Airport coincidence

While waiting for my plane at Nashville airport, I happened to see one of the Amren speakers, John Morgan, wandering about. When I greeted him, he said he was confused as to which gate his departure flight was going to use. Glancing at his boarding pass, I informed him that we were on the same flight and that he was in the right place.
Our plane was a fairly large one, holding at least a couple hundred people, and it was full to capacity. But it so happened that my assigned seat was 12A, while John’s seat was 12B. What are the odds?
When I told him about my wireless network trick, he told me that he had noticed my network a while back – as he got online several hundred feet away. He figured, based on that, that one of us was lurking among the crowds. You might say that we had extended the conference for the duration of that flight.

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  1. Perhaps some supporters could organize an after the conference get together in the area next time? It would be great to provide more time for race-realists to network together and discuss issues and ideas. I love the wireless network trick.

  2. Lonely Jew says:

    Hey JAY, you’re an excellent writer but I caught you this time! It’s
    “wandering about”. This comment is for your eyes only.
    Lonely Jew

  3. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Lonely Jew,tt
    Oops! Sorry buddy. I was tired and in a hurry when I approved your comment. I assumed you wanted it private for my sake. So that I wouldn’t be embarrassed.

  4. icareviews says:

    A flight booked to capacity is always a good sign. As long as it’s not 30% or 50% booked with military and Raytheon personnel and Mossad patsies, you’re probably safe.

    • SFG says:

      I doubt Mossad is too worried about Amren…particularly as it’s one of the few WN groups that aren’t anti-Semitic. I mean, it’s like the guys who made the video game where the last boss is Ariel Sharon…do you really think Sharon cares about undermining white America? If anything he wants it to survive longer so they can keep getting their money…

      • icareviews says:

        White churchgoers are still useful to them, but they’ve probably already got designs on Hispanics, America’s next majority, as the blood source of the future. A Mexican church not far from where I live prominently flies the Israeli flag.

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