Harassed for Being Straight in Portland

This is from Nextdoor.com:

Five oaks middle school has been hell for my daughter.. who else has had a hard time with the school? With no judgment or anything please I’ll explain.

1st she was being harassed buy a student who identifies as a they because of my daughter being straight and not in love with them as they were with my daughter the school wouldn’t do anything about it due to the high profile situation it was. we had to threaten the superintendent that we would go to the news for them to do anything.

2nd then she has been bullied and they have not even done anything to stop it

3rd they talk to her everytime there is a situation when we tell them not to and don’t inform us of it when we call and they know what’s going on.

4th they searched her yesterday without calling and asking and not only that she was searched by a male into me I was always tried growing up never allow a man to search you always ask for a female on top of making sure your parents know what is going on before doing so

I am at a loss for words any advice help anything would be great

Yes it’s come to this. Children in the Portland area are being harassed for being straight.

In other news, I was stopped at an intersection today, and somebody (looked like a Mexican) decided to do several donuts, using an old beat up car, right there in the intersection in front of everybody. People looked on helplessly as this exhibition of lawlessness was rubbed in our collective faces in broad daylight. I’m not sure what any of us could possibly have done, and I’m fairly certain that there was no license plate; the car was probably stolen.

I also spoke to a man who works security at one of Portland’s hotels. He tells me that they have a lot of problems from vagrants, and that the police will do nothing, even if laws have clearly been broken. Sometimes, the private security team will beat up the offenders, because otherwise, no justice will be done. The police, unofficially, approve of vigilante justice.

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Portland’s Homeless Camps Turning into Shanty Towns

I may have already mentioned that the Portland area has gotten noticeably worse, regarding the homeless situation and graffiti, since before I left it several months ago.

From a recent KATU article:

With current hurdles including growing homeless camps, record high gun violence, and challenges with sanitation, KATU’s Angelica Thornton asked Wheeler how he would respond to those who say Portland’s city leadership is not solving the problems at hand.

“We are making progress, but I understand from the public’s perspective while it, why it feels so dislocating, Portland is a beautiful city. Portland is a city that functions well, that over the last two years it’s been stress tested. And frankly, a lot of the services that we provide have not been up to par during this pandemic,” Wheeler said.

No Mayor Wheeler, you’re not “making progress” at all. Here are some shots I took of a homeless camp not far from the airport:

I’ve also seen RVs parked on the sides of roads, near fields, and with (apparently) fully functional cars and even motorcycles. In other words, the city seems to have abandoned any serious efforts to enforce codes.

As these shanty towns grow, and these settlements become ever more established, several questions come to mind:

  1. How will we address the increased fire hazard, and who will be held accountable when the inevitable deaths occur due to fires?
  2. How will we protect ourselves from outbreaks of communicable, and pathogen-borne, disease as they spread from these unsanitary settlements?
  3. After people have lived in these structures for so many years, will they gain official status as squatters? What legal challenges will arise when the city finally decides to demolish these homes after a decade or more?
  4. How will the public be protected from dangerous fumes that might emanate from these settlements? If they’re cooking meth in them, we could all be in danger.

How bad is the homeless problem in Portland right now? I recently met a young woman who felt it necessary to order a ride-share for a three-block journey in downtown Portland in the middle of the day. She was too afraid to walk because she’d been harassed in the past. That’s right. People are afraid to walk three blocks in downtown Portland in the middle of the day.

What about at night? I did find myself driving through a section of downtown Portland a couple of nights ago. It was only about 8:30. Night had barely fallen – and yet I had to swerve, several times, to avoid hitting psychotics milling about in the middle of the main street. Dressed in rags, and ranting to their personal demons, the scene looked like it was lifted out of a post-apocalyptic zombie movie.

This is what the collapse of a civilization looks like.

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American Sentenced to Death in China for Murder of Woman

An Associated Press article informs us that a Chinese mudshark, bypassing millions of eligible Chinese men of her own age, instead chose an American black man who was twice her age. From the article:

BEIJING (AP) — An American man has been sentenced to death in China for fatally stabbing a 21-year-old woman who tried to break off their relationship.

