races in order to achieve different points of view. This is absurd on several levels.

ALBANY – The Albany Public Library is under fire from an out-of-state nonprofit after posting a job internship only for Black candidates.

The Touhey Equity Foundation Fellowship has been offered for the past two summers. It pays for two interns who must be “recent Black graduates of library school programs.”

But this year, the library received a cease and desist letter from the Equal Protection Project of the Legal Insurrection Foundation…

The internship is paid for by the Friends and Foundation of the Albany Public Library, which received a grant from the Touhey Foundation for the program. Because it uses private funds, Albany library Executive Director Andrea Nicolay said she was surprised by the cease and desist letter.

“It definitely felt out of the blue,” she said. “However, we’re taking the letter seriously. We want to confirm the internship is something we can continue to support without violating the law, obviously.”

The library’s lawyers are looking into it, she said.

In the meantime, the library is still accepting applications and no candidates have been chosen.

Hiring Black librarians improves the library, she said. The library programs and its collections benefit when an array of viewpoints are included in the decision-making.


University Quiz Says ‘Wealthy White Men’ Are ‘Most Likely’ To Be Violent, Irresponsible And Lack Remorse

A psychology professor at the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) distributed a quiz to students that claimed “wealthy white men” are more likely to be violent, irresponsible and show a “lack of remorse,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Kirsten Bradbury, an associate professor of instruction at UT Austin’s Department of Psychology, gave the quiz to students in her Personality Psychology course, the Free Beacon reported. One of the listed questions asked students to identify which “sociodemographic group” would be most likely to diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder, which was described as a “racist diagnosis in the way it has been applied.”

“Neither race nor gender is determinative in Antisocial Personality Disorder,” the question read. “However, if we must go there, which sociodemographic group is most likely to repeatedly violate the rights of others in a pattern of behavior that includes violence, deceit, irresponsibility, and a lack of remorse?”

Note: Government statistics, and massive anecdotal evidence, consistently show that black males are far more violent and lacking of remorse – if we must go there.


Study Finds TV Series Law and Order Depicted White Share of Violent Crime at 5–8 Times Actual Levels


5.1. Depictions in police dramas Evident from this investigation and consistent with previous research (Britto et al., 2007), whites continue to be portrayed as violent criminals in a greater proportion than actual crime statistics indicate. Whites never accounted for more than 11% of violent criminal arrests in New York City in 1992, 1995, or 2003 (DCJS, personal communication, February 10, 2009, December 6, 2011), but were depicted as violent offenders 65, 79, and 61% of the time across the three respective seasons examined of Law & Order. Although blacks made up more than half of all violent felony arrests during those three years, they were shown as 21% of violent criminals in Season 14, but as low as 9% in Seasons 3 and 6. People of Hispanic or Latino origin were arrested for nearly one-third of all violent crimes in 1992, 1995, and 2003, but Hispanics were only depicted as violent criminals 26, 12, and 6% of the time during the respective seasons. This apparent disconnect might help explain what became a controversy on June 28, 2013, when then New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced police “disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little” as compared to murder suspect’s descriptions when speaking about the then controversial New York City Police tactic known as “stop and frisk” (Peltz, 2013). Bloomberg based his comments on reports from New York City officials showing more than 90% of suspects in murders in the city from 2011 to 2013 were described as black or Hispanic (Peltz, 2013). Instead, Law & Order depicts a city where whites, who only make up around two-fifths of the population of New York City (United States Census Bureau, 2015), commit as much as 79% of all violent crime. In effect, Law & Order exaggerates white criminality, potentially cultivating an inaccurate perception of New York City and crime in general. 5.2. Effects of watching police dramas Crime dramas today blur the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction with plots advertised as “ripped from the headlines” which is part of the appeal of such shows (Mutz & Nir, 2010; & Scharrer, 2001). That those who watch Law & Order were found to believe the show more realistic than those who do not (RQ2) is important as the presentations of race and crime portrayed in New York on Law & Order do not match actual crime statistics. Heavy viewing of television can influence an audience to the point the depictions become learned and accepted knowledge, which may be especially true for those who believe what they see represents reality…

This table, from the study, illustrates this disparity.

The study also explains the real-world consequences of this distortion of reality within a popular television series. Such distortions cause come with a heavy cost to society.

The study also points out that this practice is not limited to Law and Order; it’s widespread.


University of Florida Entrenches Anti-White Discrimination

The University of Florida has created a radical diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) bureaucracy that promotes racial and political preferences in faculty hiring, encourages white employees to engage with a twelve-step program called Racists Anonymous, and maintains racially segregated scholarship programs that violate federal civil rights law…

In addition, UF’s Human Resources department has established an “inclusive hiring hub” that offers trainings, guidelines, and an official Inclusive Hiring Badge in support of race-based hiring. As part of this initiative, faculty are encouraged to submit to racial training programs and participate in racially segregated conversation groups, or “affinity groups…”

How does the HR bureaucracy view white faculty and staff? With derision. In a multi-day training program called Connected by UF, for example, the HR department and gender studies professor Trysh Travis lectured employees about their “white privilege,” “white fragility,” and the “‘unearned advantages’ of whiteness.” These supposed aspects of white racial identity, according to Travis, require “diagnosis” and “follow-up” to achieve a cure. As part of their “personal journey,” white participants were encouraged to engage with a twelve-step program called Racists Anonymous and internalize a series of mantras, including: “We admit our collective history is rooted in white supremacy”; “I have come to admit that I am powerless over my addiction to racism”; “I believe that only a power greater than me can restore me in my humanness to the non-racist creature as God designed me to be.” The ultimate goal? According to one featured resource: “the abolition of whiteness…”

UF’s descent into race-based ideology affects student programs, too. Scholarships and other opportunities have turned into something resembling a spoils system, punishing members of the oppressor class and rewarding members of the oppressed class. The university administers and promotes a range of scholarships that explicitly prohibit whites, and sometimes Asians, from applying. The UF/Santa Fe College Faculty Development Project, Minority Teacher Education Scholarship, and McKnight Doctoral Fellowship, to name a few, all prohibit white students from submitting applications, with the latter also excluding Asian students.


Regarding the exclusive scholarships, I’ll cite the “Minority Teacher Education Scholarship” as an example. Its webpage describes it thusly:

The Minority Teacher Education Scholarship (MTES) program was created to be Florida’s Answer to Diversity in Teaching. For over 20 years, the Florida Fund for Minority Teachers, Inc. has answered the call and continues to provide the great state of Florida with high quality, highly qualified minority teachers.

A visit to the application page yields this blatant example of racial discrimination:

In other words, Whites need not apply.

America First Legal Files Federal Civil Rights Complaint Against Mars, Inc. for Illegal, Racist, and Sexist Hiring Practices

…Mars does just that, openly touting its discriminatory quota “to increase racial minority representation among management in its U.S.-based consumer-packaged goods businesses by forty percent…”

Mars believes its leadership teams and Associate representation should reflect the race and ethnicities of the labor force in the markets in which it operates. The company is working to increase racial minority representation among management in its U.S.-based consumer-packaged goods businesses by forty percent and is promoting expanded opportunities for all racial minorities across its total workforce…

Mars has even been open about some of its methods for implementing its illegal quotas. For example, it manipulates the composition of “interview panels and candidate slates” to make them more “diverse,” apparently using race, ethnicity, and sex to choose who will make hiring decisions and even who will be considered for a job…

Mars has also mentioned that it’s “launched technologies” to achieve its hiring objectives, strongly suggesting that it is using some kind of algorithmic discrimination in hiring and promotion.

Mars even goes as far as imposing discriminatory gender and racial preferences on its suppliers.


Anheuser-Busch Accused of Discriminating Against White People

Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Bud Light, was recently targeted for employment and hiring practices that allegedly are discriminatory against white people.

America First Legal (AFL), a conservative watchdog organization led by Stephen Miller, a former adviser to former President Donald Trump, announced on Monday a federal civil rights complaint against Anheuser-Busch for what it calls “systemic and discriminatory hiring, promotion, and job-training employment practices.”

“Under the cloak of “equity,” woke companies like Anheuser-Busch proudly discriminate based on race, color, national origin, and sex in their employment practices,” America First Legal said in the announcement, which called on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to launch an investigation.

The announcement said that Anheuser-Busch had a Leadership Accelerator Program that invited “only specific individuals of specified races, colors, and national origin” to apply. However, according to America First Legal, the program excluded white and Asian Americans.


The Duke Lacrosse Hate-Crime Hoax

In 2006, anti-White forces in academia, the press and government conspired to ruin the lives of several White Duke University students over charges that were proved false early on. Here’s a recap of those terrible events:

Today is the 15th anniversary of Duke University’s suspension of its Lacrosse team in response to false allegations that members of the team committed a racist gang-rape of a black stripper. The gang rape turned out to be a hoax. But long after DNA evidence and cell phone records showed it was a hoax, the district attorney persisted in prosecuting team members. Progressive journalists and many self-styled “criminal justice reformers” defended the prosecutor, including the executive director of the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission…

Duke University officials suspend the men’s lacrosse team for two games following allegations that team members sexually assaulted a stripper hired to perform at a party. Three players were later charged with rape. The case became a national scandal, impacted by issues of race, politics and class. In April 2007, all charges against the young men were dropped due to lack of credible evidence and the district attorney was eventually disbarred for his mishandling of the case.

