They Might as well Declare it Legal to Kill Whites

All is going according to plan, and evil white-hating elites are rubbing their hands together in delight. At this pace, soon they’ll be filling trains with white people – to be slaughtered on an industrial scale in concentration camps.

Yesterday’s failed recall election in California has shown Gregory Hood to be correct in his recent American Renaissance article:

Is California Post Democratic?

In California, we saw how successful the Great Replacement strategy has been in disenfranchising whites; even though a “white” man, Gavin Nuisance, defeated a black man, Larry Elder, the implications are obvious. I’m sure leftist celebrities, such as Ellen Degenerate, are delighted at the results.

The open discrimination against Native Brits continues apace, as the English Touring Opera has shed at least 14 of its members simply for being white.

… and now we learn that a small morsel of justice we took some comfort in, meted out to Somali Affirmative Action police hire Mohamed Noor for the cold-blooded killing of Justine Damond, has been taken away. From the Washington Post:

Court overturns third-degree murder conviction against ex-Minneapolis officer

The Minnesota Supreme Court overturned the third-degree murder conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, who fatally shot an unarmed Australian woman in 2017, which could reduce eight years from his prison sentence.

Noor was convicted of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for the fatal shooting of Justine Ruszczyk Damond, who had called 911 to report a possible sexual assault behind her home. The case gained attention both in the United States and abroadand was notable because police were rarely charged or convicted in fatal shootings…

In 2019, Noor was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison for third-degree murder, a crime that involves acting with “a depraved mind, without regard for human life.”

Jurors acquitted Noor of the more serious second-degree murder charge. He was not sentenced for manslaughter.

Supreme Court justices said in their opinion Wednesday that the circumstances of the killing and Noor’s actions do not fit the definition of third-degree murder because he was targeting a single person when he shot his weapon. They ordered the case be sent to the district court, where Noor will be sentenced on the second-degree manslaughter conviction, according to court documents.

Noor has already served more than 28 months of his sentence. If he is sentenced to four years for manslaughter, he could be eligible for supervised release as early as in three and a half months, legal experts say.

If this isn’t a miscarriage of justice, I don’t know what is. Since when does “targeting a single person” serve as a defense for murder? It doesn’t – and this only happened because his charges were watered down in the first place.

The contrast with the way Derek Chauvin was treated is sickening. The article does go on to state that the decision might help Chauvin’s defense team to overturn his third-degree murder conviction. After all, Chauvin was also targeting only one person.

I have confidence in the system that they’ll find a way to exclude Chauvin from this defense. Western governments are so biased against white people, I’m not sure why they even pretend to care about justice anymore.

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Another Reason to Avoid Black-Owned Businesses

Portlanders have long complained that the city is too white, and that it badly needs more Diversity and vibrancy.

Over the past few months, Portland has enjoyed increased Diversity – and black people expressing their vibrancy by shooting people. You’d think that Portlanders would be happy about this; after all, it’s what they’ve been seeking all these years.

But it seems they’re not happy about it, and I can’t imagine why. A KATU/ABC headline reads:

Portlanders frustrated with leadership as city deals with weekend violence:

A shooting in one of Portland’s most prominent neighborhoods Saturday had people running for cover.

The shooting happened in the Pearl District, on Northwest 10th and Davis. Three people were shot. According to Portland police investigators, a verbal argument led to a physical fight between a group of people inside the restaurant. Officers said the people all knew each other.

It’s yet another incident in Portland that is leaving residents frustrated.

In paragraph 9, the article finally gets around to pointing out that:

The fight that preceded the shooting happened in Everybody Eats PDX, a Black-owned business. Black-owned businesses are rare in Portland’s Pearl District.

According to the restaurant’s website, Everybody Eats PDX’s mission extends far beyond food:

“Our mission goes beyond our food. We’re here to make sure everybody eats, after all. At Everybody Eats, we believe in giving back to our community, whether it’s partnering with Don’t Shoot PDX to feed Black Lives Matters supporters, feeding families in need at Thanksgiving, or fostering relationships between the Black community and police officers through food.”

