Breaking News: ABC Accidentally Tells the Truth

From The Gateway Pundit:

NBC News deceptively edited police bodycam footage so their viewers wouldn’t see the knife in 15-year-old Ma’Kiyah Bryant’s hand moments before a Columbus officer shot her dead.

NBC also deceptively edited the 911 call to omit the part where the caller says a girl was “trying to stab us.”

NBC anchor Lester Holt began the segment by showing a picture of a smiling Ma’Kiyah Bryant to make her look innocent.

Omitting the fact that the teen was wielding a large knife and attempting to stab someone is willful deception…

According to Newsbusters, ABC and CBS were actually honest (for once) and showed the part where Ma’Kiyah Bryant was trying to stab another female.

ABC and CBS also played the important part of the 911 call : “These grown girls over here trying to fight us, trying to stab us,” the caller said.

Failure to edit the news, so that it’s compliant with Ministry of Truth guidelines, is a serious infraction at ABC and CBS; it’s unclear whether the journalists in question have been suspended yet.

Regarding the actual police shooting, which hasn’t been adequately investigated yet, the usual suspects are already calling for “justice” to be served against the white officer in question. It’s only been two days, and there’s already a petition telling us to “say her name,” and that “Ma’Khia was defending herself with a knife but she did not threaten or attack anyone, yet the white police officer brutally shot her four times in the chest.”

This is why we need segregation; it’s a losing proposition for a white police officer to respond to an incident involving blacks. Any misstep, or turn of events beyond his control, can ruin his life.

These calls for “justice” will ultimately lead to many more black people dying. If you doubt this, look at Nigeria. Black lives don’t matter in Nigeria – and the U.S. is well on its way toward a reality where no sane white officer would get involved with black criminals.

But hey, if American blacks keep agitating for less policing in black areas, leading to more black deaths, then who are we to stop them? It should only concern us when the bloodshed spills over to whites. Otherwise, it’s not our concern. Anybody foolish enough to get involved can only blame himself when things go sour.

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Traffic Incidents Disproportionately Affect POCs

It seems there aren’t any aspects of modern life that lack racial disparities. Traffic incidents are not exception. From a Portland Bureau of Transportation news update:

The Portland Bureau of Transportation will reduce the speed limit from 35 mph to 30 mph on 122nd Avenue…

One of the most dangerous streets in Portland, 122nd Avenue had 12 traffic fatalities from 2016 to 2020, an average of more than two per year. From 2012 to 2016, five of the intersections with the highest crash rates in all of Portland were on 122nd Avenue. High crash corridors make up only 8% of the streets citywide, but they account for most of the traffic deaths from year to year.

Together, high crash streets and intersections make up the High Crash Network, where the city’s Vision Zero program focuses safety improvements. The program prioritizes safety investments in areas, such as the 122nd Avenue corridor, where there are higher concentrations of communities of color and people living on low-incomes. Black Portlanders and other people of color suffer disproportionately from traffic deaths and serious injuries.

The article goes on to say that pedestrians, especially at night, are disproportionately affected. It does not tell us whether the at-fault motorists are disproportionately POCs.

A large study of traffic stops revealed that black motorists are more likely to get pulled over, but fewer of them actually receive tickets. The linked article assumes that the underlying reason for the disparity is anti-black racism:

“So, black drivers were stopped disproportionately more than white drivers compared to the local population and were at least twice as likely to be searched, but they were slightly less likely to get a ticket,” Shoub says. “That correlates with the idea that black drivers were stopped on the pretext of having done something wrong, and when the officer doesn’t see in the car what he thought he might, he tells them to go on their way.”

For a separate paper entitled “Racial Disparities in Traffic Stop Outcomes,” Shoub and her co-authors gathered and analyzed traffic stop data from law enforcement agencies in 16 states, including Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio and Vermont that pointed to similar disparities in the rate at which black drivers were stopped and searched compared to white drivers.

‘Driving while black’ is very much a thing; it’s everywhere and it’s not just a North Carolina or a Southern problem but across the United States.

