The Austin American Statesman; Reading Between the Lines

A Daily Wire headline screams:

Texas Newspaper Refuses To Give Description Of Suspect In Mass Shooting Because Of ‘Stereotypes’

A newspaper in Texas said on Saturday that it is not publishing the description that local law enforcement gave of a man suspected of shooting 13 people on Friday night because it “could be harmful in perpetuating stereotypes.”…

The Austin American-Statesman reported that law enforcement had “zeroed in on two suspects” believed to have been involved in the shooting.

At the bottom of the Austin American-Statesman’s report, the newspaper explained that it was not going to give the description that law enforcement provided of one of the suspects…

I’ve been looking through the Stateman’s (“Statesperson’s?”) website, and their position on gun control is very clear: There are far too many guns in private hands in America, and we need to have a lot more regulation, the Constitution be damned. For example here:

But, in truth, I must say that I want a society in which there are fewer guns sold and fewer guns in circulation. I want a society in which the ownership by individual citizens of weapons of war would be illegal. I want a society where gun ownership is highly regulated and where guns are required to be registered and insured. I want a society in which so-called “smart guns” are heavily promoted among those who buy guns, so that those guns can’t be used by people who aren’t the owners.

I want more gun regulation, severe gun regulation, the kind that most elected Democrats dare not speak of, the kind that scares the gun cult. I am honest about my desires and motivations, even if they confirm the gun lobby’s fears.

On the one hand, The Statesman does recognize that the majority of gun violence, in the US, is from non-whites. For example:

The most dramatic increases in mass shootings last year were found in states with cities that boast large Black and Latino populations, groups that traditionally are disproportionately impacted by crime and gun violence as well as, more recently, COVID-19 cases and deaths…

In plain English, “blacks and Latinos shoot people more often.” FBI statistics bear this out. Like most other newspapers, The Statesman is strongly in favor of “Diversity.” In practice, what Diversity means is “more representation for non-whites and women in positions of authority = fewer able-bodied white males. For example, in an article titled “Hispanic chief hired to reform suburban Austin police force left it in a culture clash,” we read:

When an Austin suburb wanted a police chief to shake up its male-entrenched culture, it recruited a law enforcement executive from retirement — a diverse hire with a résumé that brimmed with experience and accolades.

Obviously, by “diverse hire,” they mean, “somebody who is not white or male.”

In an article titled “Taylor’s diversity committee to host first meeting next month,” we read:

The committee’s charge will be to create a dialogue regarding diversity, equity and inclusion; to actively participate in developing a vision for diversity, equity and inclusion that represents the residents of Taylor; and to make recommendations to community leaders based on this vision.

All Taylor residents are welcome to serve on the committee. Of special interest are perspectives from people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities.

In other words, it’s perfectly alright to generalize, and lump all able-bodied white males together for the purposes of Diversity. White males = not Diverse, but non-whites and females = Diverse. Not Diverse is bad. Diverse is good.

If it’s acceptable to have policies that treat one demographic differently than others, to accomplish the goal of Diversity, then how much more so should it be acceptable to have policies whose goal is to save lives: Gun control for non-whites, but not for whites.

By The Statesman’s own admission, gun violence is a mostly non-white phenomenon, and saving lives through gun-control is a worthy goal. By its own admission, it’s acceptable to target specific races, ethnicities or genders in shaping policy. So why not take this to its logical conclusion, and ban gun-ownership for non-whites?

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Recent Incident Illustrates Why School Segregation is Best

From Insider:

A Mississippi high school agreed to make 2 white students co-winners of top honors after their parents complained about the awarding of prizes to Black pupils

West Point High School students Ikeria Washington and Layla Temple, who are both Black, were named valedictorian and salutatorian of their class during a senior awards ceremony last week.

However, the announcement didn’t sit well with some families, and shortly after, the white parents of two students ended up raising complaints to the school that it did not properly calculate the criteria to determine the two designations.

