The end of the world: Nibiru

The folks at anti-Jewish sites and forums have been demanding that I reveal the Jewish plan for world domination.  So I shall finally oblige them and reveal our evil plot.
Using special Jewish Kabbalistic powers, we have been plotting to destroy the world through the rogue planet Nibiru.  With this Kabbalistic power, we have brought the orbit of Nibiru, itself a Jewish invention, dangerously close to that of Earth.
The name “Nibiru” is a compound word that comes from “Negro” and “Hebrew”.  For the forces of brutish darkness, combined with the forces of diabolical genius, are unstoppable.  Oh, I almost forgot:  MWAHAHAHA!
When Nibiru approaches Earth, devastating earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tidal floods will bring death and mayhem upon Earth’s unsuspecting population.  These phenomena have already been described at length.  What has not been described is the catastrophic effects this event will have on interest rates.  We Jews have it all figured out – and we have already guaranteed vast profits for the Jewish bankers.  MWAHAHAHA!
At the same time, hordes of negroes and Mexicans will be unleashed upon the white middle class.  Those who survive will be enslaved.  But, using Jewish power, we will be able to tame the beast and the Jews will be spared.  In fact, when the dust settles, everybody, including those blacks and Mexicans will be our slaves.  MWAHAHAHA!
In case you were wondering about the “coincidence” of the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, it is no coincidence.  At first, the Mayans were our useful allies, but then they missed a tribute payment.  So we sent the Spaniards against them.  The rest is history.  MWAHAHAHA!

Nibiru:  A Jewish conspiracy


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16 Responses to The end of the world: Nibiru

  1. RandyB says:

    Do I have time to convert?

    • RandyB says:

      BTW, Jews can’t possibly be as insular and ethnocentric as some paranoids say they are. If they were, they wouldn’t be intermarrying at such a high rate that some are concerned they will breed themselves out of existence.
      What Jews do have, in many cases, is tightly-knit family and community business networks, which is common among minority groups with a history of not getting the support of the legal system.

      • Shooter says:

        Don’t forget that modern Jews don’t even believe in Judaism or any religion whatsoever. They aren’t in the interest of their own people; they do what they want.
        I also tip my hat to the interracial marriage. The common belief is that Jews did interracial marriage, yet it’s odd how they’re doing it out of their own free will.
        And yes, Jewish birth rates aren’t doing so well. Must be a conspiracy, too.

  2. Russ says:

    Hilarious post!
    Oh and MWAHAHAHA!

  3. Anonynews says:

    Great post, Jewamongyou! I laughed at the Mayan part. It sounds like you’ve had your first encounter with 4chon’s /new/ board.

  4. Annoyed says:

    haha, the absurdity of the posts on such forums damages credibility and legitimate criticisms of the white racialist movement as a whole.
    I honestly wonder if some of those people are not plants/trolls, unfortunately all don’t fit that description as the staff of such boards take a similarly deranged position.

    • Annoyed says:

      After re-reading
      “….damages credibility and legitimate criticisms of the white racialist movement as a whole……,”
      It comes off wrong, to clarify I mean that it damages the credibility of the white racialist movement and legitimate criticism it has of various people/organizations.

  5. da says:

    It’s relief to know that the current chaos is part of a plan, even if it is an evil one.
    I used to have a light skin Sudanese Muslim friend. He was friendly toward Jews and a pleasant person. He told me that he had a Jewish grandmother in Sudan who told him as a child that one day large objects will come out of the ground and fly around destroying the world and that the Jews will survive. He later interpreted the story as some sort of Jewish end game involving ICBM’s and nuclear war.

  6. Unamused says:

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!
    can i join your secret zionist cabal? puhleeeeeese

  7. destructure says:

    Those who make unreasonable claims are fantasists. Those who make reasonable claims are not.

  8. Interesting Connections says:

    Clearly, this is just more Jewish deception, since the plan is clearly to take over the world, not destroy it.

  9. Tom in VA says:

    It’s relief to know that the current chaos is part of a plan, even if it is an evil one.
    My feelings exactly! At least SOMEBODY knows what’s going on!

  10. a random user name says:

    This post (while humorous) sets back what I think you want to accomplish. This is a rehash of the same joke from the Hebrew Hammer (which is in turn probably a rehash of a joke that is probably a couple thousand years old at least by now). By association, it makes you look more like some sort of agent of the current system than who you say you are.
    Better to acknowledge truths about the Frankfurt school etc., say sorry, and move on. It seemed like a good idea at the time but we know now that it wasn’t. However, there is no reason why we can’t work together again as we once did.

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