“I just hope this situation doesn’t create, like, a stigma with Black-owned businesses around here,” Emma Macon, who was born and raised in Portland, said.

She goes on to say:

Andre and Macon both say it’s restaurants like Everybody Eats PDX that Portland is missing. Andre and Macon are both young, Black women in their early 20s. They see food as a way to bring communities together.

Even though they’ve lived in Portland their whole lives, there are many instances where they feel unwelcome. They say there are several parts of the city, including the gentrified area they grew up, where people stare.

“They’ll make you feel like you don’t belong here,” Andre said.

It’s odd that these women complain about being stared at. Perhaps they’re attractive, and that’s why people look. People might also stare because they’re afraid more blacks will show up and start shooting – just as happened at Everybody Eats.

It’s true that “everybody eats,” but when it comes to shooting people, blacks do it more than anybody else, at least in the US.

Support white-owned businesses!

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If You Look for Something Hard Enough, You’ll Find it

It never ceases to amaze me when I encounter intelligent people who sincerely believe that there are no actual racial disparities in criminal behavior, that the only reason blacks APPEAR to commit more crime is that they’re over-policed. I’ve heard this canard recited, like a mantra, countless times. Not all leftists actually believe this; many of them acknowledge the higher crime rate among blacks, but blame it on “systemic racism” or “the legacy of slavery.” Poverty is also a popular explanation. After all, don’t we all have the urge to go out and rape somebody every time we experience difficulty paying our bills?

A Harvard Gazette article sums up the mentality of those who do subscribe to black-crime-denialism:

Citing Muhammad’s research, Harvard historian Jill Lepore has summarized the consequences this way: “Police patrolled Black neighborhoods and arrested Black people disproportionately; prosecutors indicted Black people disproportionately; juries found Black people guilty disproportionately; judges gave Black people disproportionately long sentences; and, then, after all this, social scientists, observing the number of Black people in jail, decided that, as a matter of biology, Black people were disproportionately inclined to criminality.”

Reading such tripe, I can’t help but think of O.J. Simpson, the Duke Lacrosse Team, and the kangaroo trial of Derek Chauvin. Judge Lori Landry comes to mind as well. This post would be exceedingly long if I were to list every case of institutional anti-white discrimination that we know of so far.

But the underlying principle, that if you look for something hard enough, you’ll find it, is valid – and please bear this in mind as you read the following article from KATU/ABC, titled FBI Oregon launches campaign to encourage people to report hate crimes:

PORTLAND, Ore. — The FBI in Oregon is launching a new campaign to encourage more people to report hate crimes to law enforcement, saying that crimes of this sort are “the highest priority” not only because of the impact they have on the victim, but because they also “threaten and intimidate an entire community…”

As part of a new campaign, officials with FBI Oregon have been coordinating efforts with various leaders within diverse communities to identify and reach out to vulnerable populations

The bold is mine. “Diverse communities” and “vulnerable populations” are code for non-whites, sexual deviants or Jews. If you watch the embedded video, it’s even more obvious that the emphasis is on anti-black, or anti-Jewish hate-crimes. They’re not looking for anti-white hate-crimes, and I wonder how seriously such complaints would be received. Here’s a snip from our space on Quora, It’s ok to be White.

I called the district attorney’s office to find out of I can have a battery charged modified to a hate crime charge. I have reason to believe the sucker punch from a black woman was racist.

The elderly white receptionist said; “You’re white it’s not a hate crime.”

I asked her how does she know she replied; “ We’re white, we are the majority, I don’t know how it could be a hate crime.”

After I hung up I felt like I lost a couple brain cells.

If the authorities focus on whites, in their endless search for racism, then that’s where they’ll find it. Meanwhile, countless violations by non-whites go unreported and unpunished. Here we have a REAL case of selective policing.

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A Mulatto Notices Anti-White Racism from the Left

This is an answer on Quora, which I’ve taken the liberty to reproduce here. The question was:

What was the breaking point for you with the “progressive” left?

