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“Anti-Semitic, alt-right, misogynist, extreme libertarian crypto-anarchists”

While doing some online archeology, I stumbled upon a three-year-old article by Jason Bloomberg titled “Anti-Semitism Drives Irrational Response To Cryptocurrency Warning.” I don’t know if Bloomberg is a wealthy man, but had he thrown a few grand into Bitcoin, … Continue reading

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My Forced-Busing Experiences Published on Amren

If anybody wants to read about my childhood experiences with forced busing, my story has just been published on American Renaissance. This version is, in my opinion, superior to the one that was previously published on this blog. Additionally, many … Continue reading

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Previews of some of the Amren 2012 speeches

In the near future, American Renaissance will offer high-quality DVDs of the 2012 conference speeches. In order to avoid undermining their sales, I am only publishing the first few minutes of the speeches I recorded. Unfortunately, I did not have … Continue reading

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