Why Not Turn Yourself In To The Police?

A video has been circulating, showing a man robbing a restaurant in Texas. As he was wrapping it up, and on his way out, a diner shot him dead. When I first saw the video, the full version was available. Now it’s been scrubbed from the internet, and only a truncated version is available.

The robber was black, and the shooter is White. After shooting him, the diner approached the now horizontal robber, and finished him off. When shot, the robber had his gun (which turned out to be fake) aimed at an employee; he still posed a danger. Here’s the truncated version, with Andy Ngo’s commentary:

There are many insightful comments on Twitter, mostly explaining why the shooting was justified. Some have raised questions about the second shot, not shown in this video. We can’t tell exactly what happened…

… but I’ll add my own insightful comments.

Even if the robber posed NO FURTHER THREAT to anyone in the restaurant, the diner was still justified in confirming the kill. Why? Because the diner probably didn’t know that a security camera was capturing the incident, and had the robber lived, it would have been his word against the robber – a White man’s word against a black man. Regardless of what actually transpired, the media would have published headlines quoting the robber as saying, “I put my hands up and begged him not to shoot! He called me a dirty nigger and pulled the trigger. Praise the Lord I’m still alive to raise my ten children.”

Who knows how cooperative the one or two witnesses would have been. Perhaps they would have been too traumatized to be of any use. Perhaps they would have been hostile. Perhaps the man sitting across from the shooter has good reasons to avoid being a witness.

When they find the shooter, thousands of leftists will be searching any social media posts he may have made – going back as far as possible. ANYTHING he might have posted, even in jest, will be used against him. If he appeared somewhere making the “okay” hand gesture, it will be used as “evidence” that he’s a White-supremacist. They’ll contact members of his family, neighbors and coworkers. Maybe he made an off-color joke once at work. That will be used as “evidence” that he’s a bigot.

For argument’s sake, let’s say the man is a flaming neo-Nazi. Does that mean he was wrong to shoot the robber? Do neo-Nazis lack the right of self-defense or the duty to protect others? The media will announce to a gullible world: NEO-NAZI murders helpless black man in cold blood!! The odds of getting a fair trial would be slim to none.

As a White man in today’s America, even in Texas, it’s doubtful he’ll get a fair shake. With luck, the prosecutor might decline to press charges – and then there will be protests. We’ve seen this before, and the prosecutor changes his mind. It’s all downhill from there.

Maybe I’m wrong in this case. After all, there are still pockets of sanity in this once-great country. They are getting fewer and fewer. Let’s hope fortune smiles on this man.

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  1. 370H55V I/me/mine says:

    It took place in Houston, Harris County, where the DA is Soros-sponsored Kim Ogg. A no-brainer that he’ll be prosecuted to the max.

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