Shadeed Abdulmateen was sentenced Thursday after a trial in the Intermediate People’s Court of Ningbo, a city in China’s eastern coastal province of Zhejiang, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Abdulmateen met the victim, identified only by her surname, Chen, in 2019 and entered into a romantic relationship with her. When she attempted to break off relations, Abdulmateen arranged to meet her at a bus stop in Ningbo, then stabbed her to death on the night of June 14, 2021 with a folding knife he had brought with the intention of killing her, Xinhua said.

The trial was attended by more than 20 people, including government officials and members of the public. Xinhua said the court ruled that the facts surrounding Chen’s murder were “especially heinous and resulted in serious consequences.”

It said Abdulmateen had been provided with a defense, translation services and consular visits, but gave no details on his hometown or how he came to reside in China.

The suspect’s name, and the fact that the article includes no photo of him, leave little doubt as to his race. Other sites do provide a photo. This one is from Newsweek:

Hopefully, the Chinese press is less restricted when it comes to reporting black crimes against women.

We can probably count on the Biden administration intervening in order to save Abdulmateen’s life. Ideally, the Chinese will execute him before this happens.

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I’ll be Posting Less Frequently

Dear readers,

As some of y’all already know, I’m back in the States. This means I’ve left the tropical life of leisure behind me for the time being. There are a lot of things taking up my time, all of them positive. Things are going well for me, thank God – but I won’t be posting much for the next few months.

In the meantime, feel free to explore some of the links on the right of the main page.

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Visiting a Deformed Jewish Temple

If any of y’all were missing me the last few days, know that it was for good reason: I was traveling back to Oregon, and stopping to visit family on the way. I had a splendid time, and no inclination to perform my online duties.

On one of my stops, I joined a relative as he volunteered for a food drive. We spent some time at a Deformed Jewish Temple (sometimes known as “Reformed”). A few decades ago, some progressive Jews decided that Judaism needed to be reformed, so that it could be more inline with modern practices and sensibilities. The result was a watered-down version of Judaism where congregations bore more of a resemblance to social clubs than places of worship, where the rabbis (often women) were sometimes atheists, and where the conversion of gentiles was little more than a formality. The backlash became known as Conservative Judaism.

As you may have guessed by now, I have little fondness for Deformed Judaism; it’s simply a form of Progressivism/Leftism with a mild Jewish flavor. However, I’ll give credit where credit is due. The congregants were generous, and we ended up with several crates of kosher food for the less-fortunate.

Every single one of the donors was a single older woman. Not one man was to be found, and not one young person – but there were plenty of dogs. I asked one lady if their congregation did bar-mitzvahs for dogs (“bark-mitzvahs”), and she replied that they do not. They do have events where the rabbi blesses pets.

The congregation is dying. The men have all left, and the congregants either did not produce any children to carry on, or their children have no interest in carrying on. Why should they? There are plenty of other, more attractive, venues to practice Leftism. Perhaps the dogs, if trained properly, can breath new life into Deformed Judaism. It would be ironic; they are, after all, Canine-ites.

In contrast, the Orthodox congregations have plenty of children, and their congregations seem to be thriving in that area.

Back in the Portland area, I’m pleased to see that prices haven’t risen to the levels I feared. Hunger doesn’t appear to be imminent. The homeless problem seems to have gotten worse since I left, and so has the graffiti.

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“We Murder and Rape at Astronomical Rates, So Don’t Judge Us by a Slap”

I didn’t watch the Oscars, but I’m told that one black entertainer slapped another black entertainer over a joke about the former’s wife. Not exactly Earth-shattering news, but if you suspected that the usual suspects would somehow connect this trivial incident to a “national conversation about racism,” you’d be right.

A Newsweek headline announces:

Will Smith Slap Spurs Racism Debate, Daughter of MLK Jr. Weighs In

Dr. Bernice King, the youngest child of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., addressed Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at Sunday’s Academy Awards on Twitter Monday, saying that anybody who thought the incident reflected poorly on members of the Black community “already thought Black people look bad.”

If Dr. Bernice King is smart enough to be a doctor, then surely she’s smart enough to understand that black people look bad for much more serious reasons than a staged slap. Dr. King should surely appreciate that this is a case where “content of character” comes into play.

I won’t rehash crime statistics here; you can read The Color of Crime for that. That report was published in 2016, but things have not gotten any better since then.

Dr. King continues, in the Newsweek article, cited above:

She added, “Be Love, but please don’t think that a person who uses one moment to malign a whole group of people did not do so before that moment.”

