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Racialist spillover to anti-Islamism

Very few of us, relatively speaking, are race-conscious.  Whether in Europe or the U.S., our numbers are small – practically negligible.  The taboos against speaking the truth about race are very strong.  Too strong for most people to even entertain … Continue reading

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California school curriculum requirements

California is on its way to requiring that “gay history” be taught in public schools.  From the Huffington Post: SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California lawmakers on Tuesday sent the governor a bill that would make the state the first requiring public … Continue reading

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S.W.P.L. – Saving whales

What is it that arouses the sympathies of people (especially leftists) toward animals?  Whales are held in the highest regard, as we see from this video: [youtube] What if somebody made a similar video (with the same dramatic narrative) … Continue reading

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European dark beauty – from the Middle East?

Seed of Japheth recently wrote about “genetic theft”: … Genetic theft is when a race acquires some genetic material of another race, the amount of genetic material gained is a small enough amount so that the genetic material of the … Continue reading

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Muhammad Ali tells it like it is

This is an old video and I hope he hasn’t since changed his mind about these things.  The way he shoots down his white leftist interviewer (a D.W.L.) is priceless (though I would have been happier if he’d also gotten … Continue reading

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Smoking cigarettes can cause your baby to be born black

Thanks to Charles for bringing this to my attention.  This MSNBC article highlights new warning labels that cigarette manufacturers will be required to include on their packaging by 2012.  I quote: One of nine new warning labels cigarette makers will have … Continue reading

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Catherine the Great

I’ve been reading the biography of Catherine the Great (by Joan Haslip).  Though I am less than half-way through it, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts with the wider public. I find my self admiring her – for … Continue reading

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Is forgiveness only for whites?

The front page of the “Metro” section of Wednesday’s Oregonian featured the family of a man who was shot to death recently at a bar.  Large photos of the survivors feature prominently in the paper.  There is also a photo … Continue reading

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