After reviewing the student handbook, West Point’s school district’s Superintendent Burnell McDonald announced there had been a mistake and — breaking with longstanding tradition — named two other students (who are both white) as co-valedictorian and co-salutatorian. 

McDonald, who is Black, told Mississippi Today that the counselor who had calculated the grades was new to the school and given incorrect information about how to determine the designations.

Washington and Temple had won based on the highest Quality Point Average (QPA) but not on Grade Point Average (GPA).

Washington’s family told the New York  Times that the announcement caused their daughter to be “upset” and that they’re considering suing.

Even in the best of circumstances, race cannot be ignored. Even if there were no “progressive” regime indoctrinating children that white people are a stain upon Humanity, while black people are righteous victims, students and staff would still be well aware of racial differences. Aside from the obvious differences in appearance, academic and athletic differences are hard to ignore.

It’s worth noting that the Insider article capitalizes “Black” but not “white.” If students are taught to make the same distinction in their English courses, then it would only further accentuate racial tensions.

If the Mississippi school in question were all white, or all black, this wouldn’t even be news, let alone national news. Perhaps the local paper would have a blurb about it, and the headline would be:

A Mississippi high school agreed to make 2 students co-winners of top honors after their parents complained about the awarding of prizes to two other students

There would probably be no talk of lawsuits, and it would soon be forgotten as a simple misunderstanding. The article gives no indication that race played any role in the error.

As a matter of fact, if we read the source article, in Mississippi Today, we find this:

McDonald continued: “If someone assumes I was discriminatory in my decisions, they are absolutely wrong. I don’t know if you can tell on the phone, but I’m African-American myself… This is not based on who the parents are, the race of the kids — it’s based on doing what’s right for all students.”

Interesting that Insider, after using a racially charged headline, omitted the fact the superintendent who made the controversial (and correct) decision is black. It seems to me that it would be relevant.

Even though race did not play a role in the mix up, it’s certainly playing a role in the aftermath. From the Mississippi Today article:

A Facebook Live recording of the ceremony garnered almost 1,000 comments, many of which accused school officials, Berry, Borgioli and their families of cheating Layla and Ikeria out of their honors because of race…

“Because those two young ladies are African American and my son and the other person are white, it’s become a racial issue when it’s strictly a ‘the counselor did not use the correct policy and the school wouldn’t admit it’ issue,” said Borgioli, who said she and her family have been threatened on social media and by calls to her home.

It pains me whenever I read such stories. We’re kids only once, and high school should be a time of joy and discovery. It shouldn’t be fraught with racial politics – but in mixed-race schools, it’s inevitable.

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Andrew Gutmann’s Letter

I received this letter in my email, and decided to share it with my readers in its entirety.

Fighting critical race theory and indoctrination in our schools

Welcome to my first newsletter Andrew Gutmann Jun 11

It has been a whirlwind 7 weeks since my letter to the parents of my daughter’s New York City private school, Brearley, went viral. To me, it feels like 7 years have gone by. I had no expectation that the letter would be read by any more than the 1300 or so parents to whom I mailed it. It has apparently been read by millions. The sole purpose of the letter was to encourage other Brearley parents to speak up to fight the school’s illiberal, racist and indoctrinating initiatives. I never expected my letter to light a match on the issue of critical race theory (CRT) across the country, nor did I expect to become a national spokesperson for these issues. But that is what has happened. I promise to continue to write, to speak out, and to help organize parents in this crucial battle over the proper education of our children, and for the soul of our country.

The first thing I want to do in this newsletter is to thank the many thousands of people who have written to me over the past several weeks. I would have liked to have responded to everyone who wrote me, but I quickly realized that was impossible. I have, however, read every single word of every single email and message that has been sent to me. And I will continue to do so and to respond to as many people as I can!