On March 13, 2006, the Duke lacrosse team held a party at an off-campus house and hired two strippers to perform. The following day, one of the dancers, Crystal Mangum, told police in Durham, North Carolina, that three white lacrosse players forced her into a bathroom and raped her. On March 23, the team’s 46 white members provided police with DNA samples and were photographed. On March 28, Duke suspended the team for two games; soon after, their coach was forced to resign and the school’s president cancelled the rest of the lacrosse season. On April 10, defense attorneys revealed that DNA test results showed no match between the players and the accuser. Nevertheless, Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong, who labeled the players “hooligans,” vowed to continue investigating the case. On April 17, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann were charged with rape, sexual offense and kidnapping. On May 12, defense attorneys announced a second round of tests found no evidence of any player’s DNA on the accuser’s body or clothing on the night of the party. On May 15, a third lacrosse player, David Evans, the team captain, was indicted on charges of rape, sexual offense and kidnapping. All three players maintained their innocence and had cell phone records and time-stamped photographs to demonstrate they couldn’t have committed the crimes.

But leading journalists peddled the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax, long after it was disproven by concrete evidence. The defendants in the Duke lacrosse case, charged with an interracial rape, were vindicated by DNA evidence and declared innocent by North Carolina’s state attorney general. But even after the prosecutor was disbarred for misconduct and trying to frame the defendants, left-leaning journalists sought to rehabilitate him. When he faced disbarment, he was defended by self-styled criminal-justice “reformers” and “racial-justice” activists.

Amanda Marcotte, who has written for Slate, the Guardian, and other leading progressive publications, defended the hoax and the baseless prosecution even after ethics charges were brought against the prosecutor. She wrote that “people who defended the wrongly accused Duke students were ‘rape-loving scum.’” She complained about the charges being “thrown out,” sarcastically asking, “Can’t a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it?” There was never any real evidence of the alleged offense, but the New York Times’ Duff Wilson falsely claimed there was a considerable “body of evidence” against the accused players.

The woman who falsely accused the lacrosse players of rape — Crystal Mangum — later stabbed her boyfriend to death, and was convicted of murder for doing so.

The article goes on to describe how, even after the accusations were proven false, and Mike Nifong was proven unfit for public office and corrupt, many on the Left continue to support him.


Missouri State University “Business Boot Camp” That Excluded White Males Challenged by Equal Protection Project

Yesterday, EPP files a complaint with the Missouri Office of Attorney General regarding an Early-Stage Business Boot Camp held at Missouri State University open only to “BIPOC” and females. White males were excluded…

A business boot camp for women and minorities at Missouri State University that expressly excluded white males violated state and federal laws and constitutions, a national watchdog says.

The Equal Protection Project (EPP) asked in a letter to Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey Tuesday night that his office launch an investigation into the alleged violations.

The office is “reviewing the letter,” a spokesperson for Bailey told The Heartlander Wednesday….

EPP’s letter says “it appears that the course is part of broader programing through MSU’s efactory and SBDC that discriminates on the basis of race. For example, those arms of MSU recently partnered with other organizations to provide multiple rounds of $5,000 grants, no-cost business training and free one-on-one assistance to business owners who identified as BIPOC.”

EPP alleges MSU’s blatant “discrimination against white males” violates the Missouri Human Rights Act’s ban on racial and gender discrimination. The organization says MSU also has violated federal civil rights protections, including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as well as Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, while also violating equal protection guarantees in the Missouri and United States constitutions.

“Race and sex discrimination are wrong, regardless of which race or sex is the target,” William Jacobson, president and founder of the Equal Protection Project, told The Heartlander in a statement. “It is shocking that MSU would think it was acceptable to single out any group by race and sex for exclusion.


School Offering AP Courses for Only Black, Latinx Students Sparks Backlash

An Advanced Placement Calculus course definition at an Illinois High School is eliciting accusations of segregation…

The discussion shifted to the Midwest on Monday after some people accused Evanston Township High School (ETHS) of segregation when a Twitter user posted a screenshot of the school’s AP Calculus AB course description on social media. However, shortly after the claims surfaced, the course description changed.

On Sunday, a screenshot of the course descriptions for several versions of the AP Calculus AB class were identical save for the last line and the registration code at the top of the course description.

“This code for the course is restricted to students who identify as Black, all genders,” one description said. The second said the course was restricted to students who identify as “Latinx, all genders.”

“Neo-segregation is the absurdity of identitarianism taken to its logical end,” Twitter user Dan Proft tweeted on Sunday with the screenshots.

AP Calculus at Evanston Township H.S.

“…the course is restricted to students who identify as Black, all genders.”

“…the course is restricted to students who identify as Latinx, all genders.”

Neo-segregation is the absurdity of identitarianism taken to its logical end.

— Dan Proft (@DanProft) April 30, 2023

However, on Monday, the descriptions appeared to be amended on the school’s website.


Manchester, New Hampshire Police Investigate “Jesus Loves White Children” Banner as a “Civil Rights Violation”

This happened in the United States, which supposedly has a First Amendment. Yet police have launched an investigation, and trying to identify the people who hung the banner as if they’re criminals. The New Hampshire Department of Justice is also participating in the investigation.

The New Hampshire news outlet Union Leader, reported this as a matter of “public safety,” as if people would be harmed by such a banner. From Union Leader:

Banner with racist message appears in Manchester

State authorities and Manchester police are trying to figure out who hung a banner with a racist message on an overpass along Front Street on Monday morning, officials said.

The banner, which read “Jesus Loves White Children,” was hanging on a chain link fence along Interstate 293 in Manchester. While it was up during much of the rush hour, it was down by 9:30 a.m.

“The New Hampshire Department of Justice is aware of the banner and our Civil Rights Unit is working with the Manchester Police Department as they investigate further,” said Michael Garrity, a spokesman for Attorney General John Formella, in an email.


‘Flagrant Violations’: Starbucks Sued Over Alleged Discriminatory Hiring Practices

I’ve seen many people claim that Affirmative Action and racial quotas no longer exist in America, that they’ve been illegal for many years…

… and yet they do still exist, most often euphemistically called “goals” or “targets.” Like many corporations, Starbucks engages in such racial discrimination:

From the Daily Caller:

The American Civil Rights Project (ACR) is filing a lawsuit against Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and the company’s directors in Washington state’s Spokane County Superior Court over alleged racially discriminatory policies in its hiring practices, according to legal documents.

ACR argues that Starbucks discriminates against white applicants in its hiring practices by prioritizing a “diverse” workforce which violates both state and federal laws, according to court filings. The legal complaint, which was filed on behalf of the National Center For Public Policy Research (NCPPR), a longtime Starbucks shareholder and conservative think tank, aims to end Starbucks’ alleged discriminatory practices and hold the beverage company responsible for negative effects shareholders may have experienced as a result of the policy. 

“Clearly, Starbucks wants to hire and promote people on the basis of their race and ethnicity rather than according to merit and achievement,” Scott Shepard, director of NCPPR’s Free Enterprise Project, told the DCNF.  “This violates the Constitution and civil rights laws, so it has developed this system to try to skirt those laws.”

Starbucks set targets for the number of ‘diverse,’ meaning non-white, workers it hires, and the diverse employee workforce targets are directly tied to the compensation that company executives are paid, according to court documents.

“It is still paying its management employees more if they hire on the basis of race and ethnicity until their “targets” are met,” Shepard continued.


For a more humorous take on this story, click here.

New York City Councilman Charles Barron Brags About White People Leaving his Community as People Cheer

US Airforce Discriminated Against White Males

EXCLUSIVE: US Air Force Ran A Social Experiment To Graduate More Minority Pilots. It Didn’t Go As Planned

As part of the larger military-wide effort to promote diversity in the service’s pilot ranks, the 19th Air Force command near San Antonio, Texas, “clustered” racial minorities and female trainees into one class, dubbed “America’s Class,” to find out if doing so would improve the pilots’ graduation rates. However, not only did the effort fail to boost minority and women candidates’ success rates, but officers involved say they were ordered to engage in potentially unlawful discrimination by excluding white males from the class, documents show…

A “significant backlog” of pilot candidates waiting to begin classes offered the 19th Air Force, which conducts pilot training for the entire service at Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas, a chance to build a class from scratch, a spokesperson for Air Education and Training Command (AETC) told the DCNF. So, the 19th Air Force “clustered” candidates from “underrepresented groups” into Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) class 21-15, with the initial intent of roughly mirroring the racial and gender makeup of the U.S.

Class 21-15 was known as “America’s Class,” according to a class patch also embroidered with the motto, “hand picked for excellence…”

‘Anybody Non-White’

Officers ordered to participate in the creation of class 21-15 expressed concerns that selection criteria amounted to unlawful discrimination, according to a memo obtained by the DCNF…

The 19th Air Force initially intended the class to include roughly the same race, ethnicity and gender proportions as in the broader U.S. population, according to the memo, echoing the AETC spokesperson who explained the class to the DCNF. However, as of fall 2020, base officials realized the demographics of the incoming cohort would prevent such an arrangement, and so the order was changed to exclude certain groups from the incoming class, the memo said.

