Another “Random” Beating

Another “unprovoked,” “random” attack leaves white teen severely injured.

Neither the MSN news headline: Teen brutally beaten in ‘unprovoked’ attack while students record and laugh,

… nor the Fox News story: Teen severely beaten in ‘unprovoked’ attack, other kids record brutal assault

mention race – but it’s clear from the video that the attackers are black, while the victim is white. So far, the attackers have faced no serious consequences for their crime. This video shows more details:

Note that Fox News sent a black reporter to the victim’s home for the interview. This is a common tactic. When there’s a brutal black-on-white attack, news stations will use a black reporter, apparently to mitigate any racial stereotypes that might stem from the crime.

All over the country, white parents cry and mourn for their children, as the anti-white violence continues, and is duly ignored by all the powers that be.

On another note, I found this on Quora:

As a police officer, has someone ever been so terrified when you pulled them over for something minor that it broke your heart? Phil Gee, Rookie Police Officer

I stopped a young black kid, about 17 years old, one night for speeding or something. Shaking, hands on the wheel, terrified to move. There’s scared of being caught, and scared of being hurt. He was the latter.

I’m a tall white guy. It was all I could do to calm him, telling him to relax, I’m not here to mess with him, and if he asked me before he grabbed or reached for something everything would be fine. I told him to turn his dome light on so I could see him. I smiled and told him that we were probably both a little scared of the unknown, and if we both worked together he’d be back on his way safely in a few minutes. I told him what I needed, that I would walk back to my car to check his license, and that if it all checked out I’d be back with a warning or a ticket.

His record came back clean and I brought a written warning. (We have to either write a ticket or a warning. A verbal warning still requires paper, so I usually have them sign the paper so they could see my name and department in case they wanted to complain or compliment later.) I complimented his choosing to pull into a safe parking lot, his patience, and wished him well.

I’m not naive. There are cops, and most of them good, who sometimes treat the tenth stop of the night as a chore and don’t notice the emotions running in the violator. I hope it helped him, but it doesn’t always. But yeah, it broke my heart that he was that scared of me. I look forward to the day when race isn’t a factor.

All the powers-that-be are teaching blacks that they’re at high risk of being killed by the police simply for being black. This lie is causing ignorant blacks, such as the one in the story, to experience a lot more anxiety when they’re pulled over. Some of them will act inappropriately as a result, and end up getting killed. When this happens, the Corporate Media takes full advantage of the incident to bolster the same lie – and the cycle continues.

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    Blood Sport. For God’s sake, let’s separate.

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