Many of the people who have written to me have shared a similar message. They feel newly emboldened to speak up for their children. This is happening. We are seeing newly formed resistance to CRT across America, increased media coverage, and we have started to witness some successful pushback, especially against public school boards. But I believe we are still at the very beginning of this fight and we face enormous obstacles ahead. The speed at which the cancer of CRT has spread across the country and infiltrated our schools is both shocking and unprecedented. We need to accelerate our resistance.

The second common thread of the emails I have received is the question of “how.” How can parents fight back against CRT in their kids’ schools? How can grandparents and other concerned citizens also join this fight? This is the topic for which I’d like to focus much of the rest of this newsletter. To be clear, I don’t pretend to have all the answers. There are others who have been fighting this fight in our education system for far longer than I, in some cases, for years. What follows are just some ideas, some suggestions, some thoughts.

As we travel this road together, some of these ideas will crystallize into actionable initiatives, others may not. But one thing that has become abundantly clear to me is that we need to fight CRT with as many resources as possible, and on many different levels. Make no mistake, this is a fight. And this is a fight we are currently losing. But we have not lost, and we have two things in our favor.

One, we are not alone! The majority of Americans, of both political parties, now understand the damage that critical race theory is doing to our children, to our education system, and to our country. True, many have been bullied into silence given the fear of being called a racist and because of the cancel culture that has enveloped our country. We must fix that so the voice of the majority is once again heard. But make no mistake, the numbers are on our side.

Two, we are on the side of good. We stand for our children, for their mental health, and for their proper education. We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and the freedom for parents to hold the responsibility of teaching morality to their children. We believe that skin color, race and ethnicity should have no bearing on our laws or on individual achievement. And we believe that our country, while by no means without flaws, has been, and continues to be, the beacon of liberty and opportunity to the rest of the world.

The proponents of critical race theory stand for fear and for indoctrination. They argue against free speech and critical thinking. They aim to shut down conversation and stifle debate. They are proponents of toxic Marxism and segregating divisiveness. If we follow their path, we risk the fracturing and ultimately the ruin of America.

Fighting CRT Locally

Much of the fight against critical race theory must be accomplished locally, and through grassroots efforts. There are many things that parents can do. First, try to find other parents that are also willing to speak out. If one doesn’t exist, form a local parent group. There is always strength in numbers, and you will be surprised how many parents feel as you do. Write letters to your schools, school boards and to elected officials. Ask (or demand) meetings with school principals and school administrations to find out what is really being taught in your children’s schools, and to voice your displeasure. File freedom of information act (FOIA) requests. Run for your local school board. Speak out at city council meetings.

These are just a handful of things you can do to make your voice heard, and to begin to effectuate change. There are a number of organizations that have recently sprouted up to help parents fight critical race theory, divisive and anti-intellectual diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and indoctrination in our schools. Two that I would like to highlight are Parents Defending Education and the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism (FAIR). Both have substantial resources on their websites to help parents. FAIR is also setting up local chapters all across the United States.

Fighting CRT Nationally

I believe that in addition to fighting at the school and school district level, we need to also be fighting critical race theory on the state and national level. Some organizations are already doing this through legislative efforts. Here are a number of initiatives I think we need to start in order to win the battle against CRT. I have begun to focus on several of these and will provide updates in future newsletters.

Social Network for Parents

One of the biggest problems in the fight against CRT in our schools is mobilizing parents, especially given the fear of being publicly outed on this issue. We need a new social network that will allow like-minded parents within a school, or within a school district to connect with each other privately. There must be functionality to collect signatures for letters and petitions, to organize meetings, and for parents to anonymously post documents and messages about the curriculum being taught in schools. We also need a common place to aggregate all of the small parent groups that have recently formed to fight CRT. With a single platform for parents to connect with each other locally (separate from existing social media platforms), we can harness the collective power of millions of parents.