Chris Longford

For me it started in 2010 when Barack Obama was deliriously happy about Michael Vick getting a second chance — and a $100 million dollar football contract — after he was released from prison for torturing dogs. It’s fine for him to feel that way (free country) but for the president of the United States to actually pick up the phone and call the Philadelphia Eagles owner to congratulate him seemed excessive. Vick took part in exceptionally heinous and brutal crimes against dogs and was the most hated person in the NFL (for good reason). And here is Barack all happy for him. Why?

Because he’s black.

And I knew that if Michael Vick had been white, the phone call would have never been made. There is no way that a “second chance” for a white dog killer would have inspired that type of phone call from the President of the United States.

I loved Obama, and at the time I was actively rescuing pit bulls from high kill shelters so it hit me especially hard. But what made it worse was how my left wing fellow animal rescuing friends were remaining silent about it. Or excusing it anyway they could. And I knew that if it had been George Bush who did this he would have been seen as the devil, an evil dog hater, and they would have blasted him 24/7.

That was when I started noticing the inconsistency.

I also started noticing that this fight against racism was turning into something else. Something I didn’t like. Something that didn’t feel like equality. I had been a strong supporter of equal rights my entire life. First of all, my mother was a lawyer for the ACLU for almost 30 years. The first family vacation in my memory was a trip to Selma, Alabama and Memphis, Tennessee if that tells you anything. My mother is white/Jewish and my father is Sudanese/Muslim (both are atheist now). So, I’m mixed race (and mixed everything) and share a lot in common with Obama and was an enormous Obama supporter. I don’t think he had a bigger supporter than me (and my family).

But after the Michael Vick thing, I felt disappointed. Truly let down. Then I started noticing that he mostly seemed to only speak out in a dramatic and public way when it came to black victims. I’m a black person, so I appreciate the support, but I’m also a white person. So is my mother, so are many of my friends and loved ones. And so is Barack Obama. But it started feeling like the “pro-black” movement on the left was turning into something anti-white, and in a very blatant and discriminatory way. And I don’t mean from Obama, I mean from the left. I don’t think Obama is anti-white at all, I think he just showed too much favoritism. Anyway, some of the stuff I was seeing and hearing from progressives was starting to bug me. But I still considered myself on the left because it was part of my identity and being on the right was not even a consideration. I still voted for Obama a second time.

Then there was Michael Brown.

And there was Obama again, now along with BLM, making a big deal because he was black. I mean, the police kill hundreds of people and the majority are white, but here we are again making a black person a giant focus over everyone else. Michael Brown shoved a store clerk then acted violently with a cop and everyone was making him out to be this sweet innocent victimized kid. The media was even using pics that were years old. But the dude was actually 6’4” and weighed nearly 300 pounds. He tried to take the cop’s firearm and it went off inside the squad car. There is forensic evidence and witnesses. That’s enough to get anyone shot if they come charging back in any way. Why was so much being overlooked? It seemed like the only reason was because he was black. I realized then that the left was using black people as pawns for political reasons. If they keep black people and white progressives angry, they will keep voting for them. It’s a strategy.

I suddenly felt like a pawn. I felt used, and deceived.

Fast forward to George Floyd and BLM.

I don’t even know where to begin here. Don’t get me wrong, the cop was negligent and brutal and should have been punished. He deserved some prison time. But folks are getting killed every day in this country by the thousands, even children, and the whole world stops for this one person. Again, it seems like it’s only because he’s black…and a victim of a white man. Something the left can use politically.

Floyd was a felon with multiple arrests, an armed robber, someone who terrified a woman alone in her home and stole her car, a drug addict, someone who hung out with gang members and did porn….and he was suddenly angelic:

I know, I know, his crimes weren’t punishable by death. And he was still a human being. But what exactly is going on here? Why does everything get so exaggerated and taken to such illogical extremes? Angels? Statues? And why doesn’t the left care about the little black kids getting shot almost every day? Beautiful, sweet, innocent children. Where is the anger? Where is the outrage? Where are the social justice warriors?

Aniya Allen, killed in Minneapolis in May 2021. Shot in the head by a gang member.

