Michigan Professor Sparks Outrage – for Complaining about Racism

When is complaining about racism considered racism? When the victim in question is a white male. From The New York Post:

A Michigan professor has sparked a firestorm after demanding an apology for his university’s new anti-racism policies — insisting that he has been “systematically discriminated against for 40 years” as a white man…

He requested “an apology for the racist sentiments expressed” in the resolutions that “contribute to a hostile work environment,” saying they implied that “white people and local people are racist.”

“I find this resolution particularly offensive because I, as a white male, have been systematically discriminated against for 40 years,” Burl wrote in the letter widely shared among students that sparked a petition demanding he be fired for his “ignorance and hate.”

The associate professor of electrical and computer engineering insisted that during his 28 years at the university in Houghton, he saw no “discrimination against women and people of color” while the college “actively discriminated against white males.”

“Discrimination in hiring, discrimination in grant allocation, discrimination in advancement, etc.,” he wrote.

As if on cue, professor Jeffrey Burl faced retribution for daring to bring attention to the reality that many white men have experienced for several decades:

As well as complaints online by students, a Change.org petition called for him to be terminated — although as of Tuesday morning, it was still almost 1,000 short of its goal of 2,500 signatures.

It was started by Timothy Ward, a former Michigan Tech student who later also taught there, who said he was “offended” by the “racist views and ignorant statements” in the letter.

“I felt gross just trying to read it. I can only imagine how his students will feel going forward having to sit in lectures for hours with him,” the petition stated.

“This kind of ignorance and hate does not belong at Michigan Tech nor any institution of higher learning. This petition is calling for his immediate termination,” it stated.

It’s only natural that some of the students would be offended, and “feel gross.” After all, they’ve been raised on a steady diet of anti-white propaganda their whole lives. In my previous post, I pointed out how even a little bit of exposure to television can warp our minds. Here we’re dealing with years of intense indoctrination. The only possible outcome is that the subjects would recoil at any sentiment that contradicts what they’ve been conditioned to believe.

This is true even with an individual, but when the subjects number in the thousands, an added dimension comes into play: Mob mentality. This is a modern-day lynch mob. I hope that Professor Burl survives this intact. If history is any lesson, he’ll apologize profusely, and grovel. After he’s lost all dignity, he’ll be forced to resign anyway.

Here’s the email I sent the professor:

Dear Professor Burl,

You don’t know me, but I read about your current situation, and I wanted to give you my moral support. You’re doing the right thing, and many people wish the best for you. 

Please do not apologize, and please do not grovel before your enemies. Stand strong!

Update: The professor replied to thank me.

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2 Responses to Michigan Professor Sparks Outrage – for Complaining about Racism

  1. MoeLarryAndJesus says:

    Ha ha ha – a white man can’t get ahead in this country.

    More self-pitying bullshit from the likes of losers like Jeffrey Burl. Google him! He looks like Hitler’s even more deranged brother.

    Check him out at Rate My Professor. He’s a lousy-ass lazy teacher based on ratings which predate his racist tizzy.

    • AsheDina TMJ says:

      He said nothing racist. You’re just a whiny, snowflake. You have NO debate so you defame.
      You’re the Hitler, schtup. You also hate whites like the nazis hated Jews. Which is disgusting since you’re a Jew yourself.

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