Before King’s tweets, other Black voices had already offered their take on the issue of race in regards to the incident, including activist/author Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu.

“The Academy Awards has condoned violence for years particularly violence against women rewarding White men who’ve raped/sexual assaulted/domestically abused women Now some of y’all demanding Will Smith, 5th Black man to win #Oscars, to be stripped? Where was this energy before?”

Apparently, Dr. Shola doesn’t agree with Dr. King – because, by singling out white men as rapists, she’s maligning a whole group of people. But hey, at least she capitalized “White.”

If you consult The Color of Crime, you’ll see that according to FBI (and other government) statistics, blacks are 7-10 times more likely to commit rape than whites. Therefore, it’s ridiculous for Dr. Shola to single out whites for this offense. Also, if she’s going to accuse the Academy Awards of “condoning violence… against women,” then she needs to present some evidence of this. For all its flaws, I don’t believe that the Academy Awards is guilty of this. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Regarding Dr. Shola, it seems that she’s a London-born (or American-born?) Nigerian activist who appears to be based in New York. She’s a firm believer in Woke theology, including white-privilege… which makes me wonder why she would choose to live in New York. Wouldn’t she be better off in Nigeria? Also, I’m sure the women of Nigeria need her services a lot more than do Western women. In any event, she’s a nutcase who does not deserve to be taken seriously.

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The End of My Stay in Dominican Republic

In a few days, I’ll be heading back to what used to be the United States, now the Soviet Socialist Republic of Wokistan. My plan is to return to D.R. after this year’s American Renaissance conference, which has already been announced to be in mid November.

Since I’ve been here for four and a half months, I’ve grown accustomed to many of the perks. This morning’s visit to the beach reminded me why I enjoy this place so much. I typically walk there right after my workout, because the cool water feels so good against my sweaty skin. This morning, the weather could not have been more perfect; the harsh mid-day heat had not yet set in, and the waves rocked with the gentle breeze. The sand was still clean, and only two or three other people were within sight.

Upon my return to the complex I’ve called “home,” I showered and reclined by the pool, socializing with some of the many Canadian snowbirds I’ve become acquainted with. “Another day in paradise!” announced the man; he says this every day, and it makes me feel like a character in a movie – The Truman Show. I wonder if he’s just a prop.

My life is not without worry; yesterday, I picked my last guanabana fruit, and there’s a slight chance it won’t be ripe by the time I leave. I might be forced to bequeath it to the Canadians. It’s in good company though, as I also have a pineapple and an avocado ripening on my counter.

A few days ago, I was lounging at the beach with another Canadian friend, and we spoke of the locals and their deficiencies. We noted that being on time is an alien concept to them; they run on “island time.” I pointed out that even though they’re never on time, they seem to always be in a hurry when they’re driving or riding, risking life and limb to gain a few seconds by cutting in front of vans and trucks on their scooters, sometimes with three or four family members (including babies) packed on the scooter. We noted the fact that littering and loud music are national pastimes. In a nutshell, many Dominicans are primitive.

There’s a silver lining to this: If Dominicans weren’t primitive, then the country would be developed, and we wouldn’t be able to vacation, or retire, here on the cheap. It would be as expensive as Switzerland or Japan.

Not only would it be expensive, but it might even be enslaved by excessive rules and regulations – just like the Soviet Socialist Republic of Wokistan.

As for me, my stay here was a great healing. Though I did get sick a couple of times, I’m in better health overall than I was before. I’m leaner, stronger, and more relaxed. One of my goals was to learn to not let the small things bother me, and it looks like I’ve succeeded to some extent.

I visited Sosua one last time, mostly just to show one of my neighbors, who had never been there. He was very impressed with the sheer volume of business that goes on there; it’s the ultimate “vibrant economy.”

When speaking with a friend recently by phone, he looked up “Sosua” and immediately learned that the place is known for prostitution, that the poor people have few opportunities. I had to correct him. Yes, there’s prostitution – but there are also literally hundreds of thriving businesses, including restaurants, banks, hair-dressers, supermarkets, art stores (many of those), gift shops, clothing stores, car rental places etc. etc. The streets throng with people from all over the world. In spite of all this, they manage to keep the place clean. There are plenty of opportunities in Sosua, so don’t believe everything you read.

