An excellent video on Jewish hypocrisy

There are some Jews out there, and some non-Jews, who support mass immigration for the Western world, but oppose it for Israel. This video does a great job illustrating this hypocrisy. Enjoy!


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24 Responses to An excellent video on Jewish hypocrisy

  1. countenance says:

    This has been out there for awhile, probably around two years. I’m surprised you’re just now seeing it.

  2. Lon Spector says:

    Could you please answer a question for me? Given your backround,
    you are the expert on these people.
    I had a Jewish accquaintece who was kept away from the graveside
    of one of his realitives during the funeral. I suspect it was because
    he was a “son of David,” or because of some other factor of his
    ancestry. Could that be true? As a former orthodox Jew, do you
    know why?
    He was allowed in the cematery but not near the actual grave while
    the ceremony was occurring.

    • jewamongyou says:

      If he’s a “Cohen,” meaning he’s a descendant of Aaron the Priest (brother of Moses) then he’s not allowed to be in contact with the dead, or to enter a cemetery. I’m not sure why they’d let him into the cemetery, but not near the grave.

  3. Mike says:

    People don’t sell what other people don’t want to buy.
    Every group that is failing seeks a scapegoat. For blacks, its whites. Now that whites are failing, its Jews.
    Human nature is always like that.
    In reality, each people digs its own grave.
    If Jews control the media, whites can just set up alternative media – if they wanted to. It would be easy. There are so many more whites. But in reality, most whites are fine with a Jewish controlled media because they like the message.
    Blaming Jews is just one more episode in white decline, an inevitable one that all declining groups go through.
    Whites don’t need to push Jews out of media or kick Jews out of the country. All they have to do is ignore Jews, laugh at their message, and patronize their own media. That would be all it takes. Jews could do whatever they wanted if whites ignored them, and Jews would quickly learn whites ain’t buying what they’re selling.
    But in fact Jews digging into white culture and selling whites their own culture, that’s it. In the 1700s Voltaire and Montesquie were talking shit about European culture and how China and Persia was so much better. Jews are simply serving up whites favorite whiskey that whites distilled well before Jews came on the scene.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Unfortunately, at this point in history, white people are conditioned, from infancy, to “like” propaganda that degrades them. It’s so sad.

      • Mike says:

        I agree with you – its incredibly sad what is happening to whites. I love white culture, and white countries, and am extremely unhappy with what whites have done to themselves.
        But it isn’t anyone’s fault but whites themselves. No one is forcing them to accept this nonsense, and if you look at pre-Jewish white history, you see the rot in the white soul was already taking firm root. Whites didn’t need to be sold on the idea that they are uniquely guilty and bad – white writers were writing this shit well before Jews came on the scene. It started in the 1700s in a serious way. A little before, really. Its very instructive to read European intellectual history.
        Jews are social climbers and try to fit in and achieve status within white societies – they would never try and sell whites a message whites weren’t already selling themselves. Jews just figured out there’s a huge market for white self-hate.
        I don’t really mind whites blaming Jews, but its a distraction. If the Jewish element were removed white pathology would remain, and then what? Look at Scandinavia. Hardly any Jews, and they’ve got the disease worse than anyone. In fact, the countries with the most Jews, the Anglo countries, are most immunized against the disease, although still sick.
        There is an inverse relationship between number of Jews in a white country and white self-hate, if anything. But no one pays attention to this.
        Jews seek to succeed within a white framework – they do what they know, or have found out, whites like. And guilt and selt-hatred, Jews have discovered, whites love.
        BTW, I am half-Jewish and half-white.

      • CS says:

        But it isn’t anyone’s fault but whites themselves. No one is forcing them to accept this nonsense, and if you look at pre-Jewish white history, you see the rot in the white soul was already taking firm root.
        You gotta distinguish between the people and the leadership of the people. Every society has an elite and the care and well-being of the people is a responsibility of the elite. Today we see the deliberate corruption of the people by an elite that holds the people in contempt: hence, legalized pornography, denigration of religious belief and the subordination of religious doctrine to elite imposed political correctness.
        If the West is going to Hell, it is because of a treasonous elite, of which Jews make up a considerable part.

      • Mike says:

        CC, I do distinguish between the elite and the people. I’m talking about the white elite in my comments – they have an appetite for self-hatred, and that is reflected in Western artists and thinkers from the late 1600s on. Writers and thinkers are by definition elite. White self-hatred was created by whites before Jews were on the scene, and was a very vigorous and developed part of white culture which Jews then seized upon in an effort to blend in and achieve social status.

    • CanSpeccy says:

      More than 50 years ago, the American-born poet T.S. Elliot said before a British Royal commission on broadcasting:
      “if you give people what they want, you begin by underestimating them and end by corrupting them.”
      The US experience, and British, of the last 50 years confirms the correctness of Elliot’s contention.
      In effect, Elliot said that it is the elite, not the people, that dictates the culture of a nation. Therefore, condemning the people for being corrupted by a corrupt elite distracts attention from what is happening and what has to happen to reverse the course of national disintegration.

  4. Zimriel says:

    I wrote an essay upon this a couple months back – link on my name.
    I’ve wandered around White Rabbit’s site; like the Satan, I go to and fro in the internet, from walking up and down in it. So I know what White Rabbit is about: they don’t like Jews, any Jews, and here they think that they’re just trolling.
    But the critique if taken at its own terms is cogent. It should be taken by social-justice Jews as an honest warning.