#DefundCRT – National Donor Strike

It seems that the best (and perhaps the only) way to convey a strong message to private K-12 schools and universities is through their fundraising efforts and endowments. To that end, we need a national donor strike against every private K-12 school, college, university, arts organization and religious organization that teaches or espouses critical race theory. We must cut off the funding for these institutions. #DefundCRT.

Boycotts of companies

As most of us now know, critical race theory is not just a problem in our schools, but has become pervasive in our workplaces and in corporate boardrooms, due to the overwhelming cowardice of our business leaders. We need to start boycotting each and every company that tries to indoctrinate their employees, hires diversity and equity officers or consultants, and terminates, punishes, or cancels employees because of their political views. Write letters and use social media to get the message to these companies. Contact their investor relations and customer service departments. And for public companies, divest your stock. We must also find a way to protect and reward whistle blowers.

Coordinated State Protests

Over this summer, we need coordinated demonstrations in the state capitals of all 50 states to protest against critical race theory being adopted in public school curriculums. These protests must be non-political and must include parents as well as educators. We must get the message to governors of both political parties that they are personally responsible for the destruction of public education, for damaging our children, and for compromising the future of our country due to divisive, anti-intellectual and Marxist teachings.

Building New Private Schools

It has become devastatingly apparent that our education system has failed us. I believe we need a massive philanthropic effort to build new, affordable private schools all across this country. These schools do not have to be fancy. They just need to teach proper history, civics, science and critical thinking. Such schools should be available to any family that values the education of their children, regardless of income. We must break the public school monopoly in this country. Charter schools, which have been oases of quality for many minority and underprivileged kids, are near impossible to start in many Democratic-led states.

National Civil Rights Movement

We need a new non-partisan civil rights movement focused on returning our country to the color-blind and race-blind ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We are not black or brown or white in this country. We are humans and we are Americans. We must stop the divisive hyper-focus on race that will inevitably lead to ethnic strife and quite possibly will result in a fracturing of our country.NYC Homeschooling Pods / Co-opsI have spoken with many parents desperate to pull their kids out of private or public schools in New York City but feel there is nowhere else to go. There is somewhere else to go: homeschooling pods/co-ops. I have been in contact with a number of parents who have set up such co-ops and I would like to help connect New York City parents interested in having their children joining such a group for the 2021-22 school year. If you are interested, please use the contact form on this page.

Funding and Donations

A large number of you who have contacted me have offered me financial support in the fight against critical race theory. For that, I am incredibly grateful. However, I have been reluctant to take donations until I have a clear idea of how the money will be used. I am still in the process of figuring out what existing organizations with which to get involved and what efforts to start from scratch. But I am getting closer to those answers. I will almost certainly start taking donations soon through a 501(c)(3) that I will start. I will provide more information soon.

Getting in touch

My plan is to write a newsletter at least once per month, or more often if I have news to share. If you are interested, this link lists some of my media appearances and articles that I have written. You can always contact me through my website: or email me at I look forward to hearing your comments, suggestions and thoughts on how to win this fight for education and against CRT.

Please also tell your friends!
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‘People are scared’ as gang activity fuels Portland violence

An Associated Press story illustrates some of the built-in flaws of “progressive” thinking:

There have been 37 homicides in Oregon’s largest city so far this year, more than six times the number recorded in the same period last year. If nothing changes, Portland will surpass its all-time record for homicides of 70 set in 1987, when the city was in the midst of a gang siege.

There have been 37 homicides in Oregon’s largest city so far this year, more than six times the number recorded in the same period last year. If nothing changes, Portland will surpass its all-time record for homicides of 70 set in 1987, when the city was in the midst of a gang siege.

Those “protests” involved nightly violence and destruction, with few consequences for the culprits.

Memo to progressives: When lawlessness goes unpunished, expect more of it.

The surge in gang-related shootings, which has disproportionately impacted people of color…

Officials also disbanded a specialized unit focused on curbing gun violence that had long faced criticism for disproportionately targeting people of color — a decision that some residents impacted by gun violence are still questioning.