“The order was changed by verbal order of the 47 OG/CC to restructure the class with ‘anybody non-white,’” on Aug. 10, the officers wrote.


Texas Public University Embraces Anti-Whiteness as its Prime Directive

DEI Swallows Texas A&M

Texas A&M is a systematically racist institution. According to whom? According to the leadership of Texas A&M.

In recent years, the College Station-based public university, originally founded with a focus on agriculture and engineering, has built a vast “diversity, equity, and inclusion” bureaucracy that has adopted the narrative of left-wing racialism, segregated students by race, and told colleagues to “stop centering whiteness…”

The priorities are both ideological and administrative. A&M’s departments aggressively promote DEI ideology through trainings, programs, lectures, reports, committees, and multimedia, involving hundreds of faculty and staff.

The content of these programs is unadulterated left-wing activism. The School of Dentistry, for example, hosted a guest lecture by University of Texas professor emeritus Robert Jensen, who told the audience that the United States is “appropriately called a white supremacist society.” The School of Veterinary Medicine promoted a “21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge” so that white students could address their “white privilege” and “white fragility.” The College of Geosciences promised to “embed discussion of DEI and anti-racism throughout the undergraduate curriculum.” And within the College of Arts and Science, the sociology department was tasked with implementing a “land acknowledgement statement,” the history department received funding to develop “anti-racist and inclusive pedagogies,” and the English department was asked to develop a “Black Lives Matter special topics course.”

Administratively, the new DEI orthodoxy has resulted in a policy of widespread racial discrimination and segregation. The leadership has made it clear that administrators should pursue “structural diversity,” in which the demographics of the university become “representative of the demographic diversity of the State of Texas.”

To achieve this objective at the faculty level, A&M has created a hiring process that effectively discriminates on the basis of race and sexuality. In its official Handbook for Faculty Search Committee Members, the university has stated that “all members of a search committee should be advocates for diversity” and instructs committees to “take steps that are likely to increase the number of semi-finalists and finalists from groups that are underrepresented in your department,” such as including DEI activists in the hiring process and soliciting DEI statements from potential faculty.

Entire programs are designed to reward faculty on the basis of identity rather than merit. The ADVANCE Scholars Program, which provides mentorship and advancement opportunities, is restricted to “first-generation college graduate[s]” and “historically underrepresented groups”—a euphemism for demographic favoritism. The Accountability, Climate, Equity, and Scholarship (ACES) Faculty Fellows Program, which offers a pipeline for tenure-track professorships, is also discriminatory. The language is evasive and euphemistic, cloaking identity-based discrimination as a commitment to “building a culturally diverse educational environment” and measuring applicants on their “commitment to diversity,” but the intent appears to be to create set-asides for racial and sexual minorities.

The admissions process for students follows a similar pattern. The university has laid out specific racial quotas, such as maintaining a minimum of 25 percent “Hispanic/Latinx” enrollment. To achieve these demographic targets, admissions officers have adopted “affirmative action” and “holistic admissions” processes, which, in practice, tilt the scales in favor of “historically underrepresented groups.”

A&M has even created racially segregated programs that divide students by identity group. Each year, the Multicultural Services program, for example, organizes racially segregated graduation ceremonies, with separate programs for Asian, African American, and “Latinx” students—all in the name of “spread[ing] the value of inclusivity.”


Here’s a case where a prominent racist attorney accused an innocent pregnant White nurse of “being a karen” (IE. racist) toward some blacks. MSN ran with the story, featuring on its newsfeed as fact.

When it turned out that the White nurse was in the right, and the blacks in the wrong, MSN removed the story – but with no apology, retraction or explanation, and only after many millions of people saw it:

Crump fancies himself a “civil rights advocate.” He’s got almost 700,000 followers on Twitter. His webpage states that he “believes in justice for all, especially for those without a voice” but this is clearly not the case. Since corporate media has no concern for Sarah Comrie, and neither does the government, I’d like to know who serves as HER VOICE.

Crump is a darling of “higher education,” CNNBBC, and other major news outlets.

It never ceases to astound me that people still trust, and support, Gofundme, but here’s her Gofundme page.

1 in 6 Hiring Managers Have Been Told to Stop Hiring White Men

Key findings include:

  • 52% believe their company practices “reverse discrimination” in hiring
  • 1 in 6 have been asked to deprioritize hiring white men
  • 48% have been asked to prioritize diversity over qualifications
  • 53% believe their job will be in danger if they don’t hire enough diverse employees
  • 70% believe their company has DEI initiatives for appearances’ sake

52% of Hiring Managers Believe Their Company Practices “Reverse Discrimination” in Hiring

More than half of hiring managers whose companies have DEI initiatives in place ‘somewhat’ (29%) or ‘strongly’ (24%) believe their company practices “reverse discrimination” when it comes to hiring.

Additionally, 48% say they have been told to prioritize diversity over qualifications when considering an applicant.


The authors of this article believe that DEI is a good thing, and that Diversity is good for business. However, the sources they cite are biased, as they make their living off of Diversity.

Furthermore, the push for workplace Diversity has created a situation where businesses that fail to fall in line face severe penalties. In such an environment, statements like “studies have shown that businesses that prioritize diversity improve their bottom line” are essentially circular arguments. If they don’t prioritize Diversity, they’re punished. This should not be presented as evidence that Diversity, in its own right, is good for business.

New Jersey educator passed over for 45 promotions because he’s white, he claims in lawsuit

A New Jersey educator was passed over for nearly four dozen promotions because he is white, he claims in an explosive new lawsuit.

Thomas F. Franco alleges the Paterson, NJ school district won’t promote him to an administrative position solely because of his skin color, according to the discrimination lawsuit filed last month.

The 58-year-old Ringwood resident contends he’s applied for “more than 45 positions” since he was hired in 2016, and has only been interviewed once.

“Nearly all administrative level positions within the PPS [Paterson Public Schools], greater than 95%, are held by Black and Hispanic individuals,” according to the suit filed in Passaic Superior Court.

“Many of the people” hired instead of him were “less experienced” and didn’t have his academic credentials, Franco argued in papers.

Franco has the necessary state certificates to fill the principal and vice principal posts he sought, his lawyer told The Post.

And he served as an interim administrator in 2016.


Scottish Government Seeking Teachers – But They Can’t be White

Diversity Is Our Strength: Teacher Job Ad Branded ‘Racist’ for Excluding White Candidates

An advertisement for a teacher position in Glasgow that was posted on the city council’s website has been branded as “racist” against white people as it only sought candidates “who identify as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic”.

Scottish comedian and broadcaster Leo Kearse, a mainstay of the GB News programme Headliners, uncovered an ad for a £51,000 per year teachers position in the city of Glasgow, which seemingly excluded white people from the position, with the advert calling for candidates who are “experienced and dynamic individuals with an excellent track record in Primary/Secondary/ASL teaching and who identify as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic.”

Controversially, the advert was posted on the official government website for the far-left Scottish National Party (SNP)-run Glasgow City Council, which later removed the ad.

According to the Scottish Express newspaper, it was taken down as it was uploaded to the site “accidentally”, with the local council claiming that it was originally only meant to be circulated internally…


Jon’s political corner

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Top North Carolina High School Slapped with Civil Rights Investigation for Race-Based Program

The Department of Education has opened a civil rights investigation into a top-ranked North Carolina high school over alleged racial discrimination.

In a letter obtained exclusively by the Washington Examiner, the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights confirmed an investigation had been opened into the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.

Education advocacy organization Parents Defending Education filed a complaint with the OCR in May, alleging the school’s “Step Up to STEM” summer program discriminates on the basis of race by only seeking applications from black, Hispanic, and Native American students.

“Another day, another investigation into one of the nation’s most celebrated high schools,” PDE Vice President Caroline Moore told the Washington Examiner. {snip}

The program is aimed at honing the math, science, technology, and communication skills of rising ninth and 10th graders, but the program was “open by application to eighth grade African American, Hispanic American, and Native American students who live in North Carolina.”

NCSSM, which is consistently ranked one of the top high schools in the country, takes federal funding and could lose it if the Education Department finds its practices racially discriminatory.


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Hoffman’s Lenses5h

Professor Sues Penn State University for Racial Discrimination

White employees were asked to hold their breath longer than the black faculty to ‘feel the pain

By Naveen Athrappully

July 1, 2023

Zack De Piero, a former English writing professor at the Pennsylvania State University, is suing the institution after being subject to racially discriminatory policies at the campus for being white.

“Penn State has implemented a university-wide policy and so-called ‘strategic plan,’ euphemistically labeled ‘anti-racism,’” says the lawsuit (pdf), filed on June 14 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The policy “singles out white employees for harassment and discrimination under the label of ‘white privilege,’ ‘white supremacy,’ and other racial stereotypes that attribute negative values and characteristics to employees, including but not limited to Zack De Piero, based upon the color of their skin rather than the content of their character,”

The “race-based dogma” at Penn State “demeans and humiliates” white employees at the university while also being “equally corrosive” to black employees and other employees of color.

Penn State portrays black and POC employees as “somehow incapable of eloquent writing, incapable of doing math, incapable of objectivity, incapable of individuality, and incapable of many other acquired traits that Penn State’s official policy deems innate characteristics of ‘white supremacy.’”