Kelsey Shoub

What the article does NOT explore is the possibility that officers strive to avoid giving tickets to black motorists, who more commonly violate traffic laws, so that they’re not accused of racism when the racial breakdown is examined. In other words, a pro-black bias is just as likely to be at work here; once the motorist is pulled over, and the officer sees that he’s black, he’ll choose to not give a ticket. In the end, there are probably so many variables that it’s impossible to say for certain which dynamics are at play, and it might be a mix of dynamics, with some officers being anti-black and others being pro-black, while some are indifferent.

The article doesn’t tell us about the habits of black officers. Are they also more lenient with white motorists? Do they favor black motorists? It seems to me that these are valid questions.

Getting back to Portland, one gets the impression that the Portland Bureau of Transportation values the lives of non-whites more than whites; rarely, if ever, do we see (racial) concern for issues that disproportionately affect white people – such as suicide.

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Fancy Sephardic Signatures

I’ve been shedding possessions recently, and I’m in the process of getting rid of many of my books. Some of them are hard for me to part with, including one from Leghorn, Italy (Livorno), printed in 1779. It was used by members of a prominent Sephardic family to practice their signatures upon.

Here’s a print from the book:

My understanding is that Jews and non-Jews shared many of the same woodcuts for their books. It wouldn’t surprise me if the creator of the angel woodcut was non-Jewish. Good job, anonymous goy! You’ve shown us that fat-acceptance is not a new phenomenon.

If I do give it away, it will be to a Sephardic rabbi who’s familiar with the Meyuhas family. The family name means “pedigreed” – because they can trace their family back a very long time.

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Communists Attacking Communists!

Why would Communists attack other Communists? Perhaps it’s a Bolshevik versus Menshevik scenario. Either way, enjoy the footage, courtesy of The Washington Examiner.

In other news, the Republican Party, which has been tirelessly implementing The Great Replacement, now has the audacity to send me the following email:

Tucker Carlson is right.

The Radical Left’s desire to try and cancel anything they don’t like is DANGEROUS. Nothing will stop them from trying to force their twisted ideas on the American People. 

If we lose this battle, America is lost. That’s why it’s CRITICAL you activate your 2021 Sustaining Membership and ensure we have the necessary resources to STOP the Radical Left.

As a 2021 Sustaining Member, you’ll be defending conservative voices, like Tucker Carlson, in the struggle against Radical Left Cancel Culture. Don’t wait, your Country needs you.

Please contribute $5 or MORE in the NEXT HOUR and activate your 2021 Sustaining Membership to help fight Cancel Culture. >>


Thank you,

Republican National Committee HQ

No thanks. If, and when, the Republican Party changes course, and actually shows it cares about white Americans, I might consider donating. Until then, shame on them for working against the interests of white Americans, and then exploiting Tucker Carlson for pointing it out (sort of).

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Dear God, Please Make Churches Hate Again

There’s a church I drive by frequently, and each time I do, I note the sign out front. When ISIS was all over the news, the sign said, “We Love ALL People; NO Exceptions.” It was clear to me that they were referring to ISIS, and it sickened me to see how cheap love has become.

By nature, I’m a loving person. I’ll help those in need regardless of background, unless there’s a specific reason to refrain from doing so. This comes naturally to me, but I’ve come to realize that love should not be thrown about indiscriminately. Love-inflation, like money-inflation, leads to bad things.

Now that ISIS is no longer in the news, the church in question more frequently has “Black Lives Matter” on its sign. Like so many other churches in the Portland area, Liberalism is its true religion. Those so-called “Christians” are like fetid water, flowing to the lowest point without reason or critical thought. They make me sick.

A KGW8 article describes how BLMers broke the windows of an East Portland church. The article, along with the embedded video, make it abundantly clear that the church is strongly sympathetic to BLM. Do they ever ask themselves why they are targeted? The article doesn’t address this question. Perhaps, if I’m in the area, I’ll take the time to ask the church members about their opinion on this. My tentative opinion is that some BLMers view Christianity as a form of white-supremacy.