The last time I wrote about Sosua, it was about its Jewish history. Here’s a shot that I missed back then:

That’s it for now; I’ve got important business to attend to, because the pool tables aren’t going to play themselves.

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Congress and the Movie Industry Attack Whites

Congress just passed the Crown Act, a bill that makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against those with natural/”protective” hair. The text of the bill makes it abundantly clear that it’s specifically designed to protect black people from such discrimination. This makes me wonder what will happen when a white person (or Asian) sues an employer for hair-discrimination. Will he get the same protection under the law?

I’ve always been a proponent of natural hair. Whatever texture hair you were born with, I say, wear it with pride. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not beautiful or acceptable. However, now that this law is on the books, it’s going to serve as yet one more weapon in the anti-white arsenal. When employers are presented with two candidates, one white, and the other black with “protective” hair, they now have at least TWO reasons to not hire the white: The black candidate could sue them for racial discrimination, and he can sue them for hair discrimination. Even if the lawsuit has no merit, it will cost the employer a lot of money. It’s easier to just hire the black candidate. Though it looks reasonable on paper, in reality, it’s just one more blow to white civil rights.

Ironically, the creators of the Crown Act movement do not sport natural hair:

In fact, if you click on the link above, you’ll see that hardly any of the featured champions of black hair wear their hair naturally. I’m not saying this is wrong; it’s their hair to do with as they please. I do think it’s ironic though.

Comedienne Chelsea Handler has condemned white men. From The Blaze:

Chelsea Handler says white men ‘owe us an apology’ and that their ‘opinion is irrelevant’

Handler explained that white men might not individually be responsible for any wrongdoing, but as a collective they have had an “unfair advantage” over women.

She said, “The pattern of behavior [of white men] in our culture, it’s not your fault, but you have to recognize that you’ve had an unfair advantage, and that women have had to pay the price for that, period.”

Handler proceeded to proclaim that when a group that is deemed to have privilege issues an opinion or voices a complaint, their perspective is “irrelevant.”

She said, “It’s like when a white person is arguing about racism, as if they have any idea what the impact or effect is … your opinion is irrelevant.”

Her opinion isn’t worth any more than anybody else’s, so why is this a problem? It’s a problem because she’s practically a one-person institution in the entertainment world. Her Wikipedia entry includes an impressive resume, and shows the tremendous amount of support she has from the Establishment. That she can publicly make such broad claims about whites, specifically white men, and suffer absolutely NO consequences speaks to the entrenchment of anti-white attitudes in the entertainment industry.

Contrast this with the backlash suffered by Jane Campion, who jokingly chided two black celebrity women, and obviously meant no harm. She had to offer a public apology, even though she never condemned black people; she simply made a joke about two women who HAPPENED to be black, and even praised them – and it was still considered a scandal. From Yahoo:

As she accepted the accolade for Best Director for her film The Power of The Dog last Sunday, Campion started out by acknowledging the “incredible women” in the room. She playfully declared that Halle Berry “had already done [her speech] and really killed it.” Then she set her sights on Venus and Serena Williams (King Richard, the film about how their father shaped their career, was nominated for 6 awards).

Campion shared with the audience that she had personally taken up tennis before inviting the pair to her house to give her lessons. As if all of this wasn’t bizarre enough, she somehow managed to put her foot in her mouth even more. Right after sending “love” to the guys, she said: “Serena and Venus, you are such marvels. However, you do not play against the guys like I have to…”

Shortly after her speech, the internet was ablaze with anger, confusion and disgust. Author Saeed Jones tweeted: “That Jane Campion whiplash is a perfect distillation of white feminism.” Writer and actor Ryan Ken noted: “It’s so revealing when you attempt a point about sexism and your first thought goes to minimizing Black women. Into a microphone. While accepting an award. Looking at them in their faces & smiling. This is exactly why you have to wait a few business years to clap for white women.”

As a white person, no matter what you say about a non-white group, you can’t win. Your opinion is considered not valid, and you’ll be accused of racism regardless. Some “privilege!”

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Are Jews a Race?

A gentleman who calls himself Strategic Mindwar, has published a video on YouTube called “Are Jews a Race.” He reached out to me to thank me for translating “The Ashkenazi Revolution” since he used it in his video. He also asked me to link to it in my blog:

It’s worth watching if you’re interested in Jewish history and ethnography. As for my own opinion, as I’ve stated before, Jews are not a race, but we’re a confederacy of ethnic groups with a racial element.