According to the lawsuit, De Piero was asked to engage in illegal racial discrimination as a requirement of his job when he was instructed to make sure that students have consistent grades across “color line[s]” or else his actions would be perceived as demonstrating racism. Such demands required De Piero to “penalize students academically on the basis of race.”

“If, for example, students from East Asia or the Indian subcontinent excelled over other minority groups (who often had the same, if not lighter, skin color), De Piero was asked to penalize them in order to equalize outcomes on the basis of race.”

The “antiracist” activism is said to have reached a “new fever pitch” following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020.

During a conference discussing the matter on June 5, 2020, Alina Wong, who was the Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Equity at the time, declared that “black men and women” as well as “the black trans and queer folks [are] killed by police supremacy, by white supremacy.”

Another defendant, Liliana Naydan, who was the Associate Professor of English and the direct supervisor of De Piero, “instructed her writing faculty to teach that white supremacy exists in language itself, and therefore, that the English language itself is ‘racist’ and, furthermore, that white supremacy exists in the teaching of the writing of English, and therefore writing teachers are themselves racist white supremacists,” the lawsuit stated.

Discrimination Against White Employees

The lawsuit points out that the writing department where De Piero worked was “permeated with racial insults directed at white faculty.” The university asked white faculty members to take part in “training,” where they were made to engage in activities like holding their breath longer than the black faculty so as to “feel the pain.”

White faculty members were also asked to “hold other white people accountable” as well as told that “white teachers are a problem.”

When De Piero complained about the racial insults directed at white faculty, the director of the Affirmative Action Office (AAO) told him that “there is a problem with the white race” and that he should attend “antiracist workshops” until “you get it.” He was also accused of potentially having mental health issues.

Penn State did not make disciplinary and grievance procedures available to De Piero, informing him that this was done so “because of his race,” per the lawsuit. When he voiced objections to the university’s race-based dogma, he was accused of “bullying” and “harassing” them.

“De Piero was forced to work in an abusive environment that became so intolerable that only his resignation qualified as a fitting response. He was constructively terminated and discharged.”

The lawsuit claims that the defendants violated state and federal civil rights laws as well as the First Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

“Penn State does not generally comment on pending litigation,” said the university in an email to The Epoch Times when contacted for comment.

Anti-Racism Ideologies

There have been other cases of professors suing educational institutions for punishing them after questioning antiracist ideologies. In December, it was reported that a former professor from the North Carolina Governor’s School filed a lawsuit against the institution after he was fired for speaking about the harms of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

CRT categorizes the population into groups of oppressors and oppressed. Whites are generally classified as the oppressors, while people of other races and identities are grouped as the oppressed, demonizing a section of society.

At the school, an individual who was white, heterosexual, male, cisgender, Christian, able-bodied, and financially stable was classified as the “Prince of Privilege.” Students with “privileged” characteristics were encouraged to identify and confess their privilege to teachers and peers.

Some states have taken action to restrict the spread of such ideologies on campuses. In April last year, Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law the “Stop Woke Act,” which prohibits businesses and schools across the state from forcing employees or students to believe that they are personally responsible and must feel guilt or shame for past actions committed by members of their race.

A few months later, in July, the University of Central Florida (UCF) took down statements endorsing “anti-racist” ideology from the websites of multiple academic departments.

In January, former President Donald Trump said that he would cut federal funding for schools that teach CRT ideologies if he is reelected in 2024. A policy plan also called for opening new “civil rights investigations into any school district that has engaged in race-based discrimination.”

On June 29, the Supreme Court ruled against Harvard in an affirmative action lawsuit for using race as a factor in the admission process. This decision is expected to have widespread societal implications concerning race-based activities on college campuses as well as corporate boardrooms.


University of California Davis Benefits from Federal Anti-White HSI Program. From the UC Davis Website Personal Testimonial (my comments are in italics):

An HSI is a federal designation granted by the government which opens opportunities for funding and assistance designed to fit the needs of minority student populations in higher education. For a university to be granted HSI status, it needs to serve at least 25% of Hispanic and Latinx/Chicanx students…

The task force’s goal is to curate an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of their race, feels included. The university felt that the most effective way to do this is by growing communities of color and providing resources for them to succeed in higher education…

In other words, “inclusive” means excluding White students from these resources.

The United States has become increasingly racially and ethnically diverse. A more diverse population means more accommodations need to be made. Institutions and workplaces are increasingly pushing measures to ensure minority communities feel include.

Open-border policies have allowed our country to be demographically transformed (invaded). As the Great Replacement progresses, power must be usurped from the founding population, and transfered to the invading population.

Today, a student would walk through an institution like UC Davis and see someone who looks like them, resources curated to fit their needs, and faculty who understand where they are coming from…

Hispanics can be of any race (though this program is clearly geared primarily toward non-Whites), so it’s unclear what they mean by “see someone who looks like them.” Also, we’d like to know which institutions of higher learning make efforts to specifically fit the needs of WHITE students, and to understand where THEY are coming from.

It creates opportunities that are funded by HSI grants and even supports Hispanic-identifying faculty members. How might institutions better serve underserved populations?

Any population that benefits from massive government favoritism, as illustrated by this program, is not “underserved.” Since there are no government programs specifically for White students, it is White students who are underserved, and this has been the case for longer than most of these students have been alive.


Salesforce sued for brazen anti-White and anti-male discrimination

Today, America First Legal’s (AFL) Center for Legal Equality filed a federal civil rights complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against Salesforce, Inc., for engaging in unlawful race and sex based discrimination. AFL also sent a letter to Salesforce’s Board of Directors demanding that the Company’s management stop violating its fiduciary duty to shareholders.

Salesforce openly admits to racial, sexual, and gender discrimination in its recruitment and hiring programs. Since at least 2019, Salesforce has engaged in discriminatory hiring and promotion processes using a “Racial Equity and Justice Taskforce.”

Moreover, in the spring of 2023, Salesforce announced the launch of a new gender-discriminatory hiring program designed to favor candidates identifying as “non-binary” or “female.” {snip}

To enforce these hiring quotas, Salesforce brags that it includes “representation goals as part of our executive compensation programs.” Salesforce even published data showing successful discrimination in its recruitment process with year-over-year increases from 2021 to 2022 in the hiring of “Latinx, Women, and Black” new workers of roughly 21%, 13%, and 5% respectively.

Further, to help Salesforce achieve its desired sex and race “balance,” the company has created “equality groups.” For example, the “BOLDforce” is designed to “expand and empower the Salesforce black community,” while the “Women’s Network,” is designed to “amplif[y] the progress of women in every step of their journey … through professional and personal development.” Tellingly, there are no comparable programs for white or male employees.

For too long, major corporations have openly and proudly violated Title VII and engaged in illegal race and sex-based discrimination; AFL is taking action.

Statement from Nick Barry, America First legal Senior Counsel:

“Corporate executives should not receive additional compensation because they were effective in illegally discriminating against applicants and employees. Salesforce should not be permitted to so flagrantly violate Title VII and the rule of law. Implementing hiring quotas and then encouraging executives to meet these quotas through compensation benefits should not be tolerated. The EEOC must begin regning in these corporate oversteps. Otherwise, the discrimination will become more overt and harmful to all Americans.” said Nick Barry.

Read the EEOC letter here and the Board of Directors letter here.


Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Calls on City to Give Fewer Parking Tickets to Black Residents

“Chicago has a long history of racial disparities and social inequities, especially on the South and West Sides. As a longtime resident of Chicago’s West Side, I see the devastating impact systemic inequality can have on a neighborhood and its residents,” Chicago Mayor Brandon Johsnon said.

In order to achieve “racial equity,” Johnson said, “we must acknowledge the injustices of the past and consistently include those who are most impacted by inequality in our policy and decision making, not just when it is easy or convenient.”

“Demonstrating proper accountability towards people and the outcomes we are committing to is vital,” the mayor added. “I am confident that this is just the beginning, and that the impact of this work will last for generations to come. I am proud of the work that is being done thus far  to build systemic equity and secure racial justice for our residents.”

In the city’s “racial equity report,” it states that a goal for the city’s Department of Finance is to implement a plan that will result in few parking tickets issues to “black and brown” residents of the Windy City:

Continue to use data to deploy parking enforcement personnel to further reduce average fine amounts in Black and Brown neighborhoods by 2.5% and implement improved boot zones and a prioritization of resources to reduce the percentage of vehicles immobilized in Black and Brown neighborhoods by 5%.

This city goal is listed as “complete.”

The report also noted that it “Reduced the share of tickets issued in majority Black and Brown communities from 15.3% in 2020 to 14.9% in 2021 to 13.9% in 2022.”

The Office of Racial Equity even has page on the city’s website called the “Equity Learning Kit,” in which it lists reading material for employers, educators, parents, and young children.

Bretherton article: Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Calls on City to Give Black Residents Fewer Parking Tickets for ‘Racial Equity’

Mediagov: Opposing hatred of White people is considered “hate” and “racist:”

NASCAR Accused of Discriminating Against White Men in Diversity Efforts

NASCAR and a racing group that supports the organization’s efforts to develop more diverse drivers and pit crew have become the latest corporations accused of discriminating against white men.

