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Florida Atlantic University Prioritizes Non-Whites

A Blavity headline from yesterday reads: Florida University Working To Prevent Students Of Color From Dropping Out The article itself downplays the importance of race in the university’s initiative, and we’re told that: While this educational intervention system was crafted … Continue reading

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I’m White; You Can Trust Me

I went on an errand today with a couple of acquaintances. One is a white Canadian, and the other, a relatively light-skinned Dominicana; like so many other Dominicans, she’s somewhere between a mulatta and a mestiza. The Dominicana was the … Continue reading

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Charity-Masturbation in the Dominican Republic

In case y’all were wondering, Dominican Republic is still there; it hasn’t been swallowed by the ocean yet. However, we have been experiencing some Weather Change. Heavier rains than normal… and it seeps into the condo I’m living in. No … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Asian Woman Killed by a “White-Supremacist”

From : An Asian grandma who fought for three months to recover from brain damage after being smashed in the face with a rock during a New York City street attack finally succumbed to her injuries last week. GuiYing … Continue reading

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