Almost every time I walk into a Target, their Afrocentric propaganda stares me in the face. This is why a wave of schadenfreude washed over me when I saw that black looters had targeted Target in Minneapolis.  It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the looters are featured on the wall art, or placards, at that same Target, posing next to white girls.

CNN is famous for its anti-white bias… and I experienced another wave of schadenfreude when I saw that rioters had smashed windows at a CNN center in Atlanta.

Closer to home, Portland had its own riots. When I visited the downtown area to survey the damage, I was greeted by yet MORE schadenfreude. Starbucks Coffee, which has repeatedly kowtowed to black interests, and the Diversity lobby, was among the businesses that were damaged:


I didn’t witness the riots, but my guess is that many of the troublemakers were white; we do have a large white underclass here.

A few years ago, I closed my account with Bank of America, because I’d discovered that they had donated over $20,000 to the SPLC. That’s not a lot of money for such a large company, but even a penny to such an evil organization is too much. So imagine my schadenfreude when I saw this:


I was disappointed that they hadn’t caused more damage, and broken some windows…

… but my disappointment was short-lived, because Apple is also on my shit list – for donating a million dollars to the SPLC, and for taking donations for the SPLC after Charlottesville. This is how leftist thugs showed their appreciation to Apple:

Smashed windows, graffiti, and I’m told that a lot of merchandise was stolen as well. Apple is in an abusive relationship with leftists and black thugs. Every time Apple gets victimized, it licks its wounds and says, “Maybe I just need to love them even more, and give them more money.”

Of course, other businesses suffered as well. From what I saw, it will cost many millions of dollars to repair the damage. I’m not sure what Louis Vuitton sells, but judging by the photos on their windows, they sell young women.

Even churches weren’t spared:


I arrived downtown in the late morning, and it was evident that Portlanders had already been hard at work cleaning off the graffiti, sweeping the streets, and repairing broken windows, for several hours.

It was clear to me that many Portlanders are angry. We’ll all have to pay the price; higher insurance premiums lead to higher prices. Most Portlanders don’t want their city to look like inner city Baltimore or the south side of Chicago. Something good might come of this. It’s possible that Portland voters will finally tire of spineless Democrat politicians running the city. With any luck, there will be a return to the rule of law.

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4 Responses to Schadenfreude

  1. Companies often support the SPLC or woke causes as a form of misdirection. Starbucks needs to distract from how it mostly operates in white areas, and Apple from how it hires mostly whites and Asians, nearing 100% for technical roles. But look over there, we support the SPLC and have black people in our ads!

    • jewamongyou says:

      Of course, it would end up being far more expensive for them if they put their locations in the ghetto to the same extent as anywhere else. Each time there’s a riot in the hood, that policy is vindicated. Hiring blacks is also expensive, due to the high risk of lawsuits.

  2. 370H55V says:

    “It’s possible that Portland voters will finally tire of spineless Democrat politicians running the city. With any luck, there will be a return to the rule of law.”


  3. oogenhand says:

    Scientology is NOT known for turning the other cheek…

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