White identity versus cults

There is precious little literature on race and cult membership.  The fact that so little seems to have been written about any correlation implies that whites are more likely to join cults than other races.  This is because, if blacks (for example) were more likely to join cults, we would certainly be hearing about it – very frequently.  There are only two reasons for such silence:  1)  All races are equally vulnerable to cults or 2)  Whites are more vulnerable to cults.  Since it is difficult to imagine racial parity in such matters, nor is there any logical reason to expect it, we are left with reason #2.
But in The Appeal of the Cults, Roger Fleming writes:

A typical cult member is white (although color or race restrictions are not characteristic of the cults); he or she is from the middle or upper‑middle class of society in this country‑, he or she usually has at least some college education or is a potential college student, and he or she has had at least a nominally religious upbringing.

Much has been written about why people join cults, but it mostly boils down to craving a sense of belonging.  Why would whites be more likely to join cults?  There are, no doubt, various factors that come into play, but the fact that whites are not allowed to derive a sense of belonging from their own race/ethnic group certainly leaves a void.  I know, from my own personal experience, that Jews who leave Judaism will often pounce from Judaism directly into the arms of another religion.  This religion is often Liberalism.  Sometimes it is Christianity.  If they are exposed to a cult at the crucial moment, then they are likely to join the cult.  A person who abandons a religion will usually have no intention of also giving up his sense of belonging – and yet it was precisely his religion that had, until that point, most likely provided his sense of belonging.  He will seek a substitute.
Primates are tribal creatures and humans are no exception.  I have written about this previously.  A tribe provides a sense of belonging, with all its trappings.  To say that all humans belong to the same tribe (or race) means nothing.  It is like saying all mammals belong to the same class; it does nothing to erase the distinctions between sloths and giraffes, and the wildebeest that stresses its commonality with the lion will soon find itself at the wrong end of a meal.
By depriving whites of their natural sense of ethnic/racial identity, the hostile elite makes them easy prey to cults in all their forms.

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  1. a random user name says:

    This is very true. Any remotely racially conscious white group of any size gets shut down. I remember seeing a typical media exposé on the Mormons where the whole idea of what they were showing was to break children away from families. A lot of them got into drugs and seemed kind of lost afterwards, but this was an improvement in the eyes of the producer of the show. Admittedly, life was somewhat brutal in a lot of these families (i.e. 10+ kids, boys all working manual labor), but not really that different to how a lot of kids were raised say, 60+ years ago.
    The only cult memberships approved of these days are the self destructive ones it seems. Scientology springs to mind.
    Maybe forums and comments sections of blogs also fulfill the need for belonging.

  2. B.B. says:

    I know, from my own personal experience, that Jews who leave Judaism will often pounce from Judaism directly into the arms of another religion.
    The empirical data backs this up too. Agnostic points out some studies indicating Jews are disproportionately represented amongst the membership of a number of religious cults.

  3. Jehu says:

    Belonging isn’t an irrational need. It is very sensible, even adaptive if you’re prone to that sort of language. The war for status is a team sport, and having to contend in such a game as an atomized individual is a massive disadvantage. The consequences for losing in this game are devastating at both the individual and group levels. A rational person wants a group to have his back, or at minimum to defend them against other groups that play the game more collectively.

  4. eugenicist says:

    Scientology doesn’t really address the soul; it addresses the ego. What happens in Scientology is that a person’s ego gets pumped up by this science-fiction fantasy helium into universe-sized proportions. And this is very appealing. It is especially appealing to the intelligentsia of this country, who are made to feel that they are the most highly intelligent people, when in actual fact, from an emotional standpoint, they are completely stupid. Fine professors, doctors, scientists, people involved in the arts and sciences, would fall into Scientology like you wouldn’t believe. It appealed to their intellectual level and buttressed their emotional weaknesses. You show me a professor and I revert back to the fifties: I just kick him in the head, eat him for breakfast…
    Most people think these people are so insane and wild and berserk and unpredictable. Not to me. Insane people are very predictable, because they’re trapped on the same mental and spiritual merry-go-round and all they can do is go round and round. For years I’ve been able to Counter them –to stay alive –simply because I was one of them. I had a helluva good teacher.
    L. Ron Hubbard Jr. (son of Scientology’s founder) (emphasis mine)