When I see such church members, I’m reminded of some dogs I’ve known. Those dogs are full of love for anybody, and everybody, who crosses their path. My brother has a dog like that, and he’s an adorable dog; I enjoy his company – but he’s a DOG. People are not supposed to be that way. People are supposed to show some discretion, and judgment, when it comes to love. When we encounter a person who loves everybody, and hugs strangers, we usually recognize that there’s something wrong with that person. Sure, we’ll treat him kindly and smile at him – but we don’t want our own kids to end up that way. We want our kids to be healthy, well-rounded, individuals.

To any Christians reading this, please speak to your coreligionists. Remind them of what it says in the Book of Ecclesiastes 3:8:

a time to love and a time to hate,

a time for war and a time for peace.

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The Killers of Science Have Blood on their Hands

“Science” has been compromised by Cultural Marxism – to the point where we can no longer trust our scientists when the issue relates to race in any way. Unfortunately, almost all issues can now be connected with race. Even the term “black hole” has been called “racist.”

As I’ve pointed out before, when trust in scientists is lost, the stakes are high. People no longer trust establishment medicine, engineers or purveyors of technology; they fear that ulterior motives lurk behind every program or decision. The result is needless death, and the ultimate collapse of our civilization.

Here’s a first-person account, from the realm of medicine, that was provided on Quora:

I am listening to a national science meeting because my husband can’t keep his earphones charged. So imagine sitting on a Saturday trying to have a cup of coffee and having to listen to this bullshit. Our speaker is on mute, thank god, so they can’t hear my comments. Heaven forbid someone finds out about my opinion.

Anyway, they are talking about two new genes that are linked with prostate cancer in Black men. This is big time exciting, because Black men have worse outcomes from prostate cancer. So they literally said, “We know that these genes are not linked to worse outcomes for prostate cancer because we know that worse outcomes are due to systemic racism such as fear of police brutality.” I shit you not. So Black men’s prostates live in cancerous fear of police? Okaaaaay. And Black men’s genetic genes have NOTHING to do with cancer? Okaaaaay. Sure. We know that. For sure. But here is the kicker—nobody questioned this. Nobody. Questioned. This. Science is literally dead. It has been hijacked by the Inquisitors of the Church of Woke, WBUU. (Woke be upon us). Prove it? How DARE you question the Orthodoxy!

Then, they were talking about how racist it was to screen Black men using race as a reason to screen for cancer, and they said, because “race is a social construct, it is not genetic.” By this time, I was like WTF are they…. never mind.

I guess I am racist because I am more aggressive about screening for prostate cancer in Black men? Because they are more at risk? Even if it were true that prostate cancer is due to fear of police brutality, shouldn’t I still screen Black men more? Wouldn’t that—you know—“save their lives?” Call me crazy, I guess. I just like saving lives using science not bullshit. And shouldn’t I screen all of my addicted patients of all races if fear of police causes prostate cancer? Because trust me, I have a lot of patients who live in fear of the police. Hm. So many questions. God forbid I should find increased “genes” causing cancer. Oh hell no. That might create—CURES instead of victims.

This was real scientists in real US and I was so glad I was not in that convo because if I had been, I would have carefully and thoughtfully pointed out how they just contradicted their own argument, and how “it isn’t science to say we know things when we actually don’t know them and especially when it seems highly likely to be made up.” That sort of thing used to happen EVERY DAY in EVERY science meeting as colleagues would literally rip into your research like a pack of rabid dogs trying to prove you wrong. You would expect hard questions and be prepared to defend your ideas. But now? Now there is only silence. Nobody is dumb enough to say anything if they hope to be employed in the morning.

I remember Rachel Carson’s book, “Silent Spring.” It was about how toxic waste in the environment would kill all the birds, bees, and frogs until one Spring morning you will wake up and hear nothing. Well, the toxin of Woke Orthodoxy has seeped into science, poisoning reason, debate, and intellectual honesty. And now we awaken to our own Silent Spring…

Notice that the writer capitalizes “Black.” Nevertheless, her answer was collapsed – even with 555 upvotes as of this writing.

This is why, when our detractors tell us that “science has disproved the existence of race,” or that “there are no meaningful genetic differences between human populations,” we ignore them; such declarations are about as meaningful as the Church’s declaration, to Galileo, that the Earth is at the center of the Universe.

