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Poverty around the world

Each of us has his burden to carry, his own bundle of woes to endure through his life.  One of the benefits of travel is that we are reminded that there are always those worse off, materially, than ourselves.  Following … Continue reading

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A "slum" is not a place, it is people

Many people were left scratching their heads after reading the latest news about Brazilian police “taking over Rio’s biggest slum“.  Since only a handful of arrests were made, and the vast majority of criminals simply dispersed, doesn’t this action simply … Continue reading

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What do the 99 percenters want?

Somebody sent me this essay by George Monbiot.  In a nutshell, he makes a case that the ultra-wealthy did not earn their wealth through hard work, enterprise or superior intelligence.  Instead, they got where they are due to a combination … Continue reading

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Pro-white stand up comedy

Portland Realist brought this comedian to my attention a while back and I thought I’d share him with the rest of y’all: [youtube]

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Jewamongyou visits "Occupy Portland"

I visited the squalid tent city in downtown Portland yesterday hoping to gain some insight into the “Occupy Wall Street” movement here in Portland.  It’s cheaper than a trip to the zoo.  What I found seemed to be a concentration … Continue reading

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Was Afro-centrism invented by leftist whites?

The establishment Left desires, more than life itself, that blacks excel in math and the sciences.  Each night, before a leftist goes to bed, he prays to the spirit of Martin Luther King that blacks finally reveal their “intellectual greatness”. … Continue reading

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Will black Africans mix with Aborigines in Australia?

Well folks, I think my writer’s block is starting to ease up a little.  An article on Amren peaked my curiosity.  Given the parallels, in criminality, between black Africans and Aborigines, to what extent will the two populations mix?  My … Continue reading

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Our "golden years"

With both Asian and Hispanic populations rapidly increasing in the U.S., the elderly can look forward to a rosy future.  After all, according to practically everyone, both groups (and blacks, whose portion of the population is also steadily increasing) honor … Continue reading

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When Chinese cruelty meets African laziness

Actually, I have no evidence that the Africans were lazy; I just thought it would be an eye-catching headline.  In any event, it seems that some Chinese men have been accused of abusing native workers in Mozambique: Maputo – Mozambique … Continue reading

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