America First Legal, run by former Donald Trump adviser Stephen Miller, filed a petition Thursday asking the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to investigate NASCAR and Rev Racing for “illegal discrimination against white, male Americans…”

America First Legal argues that NASCAR and Rev Racing’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts — such as the “Diversity Driver Development Program,” the “Diversity Pit Crew Development Program” and “NASCAR Diversity Internship Program” — violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination based on race and sex.

The programs previously stated they were intended for women and ethnic minorities but were updated on Sept.1 to say they sought applicants of “diverse backgrounds and experiences,” according to the petition…

Even though that language has since been changed, America First Legal claims NASCAR and Rev Racing are continuing to carry out unlawful hiring practices “under the cloak of a ‘diverse backgrounds and experiences’ rebranding.”

“NASCAR’s and Rev Racing’s commitment to race and sex-based hiring has not wavered — the website changes described above seem to have been designed only to conceal their ongoing, deliberate and illegal discrimination against white, male Americans,” the petition says.


We have learned that the Nashville school shooter was motivated by anti-White hate, which the government tried to cover up.

We have government agencies, at all levels, promoting anti-Whitism, and then misleading the public when the it leads to mass murder. If this is not genocide, then there is no such thing as genocide.

South African Farms Deemed “Too White” No Longer Allowed to Export

(Bloomberg) — South African farms deemed “too white” will no longer be able to export their produce to the UK and the EU, according to postings in the Government Gazette, the Johannesburg-based City Press newspaper reported. 

Under the rules, farmers must meet specific Black economic empowerment targets to continuing obtaining export permits.

The guidelines will apply to agricultural businesses with a minimum annual turnover of 10 million rand ($534,000) or more. Milk, cream, butter, fruit, nuts, sugar, jam, fruit purée, fruit juices, yeast, table grapes and wine are among the products affected, according to the notice.


Macy’s Discriminates by Favoring Minority Hires, Group Led by Ex-Trump Adviser Alleges

Rocio Fabbro, The Messenger, November 22, 2023

Macy’s is the latest company to be accused by Stephen Miller’s America First Legal Foundation of discriminatory hiring in violation of federal laws.

The conservative nonprofit led by Miller, who served as a senior adviser to former President Donald Trump, alleges that the department store is guilty of “intentionally and systematically violating” Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits employers from discriminating against prospective and current employees.

The group claims that Macy’s hiring and professional development programs geared towards “Black/African-American, Hispanic-Latinx, Native American and Asian” employees are in direct violation of anti-discrimination laws.

In its complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, American First Legal also notes that “In its inaugural 2022 ‘Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Annual Report,’ Macy’s … includes, among other things, statistics highlighting the sex and ‘Non-White’ membership ratio of its corporate board…”

In the current complaint, the group cites Macy’s 2019 five-point commitment to company diversity, which set out to “achieve more ethnic diversity by 2025 at senior director level and above, with a goal of 30 percent” and establish MOSAIC, a “12-month program designed to strengthen leadership skills for a selected group of top-talent managers and directors of Black/African-American, Hispanic-Latinx, Native American and Asian descent.”


Portland Public Schools Now Required to Punish Students Differently Based on Race

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this means black students are now officially allowed to get away with worse behavior. White and Asian students will face harsher punishment for the same behaviors.

It also doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the result will be more misbehavior from blacks.

It’s a pity that the power-elite is oblivious to such facts.

Alec Schemmel, Washington Free Beacon, December 2, 2023

A new collective bargaining agreement between Portland Public Schools and its unionized teachers requires school officials to consider a disruptive student’s race, gender identity, and sexual orientation when crafting that student’s disciplinary plan.

When a student exhibits “continuous disruptive behavior,” the agreement says, school officials must develop a “support plan” for the student, which can include disciplinary measures such as detention. That plan “must take into consideration the impact of issues related to the student’s trauma, race, gender identity/presentation, sexual orientation … and restorative justice as appropriate for the student,” according to the agreement. The new disciplinary policy also eliminates mandatory suspensions for students who threaten or harm others—now, those students may only be removed from their classroom, not from school altogether.

The policy change reflects a broader effort at both the federal and local levels to develop race-conscious disciplinary rules for public school students. Earlier this year, for example, the Biden administration released a memo urging schools to refrain from suspending students for truancy, arguing that “significant disparities by race … have persisted in the application of student discipline.” School districts in Washington and Illinois, meanwhile, have adopted disciplinary policies that aim to provide a “culturally responsive” and “restorative approach” to student discipline…

The district’s collective bargaining agreement attempts to center school disciplinary procedures on “racial equity and social justice.” In a November 2022 memo, for example, Portland Public Schools’ collective bargaining team argued that “Black, Native American, and other students of color are referred out of class significantly more often,” reflecting the need to instill “Restorative Practices” into the district’s disciplinary process…

The district’s decision to change its disciplinary procedures for students comes after Portland-area students experienced an uptick in fights and behavioral problems after returning to the classroom for the 2021 school year.


Perhaps nothing illustrates academia’s neo-bigotry more than the “Person of Color Themed House” just off the grounds of UC Berkeley. Their house rules read:

“Many POC [People of Color] moved here to be able to avoid White violence and presence, so respect their decision of avoidance if you bring White guests. White guests are not allowed in common spaces. Queer, Black, and Indigenous members should not have to avoid common spaces because of homophobic or racist parents/family members.”

UC-Berkeley’s spokesperson tried to explain away the situation saying, “The university does not run the co-op housing, and it is not the school’s role to comment. To be clear, it is not campus operated. This property is operated by a private landlord, and it is not the role of the campus to comment on what private landlords are ‘allowed’ to do.”

Does anyone think UC Berkeley would take such a hands-off approach if the house were for White students only and treated students of color the way it treats White students? Of course not. Nor have White students expressed a desire for houses on or off campus for White students’ exclusive use. These racist practices violate the Civil Rights Act of 1968, which prohibits racial discrimination in housing. Yet the law goes unenforced in Berkeley town.


No White Faculty Allowed

At the University of Washington, civil rights laws have not stopped blatant racial discrimination in faculty hiring

A recent internal investigation into faculty hiring at the University of Washington reveals the exhaustive efforts that universities make to discriminate against white job applicants. After the university’s Department of Psychology identified a white candidate as best qualified for a tenure-track professor position in early 2023, the department’s Diversity Advisory Committee pressured the hiring committee to re-rank candidates in accordance with the methodology laid out in an internal handbook titled “Promising Practices for Increasing Equity in Faculty Searches” so that a black woman would receive the job instead. This handbook, obtained by the National Association of Scholars, spells out how to exclude candidates of undesirable races and ensure that candidates of preferred races get hired.

The handbook sheds light on past discriminatory hiring practices in the psychology department. In the 2020–21 academic year, the department hired only BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) candidates for five tenure-track positions. Delighted by its success in excluding all white candidates, the department’s Diversity Advisory Committee commissioned the “Promising Practices” handbook as a case study documenting its past manipulation of the hiring process. The handbook served as a how-to manual in the 2022–2023 academic year, ensuring that a BIPOC candidate would be hired for the department’s only tenure-track professorship that year.

First, the handbook advises recruiters to “prepare for success” by developing a strategy for how to hire based on race. To guarantee nonwhite candidates, recruiters should reach out directly to underrepresented minority (URM) candidates. The department’s search committee “sent over 100 personal emails, primarily to URM researchers.” The handbook carefully ranks favored minority groups, specifically “Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic, or American Indian/Indigenous,” above less preferred ones, specifically “Asian American or Middle Eastern American.”

Next, the handbook recommends drafting job descriptions that match the resumes of specific minority candidates. That way, the applications will perfectly suit the job posting. It directs institutions to “[v]isualize your ideal candidates and work backwards from there to word your advertisement. If you could pick anyone, with an eye towards URM scholars, which current scholars in your field would be the best fit for this job? How do they describe their work and goals? Consider using similar language…”


United Kingdom Home Office Spews Anti-White Propaganda

In light of the ongoing grooming and rapes of Native women by non-Whites, in the UK, such propaganda is especially sickening.

University of Victoria Only Considering Blacks for Assistant Professor Position

This position pays over $100,000. Here’s the link

It’s Illegal in England to Speak up About White Genocide

IBM/Redhat Internal Presentation Reveals Extreme Antiwhite Racism

GLSEN promotes “inclusivity,” which (in the Leftist lexicon) actually means “the exclusion of White males.”

I wonder if they can define “female.”

Also, notice that, for the most part, the more violent the group, the higher up the list it is. Asians tend to be docile, so they’re also not mentioned.

If the intention is to include everybody equally, then there would be no need to list various privilege-groups, and to omit White males. They could have simply stated, “All are welcome here,” and left it at that.

Libs of TikTok

The Minnesota Department of Transportation discriminates against white men. They have a free training in highway construction trades only for “disadvantaged” groups like BIPOC and women. How is this allowed? Our tax dollars are funding this state sanctioned anti-white racism.

Blue State Discrimination Against White Entrepreneurs

Two years ago I related the case of the state of Colorado outright excluding small businesses owned by whites from their $4 million covid lockdown relief program.