If these “scientists,” and their followers, want to be taken seriously, then they need to stop the Inquisition. Only then can we resume the advance of real science in all fields.

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KKK White Lives Matter Protest in Orange County

I can’t help but be tickled when I see grown ups getting riled up over twisted definitions. When Establishment Left authorities, and their brainwashed lackeys, condemned the participants of a small White Lives Matter protest in Orange Country, California, they appeared to base their opinion upon a flawed definition of hate.


1. to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry.

2. to be unwilling; dislike: I hate to do it.

Newsweek reported on the event:

“While the OC NAACP applauds the efforts of peaceful protest nationwide, we do not sanction this particular event and seek to make our position clear on this issue. Our prayers are for the safety of all individuals, and we would never impede on anyone’s right to freedom of speech…

The press release appeared to be in reference to a tweet circulating about the counter-protest at the Huntington Beach Pier on Sunday that vowed to “shut [the] Klan rally dwn [sic].” A flyer shared on Twitter asked those who plan to get involved to reach out to someone who says he’s the founder of Huntington Beach’s Black Lives Matter and a member of the OC NAACP…

The city council had voted to support a counter-protest earlier this week. The proposal was approved unanimously 7-0 on Wednesday. A councilwoman had also proposed an event that would promote diversity at the same time as the rally, but opted to hold the event a week later on April 18 in the interest of keeping safety resources available.

Ahead of the protests, there have been reports that white supremacist propaganda has sprung up in California cities. People have shared images of flyers posted outside businesses with slogans such as the “14 words.”

Local police have also prepared for the event and officials have also spoken out against white supremacists coming to the community.

“I’m extremely disheartened that somebody used our community as a platform to spread hate,” Long Beach City Councilman Al Austin told the… Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr also denounced the planned White Lives Matter rally.

“The KKK fliers are a cowardly attempt to drum up support for a hateful cause that is in contradiction to Huntington Beach’s values of integrity, respect and inclusivity. We have zero tolerance for racism in our City, and while we absolutely support the First Amendment, we stand strongly against hiding behind it to promote hate,” she said in an April 5 statement.

Firstly, I’ll applaud the Orange County NAACP for publicly defending freedom of speech, even for those with whom they are ideologically opposed.

As for the Orange County City Council, they’re way out of line. As individuals, they have every right to support, or oppose, any cause they choose – but to officially condemn white advocacy as “white-supremacy” and “hate” is inaccurate and harmful. Elected officials should not use their official bull horns to disparage any ethnic group or ethnic advocacy group.

Following a link to a different Newsweek article titled White Supremacist Propaganda Appears in California Cities as They Brace for White Lives Matter Rally, we see details about what led up to the protest – including the following flyer:

The impression I get is that these local KKK activists are not very well educated. If you’re going to put up flyers, first make sure you know the difference between “to” and “too.” Have somebody proofread it before posting it.

Is the KKK a “hate group?” Firstly, there is no single KKK group in the United States; just like Antifa, it’s a loose ideology. There is no trademark on the name “KKK.” anybody can use it. It’s possible that the group in question is based on hate, and that they gather privately to figure out how to harm people they don’t like. Short of attending their meetings, there’s no way to tell…

… and it’s immaterial to the matter at hand; in this instance, they gathered to defend white people, not to express hate toward anybody else. By no stretch of the imagination can support for an ethnic group reasonably be called hate.

When we consider the fact that, at the same time the powers-that-be were condemning pro-white activities, they were supporting pro-black activities, it becomes clear who the real haters are – and it’s not the KKK.

People have been so conditioned to associate “hate” with certain symbols and names that they’ve completely lost sight of what “hate” actually means. If the two opposing sides were to sit down, like adults, and analyze their positions using logic, they’d probably discover that there’s not very much they actually disagree on.

I wasn’t there, but it seems likely that the pro-white protesters would have been receptive to such a discussion. As for the “anti-racist” mob, it was too busy chanting slogans and shrieking hackneyed buzzwords.