When most of the violence is perpetrated by a specific demographic (IE. people of color), then resources need to be funneled appropriately.

Memo to progressives: Stop bowing to political correctness, recognize the problem for what it is, and tackle it head-on. The taboo against recognizing black crime has got to stop.

… where violence is increasing as people continue to call for defunding police….

But now, following the pandemic shut down and Floyd’s murder, paired with a diminishing police presence, community leaders say the problem has returned…

The rise in violence comes at a time when the Portland Police Bureau’s staffing is at its lowest in decades — the department is more than 100 officers short of “authorized strength,” as determined by the city.

In the past nine months, the department has experienced a rapid turnover with more than 120 officers having left the department, many citing low morale and burnout from nightly racial justice protests that would end in confrontation and plumes of teargas. During that time, while officers’ priorities were shifted to protests, Portland was also experiencing its deadliest year in more than a quarter-century.

Despite police pleas for more personnel, city leaders slashed $27 million from the police budget — $11 million due to the pandemic-caused budget crisis and $15 million amid calls to defund the police — vowing to devote money to community groups working to curb gun violence.

Immediately after funding to the police, including its gun-violence unit, shootings increased dramatically. While we can agree that correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation, it certainly appears that way in this case.

On I-84, on the way to the airport, there’s a large handwritten sign that’s highly visible. It says “ACAB” (All Cops are Bastards). It’s been there for months. Apparently, cleaning it up is not a high priority. I would do it, but it’s right next to a homeless camp, and I’d be taking my life in my hands. When attitudes such as this are so pervasive, it’s no wonder that the police have trouble filling their staffing needs.

Memo to progressives: If you’re both anti-gun, and anti-police, criminals will see this as an open invitation. Y’all brought this upon yourselves.

Jo Ann Hardesty, the first Black woman elected to the City Council and who pushed to cut the unit, maintains disbanding the team last summer was the right decision.

“The police have a role but their role is simply to solve crime — their role is not to prevent crime, their role is not to intervene in other community activities,” Hardesty told KOIN 6 last month. “A response to gun violence should not be a knee-jerk reaction.”

I wrote about Jo Ann Hardesty last year. We could pick a random homeless person off the street, and he’d be a better leader than Hardesty.

Memo to progressives: When you elect inferior leaders just because they’re black, don’t expect good policies to be promoted.

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First Mall in Cameroon

A friend just sent me this link, and upon seeing the title, I really hoped it would be something positive – because I wish Africans all the best in their own countries. Well… it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, but it is good for a laugh:

Let’s be fair; we shouldn’t hold it against people that they’ve never encountered escalators before. This doesn’t mean we can’t get a good laugh out of it – and there’s no doubt in my mind that many of the “victims” in the video will laugh at themselves, when they view it years later.

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If dementia/mental illess is in your future, should you be able to give legal directives regarding your votes for the future, and until you die?
  • Add your answer
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Financial Services Censorship Spreading

A couple of years ago, Paypal (and other financial institutions) excluded certain individuals from their service; it appears that this move was politically motivated:

I don’t know if right-wingers/Alt-Right people were the first to be targeted by this kind of censorship, but it should have been obvious that they wouldn’t be the last. Once Big Tech/Big Banking realized they have this powerful tool at their disposal, it was only a matter of time that they’d expand its use.

The underlying problem isn’t so much that they find certain views objectionable, it’s that they’re power-hungry bullies. If they run out of Alt-Right people to cancel, they’ll move on to someone else.

Right now, that someone else is Larry Brandt. From The Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Larry Brandt, a long-time supporter of internet freedom, used his nearly 20-year-old PayPal account to put his money where his mouth is. His primary use of the payment system was to fund servers to run Tor nodes, routing internet traffic in order to safeguard privacy and avoid country-level censorship. Now Brandt’s PayPal account has been shut down, leaving many questions unanswered and showing how financial censorship can hurt the cause of internet freedom around the world.