It appears they were not alone. At least two other states, Massachusetts and Connecticut, joined them in categorically excluding white business owners. In Massachusetts, the “inclusive” Recovery Grant Program, that promised up to $75,000 per enterprise, have sex, race, and sexuality as part of its eligibility requirements and straight white males like Brian Dalton checked none of those boxes. You can read the formal complaint, filed in the District Court for the District of Massachusetts Eastern Division here. A similar program in Connecticut called the Minority Business Revolving Loan Fund provides up to a $100,00 line of credit to eligible applicants (i.e. white males need not apply) for up to 10 years with at a preferential 4% rate. Of course, pointing out the blatant 14th amendment violations entailed in excluding taxpayers with certain immutable characteristics from taxpayer funded benefits seems redundant when talking about totalitarian shitbags who believe in neither constitutional limits to their power nor their anti-white bigotry.

Government and Corporate Antiwhite Discrimination

Mayor of Boston Holds Holiday Party That Specifically Excludes White People. Boston Globe Defends Her

When the mayor of Boston, Michelle Wu, held a holiday party, in a state-owned facility, that excluded White people. There was some pushback from conservatives – but not enough for an apology or for any consequences for Miss Wu.

Shirley Leung, writing for the Boston Globe, uses a word-trick to justify Mayor Wu’s decision:

Had Mayor Tom Menino thrown a Christmas party for Italian Americans, or Mayor Marty Walsh one for Irish Americans, would that be news? Or what if any mayor of Boston threw a reception just for women politicians?

A bit of critical thinking would reveal the difference: Holding a party for one specific demographic, while not always justified, is not singling out any other demographic for exclusion. Miss Leung is claiming that “people of color” comprise a specific demographic. In fact, it’s a term whose only purpose is to exclude White people. The only people who are not “people of color” are White people. Hence, the party was exclusive, not inclusive.

Miss Leung also writes:

First there was outrage when the invite mistakenly went out to the entire Boston City Council, not just the six councilors of color. Then the real horror set in: the realization that white people are not welcome.

To which people of color everywhere reacted: Welcome to our world.

Really? I’d like to see Miss Leung list similar events that specifically exclude non-Whites. She’d have to go back decades to find one – and when I say “similar,” I mean by political leaders on state-owned property. The only group that’s regularly excluded in modern America is White people.

Miss Leung goes on to write:

That feeling of being excluded should have been short-lived. Wu threw another holiday soiree on Monday, also at the Parkman House, for a broader group of city and state politicians. About 50 people attended.

Are we to understand that it’s okay to exclude, and discriminate against, a group of people as long as we hold an event later that does not exclude them? I’m trying to imagine a White mayor justifying his exclusion of black people on the grounds that they were allowed to attend another event.

Finally, Miss Leung acknowledges the Great Replacement:

To me, it represented a night to remember how far we have come and how Boston’s power structure is finally changing to reflect the majority-minority city it became more than two decades ago.

… and I say “acknowledges” tongue-in-cheek, because (again, using a word-trick) Leung words it as if the demographic change is something that happened naturally, without any help from politicians, policies or goals. Boston “just happened” to switch from majority-White to majority-non-White on its own.

Here’s a rhetorical question: Is Mayor Wu in favor of the mass migration of (mainly non-Whites) into the US? Of course she is:

The mayor on Wednesday said the city will continue to support arriving migrants, with spaces to stay and work authorizations.

The current “migrant crisis” is just the latest chapter in the Great Replacement – which the Establishment Left conveniently blames on Climate Change.

If you’re trying to figure out who’s in power, and who’s the underdog, this case should clarify it for you. Non-Whites are allowed to exclude Whites on government property, and this behavior will be justified by corporate media.

To state that the mainstream movie industry is “antiwhite” would be an understatement. This post would be extremely long if we listed every Hollywood movie that has an antiwhite message. In fact, practically ALL newer mainstream movies have subliminal antiwhite messages – and sometimes it’s overt. Here are two recent examples, both from movies that received widespread support and acclaim:


The New Twitter (X) Allows High-Profile Antiwhites, but Bans High Profile White-Advocacy

Speaker at Maine Democratic Party Event: “It’s Great That White Men Commit Suicide.” The Response is Laughter and Applause

Bank of America tests no-down-payment mortgages for Black, Latino homebuyers

Though this program is not limited to specific ethnicities, it is specifically targeted at blacks and Latinos; the property must be located in a predominantly black or Latino area.

Obviously, any bank that had a similar program for White people would be shut down immediately.

The program – called the Community Affordable Loan Solution – will be available to people in certain predominantly Black and Hispanic neighborhoods in Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles and Miami.

Applicants do not need to be Black or Hispanic in order to qualify for the program. It is unclear what the planned size of the program is.

There are no limits on the number of loans involved in the program; any property must be located in census tracts that are more than 50% African American or Hispanic, the bank said.


Profile photo for Reuben Hayat

Reuben Hayat

Former Political Activist for the downtrodden (1986–2020)Jan 2

State of Illinois Lies About the Race of Criminals to Make Whites Look Worse

Fudging Crime Stats

We already knew that the FBI, and other government agencies, deceived the public for years by categorizing Hispanics as “White” when they’re offenders, but as their own category when they’re victims. Some agencies still do this.

It’s actually worse. Some states outright lie about the race of offenders

Unbiased Crime Report provides links in a comment, and I’ll include screenshots – because the state might try to cover up its deceit by changing the page:

Working links in order as of 1/1/24 (for you………

Note that the above screen captures are from an OFFICIAL State of Illinois website. There are probably other states that do the same thing.

Remember this next time somebody cites government statistics that “White men commit most sex-crimes in the US.”

The bias only goes one way; there is no evidence that any government agency tries to UNDERSTATE the extent of White crime, or OVERSTATE the extent of black crime. If there were such an effort, it would be called out immediately, and we’d know about it.

What this means is that we can use government statistics as evidence of extensive non-White crime, but we cannot use those statistics to prove extensive WHITE crime. Any state evidence that White crime is pervasive, extensive or heinous must be viewed with skepticism.

Klaus Arminius

Delta Airline sent a letter to its employees telling them to capitalize black and brown but lowercase White. You’ll notice other organizations and media using similar tactics. Why Delta?

Note: The underlying assumption here should be that black Americans represent a specific ethnicity, while White Americans can be of various ethnicities. This is what capitalization normally means…

However, if that were the case here, it would mean that Whites are more diverse than blacks. It would then follow, if Delta were interested in diversity, that they would seek more Whites as employees. This is clearly not the case – and we can conclude that the capitalization, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with specificity. Rather, it has to do with recognition, respect, status and rank. Blacks get recognition, respect, status and rank. Whites do not.

I’ll also point out that black Americans do NOT represent just one ethnicity, especially not in recent times. Neither blacks nor Whites are monolithic groups.

The reason I capitalize “White,” and not “black” is that it’s a form of rebellion against forces far more powerful than myself.

New York Attorney General chants antiwhite slogan to an enthusiastic crowd.

“Too male, too pale and too stale.”

From the official website of New York:

The Attorney General serves as the guardian of the legal rights of the people of New York, its organizations, and its natural resources. As the state’s chief legal counsel, the Attorney General advises the executive branch of state government, and defends actions and proceedings on behalf of the state.

Here’s the person entrusted with those duties – and how can the White people of New York expect fair treatment from her?

Thanks to Klaus Arminius, who dedicates his life to White wellbeing:

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson States, in Interview, That His Priority is Black Families

Here’s a quote from the interview:

‘Well, I think people are clearly familiar with what my vision is for revenue in this city, and my revenue, of course, is committed to making sure that we are doing everything we can to address the unhoused crisis in this city,’ Johnson, 47, said.

He continued: ‘70,000 people who are unhoused in this city are black families, and that’s why I invested a quarter of a billion dollars in my budget to do just that.’

It’s become so normalized for black politicians (actually, ALL politicians) to prioritized black citizens over White ones, that nobody even raises an eyebrow when such statements are made.

In contrast, if any US mayor were to say something similar about WHITE families, he would be out of a job before sundown that same day, and he would have to go into hiding – probably in Siberia under 40 feet of ice.


Swedish State TV Erases Native (White) Swedes From Their Own History in New Series:

Thanks to Libs of TikTok, a fine Jewess who fights for all that is good and wholesome.

@dish is filling a manager position and they’re prioritizing applications from non-whites to be more inclusive. .

@dish claims to be an “equal opportunity employer.” Apparently, it’s equal for everyone except whites. White people are the only group you’re allowed to discriminate against. DEI is just code for less whites.

From Libs of Tiktok:

@WisconsinLaw has an annual mandatory DEI “reorientation.” Students are given a reading packet explaining how blacks can’t be racist & are all oppressed, and that it’s racist for a white person to deny that they’re racist. They also have a “Race Timeline” worksheet to have students document all the race-related events in their lives. Imagine going into thousands of dollars to be taught that you’re an oppressor/oppressed.

Fräulein Von Ginger Waffen

One of the best men you could ever hope to meet, has been found guilty for posting stickers that read “it’s ok to be white!” It’ll be interesting to see how long he’ll be imprisoned for! Pedos walk free, while sticker barers do time!

Sam has been sentenced to two years custodial sentence. Sam is now incarcerated in a British prison for the ‘crime’ of producing messages the prosecution admitted were ‘totally lawful’. What’s more, under this particular law, the Judge reminded that the jury that the ‘truth was no defence’. This campaign will remain live for the duration of Sam’s imprisonment and the money raised will support Sam’s pregnant wife Laura and their child Catherine. 