The video makes much of the fact that Jews come in all phenotypes, and that there are no defining “Jewish characteristics.” This is true, but much of this variety is a result of the Diaspora, intermarriage, conversion and rape over the generations. Some Jewish populations were more affected by this than others. Some probably are primarily descended from converts.

European Jews do have a Middle Eastern substrate, and this is due to the fact that our origins are in the Middle East. But we’re not the only Europeans who have Middle Eastern ancestry. After all, in ancient antiquity, farmers from Asia Minor swept through Europe and mingled with the natives. Some of those Asians would have had Middle Eastern features. Hence it’s not unusual for gentile central/Northern Europeans to sometimes have somewhat Mediterranean features. How much more so Southern Europeans, who actually ARE Mediterranean. European Jews represent a later migration from the Middle East, so even though half of us may have blue eyes, blonde hair or pug noses, Middle Eastern features would still be more common among European Jews than among central/Northern European non-Jews. The “Jewish stereotype” is based on reality; it wasn’t just conjured up for no reason. Over the generations, these features have been increasingly watered down.

Thanks to Strategic Mindwar for giving me full credit, and for linking to this blog.

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Ukraine’s New Black Underclass

We’re used to thinking of Ukraine as being among the whitest of nations, but Martin King had a saying: Injustice Anywhere is Injustice Everywhere. According to the Establishment Left, the very existence of a robust white population is an “injustice.” It simply cannot be tolerated.

Many of Ukraine’s women and children are now refugees. As such, they are vulnerable to the sexual predations of African and Muslim rapefugees that now infest so much of Europe. From The Daily Mail:

Ukrainian 18-year-old refugee ‘is gang-raped by two men’ on board German hotel ship used to house people fleeing war

  • Woman, 18, allegedly raped while living in Ukrainian refugee housing in Germany
  • She was allegedly attacked by two Ukraine citizens, 37 and 26, from Iraq, Nigeria
  • Police have launched probe into the alleged assault, Dusseldorf prosecutors said
  • She was with 25 Ukrainians staying on hotel ship Oscar Wilde with paying guests

This case made it to the news, not that MSN will be featuring the story, but there can be no doubt that there are other victims. Some of these Ukrainian women will return to Ukraine with their half-breed babies, or with their African/Muslim boyfriends. This is one way to rid the world of “injustice,” that is to say, of a robust white population.

Another result of this war is that many young men will be killed. Word will get out that there are many lonely Ukrainian women. Guess who is going to answer the call?

There are already rumors that the government of Ukraine is seeking mercenaries from the one place on Earth where people still mass produce babies: Africa. From DW.com:

Ukraine’s bid to recruit fighters from Africa sparks uproar

Nigeria, Senegal and Algeria have criticized Ukraine’s efforts to enlist international fighters as it resists the Russian invasion. Analysts say those who have responded to the call need to reconsider.

Russia’s war on Ukraine is barely two weeks old, but Kyiv is already attracting potential foreign fighters from as far away as Kenya.

“If Ukraine decides to pay me a very good amount of money, which I know I cannot earn here, I will definitely go there and fight,” said Kimanzi Nashon, a student in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

“When we go there, and then the war ends before anything happens, I will come back to Kenya and be a millionaire,” said Nashon.

No you won’t Nashon. Instead, you’ll fall in love with a young Ukrainian woman, and remain there, ultimately having several children with her, before leaving her for somebody else.

By hook or by crook, Ukraine is destined to acquire a large black underclass. This underclass will contribute heavily to organized crime. It will be the same pattern we see everywhere else: Natives being terrorized by the newcomers and their offspring, as the international community condemns Native Ukrainians for “racism against ‘marginalized communities,’ especially blacks.” There will be black politicians in government, supported by the usual self-hating whites, and seeing to it that their fellow blacks are given preferential treatment, just as we see in the US.

I’m not saying that all of this is necessarily orchestrated by the Establishment Left, but the situation will surely be exploited to its ends. As I write, there are leftists rubbing their hands together, laughing a sinister laugh – because they know that white people are being killed, and that they’ll be replaced by blacks. Of course, the end result is more crime, more environmental degradation, increased attacks on women and sexual minorities and more corruption. All of this, say the leftists, can be remedied by more laws and more government agencies.

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