  5. missattempts says:

    I once looked at a book titled “The Jewish Book Of Why.”
    The question of “Who is a Jew?” is a lingering one.
    They gave the following example: If a born Gentile practices the
    Jewish religion, even follows orthodox law, he is NOT a Jew.
    If a person born of a Jewish mother is irreligious, he is a Jew.
    If a born Jew officially undergo’s religious conversion into another
    religion, he ceases to be a Jew. Is that correct?
    The Nazi’s were the first people who came up with the idea of a Jewish
    RACE. Prior to the Nazis, other faiths would be delighted to accept Jews
    into their fold.
    Even today, Islam trusts completely Jews (And Christians) that convert.
    Islam almost took over the world because it was such an “easy”
    religion to follow.

  6. Lon Spector says:

    Today’s Italian bears no resemblence whatsoever to the Roman.
    The slave stock gradually took over Italy. Just like this country, they
    saw it happen slowly, but did nothing to stop it.
    It is not well known, but there were just as many Samartians spread
    throughout the ancient world as Jews. These pagans became the
    population of modern Italy and some Muslim countries. Essentially,
    they just blended into the population. They formed the Catholic
    church, and much of Islam.

    • Mike says:

      Rome was a very multicultural city with huge Asiatic elements – writers estimate that towards the end of the empire, over 90% of Rome was foreign.
      But the foreign element in Italy was mostly based in Roman, and could not have been more than 10-20 percent of the population of the entire peninsula.
      Today’s Italians obviously resemble ancient Romans, but are a mix of Germanic, Italian, and Asiatic elements, with the Germanic element predominating in the north (Milan, Florence, Tuscany, etc). The Asiatic element in Italy is probably smallest, especially north of Rome. The south of Italy, as we know, has huge Moorish and Arabic elements.

  7. missattempts says:

    Hey, you’re suppost to be the “answer man.” What gives?
    Are you a double agent?

  8. CanSpeccy says:

    One can see this video as demonstration Jewish hypocrisy, or of European stupidity.
    Taking the latter point of view, it is clear that the people of Europe must emulate the Israelis if they are to survive. Otherwise they will be displaced and mongrelized as a consequence of the ongoing mass Afro-Asian immigration.
    At least in theory, voluntary ex-migration of aliens from Europe could be induced by suitable cash and other incentives, the results of benefit to all concerned.
    Israel’s position is more difficult, since the Palestinians with whom the Jews do not wish to merge, have no home but Palestine. However, it would surely be vastly preferable to Western supporters of Israel to provide the Palestinians with a new homeland than to deal with the continued fallout of Arab-Israeli strife.
    New Palestine in Western Australia, a self governing state within the Australian federation, would surely add much to the prosperity of Australia and help fill up and defend the vast empty space that may one day become the target of Asian imperialism.
    Canada, too, has plenty of space, although I cannot see Palestinians being entirely content in such a cold place. The US, apparently, still has room for endless immigrants, although the California coast, a natural destination for Palestinians one might think, is in fact, rather crowded now. And then there’s Russia, where a loyal immigrant group located on the Black Sea, would provide a useful economic stimulus.

  9. Robert Marchenoir says:

    Funny. “This video is not available in my country”. And I’m not in North Korea, mind you.
    However, I had managed to watch it ages ago.

  10. Thanks for this video, I found it very interesting. I found it even more interesting that Switzerland blocks it. And Somalia does NOT. I think I will post about this! Also, if you know a way around for Europeans to watch this without paying! They probably will soon make American VPN illegal as it serves to overcome censorship.
    Can you check my recent posts? I am writing that feminists should care about mass gang rape epidemics in Sweden. And that restriction of African refugee immigration is the solution. This, of course, is as racist as saying Title 8 (?) housing in Portland causes rape and robberies and thus you have a legitimate reason to oppose it.

  11. jacques says:

    You say “it isn’t anyone’s fault but whites themselves” but that seems too simple. Imagine that a bunch of whites realize they can get rich and take over the lands of the Native Indians by introducing them to alcohol, controlling the liquor trade, etc. Sure, the Indians want to drink, or can be made to want that. And ‘no one is forcing them’ to drink, in some sense. But the whites who realize Indians are prone to alcoholism and know the disastrous effects of alcoholism, and then freely choose to exploit this weakness and sickness for purely selfish ends are not _blameless_ in this situation. Even if their schemes never worked out, it would still be very wrong to _intend_ to exploit people, to be (at best) indifferent to their well-being or the survival of their ancestral cultures and traditions and identities. And all the more so if the people whose destruction you want to selfishly exploit are some of the most intelligent, noble, cultured and accomplished people in the world; in that case, you’re also selfishly destroying things that have great intrinsic value and great value for everyone else. So there are many ways in which typical Jewish behavior (or behavior of organized Jewry) is blameworthy even if you’re right that the basic problem pre-dates Jewish influence and there are also lots of others to blame. It’s wrong to say, in effect, “Hey, these rich and powerful Jews are just doing what they can to get as much wealth and power out of the destruction of western civilization”. People should be held to a higher moral standard. A moral person has goals over and above money and power, and uses money and power morally.

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