I care more about her than George Floyd. Where is her protest? Where is her angel mural? Where is her statue? WHERE IS THE LEFT?

Why aren’t we talking about dismantling gangs, professional criminals who regularly kill children, with the same level of passion and determination as defunding the police?


If you even bring up these kids getting killed with anyone on the left they get angry, deflect, “yeah but…but” or change the subject. They had rather talk about George Floyd. Why? Why can’t we talk about these kids? Why can’t we talk about gangs? Is it because it doesn’t benefit them politically?

Nothing makes logical sense.

They even went so far as to say that millions of people protesting George Floyd’s death slammed together shoulder to shoulder like sardines — with masks pulled down under their chin, sharing megaphones and screaming in each other’s faces —they said it wouldn’t spread COVID. I’m sorry, what? The same people who won’t shut up about vaccines and masks said that these protests wouldn’t contribute to the spread of COVID.

AGAIN, I’m sorry but WHAT?

Does that sound even close to logical?

Then later when African Americans are affected by COVID more than any other race, the left tries to blame it on racism. As if that is the only possible thing that could be the cause.

I’m sorry but I just can’t.

This illogical reasoning, the excuses, the silence, the extremism, and using racism for everything is why I no longer consider myself on the left.

Once upon a time the left did a lot of good in the world, that can’t even be denied, and I was proud to consider myself on that side. But they have just gone too far and crossed over into something else. Today the folks on the far left are irrational and it’s impossible to reason with them on anything. Most of them just seem flat out crazy to me now. Just as crazy as the people on the far right who I have criticized for years. They are just a different type of crazy. So don’t get me wrong – I have a major issue with them, too – but this question is about why I no longer consider myself on the left.

I want no part of either party. No thanks. I will just sit here and drink my tea.

I would like to respectfully ask those who get this far reading my answer (thank you btw) to please take a few minutes to read this piece by Coleman Hughes called Stories and Data. It’s important for the healing of our nation. Peace. [1]


[1] Stories and Data

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Crime Pays in Portland

A KATU/ABC article titled “Portland organization expands efforts to combat gun violence as shootings surge” discusses the increase in gun violence – but avoids mentioning blacks, who are responsible for most of it, until the 12th paragraph:

KATU Investigates spoke with the executive director of Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center about recent city investments and what he and his organization are doing to stop the violence…

Joe Mcferrin II’s days running POIC are busy. The North Portland organization targets at-risk youth and their families and provides them services. For much of the last year, that’s meant a lot of people who were impacted by the escalating gun violence.

“We’re looking at making an impact today, but more importantly, we’re looking at making an impact long-term,” McFerrin said. “We want to make sure, and be a part of the effort, that we never forget this.”

Mcferrin and POIC are expanding their services in a few ways thanks to a recent $500,000 grant from the city of Portland…

With the money, McFerrin said he can hire more responders and provide better coverage to hospitals in Portland.

Second, McFerrin plans to hire more life mentors. These are people who have made mistakes but turned their lives around and want to help others do the same.

“We want to make sure that we can assign someone with lived experience who has been able to pull themselves out of that lifestyle and make a change and also heal the community,” McFerrin said.

Finally, POIC recently launched a figurative Public Safety Village, made up of nearly a dozen Black-led organizations in Portland that are each working to address gun violence specifically within their community. The organizations will provide services like behavioral therapy, conflict resolution, recreation opportunities, youth grief and loss support groups, and decision-making skill-building.

McFerrin hopes it makes an immediate and long-term difference.

“This is our target population, and so I felt a sense of responsibility to give back and to support those organizations because I know that it works,” McFerrin said. “Those that are closest to the problem are closest to the solution.”

The investments in POIC are part of a broader city response to scenes like this. So far, the city has sent out just over $3 million to community-based organizations, with the largest chunk going to four organizations in the form of a $500,000 grant to each…

Over $1 million dollars are still available in grants for other community-based groups, and many have been critical of how long it’s taken the city to get the money out. However, the big question now is: will this money be a one-time thing or become part of the city’s public safety response?