Today Sam Melia was found guilty of speech crimes in Leeds Crown Court. Sam produced over 300 stickers bearing a number of slogans, during the opening stages of the trial the prosecution admitted that the language used on the stickers was in fact lawful. During the trial the jury was told that it did not matter whether the content of the stickers was true, as the truth is no defence in such a case. This has to be one of the greatest miscarriages of justice we have ever witnessed, a body of work which was deemed ‘lawful’ and the content of which was all true, has resulted in a man being found guilty on the basis of his perceived motivations. 

GiveSendGo – Supporting Sam & Laura at this Difficult Time: The Leader in Freedom Fundraising.

As part of organized programs of White-Erasure, the Black Cultural Archive in London is teaching people that the first Britons were black. This lays the groundwork for genocide.

As more and more low-IQ African migrants arrive in Britain, such propaganda will encourage them to seize more of what is not theirs.

Frank DeScushin

A new Brilliant Black History exhibit at the Black Cultural Archives in London tells visitors Britain was black for 7,000 years before Whites arrived. Academics contest the claims, but the exhibit will continue anyway. Museum curator, Will Stancil, was unavailable for comment.


Libs of TikTok


@AldiUSA promises to break the law and discriminate against straight white people in their hiring. They’re looking to hire a procurement specialist and will prioritize everyone except straight white people. They’re also committed to following the principles of DEI. @USEEOC

DEI is illegal and racist.

Layer Upon Layer of Antiwhitism

The University of California hosted a speaker who called Whites “psychopathic,” and claimed that White-on-black rape is institutionalized. From Fox News (MSN):

The University of California, San Francisco recently hosted a speaker who suggested Whites were “psychopathic” as part of a Black History Month event.

On Thursday, author Dante King delivered a lecture titled “Diagnosing Whiteness and Anti-Blackness: White Psychopathology, Collective Psychosis and Trauma in America,” promoting his upcoming book of the same name.

The Young America’s Foundation released a montage of clips from his roughly 90-minute lecture where he appeared to disparage White people and called on others to do the same.

“Whites are psychopaths,” King said. “And their behavior represents an underlying, biologically transmitted proclivity with roots deep in their evolutionary history. How many of you can see the proclivity that evolved deep within the evolutionary history of Whiteness? By show of hands, how many of you could see it? Some people are sitting here, ‘Oh no, I don’t want to raise my hand,’ that’s called denial.”

That, in itself, is bad enough; it illustrates the deep-seated and entrenched antiwhitism that permeates American society. Let me count the ways:

Had King claimed that Whites are bad people, but not stated they are biologically inferior, it would have been bad enough.

Had he targeted another race, which has not worked tirelessly for human rights around the world, invited the world to their homelands and gave them equal rights, it would have been bad enough.

Had Fox news brought up this story and been responsible by reporting the reality of black-on-White rapes, it would have been bad enough.

Instead, we have institutions of “higher learning” hosting bigoted speakers who make no secret of their utter disdain for Whites, allowing them to spew dangerous nonsense about Whites being genetically defective. We have Fox “news” neglecting to point out the fact that, contrary to King’s rhetoric, Whites are far more likely to be violently victimized by blacks than the other way around.

MSN, of course, does not allow comments on this story. How convenient.

In a nutshell, we have antiwhite Fox News reporting a story about somebody who’s even more antiwhite speaking at an antiwhite university – and antiwhite MSN featuring the story without comments.

Microsoft Brags That It Pays White Employees Less Than Non-White Employees Despite ‘Same Job Title’

Microsoft bragged that it pays its white employees less than non-white employees who are employed in similar roles in a diversity report touting the company’s “pay equity” agenda.

The admission came from the tech giant’s 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Report, which outlines the company’s loyalty to the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agenda.

“All racial and ethnic minority groups who are rewards eligible combined earn $1.007 total pay for every $1.000 earned by US rewards-eligible white employees with the same job title and level and considering tenure,” the Microsoft report, first reported on X, brags…

It goes on to add that “US Black and African American employees earn $1.004 and Asian employees earn $1.012 for every $1.000 earned by U.S. rewards-eligible white employees with the same job title and level and considering tenure.”

“This pay equity data represents total pay,” the report clarifies. “Our total pay analysis considers base, annual bonus, and stock awards at the time of annual rewards for rewards- eligible employees…”

The company was previously hit with criticism after it capped the number of white and Asian students that universities could nominate for a highly paid research fellowship…


New West End play allocates two nights for Black audiences to watch ‘free from the white gaze’

Hat tip to Frank DeScushin.

Anew West End play has allocated two nights exclusively for Black-identifying theatre-goers to enjoy the performance “free from the white gaze”…

Two nights have been allocated to an “all-Black identifying audience”. “Black Out” tickets for performances on 17 July and 17 September will only be sold to people who identify as black.

Playwright Harris told BBC Sounds he was “excited” by the prospect, stating: “It is a necessity to radically invite them in with initiatives that say, ‘You’re invited’. Specifically you.”

In 2019, Harris came up with the idea of the Black Out nights for his polarising three-act epic Slave Play, a show about race, sex and power dynamics in interracial relationships.

A website for the initiative describes the idea as: “The purposeful creation of an environment in which an all-Black-identifying audience can experience and discuss an event in the performing arts, film, athletic, and cultural spaces – free from the white gaze.”

It is not the first time Harris’s work has featured Black Out performances in London – his play, Daddy, staged the nights in 2022.

Last year, producers of the satire Tambo & Bones allocated one night during its month-long run at Theatre Royal Stratford East for Black audiences to enjoy the experience in a safe place free from racialising dynamics.

“Over the last few years, a number of playwrights and directors in the US and the UK have created private and safe spaces for Black theatregoers to experience productions that explore complex, nuanced race-related issues,” Tambo & Bones director Matthew Xia explained on the Stratford East website.


Canada May Implement “Minority Report” Tactic Against White-Advocates

Hat tip to my friend Diversity Chronicle for sending me this story.

Many of y’all may remember the movie Minority Report; it’s one of the few movies I’ve actually watched; I’m not much of a movie buff. It’s worth watching because, like the novel 1984, leftist forces now view it as a practical guide for their own policies rather than a warning.

In Minority Report:

in the year 2054, where Precrime, a specialized police department, apprehends criminals by use of foreknowledge provided by three psychics called “precogs“.

Aside from the science-fiction aspect of it, most people (as far as I could tell) probably never considered the possibility that Western governments would seriously consider arresting people for crimes they would commit in the future – or that they MIGHT commit in the future.

Yet here we are, and the government of Canada is seriously considering a bill that would allow judges to place people under house arrest merely on the suspicion that they might disrespect a non-White in the future. From Yahoo (The Telegraph):

Canada considers house arrest for people at risk of committing hate crimes

Justin Trudeau’s government has proposed a law giving judges the power to put someone under house arrest if they fear they could commit a hate crime.

Critics have warned the “draconian” bill is an overreach of power and could stifle free speech and difficult discussions.

But Canada’s justice minister defended the measure, claiming it would be an “important” tool to help protect potential victims.

An online harms bill introduced by the Liberals last week proposed a string of laws to protect children and prosecute hate crimes.

One of the suggested measures would give judges the ability to put people under house arrest who they worry could commit a hate crime in the future. The person could also be made to wear an electronic tag if the attorney-general requested it.

Arif Virani, the justice minister, said the measures could prove “very important” in restraining the behaviour of someone who might be targeting minority groups.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with Canada’s brazen antiwhiteness, Whites have no group civil rights in Canada. In Canada, it’s illegal for Whites to organize as Whites, or to promote their own group interests. It’s practically impossible for a non-White to be convicted of a hate crime against a White person, even if the perpetrator specifically announces antiwhite animus as he commits the crime.

This proposed law is specifically directed at White-advocates. If passed, it will allow Canadian judges to imprison White people simply because they posted something online, or made a comment in real-life, that MIGHT imply sympathy for Whites as a group. After all, making pro-White comments is an indication that a person MIGHT say something negative about a non-White group – which is (for all practical purposes) a crime in Canada.

Law Student Sues Chicago Bears Over Discrimination After Being Turned Down For Fellowship

The above headline is how it appears in MSN; it’s an MSN opinion column. Had the plaintiff been any other race than White, his race would have been included in the headline. Even when reporting on antiwhitism, corporate media practices antiwhitism. In any event, from the article:

A white male law student is taking the Chicago Bears to court, claiming he was unfairly excluded from a fellowship designed for women and people of color.

Jonathan Bresser Jr. stands firm in his belief that everyone, irrespective of race, gender identity, or any other characteristic, should have equal access to opportunities.

Bresser threw his hat into the ring for the Bears Legal Diversity Fellow position, only to find out that it was open exclusively to female law students and/or those identifying as a person of color. Now, with his legal team in tow, he has initiated a lawsuit against the Chicago Bears, accusing them of discrimination and sexism in their hiring practices.

The lawsuit was officially filed in a Chicago federal court, targeting the Bears for their alleged discriminatory hiring criteria. Despite the Bears’ stance that they were looking for applicants whose experience better matched their needs, Bresser’s lawyers argue he was more than up to the mark, save for the fact that he didn’t fit the racial and gender criteria.