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USA Today: Fact-checking the Fact-checkers

Through deceptive and manipulative reporting, Camille Caldera of USA Today is guilty of lying to her readers. From a “fact check” article from September of 2020:

Fact check: Rates of white-on-white and Black-on-Black crime are similar

The claim: There are significant race-based disparities in civilian homicide rates, but not in police homicide rates.

A viral meme purports to list homicide statistics by race in the United States, as follows:

Whites killing Blacks — 2%

Police killing whites — 3%

Whites killing whites — 16%

Blacks killing whites — 81%

Police killing Blacks — 1%

Blacks killing Blacks — 97%

So far, so good. If the claim being debunked is that 81% of white homicide victims are murdered by blacks, then we should all agree; this claim is false. Most white homicide victims are murdered by other whites.

And the article goes on:

Though the numbers differ year-to-year, the stark difference that the viral post attempts to portray between the rates of white-on-white and Black-on-Black homicide — which it puts at 16% and 97%, respectively — is inaccurate.

Yes. If we compare the rates of INTERRACIAL homicides to the rates of INTRARACIAL homicides, then there’s not that much of a difference – but what this “fact check” fails to point out is that the overall number are VASTLY different when we compare black homicide rates to white homicide rates. Therefore, the raw numbers of black-on-white homicides are much higher than the raw numbers of white-on-black homicides. The article appears to intentionally give the impression that this is not so; it does so by negligently omitting this fact. I’d be willing to wager that the average reader would interpret this article as saying that the black homicide rate is about the same as the white homicide rate. Of course, this is NOT what the article is saying – but I believe that it purposefully gives this impression.

The article concludes with the following:

Based on our research, all six purported homicide statistics in the viral post are FALSE. The significant race-based disparities are also false. In reality, rates of white-on-white and Black-on-Black homicides are similar and remain within 10 percentage points of each other, around 80% and 90%, respectively. Likewise, rates of Black-on-white and white-on-Black homicide remain within eight percentage points of each other, at around 16% and 8%. And police kill Black people at disproportionate and much higher rates than they kill their white counterparts.

I’ll conclude with the following:

While this USA Today fact check is technically correct, insofar as the claimed interracial crime statistics are false, by failing to note that black homicide rates are much higher than those of other ethnic groups, it gives the false impression that there is no such disparity at all. Let’s take a look at the number one source cited by the USA Today article itself (US Dept. of Justice):

Blacks were disproportionately represented as both homicide victims and offenders. The victimization rate for blacks (27.8 per 100,000) was 6 times higher than the rate for whites (4.5 per 100,000). The offending rate for blacks (34.4 per 100,000) was almost 8 times higher than the rate for whites (4.5 per 100,000) (table 1)…

While two-thirds of drug-related homicides were committed by black offenders (65.6%), black offenders were less likely to be involved in sex-related killings (43.4%), workplace homicides, (25.8%) or homicides of elders age 65 or older (41.9%) compared to their overall involvement as homicide offenders (52.5%).

As for interracial homicide, the same source provides this graph showing that in raw numbers, there were about twice as many whites murdered by blacks as there were blacks murdered by whites:

A glance at USA Today’s second cited source (FBI – Crime in the US) confirms that this disparity increased in 2018, with 514 whites murdered by blacks – but only 234 blacks murdered by whites.

It’s wildly inappropriate and irresponsible to address the topic of interracial homicide without even bothering to bring this up; it’s lying by omission.

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Biden Cites Black-on-White Homocide

How often have we heard the mantra that black-on-white gun violence is not an issue, that it’s a rare exception to the rule that gun violence is overwhelmingly intra-racial? Too often to count.

In 2018, the SPLC told us that:

One of the most exaggerated statistics was about the number of white people killed by other white people. Trump’s tweet claimed the number was 16 percent, while the FBI’s data shows it is 82 percent. The tweet also asserted that 81 percent of whites are killed by black people; the FBI number is 15 percent. As the Post concluded, “Trump cast blacks as the primary killers of whites, but the exact opposite is true. By overwhelming percentages, whites tend to kill other whites. Similarly, blacks tend to kill other blacks. These trends have been observed for decades.”