A spokesperson for Myers said Myers wants city leaders to make it permanent. McFerrin and others in his shoes say one-time funding is not enough.

“When the bullets stop, the money should not stop. Support should not stop,” McFerrin said…

To summarize: Blacks are responsible for most of the gun violence in Portland. Therefore, the City of Portland must shell out millions of dollars to black organizations, which hire black criminals who have “turned their lives around” – and, not surprisingly, the leaders of these organizations want this gravy train to continue forever. After all, McFerrin must maintain his fancy wardrobe.

Joe Mc Ferrin, head of POIC
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How a Black Man Discovered the Truth About Race

It seems I must have been a bad boy over at Amren, because now all of my comments must be manually approved.

Anyway, I just read their most recent first-person account: How a Black Man Discovered the Truth About Race, and this is my comment:

I usually enjoy these first-person accounts, but this one rubs me the wrong way. There are good reasons so many of us have negative feelings about blacks; we’ve been mugged, beaten, raped by them, and passed over for jobs and promotions in their favor. We see, and read about, their crime and irresponsible behavior daily…

But every race, and every people, has SOME redeeming qualities. Jared Taylor once published an article describing what he likes about blacks, and I have little doubt that he was making the same point I just did. I don’t think our movement will thrive if we focus too much on bashing blacks (and other ethnicities); we should find a balance where we put at least as much effort in focusing on positive things. Perhaps we could take some of that energy, that we now spend on bashing blacks, and use it to provide support to people like this writer. Complaining is easy. Finding solutions is more difficult.

As for Mr. Rand, I would urge him to find other decent blacks and work on improving his people, rather than divorcing himself from them. He seems like a good man, and he doesn’t deserve the lonely existence he is in danger of creating for himself.

We have no control over which parents we’re born to, or which race we are – but we can choose to make the most of any situation. If you’re born black, make the most of it, do positive things and try to leave the world a better place than how you found it. I don’t think this should include rejecting your own people.

Amren doesn’t allow links in their comments, so here’s the link to Mr. Taylor’s article, What I Like About Blacks.

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“Angry White Dude”

Here’s a screenshot from today’s MSN news feed:

Microsoft saw fit to include a headline from Talking Points Memo that singles out the race of a troubled man who confronted an NBC reporter. Since the offending man was white, and the reporter was black, TPM and Microsoft considered it appropriate to portray it as a racial issue, even though there’s no indication that race played a role in the encounter. Rather, the man had issues with NBC.

Further up, in today’s MSN feed, we see an Islamic attack, upon the people of New Zealand, described as “ISIS sympathizer stabs 6 people…” In that case, the Islamic religion clearly played a role, and the headline should have stated, “Angry Muslim stabs 6 people,” or something to that effect.

Let’s take a look at the source of this “angry white dude” story on Talking Points Memo:

As Hurricane Ida approached Mississippi on Monday morning, MSNBC correspondent Shaquille Brewster unexpectedly found himself embroiled in another storm — a white man who angrily confronted Brewster, a Black man, during his live report on the hurricane…

The driver of the truck, a white man, jumped out and charged towards Brewster while yelling inaudible remarks. Brewster then directed the camera crew towards the Gulf of Mexico after quickly noticing that there is a “random person going around.”…

“(MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin) I’m going to toss it back to you because we have a person who is…” Brewster is heard saying as the white man confronted him. Brewster appeared to raise his own arm to defend himself and started to lose his grip on his microphone while the white man continued getting in Brewster’s face…

It is unclear what the white man, whose identity has not been confirmed, was yelling about when he confronted Brewster.

However, CNN’s Brian Stelter reported that the white man was shouting anti-media epithets and told Brewster to “report accurately.”

The story is very clear that race had nothing to do with the encounter; if it did, rest assured that we would have been told…

… and yet the “journalist,” one Summer Concepcion, used the term “white man” a total of SIX TIMES.

It appears that any time a white person transgresses, the Corporate Media will use the incident to bash white people – but when black people “randomly” attack white people, race isn’t mentioned at all – as I illustrated in my previous post, and several others in the past.