In Massachusetts, there is no First Amendment for White people:

6 eighth graders charged over online chat that included mock slave auction: DA

Six Massachusetts eighth graders face criminal charges in connection with “hateful and racist comments” in a group chat that allegedly included threats and a mock slave auction, officials said.

The group chat unfolded on Snapchat on Feb. 8 into the early morning hours of Feb. 9 among multiple juveniles in Southwick, a suburb of Springfield, according to the Hampden County District Attorney’s Office…

The chat was reported to school authorities in Southwick on Feb. 9, Gulluni said. Southwick police were also notified. Gulluni said he became aware of the incident on Feb. 15 and launched an investigation into the use of “hate speech and race-based bullying.”

As a result of the investigation, six juveniles now face charges, Gulluni said. All are eighth graders at the Southwick Regional School, aged 13 or 14, he said…

All six have been charged with threat to commit a crime, according to the district attorney’s office. One has additionally been charged with interference with civil rights and witness interference, while another has also been charged with interference with civil rights, the district attorney said. Their names are not being released because they are juveniles, according to the district attorney.

We don’t know exactly what words were spoken in that chat, but the odds are practically nil that they included actual “threats to commit a crime” – and there is no actual crime called “hate-speech,” even though the article mentions it as if it’s a crime; that why we have a First Amendment.

Prosecutors use existing laws, and abuse them, in order to prosecute speech they don’t like. We’ve seen this with the Charlottsville defendants, who are now being charged with “carrying flaming torches with the intent to intimidate.” Meanwhile, a black counter protester, who actually ATTACKED protesters with an improvised flame-thrower (on video), has not been charged.

Those children are facing trumped up charges, and their First Amendment rights are being violated. This is America today, where antiwhitism is the state religion.


Woke Video Game Designer Refuses to Hire White People

A video game developer has found herself at the centre of a race row after footage of her boasting of having no white people on her team at work because they were “hard to work with” emerged online.

Dani Lalonders, an associate narrative designer at Cliffhanger Games, the EA-owned studio behind an upcoming Black Panther game, had made the comments in 2021 while she was lead producer on a “romantic visual novel” game called ValiDate.

In a video recirculated by Libs of TikTok, Lalonders said: “I have a team of 21 right now for ValiDate – it’s a pretty big team, it’s a crazy big team for an indie game.

“But who is your team? ValiDate has a team of mostly – all – people of colour. We have no white people on our team.

“I did that because I wanted to create a safe environment and I know the best way for an environment to be safe is to be around people who are just like me.

“I’m not saying that white people in the industry are creating unsafe environments – I’m not saying that, that’s not what I’m saying.

“I’m saying that sometimes it is hard to work with white people because they think that something may be okay – but really, it’s a microaggression.

“No-one wants to deal with that while you’re trying to make a game that they love.”

Libs of TikTok, which frequently highlights ‘woke’ controversies online, took aim at Lalonders’ current employer Cliffhanger, demanding to know whether “not hiring white because they’re ‘hard to work with’” was part of the studio’s official policy.

When a social media user claimed she was “openly racist and should be investigated and charged”, Libs of TikTok replied with a succinct “yes”.

The footage also drew attention from X owner Elon Musk, as well as tens of thousands of commenters; one said Marvel – on whose character, Black Panther, the game is based – would “lose a lot of customers if it continued to employ this openly racist game developer”.

Others accused Lalonders of “double standards”, and said they were “getting tired of all the woke racists”, while some compared the backlash to that faced by beer brand Bud Light after partnering with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

But some came to Lalonders’ defence – one social media user said she “doesn’t hate white people”, and said people seeing her comments as “anti-white” was “nothing short of klan behaviour” in an “anti-black world”.

Lalonders still works for ValiDate, whose website boasts of “#OwnVoices narrative writing by an all people of colour team”, the hashtag referring to a movement to promote books “where the protagonist and the author share a marginalised identity”.

While Cliffhanger Games itself says it wants to hire “diverse, fearless artists” and is “looking for collaborative and inclusive people with diverse perspectives who will enrich our culture and challenge us”.

GB News has approached Lalonders, EA and ValiDate developer Veritable Joy Studios for comment.


Note: This is only a tweet, but given what we already know, I’ll assume it’s accurate unless somebody shows otherwise:

Robby Starbuck

This is the wild! Someone went through the entire Texas sex offender registry and found that the government data was insanely wrong. In government data it says 40% of offenders are White but after removing all Blacks & Hispanics listed as White, it drops to 28%. This is happening with all kinds of crime so our stats grossly undercount all of the crimes committed by Blacks & Hispanics while overcounting for Whites. All of the overcounting happens in a statistically significant ONLY for White people. Why? Before you call me racist, I’m Hispanic, I’m just a Hispanic that believes that it’s important to have REAL stats that tell us the real story of what’s going wrong. Without that we can’t fix it effectively. We need to force states to fix their crime stats so we can get to the truth!

Unbiased Crime Report

Texas Sex Offender Registry Analysis! I downloaded the entire database (101,976 offenders) and can now easily query it to identify entries with incorrect Race/Ethnicity… Here are the raw numbers so far:

City of Sacramento Approves Universal Basic Income for black and Native American Families; White Families Needn’t Apply

  • Sacramento County approved a plan to give low-income families $725 a month.
  • The money is set to go to qualifying Black and Native American families.
  • The basic income plan is part of a six-step strategy to reduce child poverty in the county.

Sacramento County is joining a growing list of places around the United States offering no-strings-attached payments to its lowest-income residents…


Libs of TikTok

UNBELIEVABLE: Top healthcare company Mayo Clinic is discriminating against straight white people in their “inclusive” hiring practices. Even criminals are being prioritized to be hired as nurses. How does this ensure patients will receive the best medical care possible @MayoClinic

New York City Job Program Excludes White People

The City of New York is spending tax dollars on a job program that excludes White people – unless those White people happen to be sexual deviants or poor.

In practice, any White person who wants to apply can claim to be bisexual (for example) and nobody can prove otherwise. Also, it’s likely that anybody looking for a job in NYC would be “low-income.” There are workarounds – it’s still illegal. White people should not have to play tricks or lie in order to take advantage of programs that they’re forced to pay for.

… but who are we kidding? We know that they’ll all be administered by black women who will give preference to their nails and black applicants. In practice, there will be rampant discrimination against Whites – even if they’re sexual deviants or poor.

This is from the website, and the icon to the left of the paragraph that lists various “marginalized groups” indicates eligibility.

Mandatory IRS Training Includes Material from Academic Who Calls for “Death of Whiteness” and Uses the Term “Dead Honky”

With pervasive mandatory antiwhiteness in government agencies, we cannot expect equitable and fair treatment toward White people. It’s inevitable that the IRS will be weaponized against White people, just as we’ve seen in the court system.

From the source article:

The diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training forced on criminal investigators with the Internal Revenue Service featured content from a transgender professor who called for the “death of whiteness” in an academic journal article.

The DEI training, obtained by Judicial Watch, was part of a mandatory continuing education program at the IRS, and began with a section by Dafina Lazarus Stewart titled, “Cultural Inclusion Is About Justice.” Stewart, a transgender-identifying woman, chairs a department at the University of Denver and has focused much of her academic work on “whiteness,” even calling on other academics to “commit to the death of whiteness.”

Stewart, who focuses on “institutional transformation toward realizing equity and justice,” is the author of an academic article called “‘Dead Honky’ — Against The Technologies of (White) Violence.” The article calls for Critical Race Theorists to “commit to the death of whiteness,” even arguing that “whiteness is itself a violence” and asking academics to use the “verbal effigy “‘dead honky.’”


This tweet explains it very well:

Active Patriot

South Yorkshire police continue to outdo themselves. They stood/stand by while thousands of girls were raped, abused & trafficked by predominantly Pakistani men. Now they’re running a campaign about child exploitation and of course the pictures show the perpetrators as white men!

In international law, and increasingly in national/state law, fears of Climate Change are a major factor in formulating new laws. When one demographic is blamed for Climate Change, then resulting laws will reflect this; they will specifically target White people.

WordPress won’t let me embed the video, but here’s the link.

Lawsuit Blasts George Floyd Scholarship, Says It Violates Federal Civil Rights Law

A legal complaint recently lodged with the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights contends that a university’s scholarship program exclusively offered to Black students violates U.S. federal civil rights regulations.

The complaint, filed by the Equal Protection Project of the Legal Insurrection Foundation, alleges that North Central University’s George Floyd scholarship violates Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by engaging in racial discrimination.

According to the complaint, the scholarship, designed solely for Black or African American students, contravenes regulations set forth in the Civil Rights Act, which specifically prohibits educational institutions from engaging in discriminatory practices based on race, color, or national origin.

The George Floyd Memorial Scholarship, as the legal watchdog group asserts, represents a form of “invidious discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin.”

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must belong to the Black or African American racial groups, a requirement that has sparked controversy and legal scrutiny.

Established on June 4, 2020, the scholarship’s objective, as articulated by North Central University President Scott Hagan, was to invest in a new generation of young Black Americans poised to assume leadership roles in the nation…


This appears to be a large church, and it’s an example of systemic racism against Whites, so I’m including it here:

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