Yes, it’s true that most homicides are intra-racial – but this hasn’t stopped BLM from focusing exclusively on white cop-on-black incidents, while ignoring black-on-black incidents. It hasn’t stopped the SPLC from focusing exclusively on white-on-black homicides, which was brought up earlier in the same article, and described as “horrific violence.”

The SPLC, as far as I can tell, only brings up the Knoxville Horror (obviously, not by that name) 4 times on it’s website, based on results when we type “Channon Christian” or “Christopher Newsome” into their search bar. While it does describe the crime as “horrific” the point of all these articles is to claim that the incident is “exploited to attack blacks.”

Meanwhile, a search for Dylan Roof yields 14 results; all of these articles focus on white-on-black crime. It’s true that the body-count in the Roof incident was higher than the Knoxville Horror, but reasonable people would argue that the sheer sadism that the Knoxville perpetrators visited upon their victims more than makes up for this. Both incidents were horrific – but only the Dylan Roof incident advances the agenda of the SPLC in its own right. In citing both crimes, the SPLC’s only concern is the welfare of blacks; the welfare of whites is not even on its radar.

The reason I bring up the SPLC is that the FBI and much of the Corporate Media drink from its tainted well.

A Google search for “Is black on white violence a problem?” yields results that are almost exclusively about “black on black crime.” The only first-page exception is an SPLC article titled “The biggest lie in the white-supremacist propaganda.” In contrast, the same search in Duckduckgo yields results that are actually relevant.

The powers that be obviously want us to ignore black-on-white crime, or at least to consider it a non-issue.

And yet Biden has just cited the massacre of a white family, by a black man, to support his gun-control agenda. In other words, black-on-white crime is only useful as a tool to promote an anti-gun agenda. Rest assured that no reporters will be asking Biden about the racial aspect of the above massacre in his next press conference.

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Taking Time-Preference to New Levels

By now, most of y’all have read about the woman who fired at Burger King employees because they were taking too long to provide her food.

I can sympathize with her; it’s frustrating when employees seem to place little value on your time. Just yesterday, I was at a UPS store, and the two employees were chatting away – ignoring me, even though I was the only customer. I wasn’t carrying at the time, so shooting at them was out of the question. Hell, I didn’t even have my pepper spray with me. With few other options, I waited for a couple of minutes and then said, “Excuse me!” That did the trick, and no shots were fired.

Nobody deserves to be shot at for being too slow at their job, especially when they’re making $9/hr. What kind of person shoots at Burger King workers?

Answer: Somebody with an especially high time-preference. In tropical climates, food is relatively abundant, and once it’s acquired, it will spoil quickly. It makes more sense to eat it immediately than to save it for later. In contrast, this type of behavior would be fatal in colder climates, where one must store food for the winter.

It’s been pointed out that American blacks invest less for the future, even accounting for income:

Several studies have tried to explain the wealth divide. Smith (1995a) reported that it is due in part to lower minority incomes, poorer health, and smaller inheritances. Even after controlling for income and demographic factors, Blau and Graham (1990) found that almost three-quarters of the black-white wealth gap could not be explained; they speculated that differences in intergenerational transfers and, to a smaller extent, barriers to the accumulation of home and business equity might be responsible.4 Altonji, Doraszelski, and Segal (2001), who also determined that income and demographics play a small role, have suggested that differences in saving behavior and rates of return on assets may be more important than intergenerational transfers in explaining the wealth gap…

The present analysis finds that at every income quartile and education level, minority households are less likely than white households to own a wide variety of assets–particularly riskier, higher-yielding assets. This finding suggests that minority and white households approach saving differently.

It’s a complex issue, and it’s important to bear in mind that a high time-preference among blacks today (leading them to invest less of their income) also applied to their ancestors – leading to differences in generational wealth. Therefore, pointing to generational wealth differences does not automatically mean that a high time-preference has nothing to do with it.

High crime-rates among black Americans can also be explained by a high time-preference. After all, if the individual is more concerned with venting his anger in the present, than possible repercussions in the future, he’s more likely to act out.

Most black people don’t shoot at fast food workers for taking too long to prepare their order, but it seems likely that the woman in question represents an extreme case of high time-preference, and we find many more of these among blacks than among other demographics.

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