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Another “Random” Beating

Another “unprovoked,” “random” attack leaves white teen severely injured.

Neither the MSN news headline: Teen brutally beaten in ‘unprovoked’ attack while students record and laugh,

… nor the Fox News story: Teen severely beaten in ‘unprovoked’ attack, other kids record brutal assault

mention race – but it’s clear from the video that the attackers are black, while the victim is white. So far, the attackers have faced no serious consequences for their crime. This video shows more details:

Note that Fox News sent a black reporter to the victim’s home for the interview. This is a common tactic. When there’s a brutal black-on-white attack, news stations will use a black reporter, apparently to mitigate any racial stereotypes that might stem from the crime.

All over the country, white parents cry and mourn for their children, as the anti-white violence continues, and is duly ignored by all the powers that be.

On another note, I found this on Quora:

As a police officer, has someone ever been so terrified when you pulled them over for something minor that it broke your heart? Phil Gee, Rookie Police Officer

I stopped a young black kid, about 17 years old, one night for speeding or something. Shaking, hands on the wheel, terrified to move. There’s scared of being caught, and scared of being hurt. He was the latter.

I’m a tall white guy. It was all I could do to calm him, telling him to relax, I’m not here to mess with him, and if he asked me before he grabbed or reached for something everything would be fine. I told him to turn his dome light on so I could see him. I smiled and told him that we were probably both a little scared of the unknown, and if we both worked together he’d be back on his way safely in a few minutes. I told him what I needed, that I would walk back to my car to check his license, and that if it all checked out I’d be back with a warning or a ticket.

His record came back clean and I brought a written warning. (We have to either write a ticket or a warning. A verbal warning still requires paper, so I usually have them sign the paper so they could see my name and department in case they wanted to complain or compliment later.) I complimented his choosing to pull into a safe parking lot, his patience, and wished him well.

I’m not naive. There are cops, and most of them good, who sometimes treat the tenth stop of the night as a chore and don’t notice the emotions running in the violator. I hope it helped him, but it doesn’t always. But yeah, it broke my heart that he was that scared of me. I look forward to the day when race isn’t a factor.

All the powers-that-be are teaching blacks that they’re at high risk of being killed by the police simply for being black. This lie is causing ignorant blacks, such as the one in the story, to experience a lot more anxiety when they’re pulled over. Some of them will act inappropriately as a result, and end up getting killed. When this happens, the Corporate Media takes full advantage of the incident to bolster the same lie – and the cycle continues.

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Africans Taking over France, One Shop at a Time

Thanks to the Mad Jewess, for sending this to me, and if any of y’all know French, please let us know what’s being said in comments.

Please click on this link to view the video.

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Deforming Judaism to Serve Wokeness

Sorry about not posting recently; a lot has been going on in my life, hopefully for the better.

Anyway, I came across this abomination yesterday:

This is a good place to quote the Torah (Deuteronomy 22:5):

A woman must not put on man’s apparel, nor shall a man wear woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is abhorrent to the LORD your God.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to being a transsexual than simply wearing garments, and one needn’t be a Torah scholar to figure out that the whole transsexual package is a grotesque abomination in the eyes of the God of the Torah. It takes a special kind of mental contortion to claim that, somehow, Judaism is okay with it.

I’ll point out that “Tikkun Olam” (“repairing the world”) is mainly a Kabbalistic term, and that the Kabbalah does not represent traditional/historic Judaism; it comes in many flavors, but overall, it’s a perversion of Judaism. So perhaps, on some level, it makes sense; a perversion of Judaism is being used to promote a perversion of sexuality*.

Sadly, this is an example of a malignant form of Judaism being used to infect, and destroy, Western civilization. This is evil on so many levels.

I wonder if the owner of this car is aware that it’s black men who are responsible for the vast majority of transsexual murders. Probably not.

*There have always been people who suffer from gender dysphoria, homosexuals, bisexuals etc., but they were a tiny minority. But now, these conditions are being promoted to our youth as valid “lifestyle” choices. In my opinion, this is a true abomination.

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