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“Angry White Dude”

Here’s a screenshot from today’s MSN news feed: Microsoft saw fit to include a headline from Talking Points Memo that singles out the race of a troubled man who confronted an NBC reporter. Since the offending man was white, and … Continue reading

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Lyft displays its piety

The anti-white rhetoric we’re increasingly seeing reminds me of how priests would inflame their flocks, during medieval times, to massacre the Jews: What I have found is that since at least the fourth century, Christians have traditionally read the Gospel … Continue reading

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London billboard encourages whites to sterilize themselves

Thanks to Paul Joseph Watson and Diversity Chronicle (and “Charlie”) for this one: Billboard in London Encourages White People to Sterilize Themselves Advertisement betrays a noticeable lack of diversity. Published 14 hours ago on 1 November, 2019   Paul Joseph Watson A billboard has … Continue reading

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