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Humans versus bees; not much difference

I’ve been reading “The Perfect Swarm” by Len Fisher. The subheading is “The science of complexity in everyday life” and Fisher tries to explain how patterns form in nature, how swarms of insects and humans take on specific forms and … Continue reading

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When the Law is not in sync with nature

Western societies have special laws, and punishments, for juveniles because we recognize the special status of children. We cherish childhood but, at the same time, we understand that their brains are not fully developed and that they shouldn’t be held … Continue reading

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The Boko Haram

I found this gem on Apparently some Nigerian rebels decided to reject Western (white) technology in favor of traditional weapons: Boko Haram got its start as an anti-technology movement, armed with swords and bows and arrows and condemning western … Continue reading

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