Brandt first discovered his PayPal account was restricted in March of 2021. Brandt reported to EFF: “I tried to make a payment to the hosting company for my server lease in Finland.  My account wouldn’t work. I went to my PayPal info page which displayed a large vertical banner announcing my permanent ban. They didn’t attempt to inform me via email or phone—just the banner.”

Brandt was unable to get the issue resolved directly through PayPal, and so he then reached out to EFF…

We reached out to PayPal for clarification, to urge them to reinstate Brandt’s account, and to educate them about Tor and its value in promoting freedom and privacy globally. PayPal denied that the shutdown was related to the concerns about Tor, claiming only that “the situation has been determined appropriately” and refusing to offer a specific explanation. After several weeks, PayPal has still refused to reinstate Brandt’s account.

The Tor Project echoed our concerns, saying in an email: “This is the first time we have heard about financial persecution for defending internet freedom in the Tor community. We’re very concerned about PayPal’s lack of transparency, and we urge them to reinstate this user’s account. Running relays for the Tor network is a daily activity for thousands of volunteers and relay associations around the world. Without them, there is no Tor—and without Tor, millions of users would not have access to the uncensored internet.”

Paypal is deeply invested in China, and the Chinese Communist Party has been working to block Torr for years. I wonder if this has anything to do with Paypal’s decision.

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Portland Seeks to Codify Racial Caste System for Police Misconduct

In an Oregon Live article, we read:

City seeks to negotiate disciplinary guide for Portland police that would include restorative, corrective options

… The city tentatively identified “obvious” misconduct that would warrant an officer’s termination as: a felony or Measure 11 criminal conviction, domestic violence, untruthfulness, public corruption for monetary or personal gain such as a bribe, intentional or reckless misconduct that results in either death or physical injury or foreseeable risk of death or physical injury (such an unlawful shooting or excessive use of force that results in an indictment) and misuse of police authority that targets a protected class of people.

In other words, the same misconduct would warrant termination when committed against a black or mestizo, but not when committed against a white man. The obvious result will be that officers will be especially gentle with non-white suspects, and relatively rough with white suspects; they’ll always remember that the risk of termination is much higher when engaging a non-white. Obviously, officers will also avoid contact with non-white suspects whenever possible. White criminals will absorb the scrutiny.

We don’t need a degree in sociology to predict the outcome of such policies: Whites will become ever more law-abiding, and non-whites ever more criminal. When people notice, it will be perceived as an increase in “racism” and “far-right extremism.” The cycle repeats itself.

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Mongolian Traditional Music

I enjoyed this so much, the music and the costume, that I decided to post it here. Does anybody else here appreciate this?

When I lived in Israel, I visited some extremely traditional Hungarian families for the Sabbath. These people were straight out of the 19th century, spoke only Yiddish and sang Sabbath songs that had been passed down through the generations. The songs were crude by modern standards, but they stuck in my mind – and now that I’ve discovered Mongolian music, I recognize some similarities, echoes of an ancient link. Yes, this Mongolian music brought me back to that Sabbath table in Jerusalem. Not that Hungarian Jews had throat-singing, but there are definitely some similarities.

Edit: I just came across a collection of Tatar music, and the description included this:

Tatarstan is an autonomous republic within Russia, where the largest ethnic group are the Tatars. Their traditional music is a mixture of Turkic and Finno-Ugric elements, reportedly bridging Mongolian and Hungarian music.

So it wasn’t just my imagination.

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Summer has Arrived in Oregon

We’re getting warmer weather in Oregon, and those of y’all who have followed my blog for a while know that this means fewer posts; my main priority is enjoying the outdoors.

Yesterday, I hiked a forest trail:

… and I met with the Sage of the Forest:

He told me to just post a meme, and call it good for now:

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