    • eugenicist says:

      Forgot to add, that the sense of belonging you talk about is why race realism etc. has such problems attracting women. There is not really a day-to-day substitute for that feeling of belonging for most women who would join these movements, and there is no arguing with a mood (especially on the internet!).
      Honestly, I think that some race realists want to persuade/recruit/convince women in the same way that progressive parents “want” diverse schools. It makes them feel better to want to want it but it doesn’t change their actions at all.
      I hesitate to generalize from my own experience, but I doubt that most women (myself included) would risk alienating their entire community by propounding something “offensive,” even if that something is true, supported by data and acted on by almost everyone in private life. Very few people period would do this but most of them would probably be guys. Exceptions exist, but so what?
      You might be interested in this article on “exit counseling.” Perhaps a similar tactic could be used in some circumstances. – http://www.rickross.com/reference/scientology/scien380.html

      • a random user name says:

        Historically, males deal with hostile outgroups and are tuned to detecting and fighting hostile actions of such. It is no wonder then that race realism is male dominated.
        I would not worry about attracting women per se. The way they are attracted is you find someone you want to marry. If they love you they will follow you. And you have the time to explain everything to them (unlike most people).
        One of the best ways to convert them is to talk about the fate of your children and grandchildren, point to ethnic bloc voting, and the likely demographic future. And what happens to some places where mass immigration has been allowed to happen, e.g. Tibet, Malaysia, etc. We are the meat in the sandwich between more competitive overclasses and violent underclasses.

      • a random user name says:

        I should probably modify that to read “over-races” and “under-races”. Because they are races that effectively act as classes.

      • eugenicist says:

        Interesting perspective, Random. I would not count on that though. To take just one example, David Irving’s ex-wife and long-time girlfriend both describe his theories as “laughable.” It’s possible that these women are bitter at Irving, or saving face in public, but it’s not a given that they agreed with him when things were happier. They were not opposed to his views enough to break with him (at least for some number of years), but that’s not the same thing as a conversion. Using logic and reason only works (as far as I can tell) on people who want to be converted, which you may not want to be even if you’re in love.
        If women don’t really have a place, if our support (or lack thereof) is irrelevant, or if it would be disastrous, then obviously proponents should focus on more important issues. Winning is everything. But lacking a meaningful identity makes women more susceptible to cults and bad influences. Anything not dedicated to a higher principle tends to eventually become degrading and destructive.
        I hope that some constructive alternative to modernism arises from race realism/pro-whiteness/rad trad/etc, but I am not exactly optimistic about the prospects of that happening. I admit, I would like to see this happen for selfish reasons; much as I dislike and disagree with something like unitarianism, I do envy them their sense of community. Even if it’s all based on a big lie, there are some tangible, desirable rewards to be had.

      • a random user name says:

