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Pro-police demonstrations in Portland

I was riding through Portland today, and noticed a bunch of people standing by the road with American flags. Since I wasn’t in a hurry, I stopped and joined them. They were Blue Lives Matter protesters. Across from us were … Continue reading

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States move to enshrine “racism” forever

I found this on the teaparty247 website: Michigan And Nevada Have Now Declared ‘Racism’ A ‘Public Health Crisis.’ This State Might Soon Join Them. (Tea Party 247) – So the states of Michigan and Nevada have decided that “racism” is … Continue reading

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Cleaning up graffiti

One of my neighbors has taken it upon himself to plaster public utility poles, and postal boxes, with BLM signs. I’ve taken it upon myself to remove such unsightly graffiti. In fact, I’ve been removing those, as opportunity arises, for … Continue reading

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It’s okay to be primitive

Near the top of the things that make me angry with the mindless BLM drones that inhabit Portland is that I’ve begun to think of myself as some sort of criminal for embellishing their graffiti. On numerous occasions, I’ve added … Continue reading

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An excellent video from Heather Mac Donald

I’ve been working on a project, which I’ll write about soon enough. Until then, please watch this excellent analysis of BLM lies by Heather Mac Donald. Hat tip to Pax Romana58 on Amren. If it’s not too much trouble, also … Continue reading

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