        One thing about David Irving – he is not your average race realist. He has made some powerful enemies and they have tried to ruin his life because he will not shut up. This is hard to cope with for any wife/partner. Of course they would hate having to deal with the espionage against him, the intimidation, the constant justified paranoia that anyone in his house would have to deal with.
        I am certainly not saying that women have no place in the movement. On the contrary, the more help the better IMO. If you have any great ideas that are effective in converting women, please share them. I just think it is more difficult to convert, that’s all. At least that has been my experience. I have had little success AFAIK. Who know who reads what you write though. Maybe people read blog comments, a woman reads one somewhere that changes her perspective?
        Most women I know find politics and this sort of thing very dry and boring. Well, I shouldn’t say that, they like media approved politics (e.g. PETA, animal rescue, environmentalism, that sort of thing). It is rarely at an intellectual level, it is more like they sense and enforce the group-think. I see this on TV shows my wife watches. Someone will say something “racist” and the director has the actresses on the show look shocked and disapproving. This trains the women who watch what to do when they meet someone advocating race reality IRL.
        So converting them is hard. There are two ways I see:
        1) They are your daughters and you can pre-select their entertainment and educational diet to do an end-run around media.
        2) Immigration brings race reality to their doorstep and they have a visceral reaction to it. This is inevitable eventually.
        Daughters are of course absolutely vital to protect and educate about race reality etc. Frankly, the only way we will survive is if white women are able to choose to have white husbands and therefore white babies.
        The only thing white people have at the moment is the ability to control (with a lot of effort) what their children read, their entertainment, maybe the school they go to (or homeschool). This results in potentially a very high conversion ratio and the ability to grow at high exponential rates if we have enough children per household (same phenomenon with so-called ultra-orthodox Jews growing at large numbers). We have no control over MSM, so our personal efforts to convert others are fairly low bang per buck IMO. Do it for sure if that’s what you can do.
        This is asymmetric warfare (cultural of course, not bullets!). It is all about achieving the biggest result for the least effort/money. Bang/buck. Leading by example, encouraging white couples to have children (or more children), matchmaking etc. is something that has good payoff. It is also low risk. It stops you being known as “that crazy racist guy” if you want to keep your job etc.
        I would attempt to educate your close friends and family – you owe it to them. Sticking to people you personally know prevents you getting mixed up with infiltrators etc. Don’t waste time on the old. Educate the young and those who will have or are having children.
        Other than that, I suspect that to convert women you have to make the sort of appeals that appeal to them. Talking about wars and things that sound political in nature are a turn off to a lot of them I’m sure. My thoughts would be to target the instinct that most people have to want children that will look and be like them. Which means you need to select someone similar to yourself in ethnic background.
        As far as the sort of life women can lead, I think unless you are absolutely set on lesbianism, the power of the womb is unparalleled. You transmit your genes that have allowed you to become race conscious, and if you are smart you can massively increase the number of race real next generation (coupled with attention to their education). Exponential growth will trump even polynomial growth. If none of you had children, even converting 100 people would not be effective in the long run.
        This is of course very much a full time job. Running a household and educating children is hard and valuable work. In a nutshell, the task is to spend the least to be able to have more children and educate them properly.

  5. countenance says:

    Blacks won’t join cults? Two words: Jim Jones.

    • A cult created specifically to attract a certain group can often do so. Jones could have tried to appeal specifically to math nerds or redheads or tax accountants, but instead decided to appeal to people riding the wave of pro-civil rights hysteria. It netted him goofy blacks and goofy white hippies.
      Most cult leaders are looking for other prey. Hubbard wanted celebrities (particularly actors and musicians, I guess?). That netted him Isaac Hayes and a bunch of white people. Smith wanted white New England Protestants or something like that. LDS didn’t accept blacks for many decades.

    • I really like the little quotations I heard Harvey Milk say about Jim Jones. Something like, “Just because the People’s Temple are on our side doesn’t mean their not freaks. Work with them but don’t try to be friends with them.”
      I think he bought the farm within a few days of the Jonestown Massacre.

      • countenance says:

        Harvey Milk might have been the only left-wing politician in SF not to want to touch the People’s Temple with a 10-foot pole. All the others gushed over them. Mayor Moscone loved them b/c the PT provided his winning margin of victory.
        Conveniently, any mention of the PT is left out of “Milk,” the recent movie.
        It was initially thought that the PTers might have had something to do with the Milk assassination, but no evidence.

      • Yes, I noticed that the People’s Temple got left out of the movie Milk. In fact, I think Milk did publicly praise Jones & Co. just like everyone else, but as usual you can’t tell how much of it was BS.
        Really, the reverse McCarthyism of the late 60s through the 80s was much stronger than the original McCarthyism of the 50s. Nobody with communist credentials as good as Jones’ could really be touched, until they started murdering. At that point it would be forgotten that they were leftists. I heard about Jones and Manson for years without anyone breathing a word that they were leftists, and that they were friends with respectable progressives for years until the violence.

  6. tommy says:

    I think the need for self-affirmation along with some kind of idealism liies at the center of it.
    Like you, I notice that Jews especially tend to chase after gurus, be they Hasidic rebbes, Eastern swamis, or cult-like Marxist or libertarian ideologues.
    I suspect there is a correlation between verbal intelligence and guru-seeking behavior and this might explain why Jews, along with countless actors and actresses in Hollywood, are attracted to odd faiths.

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